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It's a bunch of poems for my English class

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After everything we been through you turn and leave

Before you said you loved me

Caring for you has brought me to the floor

Dieing inside done trying

Even though i still love you i know im better off alone but im still trying

Forgive and forget

The sun is shining

The wind is blowing nicely

It is amazing


Silent dark

Quiet relaxing black

Time of peace for myself and my thoughts



Coming undone


Not happy

Dieing inside

Yelling inside wanting u to never leave



Loving Caring Cute Perfect in my eyes

He is my amazing boyfriend

He loves the country, trucks, family, friends, me, animals

Anger Love Sadness

Heartache Lose Clowns

He has overcome many things and still loves like he’s never been hurt he looks on the brightside






                                        People like to climb it

                                  People like to play games on it

                            People like to hunt on it and camp on it

                     People think it’s a really pretty place with                         amazing views

              Some people are scared to go up it cause they                 are afraid of heights

I love my boyfriend

He treats me right and we click

He knows me really well

I get him like no one else

He is the love of my life

My life

Its crazy and odd

Most people don’t get me

They think i’m insane

They like to push and push and push

Till i snap back

They say i need to face reality

When little do they know i face it everyday

Im not a little kid no more

I know more than they think

They don’t know cause i don’t say

But either way they are still lame


OH NO!They did it again mom!

They left a major big bomb

They destroyed my clean room

Im going to beat them really soon

They destroyed my room mom!!!!


Bloom red thorny rose

Your fragrance goes up my nose

You are a pretty rose

You show life is hard sometimes

You show to keep pushing forward though