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We are nally running our rst event since 2019! We can't wait to see our members in person and look forward to a day out at SS Great Britain.BASA members can attend the 2022 AGM and Industry Forum at no cost, but why not purchase a ticket to attend the Industry Lunch and take advantage of the networking opportunity to meet your suppliers and industry colleagues. We have a delicious three course meal planned with a glass or two of wine, a tour of the SS Great Britain and before lunch we have some great speakers lined up for you;ForrestBrown will talk about the latest updates and how BASA members can access Tax Credits to develop their business.Damjan Haylor from POPComms will be discussing how to solve the pre-pandemic sales challenges by dismantling barriers to sales using digital tech to capitalise on the coming recoveryWe have two speakers Stephen Head from UK Export Finance and Paul Wright from INFORMED COMMENT FROM THE BRITISH ADHESIVES & SEALANTS ASSOCIATIONBulletinIssue 96March 2022OnlineINSIDE THIS ISSUE:Secretariat UpdateChemique Adhesivs launches new range of Apollo under the new ownership of H.B. Fuller.ForrestBrown leads “landmark” R&D tribunal victory against HMRCNew Carbon Converted Silica and its use in Adhesive and Sealant ProductsPaniker Celebrates 100 years within the Industrial Adhesive IndustryBase Chemicals in stock now from RavagoCrestabond® MMA structural adhesive Americapersonal care websiteImerys Performance with WhitChem throughout the UK and IrelandBusiness Energy switching made easyBOOK NOW FOR THE BASA AGM & INDUSTRY LUNCH Brunel’s SS Great Britain, Bristol - Wednesday 30th March 20220203040405060708081012@BASAupdates@BASA_updatesBri�sh Adhesives & Sealants Associa� HERELondon Forfaiting who will give a useful preparation 'Win Contracts, Full orders and get Paid!'To nish the morning's forum o, we have a presentation by DEFRA who will be talking about UKREACH and giving us the latest updates on how the regulation might be amended to deal with the data cost issues and the burden it places on downstream users.Immediately before the AGM we will have the presentation of the Max Kochmann award for 2019 and then whilst any non-members enjoy a tour of the SS Great Britain we will complete our annual General Meeting, before members and guests proceed to the Great Eastern Hall for lunch.We hope to see you at this year's event after 2 years of cancellations due to Covid restrictions.More details and how to book can be found on the BASA website under ‘Events’.

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| BASA BULLETIN Issue 96 are certainly nding the start of 2022 more of a challenge than expected. With news that the Annex VIII REACH legislation for Poison Centre notications had in fact been carried into U.K. legislation ‘unintentionally’ and that NPIS were now rejecting the ‘voluntary’ SDS submissions in February, we are working hard with our fellow Chemical Associations to try to get this reversed. The advice is to wait for now and not to submit in the i6z format (IUCLID) just yet whilst we all try to unpick how and why this has occurred. In addition, the GB CLP and SVHC lists are starting to diverge from Europe so we are working out how we can best help members navigate this. Our Consultant Caroline Raine is putting a substance watch list together and we will be running another special session on this during the BASA drop-in clinic to be held on Friday 11th March at 10:00. Joining details are under the events page on the BASA website or click the link here: also received unwelcome and perhaps contradictory views in relation to UKCA marking regarding the use of NPD for construction products that are already CE marked with a full set of performance declarations. Both BASA and the Construction Products Association, had concluded that the two pieces of legislation (EU CPR and the GB version currently in force in the U.K. in respect of Great Britain) were separate and were not linked but this was not shared by all members attending a CLC Standards and Regulatory Alignment group meeting in February. Again, we are trying to get conrmation that the BASA and CPA view is accepted by DLUHC but this seems to be a slow process, with an unwillingness to conrm anything! Watch out for the BASA weekly emails to hear the latest. If you didn’t catch the special drop-in clinics the BASA team ran for the latest information on Poison Centres and UKCA Marking then you can view the recorded sessions on the website under Working/Project Groups > scroll down to ‘BASA Drop in Clinic’ or click the link here: nally – I hope I can see many of you at the 2022 AGM followed by the Industry Lunch after a 2-year Covid induced break. Tickets are selling fast so don’t miss out on this opportunity to catch up with colleagues and hear the latest from the Association.Email:  Chemique Adhesives have recently launched an innovative range of adhesives that have been developed specically to meet the needs of the articial turf market. The new Turftak range features a selection of solvent-free, polyurethane adhesives for use in the installation of articial turf and provides users with versatile, reliable, and easy to use options for bonding a variety of substrates and joining tapes both outdoors, and in more sensitive indoor environments. “Articial turf has become increasingly popular due to its versatility and low maintenance so when compared to natural grass it is often seen as an aordable and eective solution for many areas including public gardens, holiday parks, sports facilities and residential settings.” explained Stuart Francis, Managing Director of Chemique Adhesives.“As a business, we are always committed to oering high performance, quality solutions for a variety of requirements and the new Turftak range provides customers with adhesive solutions that are suitable for both commercial and residential articial turf installations. These products oer a strong, permanent bond to a variety of substrates and are especially suitable in areas of high foot trac.” continued Stuart Francis.Benets of the Turftak range include excellent bond strength, high initial tack, superior shock absorption and fast setting times that work in a variety of environments. Products within the range include an easy to use single-component polyurethane adhesive that saves time and energy as it requires no mixing, is fast setting and is easily applied with a notched trowel. Similarly, Turftak 2 is a two-component formula, that provides complete control over the bonding process and is suitable for installation in a variety of weather conditions. Also included in the range is Turftak MS, a single-component moisture cure SMP (silane-modied polymer) adhesive available in easy to use cartridge form, is UV-stable and has excellent initial

