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NEW BCSS AWARDSBC School Sports is excited to announce our updated and expanded awards categories for the 2022-2023 school year. Click here to read more information about the individual criterias and how to submit nominations for consideration. Submission deadline is Friday March 3 at 4pm. Link to nomination application can be found HERE.HONOUR AWARDThe highest form of distinction BCSS can bestow upon an individual. This award is presented to an individual for a lifetime of service to school sports. The recipient is an individual who has demonstrated prolonged and distinguished service to their school, association, zone and BCSS.MEDIA PERSON OF THE YEAR AWARDRecognizing an individual in the media who has highlighted and celebrated school sport in their reporting. The nominee has continued to draw attention to school sport and showcase the best of BC high school athletics. The recipient may be employed by traditional media outlets, but those who use blogs, social media, and other platforms to consistently promote school sports may be considered. INSPIRATIONAL SCHOOLRecognizing a school whose special commitment to improving the lives of student-athletes and staff through leadership and public service. This school has contributed significantly to the welfare of school athletics and the local community. WOMEN IN SPORTS & LEADERSHIP AWARDThis award is to recognize the leadership and service of women in sports. The recipient is a role model to student-athletes, has made an impact, and demonstrated commitment to their student-athletes and sport. CITATION OF EXCELLENCECOACH - Recognizing an outstanding coach and their distinguished contributions to their sport and athletes. The recipient of this award guides student-athletes to success through the philosophy of fair play and sportsmanship for a sustained period, while displaying values consistent with BCSS and school sport.OFFICIALS - Recognizing an outstanding individual and their distinguished contributions to the officiating of school sport. The recipient of this award has demonstrated outstanding commitment to school sport, being recognized as a quality official, while displaying the values of BCSS and fair play.ADMINISTRATOR - Recognizing the invaluable contributions from an administrator to school sport. The recipient has shown demonstrable leadership and sustainable support to athletic programs, athletic directors and coaches while contributing to the promotion and enhancement of athletic programs and the student-athlete experience at the school and/or district level. ATHLETIC DIRECTOR - Recognizing an outstanding individual for excellence as an athletic director and the hard work and dedication shown to improve the student-athlete experience, enhance the school’s athletic program, and build the school community at large. The Athletic Director leads by example and consistently demonstrates the values of their school and BC School Sports while finding new creative ways to support their coaches and student-athletes.

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BCSS SCHOLARSHIPSBC School Sports is excited to once again award the following scholarships for graduating student- athletes who meet and excel within the designated criterias. The deadline for submissions is May 1st at 4pm and the application booklet can be found here.DAVE GIFFORD MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPDave Gifford was a BCSS Director from 1988-90, and received the BCSS Honour Award in 1992. He was a teacher and Administrator in Vancouver, and died in 1992. In his honour, the Dave Gifford Memorial Scholarship was created.Two (2) $1500 scholarships will be awarded to the top male and female from across the province.BCSS ZONE SCHOLARSHIPTwo (2) $750 scholarships will be awarded for each BCSS athletic zone to one male and one female.BERT & GRETA QUARTERMAINE BADMINTON SCHOLARSHIPThe Bert & Greta Quartermaine Badminton Scholarship rewards excellence in both scholastic and athletic pursuits. The successful applicants will be student-athletes who have balanced their achievements as badminton athletes with significant success as leaders and contributors to their community.• Six (6) $1000 scholarships will be awarded to the most worthy candidates.• A minimum of two (2) males and two (2) females. BCSS INDIGENOUS STUDENT-ATHLETE SCHOLARSHIPThe purpose of this scholarship is to recognize Indigenous students who have participated in school sports. BCSS is dedicated to assisting worthy student-athletes in their desire to attend an Accredited Post-Secondary school. Two (2) $750 scholarships will be awarded to one male and one female.

