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01InformWhat information wewill give to residents andbuilding ownersConsultWhat we will ask youropinions on and how wewill gather & use themReviewHow we will manage,measure and reviewyour engagementStrategyOverviewWhat is covered in this ResidentEngagement Strategy SummaryThe Building Safety Act 2022 (BSA) has established a range of duties relating to the occupation and management of Higher RiskBuildings (referred to as HRBs). HRBs are broadly residential buildings which are at least 18m or 7 storeys in height.The BSA duties are owed by Accountable Persons (APs). There can be more than one AP for a building, however the BSA requires a PrincipalAccountable Person (PAP) to take the lead on BSA matters in order that there is a single entity with overall BSA responsibility.The BSA requires the PAP for an HRB to prepare a strategy for promoting the participation of relevant persons (residents of the higher-riskbuilding who are aged 16 or over and those who own residential units in the building) in the making of building safety decisions. This is called aResidents Engagement Strategy.Berkeley Seventy-Seven Limited is the PAP for the building. Your PAP contact is Darren Osgood, who can be contacted by email or telephone on 0207 471 4444. References to “we” or “us” in this document are references to the PAP. Residential Management Group Limited (RMG) is the managing agentfor the PAP. On behalf of the PAP, RMG will work with all stakeholders to help deliver on the content of this strategy..In this strategy, we will tell you how we will engage with you to help make sure your building is safe by doing the following:

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02This is some of the information we will provide about decisions relating to the management of your building:InformWhat information we will give toresidents and homeownersFire SafetyInformationWe will provide Fire RiskAssessments and the Fire SafetyPlan for your building. We will tellyou when we are doing fire doorsafety checks in your buildingWe will inform & consult you aboutbuilding works that directly affectyou, maintenance & proposedchanges to building managementBuilding WorkDefects to Life Saving SystemsYou will be notified within 24 hrswith timescales for repairsResponsibilitiesWe will set out the responsibilities ofresidents and landlords in relation tothe safety of your building

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03DevelopmentManagerInformHow we will communicate informationto residents and homeownersBelow is all the ways we commit to communicate with you:Notice BoardsLook out for messages on thenotice board in your buildingBy PostIf you have opted to receivepaper communication PortalsWe will post notifications toour online customer portalThrough usual contact withyour Development ManagerEmailIf you have opted to receivecommunication by emailRMG’s WebsiteRefer to RMG’s website forinformation on building safety

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04ConsultWhat we will ask your feedbackand opinions onWe will ask your opinions about key building decisions that impact you in one or all of the following ways:Significant Risk Significant DisruptionDecisions that have a significantimpact on your safety. For example, decisions relatingto fire compartmentation or thefire action plan. Significant CostWork that needs to becarried out on yourbuilding that comes at asignificant cost or isunbudgeted.Building work that is likelyto be very disruptive. Forexample, work that is noisy,prolonged or requiresaccess to your home.

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SurveysPortalsVisits & meetings withyour DevelopmentManager05Your opinion matters to us, because it will help us to make the best decisions to ensure that your building is safe to live in.We will sometimes contact you to ask your opinion on a specific key building decision. This will often be in the form of ameeting with your development manager or a survey, either via the portal or in the post. Your opinions will be reviewed and taken into account before key decisions are made, and may influence things such aswhen the work is carried out or the scope of the work. We will feedback to you via post, email or the portal, to tell you about any changes or decisions made as a result of youropinions. Timescales for submitting your opinion, and for us to provide feedback will depend on the situation, but will be set outwhen we first contact you to ask for your opinion.This is how we will collect and use your opinions on building safety decisions:ConsultHow we will gather yourfeedback

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Number of buildingsafety issuesreported.Number of complaintsreceived aboutbuilding safety.Number of residentsstating that they knowwhat to do in a fire.We will measure the above by communicating with you in the ways set out on page 3 of this document.The results may lead us to update this strategy and make changes to the ways we engage with you in the future.06ReviewHow we will measure andreview your engagementWe will measure and keep under review the effectiveness of this strategy. We will report back on our findings andprogress to all residents and homeowners of higher risk residential buildings. We will measure:Overall satisfaction that wekeep residents & homeownerssafe in their home.

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Dry/WetRisersFireExtinguishersEmergencyLightingFire AlarmEquipmentSmokeVentsSmokeDetectorsApartmentDoorsFire FightingLiftsFire Doors07Fire SafetyEquipmentWhat fire safety equipment can be found in yourbuilding and how we ensure it is well maintainedThe Responsible Persons are required to carry out safety checks on the following assets in your building: The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 have introduced additional requirements in relation to audits andchecks to ensure and enhance the fire safety of high rise residential buildings. The Principle Accountable Personis also required to produce a Resident Engagement Strategy.

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08Our commitment to provideinformation and updates on assetsFire SafetyEquipmentProvide FloorplansEnsure wayfinding signs are in placeAsset testing is carried outEmergency Plans are providedFire safety tips are communicatedResident Responsibilities charter is providedBelow is a list of actions we commit to, in order to keep your building safe:Annual Residents MeetingAnnual survey conductedPlatform provided for continuous feedbackBi-annual newsletter circulatedLive issues notification and reportingDigital noticeboards: Assist inrecommendation and installation

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10MandatoryOccurrences What we will provide to residents and homeownersin the event of a mandatory occurrence.The Building Safety Act places a duty on the principle accountable person to implement a Mandatory OccurrenceReporting system. An incident is classified as a Mandatory Occurrence if it relates to the risk of fire spread or structuralfailure of the building and without remedy would be likely to present a risk of a significant number of deaths, or seriousinjury to a significant number of people. Any Mandatory Occurrence Events must be reported to the Building SafetyRegulator (BSR) by an AP or PAP. The BSR is an independent body introduced to secure the safety of people in and around buildings and to enhancebuilding safety standards.A Mandatory Occurrence will be reported to you within 24 hours, as stated on page 2 of this document.What are Mandatory Occurrences? What happens when a Mandatory Occurrence arises?Once notified of a safety occurrence, the Building Safety Regulator will be informed as soon as possible and a full reportprovided to the regulator regarding the event within 10 days.This report will provide a detailed breakdown of the occurrence, who it affected, actions taken, lessons learned and howit will be prevented from happening again.

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12If you need us to provide information in a different language or format please letus know at Accessibility OptionsHow to escalate a complaintFurtherInformationHow to obtain further informationiThe process for making a complaint about a building safety matter is outlined below: Email your complaint to RMG London at 1. Your complaint will be reviewed by RMG London’s specialist complaints team.2. If you are not satisfied with the response, RMG London will refer your complaintto the PAP, Berkeley Seventy-Seven Limited. 3. If you are not satisfied by the PAP’s response, the PAP will refer your complaint tothe Regulator. 4.You will find the full complaints procedure on your Building Safety Act (BSA)Information webpage.PrivacyFor more information about how we collect and store information in line with GDPRwhen we ask for your opinions, please refer to our Privacy Statement, which can befound on your portal.

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