Page 3 BASA BULLETIN Issue 96 | 3 As Apollo celebrates its 50th year of innovation, it is excited to announce that the next 50 years will begin under the new ownership of H.B. Fuller. Established in 1972, Apollo has been supplying industry-leading adhesives, liquid coatings, sealants and primers from its Tamworth, UK, base for half a century. The development of innovative products through customer collaboration, as well as delivering excellent customer service, has always been at the heart of what Apollo does. During its 50 years, Apollo has launched market-changing technology and products. The next 50 years looks just as exciting following Apollo’s decision to select H.B. Fuller, a global and well-respected adhesives company, as its next platform for growth.Previous owner of Apollo, Jonathan Saunders says: “Strategically, the new ownership opens many opportunities for Apollo employees and customers. The current management structure at Apollo will remain, as will the entire employee base, which was crucial in my decision to sell the business. H.B. Fuller’s core values are in synergy with those of Apollo. Our core values have time and energy as it requires no mixing, is fast setting and is easily applied with a notched trowel. Similarly, Turftak 2 is a two-component formula, that provides complete control over the bonding process and is suitable for installation in a variety of weather conditions. Also included in the range is Turftak MS, a single-component moisture cure SMP (silane-modied polymer) adhesive available in easy to use cartridge form, is UV-stable and has excellent initial tack.www.chemiqueadhesives.comalways guided how Apollo conducts business and interacts with all stakeholders, so it was vital for me that this legacy continued.”Managing Director of Apollo, Ian Cornelius adds: “The change in ownership will enable Apollo to grow and prosper under a larger and well-respected organization. In particular, it will allow Apollo to continue to expand its operations within the EU. It will also provide additional resource, technology and expertise, meaning that we can further enhance and expand our service and product oering to our customers. Being part of a global company also gives our customers further reassurance regarding continuity of supply from numerous manufacturing sites.”H.B. Fuller President and CEO Jim Owens says: “Apollo’s highly specied commercial roong, construction and high-performance industrial adhesives will drive new growth opportunities in our construction and transportation adhesives businesses in the UK and across EIMEA. Our companies share cultures and growth strategies that are well aligned, and Apollo will integrate seamlessly into our Construction and Engineering Adhesives business units. Together, we will leverage the synergies made possible through this transaction to partner more eciently and eectively with customers in roong, building envelope and transportation.”Andy Moore, Managing Director of Bracebridge Corporate Finance who advised on the sale, commented: “We are delighted with the outcome for the shareholders of Apollo and to have found the right home for the business. We look forward to seeing Apollo go from strength to strength under H.B. Fuller Company’s ownership.”The change in ownership is eective immediately.Apollo includes Apollo Chemicals Limited, Apollo Roong Solutions Limited and Apollo Construction Solutions Fuller is a growing and well-respected global adhesives company, dedicated to delivering world-class solutions and technical support to customers in the markets it

