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Blackout Poem

Will's respectful opinion's of Ronnie, She wouldn't change.

Million miles apart

But close in our hearts 

Feels like magic

You're the best person I know

Us is a dream come true

I wished for this

It’s more than good enough

This love feels like home

I believe

We are

The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Found Poem; The Beginning of Something Beautiful

ABC Poem: Positive Thinking

Simple smile for you

To brighten your day

Up your frown

Value your time

Welcome today

Xo you got this



Fast, Strong

Running, Eating, Playing

Enjoying everyday of life


Cinquain Poem: Horse

Haiku Poem: Rainbow

First comes warm, humid air

Then comes the cold drops of rain

Finally out comes the rainbow  


Beautiful, Independent, Brillant


Dylan O'brien

Happy, love, sad

Frightened, emotional, afraid

Winning roles, being a super cool sister, looking young

Acting, modeling, taking risks

Greenville, South Carolina


Bio Poem: My Favorite Actor/Character

Shape Poem: Moon



                                                           Through the dark

                                                        Sur-                  rounded

                                                      By the lonely

                                                      Glowing stars  

                                                      It is our

                                                      Sun in the



                                                      On the                Clouds 

                                                              Pearing through  


Acrostic Poem- Candy

S hare with a friend

K eep to yourself,

I rresistable taste

T ake the whole bag

T aste the rainbow favors

L emon, blueberry, cherry

E veryone’s favorite

S kittles

Elegy Poem- Future


Future self, be responsible

Be kind, be smart but be cautious

Do your best, never less

Future self, be wise beyond your age

Never take little things for granted

Be tough through the hard times

Future self, never forget to smile

Laugh, live, and enjoy what’s to come

Oh dear future self, be kind