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CIAAANational AD Conference coming to Vancouver, April 2023After a 2-year delay the CIAAA National AD’s Conference is finally coming to Vancouver. Plan to attend the best professional development conference for AD’s on April 20-22, 2023. More details about the conference can also be found on the CIAAA website and registration is now open here.A reminder that every Athletic Director registered in STARS is a member of the Canadian Interscholastic Athletic Administration Association (CIAAA) and has access to the resources, network and professional development offered by the organization. For instructions on activating your membership click here for information or reach out to their new Executive Director Caleigh Wojcicki at caleigh@ciaaa. REGISTER FOR LEADERSHIP TRAINING COURSES & WORKSHOPSNEXT WEEK starts the Winter Webinar Series. Register Now to check out some fantastic Professional Development developed specially for and by Athletic Directors, CIAAA are offering three Leadership Training Courses and two 60-Minute Workshops. USE #TAKE20 to SAVE 20% off the Course Fee.LTP 504C - January 26 @ 3:00 - 6:00 PM Pacific (offered in partnership with OFSAA) Legal Issues I - The Basics of Negligence, Liability, and Risk ManagementLegal concepts will be introduced to athletic administrators through the use of case law, case studies, and guided discussion. Appropriate risk management documentation procedures for athletic administrators will be identified. Attendees will benefit from discussing real-life case law scenarios and defining the duties and standards of care that the law requires of athletic administrators. Attendees will leave the course with new knowledge and actionable strategies for managing risk. Click here to view the full course details.*Note: 504C is one of three LTP courses required to obtain a CRAA. Check out more information on the CIAAA Certifications.LTP 503C - January 27 @ 11:00 - 2:00 PM Pacific Athletic Administration: Enhancing School-Based Athletic ProgramsThis course builds on the teachings in 501C and 502C, by taking Athletic Directors through ideas and strategies to implement that will enhance their athletic programs. The course touches on ways to improve citizenship and sportsmanship within your athletic program through positive initiatives, examines potential problems or possible solutions in areas such as program promotion, social media, tournaments and special events, recognition, awards, fundraising, and strategic planning. Click here to view the full course details.LTP 608C - February 12 @ 11:00 - 2:00 PM PacificManagement Strategies & Organization TechniquesLearn how to effectively organize and manage your time, be more productive and have balance in life. Instruction will focus on 12 key components and strategies. Click here to view the full course details.

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BCSS CHAMPIONSHIPSHOSTINGBCSS is still looking for championship hosts for the following school-hosted provincial championships THIS SPRING! If you are interested in hosting any of the below championships below, please contact the BCSS office and a staff member will discuss championship and the process of becoming the host. Note the following championships will be cancelled if without a host in place by February 22.LOCATION CHANGESThe 2023 Ultimate Championships were originally planned to be held in Kamloops. After further review that saw a shortage of available accommodations in Kamloops due to the 2023 Memorial Cup, the Ultimate Championships will move to Surrey. The dates will remain the same. FALL/WINTER 2023-2024 BID APPLICATIONS If you are interested in hosting any of the below championships, please contact the BCSS office to discuss the process of becoming the host. The hosting application can be found here.AA/AAA TennisFALL 2023-24Cross Country A Girls VolleyballAA Field Hockey AAA Girls VolleyballAAA Field Hockey A Boys VolleyballA Boys Soccer AAA Boys VolleyballThe CIAAA is also offering TWO FREE WORKSHOPS.These 60 minute sessions cover current relevant topics to Athletic Directors. January 23 @ 1:00 - 2:00 PM PT: Motivating Our AthletesJanuary 25 @ 9:00 - 10:00 AM PT: Building Successful TeamsRegister Here Today!

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Missed out on any championship apparel over the Fall season? Check out the online storefront to order BCSS Championship Apparel here. Our new apparel provider Rush offers online ordering and are also onsite for the majority of our Provincial Championships. Look out for their booths at some of our upcoming tournaments!BCSS APPAREL PROVIDERELIGIBILITY FORMSPrior to the start of each school year BCSS staff update all our forms to reflect any rules changes that passed at the AGM. In addition, this year, we have made some changes to the names of forms which have also been reflected in policy. Please ensure to use the 2022-2023 forms which are located under the forms tab of our website. Submissions on outdated forms will not be accepted.2023 BCSS VIRTUAL DUNK CHALLENGEBCSS is introducing our first ever Virtual Dunk Challenge: an online contest based on students voting the best high school dunk video in the province!HOW IT WORKS:• Student-athletes who meet the outlined criteria can submit their personal dunk video to us on Instagram• BCSS will post the videos on our page as head-to head matchups in a bracket format• Voting will happen through polls on our Instagram storyTHE SUBMISSION DEADLINE FOR THIS CONTEST IS JANUARY 31, 2023 AT 4PM. VIDEOS SUBMITTED AFTER THIS TIME PERIOD WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.Click here to read the full criteria and submission rules.