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| BASA BULLETIN Issue 96 For many BASA members, R&D tax relief oers a steady source of cash with which to hire more sta, develop new products and overcome shocks like COVID-19 and Brexit-induced supply chain disruptions. With pressures to digitise the sector too, R&D funding can be a vital tool to drive eciencies and support the industry’s digitisation agenda.In recent times, however, HMRC’s approach to awarding the relief to SMEs has shifted. They are now arguing that R&D paid for by a client is, in eect, subsidised. Subsidised R&D expenditure is not eligible for SME R&D tax relief.For the case of ForrestBrown client Quinn (London) Limited, this resulted in denial of over £1m worth of SME tax relief. The caseQuinn (London) Limited are a specialist construction company, who carry out R&D projects forclients. In HMRC’s view, their R&D is subsequently subsidised and therefore not eligible for this relief. This case follows a period of renewed scrutiny by HMRC, in part in response to a rise in erroneous and fraudulent R&D claim submissions, which they estimate to total over £311m. Understandably HRMC are under pressure to ensure that the UK taxpayers’ money is being well spent, though ForrestBrown wholeheartedly disagree with their stance on subsidised expenditure as a means to combat this issue.In this instance, ForrestBrown took the case to tribunal where the verdict was successfully overturned.  What does this mean for chemical manufacturers?Although the case itself concerns a construction business, HMRC’s interpretation of the rules apply to all businesses carrying out customer-led R&D, that is all companies that have been commissioned to develop a product. In this case, HMRC denied a business R&D funding worth over £1m, because that business was building something for a client. They argued that the client’s payment to the company for the work done had subsidised the R&D project and so made them ineligible for the funding.In the context of manufacturing, those commissioning or ordering a product are likely to be considered by HMRC to be subsidising the expenditure involved in any R&D to make that product, so this impacts all members contracted to manufacture a product.The future of customer-led R&DWhile this judgement decisively overturns HMRC’s position on subsidised expenditure, it is not a binding decision. HMRC will continue to challenge the eligibility of customer-led R&D projects, so if your business is manufacturing bespoke products for certain markets and consumers, it’s important to review your contractual arrangements. Be proactive in managing your business risk to ensure your business is enquiry ready.ForrestBrown oers its clients unmatched technical expertise and experience in managing disputes with HMRC. If you are facing a challenge from HMRC into your R&D tax relief claim or have a question about this tribunal judgement, we would be happy to advise you on the best course of action.If you’d like more information, get in touch with ForrestBrown director James Dudbridge on 0117 926 9022 or via email at

Page 5 BASA BULLETIN Issue 96 | 5 UK company Barton Blakeley, has recently developed a rst-of-its-kind system that uses waste carbon dioxide in the production of silica. The company sees carbon dioxide emissions as a cheaper and substantially cleaner manufacturing method for producing key materials in the adhesive and sealant sectors. The adhesives and sealants sectors, thanks to this new development now have the ability to source their materials through substantially greener methods. The adhesives industry is a huge consumer of petrochemical-based materials as well as other materials. Switching to this drastically signicant improvement in carbon footprint and consumption provides a competitive improvement to the overall products environmental footprint. Using Silica in Adhesives and SealantsFumed silica has several uses within the adhesives industry. These uses are heavily dependent on the properties of the silica, such as the particle size and surface area. Most commonly, however, silica is used to make an adhesive product thixotropic and helps to provide sag resistance during application. Barton Blakeley’s Customer Product Development Specialist Dr Alexandra Groves commented “In addition to the physical properties of fumed silica, its use in adhesives depends largely on its phobicity. For this reason, silica needs to be tailored to the type of adhesive it is being used for. As an example, a water-based adhesive will require hydrophilic silica - one that absorbs water instead of repelling it”.Using Carbon Converted Silica In Adhesive ManufacturingStructural Adhesives Ltd have been manufacturing and designing adhesive products for over 30 years. Their products are used in a wide range of industries including aerospace, building/construction, and civil engineering. Their all-female chemistry team has recently taken on trials with Barton Blakeley’s products. Structural Adhesives Ltd  strongly believes in the drive towards net zero and that having even one component of a formulation produced in a carbon-neutral process will have a huge impact on their emissions. The team agrees it “is denitely a step in the right direction”.From a technical point of view, Structural Adhesives Ltd has tested two grades of Barton Blakeley’s silica. The Micron grade performed equally on the eect it had on the sag resistance as other well-known brands of silica. In addition, an improved level of hardness in their adhesive products was observed during the trial of Barton Blakeley’s nano grade silica. Other /customer trials also found BBT’s silica to show improved dispersion, which plays an important role in the consistency of the adhesive product. Good dispersion also helps to achieve the desired level of rheological control or toughness.Women in STEMThe industry movement towards more women in STEM is another matter both companies take seriously. Both companies have an ethos that encourages women to make their mark in typically male-dominated industries.Structural Adhesives’, Jade Lewin wrote that they “have found that our company values align with those of Barton Blakeley particularly in terms of sustainability and in diversity and inclusivity in STEM.”They continued, “We have often found as an all-female technical team that we are very much in the minority; it has been great to work alongside Barton Blakeley whose technical department is female-led and discuss our shared passion for championing women in STEM and particularly STEM leadership.”Learn more about Barton Blakeley and their silica nanopowder here!Image source:

