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An introduction to our lending products for investors.

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Re: Option to Purchase- Available Financing
Greetings Investors :
I am writing to introduce you to our unique services and offerings for commercial tenants/ business
owners, and investors desiring to invest in commercial property. As buying commercial real estate
represents a significant investment, Beacon Point Mortgage Solutions, LLC is vital to securing the best
financing possible. We recognize that every borrower is unique and that every lender has its own rules
and programs with overlays and restrictions that make it very difficult, time consuming and often make
it impossible for your business to scale upward.
The difficulty most business owners in your situation face in shopping for their own loan is they don't
know all the right questions to ask or are not knowledgeable about the markets and inner workings of
the lending industry. As a result, they view big banks as the first trustworthy source and when this
assumption is demystified with a decline, many often, resort to hard money lending options without
exploring balanced, reasonably priced, and transparent private lending options. Beacon Point lending
options are a safe alternative to Banks as we are funded by many private money lenders without the
Hard Money construct of short maturity notes, balloons, and high interest rates.
Thus, our aim at Beacon Point Mortgage Solutions is serve as your guide by:
1. providing you with market data and subject property financial analysis. Our unique Navigator
service targets and pre-qualifies properties within your submarket pairing them with available
stated loan products;
2. helping you curate safe alternative financing options to banks and Hard Money lenders; and
3. custom fit your objectives with flexible lending programs that improve your ROI.
Once your objectives are known and property located, we will come to rate and terms quickly and solicit
a letter of intent on your behalf, closing within 14 days of appraisal report finalization or within a
maximum of 45 days.
We embrace the opportunity to learn what your investment goals are and tailor a loan program to fit
your needs and maximize market returns.
Very Truly Yours,
Jennifer A. Blanc, Esq
Commercial Mortgage Advisor
NMLS #1644187
© All Rights Reserved, Beacon Point Mortgage Solutions, LLC., 2019
© All Rights Reserved, Beacon Point Mortgage Solutions, LLC., 2019
P U R C H A S E S
Experience Beacon Point’s Advantage & Close more Deals!
You can close more deals this year for listed properties within the price point of $350,000 to
$6,000,000 with Beacon Point Mortgage Solutions, LLC. Statistics show that about 60 to 80% of
borrowers within this price point are rejected for commercial financing by big banks.
According to a study performed by the National Association of Realtors in 2017, thirty-five percent
of REALTORS® who reported transaction failures arising from capital scarcity also reported that
scrutiny during loan underwriting was the main driver of financing refusals. Beacon Point serves this
segment of applicants and their realtors, building a solid bedrock where banks are deficient.
We spot customer lending impediments, work with customers that have experienced recent adverse
credit events and during the pre-approval phase match them with lenders that have more flexible
guidelines and no overlays, giving them the ability to comport with contractual deadlines and fund
smoothly. Our method translates into more closed deals.
To boot, our Stated Loan Products put your clients at an advantage to qualify easily and close
quickly. 
© All Rights Reserved, Beacon Point Mortgage Solutions, LLC., 2019
Why refinance with Beacon Point Mortgage Solutions, LLC?
Are you looking to refinance your commercial property or residential investment property in
order to pay off balances between $250,000 to $5,000,000 and would like to close quickly at a
reasonably low interest rate, then consider Beacon Point Mortgage Solution’s Stated Loan Products
for smooth and easy processing. We help borrowers like you who often times experience impediments
to financing or experience outright rejections by big banks. Beacon Point is your safe guide to
alternative financing out pacing most banks with our lending criteria.
We provide solutions for the following situations.
Escape from Hard Money private lenders and seek a longer term note at a reasonably lower rate
without balloon.
Note maturing- Bank rejected you because Bank no longer wants your loan on its balance sheet.
You need cash-out refinance and just discovered that Banks don’t fund cash out refinance on
commercial property.
You seek a high loan amount on a cash-out refinance, LTV’s 80% Commercial & 90%
You are an Out of State Investor.
You are an Owner-Occupied Non-Income Reporting Borrower or under-estimate your income or
take aggressive deductions on your tax returns.
Your building’s rent roll consists of recently stabilized rents or little trailing history, less than 12
Title to subject property is not seasoned.
You need to pay off a bridge loan.
You want to close quickly within two weeks of appraisal report completion.
Experience Beacon Point’s Advantage over Banks when you refinance with us.
© All Rights Reserved, Beacon Point Mortgage Solutions, LLC., 2019
Beacon Point vs. BANKS
Close more small deals in 2019 with Beacon Point. See how we measure up or exceed banks.
Lending Requirements
Beacon Point Mortgage Solutions
Smooth, Easy Processing, Fast Close
Close w/in 2 Weeks of Appraisal
45 days Max
65 days
DSCR /Global Cash Flow-
As low as .75 Residential
1.1 Commercial, Max 1.15
1.2 or >
FICO Scores down to 580
Subject Property Stabilized Rents
90 days/ 3 Months history min.
24 months min.
Total Stated Loans for
Owner-Occupied Investors in
reliance of projected market rents
Check out Beacon Exponential
No such program
Low Doc/ Alternative Financial Doc
Flexibility / No Tax Returns
No Doc & Bank Statements program
No such program
Non-Seasoned Title
High LTVs- 80% Commercial/ 90%
Out of State Investors
Foreign Investors
No Balloon Mortgages
Our Mortgages are Hybrid 5-10 term before
rate adjusts. No Balloon.
Always Balloon
Amortization of rate/payment
20-30 years
Up to 25
© All Rights Reserved, Beacon Point Mortgage Solutions, LLC., 2019
A Brief Summary of Our Unique Offerings
Commercial Property
Non-Owner Occupied Commercial
Investment Loan
Residential Investment
Stated Income Commercial
No Income Verification
Stated Income
Commercial Loan
Let the property qualify you for a
loan. (Property qualifies when
property’s income generating
capacity covers debt service.
Stated Income Residential
Investment Loan
Let the property qualify you for
a loan. (Property qualifies when
property’s income generating
capacity covers debt service.
Beacon Point Exponential:
A total stated income loan. No
Income Verification. Let
Market Rents dictate loan
Min. 725 FICO, 5 Years in Biz
Appraisal Report Market
Rents demonstrates a DSCR
1.10 met.
Beacon Point Explorer:
No Personal Income Verification
Debt Coverage Ratios as low as
0.75 (Gross Rent/ PITI) for Mixed
Use Commercial property with
some Residential Influence, at least
one bed.
Beacon Point Explorer:
No Personal Income
Debt Coverage Ratios as low
as 0.75 (Gross Rent/ PITI) for
Multifamily Investment
Property/ Mixed Use
Residential Property
Low Income Documentation
loan: (Owner-Occupied
Non-Stated Loan)
Income can be verified with
Bank Statement Deposits in
lieu of tax returns in order to
verify income for meeting
Global Cash Flow
requirement. Global DSCR
1.15( FICO 700+)
1.20 (FICO 650-699)
Beacon Point Eagle
Commercial Property, Mixed Use
1.15( FICO 700+)
1.20 (FICO 650-699)
Beacon Point Dolphin:
Non-Owner Occupied
Residential Investment
No Personal Income
Capture a higher LTV at 80%
with Min. DSCR 80% of market
rents needs to cover PITI and
leave positive cash-flow. for 1-4
Units, 5 or More Unit
MultiFamily Investments or
Mixed-Use Residential
Beacon Point Tower 1-4 Unit
Residential Investment
Non-Owner Occupied
Residential Investment.
Income Verified:
Property 50% DTI - for
investors with prior credit
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Up to 75% LTV US Person

