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By Spencer Bare

Miss. Armstrong


English 2

Canada Creation

Canada has a much long history when the British found America, they had first found the land known as Canada.

 today Canada has 10 province, but before the revolution, Canada only had 4.

 Slowly Canada started to move into Native Indians territory. During the 19th century many events happen like war with the Indians and more movement and a independence was made were all beginning to happen during that time and changed.

 Expansion was getting more to come for more ways they can change to the second biggest country as today.

 Canada has a long history because Canada had important events that helped it become how it is today, almost like Untied States.  


Government and Leadership will need to be followed and need to be in a Country. The government and the leader will need to protect and also to watch over so they can live peacefully. 

Canada government and leadership, of course the prime minster Justin Trudeau is the leader of Canada, they watch over the citizen of Canada and the Prime minster will help them as much as he can. 

When someone in Canada needs help for example a blood drive for sickness or people who need blood, the government will help as much as possible.

 The government will try and help everyone as much as they can. The Leadership/Government will help there Country as much as they can  



People in Canada have numerous of languages. There are multiple languages that are in Canada so much they have to find a main language for the people in Canada. 

The Government is asking people what language did they speak mostly.

 The Government did look and they are still looking but they did have two main languages, One is English and the Second is French.

 Canada does have multiple language but they can be only a few main languages.

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