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| BASA BULLETIN Issue 96 2022 Paniker celebrates 100 years within the industrial adhesive industry. During these 100 years the company has grown from a small start-up, to now being part of the Beardow Adams Group with a worldwide presence and a comprehensive range of adhesives and services. HistoryIn 1922, along with several other partners, Ramón Paniker founded the company that he gave his name to. The company started manufacturing chemical products for the leather industry, primarily for the local footwear market. Their rst key development was an adhesive for children’s shoes, allowing them to take their rst steps into the glue market. The basic idea was that if a glued shoe could resist the stress to which children subject it, hopping, skipping, and jumping, it is sure to resist stress in all other shoes. This development led to the creation of the Royal California and Koltac brands, which are still sold widely today. Paniker expanded into the manufacture of other chemical products that would complement their existing adhesive range, such as solvent-based adhesives. In 1970 Paniker started to grow and develop into new markets and industries; woodworking, textiles, and later into the paper industry with the development of the EUROPANOL water-based adhesive range. Cooperation with Beardow Adams started in 1992, when they became our Global Partner servicing the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Here, Beardow Adams’ hot-melt adhesives complemented Paniker’s own range of water-based and solvent technologies. In 2000 Beardow Adams took the steps to acquire a majority share in Paniker, alongside Spanish partners Carlos Rocamora and Francisco Pérez. This solidied Paniker’s position as one of Spain’s leading adhesive suppliers. Paniker now had direct access to Beardow Adams’ broad range of hot-melt adhesives, as well as the technical know-how, research and development centre, and international distribution via Beardow Adams’ dedicated Global Partner network. It also allowed Paniker to continually invest in product development and manufacturing to provide their customers with the highest quality products- and services. Recent developmentsSince 2000, Paniker has expanded its production facilities and invested in its workforce, allowing the development of new product ranges into new markets not just nationally, but internationally. These include:- Reactive polyurethanes hot-melt adhesives for the textile industry- Tissuecol water-based adhesive for the tissue converting industry- Epoxy resins- Toluene-free adhesivesIn 2014, Paniker entered the growing towel and tissue market after investing in additional production capacity. The investment didn’t stop there. Three years later the company launched a new range of polyurethane adhesives, which are now widely used in the lters, ceramic mesh, articial turf, and isothermal panel construction markets. In 2019 environmentally focused upgrades were made to Paniker’s production sites, this included a new facility for the recycling and treatment of IBCs to promote and manage the reuse of medium-capacity plastic containers, thus reducing waste to landll. Paniker continues to invest in its production facilities, employees, and the latest formulation technologies to provide customers with high-performance adhesives that help to boost productivity and product quality.

Page 7 BASA BULLETIN Issue 96 |  Book your stand nowBook your stand now!visit www.installershow.comor scan the QR code to book your space Ravago Chemicals UK Ltd are pleased to oer a range of Base Chemicals which are in stock now and deliverable in just 1-2 days from your order!We appreciate that in the last couple of years, chemical supply chains have been problematical and created extra workload for us all. Factors such as BREXIT and the increased administration this has brought, Asia shipping container shortages, force majeure on many products, and of course, the uncertainty of COVID have all had an impact.However, here at Ravago Chemicals UK we have developed new ways to mitigate these challenges, ensuring we manage our inventory levels beyond our customers’ expectations.Take a look at a snap-shot of the base chemical grades we currently have in stock in our UK warehouse: Grade CAS Number PackagingAcetone 67-64-1 DrumsDiNP 68515-48-0 IBCTriacetin 102-76-1 IBCATBC (Acetyl Tri Butyl Citrate) 77-90-7 IBCDBE (Di Basic Esters) n/a IBCMono Propylene Glycol 57-55-6 IBC and DrumsButyl Di Glycol Acetate 124-17-4 IBC and DrumsCoalescing Solvent NX-795 25265-77-4 IBC and DrumsTiO2 – Sulphate & Chloride grades 13463-67-7 BagsNext day delivery at no extra costOur strong supply chain and optimum stock positions means we can full orders next day,as standard (based on order receipt pre-14:00 the day previous).For more information please call our team on 01638 724912or email us. Visit BASA on Stand L141

