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‘At points he moved me from tears to laughter in seconds. There is no flaw in this show. Not one. Go.’


Amid the hype fuelled blast of any arts festival comes at least a dozen wheezing promises that here, at last, is The Next Big Thing.

In the case of the unlawfully gifted Kahlil Ashanti, the promise happens, on this occasion, to be completely, marvellously true. This show is killer.

His gift for dead-right mimicry is comparable to Eddie Murphy; his talent for seamless, feel-good melancholy brings Robin Williams to mind and his sheer X Quotient evoked, for this glitz-happy reviewer at least, the adorable chops of Bernadette Peters. The man's a star.


'His quality of humanity sets him apart from other mechanical, do-anything-for-a-laugh comedians. A versatile dynamo...this confident magnetism will clearly work in film when he makes his inevitable motion picture debut'.


Producer Barry Josephson(right), whose screen credits include “Enchanted” and TV skeins “Bones” and "Turn" on AMC, will produce the Off Broadway preem of solo show “Basic Training”.


‘A mind blowing combination of amazing talent, military discipline and showbiz chops delivered by the most talented performer to ever grace the Fringe.’

YOU'LL probably read a few reviews this August that carry the line: "If you only see one show this August, make sure it's this one." Some of them are justified, others not. So how do you justify giving a show five stars?

For a start, if it's a solo show like this one, then the actor has to give, what you believe, to be their quintessential performance: flawless, dynamic, utterly captivating, life-affirming; the ability to leave you hanging on the edge of your seat, emotional, and with sympathy for their character.

Fringe First-winning actor Kahlil Ashanti does all that. And more. The biggest surprise, the real crux of this story, though, doesn't fully reveal itself until the very end, by which time you'll probably be on your feet giving Ashanti a standing ovation.

Captivating actor earns his five stars and stripes

A formidable tale about racism, relationships and reconciliation, Kahlil Ashanti is a terrific, versatile actor.


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