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Hosting or Travelling to an EventCompetition between two or more BCSS member schools is automatically sanctioned. When you are travelling to or hosting an event with an out-of-province team sanctioning is required. Complete the Hosting and/or Travelling sanctioning forms on the website at least 30 days in advance of the event or fines will apply.Third Party Event SanctioningIf your school wishes to attend an event that is not hosted by a member school (eg: university, club, community, etc.) please ensure the event has been sanctioned by BCSS before attending. Here is a list of BCSS third party sanctioned events on the BCSS website. Participation in a non-sanctioned event may lead to disqualification for post-season play.SANCTIONING2023-2024 TIERING NUMBERSThe 2023-2024 school year tiering numbers have been published on the BCSS website and can be viewed here.Tiering numbers are determined using the September 30th, 2022 1701 numbers as submitted to the Ministry of Education. In the fall, should a school see a material change in their enrollment from 2022–2023 numbers in the report, the school can file an appeal to have their numbers re-evaluated. A school can submit this anytime between September 20th, 2023, and October 1st, 2023. This is generally done when there is a significant population reduction (greater than 5%), or because of a change of school configuration (addition or removal of a grade) or new school boundaries due to a school opening or closure in the district. Tiering appeal forms can be requested by contacting the BCSS office staff. Teams playing in a different tier in a specific sport Schools wishing to play in a different tier in a specific sport must submit a tiering classification form. Forms can be requested by contacting the BCSS office staff. A separate form must be submitted for each sport a minimum of seven (7) days before the team registration deadline as outlined on the form.MANDATORY COACHES CONCUSSION TRAININGA friendly reminder for all coaches, managers, and assistants to complete the Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) for Coaches . BCSS has mandated this free training for all staff who work in youth sport. Access the course at

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FACEBOOKBC School SportsINSTAGRAM@bcschoolsportsTWITTER@bcschoolsportsEMAILinfo@bcschoolsports.caSTARSstars.bcschoolsports.caHUDLBasketball season is underway and there’s been many coaches reaching out and asking how Hudl can help them. To learn more about this, a quick video was made to showcase how Hudl is helping coaches and ADs this basketball season with tools like Hudl, Hudl Assist, and our Hudl Focus camera. WATCH HEREPer HUDL’s partnership with BC School Sports, member schools and teams have the opportunity to purchase these tools at a discounted price. To learn more, feel free to reach out to Sara Hanson, the BC- specific rep. You can email her at or call/text directly at 402-413-1214.

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BCSS STAFF DIRECTORYEXECUTIVE DIRECTORPhone: 604-477-1487Email: jabney@bcschoolsports.caJORDAN ABNEYASSISTANT DIRECTOR, SPORTS & EVENTSPhone: 604-260-3433Email: hsohi@bcschoolsports.caHARP SOHIASSISTANT DIRECTOR, MEMBERSHIP SERVICES & OPERATIONSPhone: 604-477-1488Email: khum@bcschoolsports.caKAREN HUMMANAGER OF SPORTPhone: 604-477-1485Email: mapps@bcschoolsports.caMIKE APPSGENERAL MANAGER, BCSS PROPERTIESMANAGER OF SPORTPhone: 604-239-0797Email: jstevens@bcschoolsports.caJULIE STEVENSDANIELLE STARKMANPhone: 604-393-9772Email: danielle.starkman@playfly.comADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTPRABH JAUHALPhone: 604-477-1488Email: pjauhal@bcschoolsports.caGRAPHIC DESIGN & CONTENT COORDINATORPhone: 604-477-1488Email: marketing@bcschoolsports.caJOSIE DELISA