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range benets from varying working times to suit a host of applications in multiple industries including marine, automotive, wind energy and construction.Ingrid Skalleberg, Scott Bader’s Global Product Manager for Adhesives, said: “We are delighted to increase production of our Crestabond structural adhesives. North America is a key strategic growth area for us so to be able to produce Crestabond at our Canadian site, and oer our North American customers shorter lead times, is a great step forward.”Scott Bader invests in North AmericaThe expansion of Crestabond production to Scott Bader ATC follows the news that Scott Bader has invested $16m in a new production site in Mocksville, North Carolina.The investment sees the acquisition of a 110,000 square foot industrial unit on a 15-acre site, which with further investment will be developed into a state-of-the-art gelcoat and structural adhesives manufacturing facility. It will be the company’s second North American manufacturing site; the new development is expected to create 27 new jobs locally, with 21 in manufacturing and the other roles shared across HR, R&D, commercial support and applications.In keeping with Scott Bader’s 2036 vision to steer towards sustainable growth, while increasing its global footprint – environmental impact has been a key consideration throughout the North Carolina development and will remain central to the investments in its new site. Investing in people and technology to ensure both the build and ongoing operations are as ecient as possible.| BASA BULLETIN Issue 96Scott Bader has launched a new website specically designed to showcase their range of products for the personal care market.The exciting new website features Scott Bader’s Texique® bio-based thickeners, with additional products soon to be added. Scott Bader have used their chemistry expertise to create bio-based rheology modiers for a wealth of personal care formulations. Their ingredients are developed with the planet in mind, providing sustainable, environmentally conscious products for the personal care industry.Navigating through the website you will nd information on; Texique HE10 and HE20 bio-based thickeners, resources such as technical data sheets (TDS), brochures and videos, Scott Bader’s ethos towards sustainable innovation and distribution information. Scott Bader are a global leader in functional polymer manufacture, and they are proud of the break-throughs they have made in the Personal Care industry. Their relentless eorts to drive sustainable product development are evidence of their commitment to making a positive dierence to business, people and the environment.Scott Bader is pleased to announce their Canadian site, based in Drummondville, will begin manufacturing Crestabond® structural adhesives in 2022.The expansion of their Crestabond® production to Scott Bader ATC will allow Scott Bader to meet the growing demand for their high-quality MMA primerless structural adhesives within the North American market. It will also signicantly reduce transport emissions and delivery times, helping Scott Bader to deliver a faster, more ecient service for their customers with less environmental impact.The initial production at Scott Bader ATC will focus on the innovative Crestabond® M1 series of 10:1 structural adhesives, suitable for bonding a range of substrates including composites, thermoplastics and metals. The ®

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| BASA BULLETIN Issue 96, a world leader in mineral-based speciality solutions for industry, and WhitChem an experienced distributor of specialist chemicals, minerals and polymers, are pleased to announce the expansion of their distribution agreement. WhitChem will represent all of the Imerys Performance Minerals portfolio, as Imerys’ Preferred Distributor across the UK and Ireland for Coatings, Adhesives, Rubber and Plastic markets.The Imerys portfolio includes a wide range of minerals, including talc, kaolin, ball clay, ground calcium carbonate, precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), diatomaceous earth, perlite, mica,leucophyllite and wollastonite.The partnership is designed to provide customers with a consolidated point of contact ready to provide access to Imerys’ extensive mineral product portfolio, backed by WhitChem’s technical-sales and logistics expertise.“We very much look forward to further developing our already successful partnership with Imerys” said Richard Longley, Sales Director, WhitChem. “With our industry experts working across the UK and Ireland, we visit customers of all sizes on a daily basis to help with production issues, provide formulation advice, and support customers with project development. We take pride in working to the standards of our international partners, and make it our obligation to be reliable, realistic and responsible.”According to Philippe Reygnier, Distribution Manager for Imerys Performance Minerals EMEA, “Partnering with WhitChem is a positive step forward in our continuing eorts to provide customer- centric solutions through market-based expertise and infrastructure. We are realising our goal of providing customers with one point of contact in the UK and Ireland through WhitChem. They have proven to be a strong partner that can oer the support and service our customers need.”Visit Stand K56

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