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Begins Thursday, March 3, 2017
7:00 pm in the
Fireside Room
1600 Gervais Ave Suite 2
Maplewood, MN 55109
We will meet every Thursday evening from
7:00 pm 9:00pm
Starts March 3, 2017
Lessons will be given out each week for
students to read and we will discuss them
the following week. Short multiple choice
questions are included with each lesson to
help you review the content for the week.
Class Duration - 6 months
Registration and Cost:
Pre-registration is required.
$45.00 Cost for 4 books published by ICIT.
used during the course.
We will need phone # and/or email address
to communicate with class if there are
changes or cancellations in the schedule.
Registration form available in the lobby
Contact Brian Terry or Pastor Tom 763-222-3984 763-913-0990
Class Schedule
From Francis Frangipane
Facilitated by Brian Terry and Pastor Tom
The vision of ‘In Christ’s Image Training’ is to
ignite a worldwide movement of Christlike
leaders, intercessors and ministries who will
stand before God for their families, churches,
cities and nations. We believe that the catalyst
for revival is the mature manifestation of Christ
in His church.
What is Basic Training ?
Goals for Students include:
Possess the unoffendable heart of Jesus Christ
Become a peacemaker in building unity in the
born again church.
Remove the trappings and misdirection of mere
Simplify the vision of attaining Christlikeness. The
student will be positioned and strengthened in
Christlike “unoffendable” intercession for their
families, churches and communities.
Basic Training Goals
The Basic Training Course is divided into 4
sections that build upon each other.
They are:
The Unity that the Father desires is that We
would all be one as the Father and the Son
are one;
ALL of us together as one.
This is the essence of Jesus High Priestly
prayer in John 17 and it is as real and as
urgent as it ever was.
Can we really live this life?
What does this look like?
How do we get there?
How are we trained?
How do we know we are on the right path?
This course addresses these and many other
issues of our heart and our lives.
Basic Training will surprise, you challenge you,
settle you, strengthen you and disarm you all at
the same time. You will find the heart of God
and learn to ignite His pleasure in your life as
you grow to the actual stature of His Son.