Up to 90% LTV with FICO Min 700. Up to 70% Foreign National DSCR  MIN .75

Let the market qualify you for an owner-occupied commercial
mortgage with Beacon Point Exponential.
Requirements for lender’s Letter of Intent:
No income verification.
Solid 5 year business history.
Borrower’s business will occupy the subject property.
Positive business rating by Experian.
Appraisal Report Income Approach, suggests sufficient rents
to cover meet DSCR of 1.10.
FICO score 700+
No seasoning of title required.
© All Rights Reserved, Beacon Point Mortgage Solutions, LLC., 2019
Don’t waste time looking for investment properties that will never
qualify for financing.
Check out Beacon Point’s Navigator
Service for properties that have been
pre-qualified for a max payment amount.
Once your credit profile is added to these
matches, we will be able to pre-approve you
much quicker and commence collaborating
with your realtor or listing agent. If you
locate a property not on our list, no worries,
we will take the time to scrutinize and
analyze the data specific to the subject
property of interest and generate a
pre-approval. Navigator is a complimentary
service for customers who have identified their submarket/geographical area and have
signed an exclusive mortgage broker agreement with Beacon Point.
What is the right Beacon Point Loan Program for your company?
We have it all figured out for you including pre-qualified properties for you to shop from utilizing our
Navigator service. Simply contact us to get the ball rolling and a simplistic understanding of our products
in order to meet your 2019 investment goals.
Jennifer A. Blanc, Esq, Commercial Broker NMLS#1644187
6750 N. Andrews, Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Ph. 800-466-0664
© All Rights Reserved, Beacon Point Mortgage Solutions, LLC., 2019