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BASA Bulletin Issue 103 ONLINE

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Issue 103 December 2023INFORMED COMMENT FROM THE BRITISH ADHESIVES & SEALANTS ASSOCIATIONBulletinFEICA Model EPDsAs a naonal associaon member of FEICA, all BASA members have access to the FEICA Model EPDs and related guidelines. Read how to access these on page 7.7Annual DinnerWe had a great night with members on 2nd December at the Chester Grosvenor hotel. Check out some of the highlights from the night on page 2.Members GuidanceOne of the benets of being a BASA member is the wide range of guidance documents we produce. Any member can request guidance for a specic issue/topic. 2The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry was established in 2010 as an independent Research & Technology Organisaon (RTO) with the objecve of bridging the gap between academia and industry. As a unique conference venue for manufacturing and technology industries, it is the perfect venue to hold the 2024 Business Forum, 41st AGM and Industry Lunch. Members can aend the AGM and Business Forum for free and paid ckets for the Industry Lunch include a tour of the MTC. Members are welcome to invite guests, any guests that are not BASA members will be able to network in the Mezzanine area during the AGM poron of the event.3BASA Business Forum, 41st AGM & Industry LunchBOOKING OPEN Thursday 7th March 2024, Manufacturing Technology Centre, CoventryThursday 7th March 2024

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BASA Bullen Issue 1032Annual Dinner (AKA the BASA Dinner Dance) - is this the end of an era?The assembled stalwarts of the BASA Annual Dinner Dance joined BASA’s CEO Lorna Williams and her husband James at the Chester Grosvenor to start the run up to Christmas party season in style on 2nd December. With a reduced number of guests, it was a smaller aair than previous years, but with lively support from enthusiasc partygoers from Mapei, F Ball and Co Ltd and Azelis, joined by new members Star Uretech Ltd, a party from Henkel and BASA’s Caroline Raine and Lorna Williams and their (beer?) halves, the night was a resounding success and enjoyed by all.We were entertained with clever magic by Spencer Lynch (Spence is Liverpool Football Clubs resident close-up magician and founding member of the Liverpool Magic Circle) and we had our usual Photobooth for guests to record their memories (complete with silly hats of course). Guests danced the night away to the DJ’s from Arc Event Soluons, who were faced with no less than three more ‘one more song’ requests at the end of the night. As always, the hospitality at the Grosvenor was spectacular.With the diminishing numbers and restricons on budgets, we are looking at alternave ideas for 2024 and it has been suggested that a BASA Awards night is something that you might all like to see. Watch for announcements in 2024 on that. It is likely to be a Friday night in the second half of November, and we will add some more details in the next BASA Bullen.

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3BASA Bullen Issue 103 The Departmentfor Transport(DfT) updatesGuidanceDocument forDangerous GoodsSafety AdvisorsIt now states that;From 13 November 2023, employersmust:•  Keep sta  training records for a minimum of 6 years from thedate of training.•  Make  the records  available  on request  to  the  employee  or  tothe Department for Transport.If  an  employee  leaves  theiremployment,  the  employer  mustkeep  their  training  records  for  afurther 2  years  from the date theemployment  ended,  in  case  of  anysubsequent issues arising.These  requirements  are  set  out insecon 1.3.3 of ADR.Save The DateBASA Sports Day, Wednesday 19th June 2024,Hawkstone Park Hotel & West Midlands Shoong Ground, ShropshireLogin to yourComply with REACHaccountThe Health and Safety Execuve (HSE) areadvising all ‘Comply with UK REACH’ usersto  login  to  their  Government  Gatewayaccounts registered with the service ifthey haven’t done so recently.This  is  because on  the  1st  January  2024the ‘Comply  with UK  REACH  IT’ servicewill have been operaonal for 3 years andusers must log in to their  GovernmentGateway account at least once every3  years,  or  they  will  lose  access  to  theirGovernment  Gateway  account  and  itsassociated data.
Some  users  of  the  ‘Comply  with  UKREACH’ service may not have accessedtheir  Government  Gateway  accountsince they fullled their inial regulatoryobligaons.
Anyone  needing  help  accessing  ‘Complywith  UK  REACH’  should  call  the  UKChemicals Helpline on 0330 159 1985.
HSE  recommends  users  always  assignmore than one administrator (admin) foreach ‘Comply  with UK  REACH’  account.This will prevent loss of access if anindividual admin leaves your organisaon,or they can no longer access theirGovernment Gateway account.
Important  Note:  Data  that  users  havepreviously  submied  via  ‘Comply  withUK REACH’ will not be deleted. However,if you lose access to your GovernmentGateway account, you will no longer beable  to  access  your  submission  data  via‘Comply with UK REACH’.
This may mean you are unable to updateor  progress  a  previous  submissionassociated to your account.MembersGuidanceThe BASA team are constantlyworking to ensure members aregeng value from the Associaon.One of the tasks we work on iskeeping members up-to-date withimportant guidance documents/notes.These  guidance  documents  helpgather  all  relevant  informaona  member  might  need  into  onedocument.The  recent  guidance  documents  wehave produced and are available onthe BASA website are:•  Microplascs (updated Oct 23)•  Great Britain Mandatory Classicaon and  Labelling  List(updated Nov 23)•  Occupaonal  Exposure  to Diisocyanate in the UK (updated Nov 23)•  EU Poison Centres (updated Nov 23)•  Mixtures  containing  explosives precursors and poisons (updatedNov 23)•  EU Y-Codes and Taric guidance (updated Nov 23)

