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About the BC Cancer Agency

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BC Cancer Agency

By: Trinity Best

British Columbia Cancer Agency was fouded on November 5, 1938 in Vancouver. Their believe in care and research. The organization was originally named British Columbia Cancer Foundation and was founded off of $50,000. In 1974 the Cancer Control Agency of British was formed to take over the studies of the British Columbia Cancer Foundation. The organization changed their name to the British Columbia Cancer Agency or BC Cancer Agency.

About BC Cancer Agency

BC Cancer Agency to help the people who have cancer enjoy their time in life. Events like Ride to Conquer Cancer and Young Adult Group is a way to help people with cancer.

The BC Cancer Agency has 3 main missions. They want to reduce how many people have cancer. They want to reduce the death rate for cancer. They also want to improve the quality of life of people who have cancer.

Mission and Events by the BC Cancer Agency

My uncle died from his by leukemia. He beat cancer twice and leukemia once. The second was just too much of a struggle o his body. We need people like this to help people like my uncle was. The more we donate to the orginization the more ives we can save by this.

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