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BASA Bullen Issue 1036

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7 BASA Bullen Issue 103 BASA Bullen Issue 103European Model Environmental Product Declaraons (Model EPDs)European Model EPDs demonstrate the environmental credenals of adhesives and sealants in construcon Sustainable development is of great signicance in the construcon industry. Increasingly, architects and green procurement bodies are demanding products that meet internaonal sustainability standards. The Construcon Products Regulaon (CPR) 305/2011 of the European Parliament and European Council (check FEICA posion on the review of the Construcon Products Regulaon (EU) No. 305/2011) included the requirement for 'sustainability', and Belgium and France have naonal legislaon requiring Environmental Product Declaraons (EPDs) for construcon products with an environmental claim.From 2016 to 2022, FEICA oered 'FEICA Model Environmental Product Declaraons (Model EPDs)', which could be used by construcon products manufacturers to prove the environmental impact of their products. Therefore, the choice of adhesive and sealant products available to architects and green procurement bodies was signicantly increased.The expansion of the range of products with Model EPDs gives SMEs improved access to a market that is otherwise available only to some and leads to signicant cost and me savings for companies.As Model EPDs are valid only for a maximum of 6 years, the 2016 versions were updated in 2022. FEICA, Industrieverband Klebstoe (IVK), the European Federaon for Construcon Chemicals (EFCC) and Deutsche Bauchemie e.V. (DBC) undertook a joint Did you know? As BASA are Naonal Associaon Members of FEICA, all BASA members have access to these Model EPDs.project to revise and extend the Model EPDs, as well as to extend the scope for addional substances and formulaons. The European Model EPDs are available to FEICA Direct Company Members (DCMs), Aliate Company Members (ACMs) and FEICA Naonal Associaon Members (NAMs). They are valid across the whole of Europe (not limited to the EU). Turkey, is not included.The ocial language for the Model EPDs is English and FEICA only provides English versions of the EPDs. Published EPDs:• Products based on POLYURETHANE (PU) or SILANE-modied polymer, group 1 to 4 (4 EPDs)• Products based on POLYURETHANE, group 5 to 6 (2 EPDs)• Dispersion-based products, group 1 to 4 (4 EPDs)• SILICONE based products - group 1 to 3 (3 EPDs)• Products based on EPOXY-resin, group 1 to 5 (5 EPDs)• Modied mineral MORTARS, group 1 to 3 (3 EPDs)Download the Model EPDs on the FEICA website here.The core EPD may be used by BASA members provided it has been proven that the respecve product can be represented by this parcular EPD.FEICA has a guideline and a excel based calculaon sheet available for BASA Members. This guideline, together with a template for a declaraon of compliance, is available by clicking on the 'Request guideline' link in the table here. Only authorised FEICA member companies (and members of FEICA Naonal Associaons like BASA) may use the guideline and the substance list to check the formulaon and select an appropriate Model EPD.

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BASA Bullen Issue 1038With a Strong Focus on markets in China and India Grolman Group, a global distributor of specialty chemicals, is pleased to announce that Dr. Andreas Ze has been appointed Managing Director of Grolman Group. His new posion will focus on overseeing the company's strategic expansion in the Asia Pacic region, with parcular emphasis on China and India.Dr. Andreas Ze as has been appointed Managing Director of Grolman Group eecve from November 1, 2023 – in addion to exisng Managing Directors. Andreas Ze, who has been an integral part of Grolman Group for over two decades, will assume this addional role while connuing his current responsibilies as Business Unit Director (BUD) for Pigments & Dyes.Andreas Ze's expanded role as Managing Director will focus on overseeing and driving the company's strategic expansion iniaves in the Asia Pacic (APAC) region, with parcular aenon to the rapidly growing markets in China and India.Andreas Ze's journey with Grolman Group began on December 1, 2000, when he joined as Sales Director for Pigments in Germany. His inial porolio included Dr. Andreas Ze Appointed Managing Director of Grolman Groupa range of pigments, such as ultramarine, TiO2, phthalocyanine, and cadmium pigments, as well as pigment dispersions. Over the years, he took on addional responsibilies, expanding his role within the organisaon.The decision to appoint Andreas Ze as Managing Director underscores Grolman Group's commitment to strategic growth and enhancing its presence in key geographical markets, especially in Asia. Mr. Ze's wealth of experience and proven track record within the company posions him as the ideal candidate to lead these vital inia

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