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          due- 11/29/17

          English 1st  

       By Maliek Barber 

Israeli Traditions 

             A major part in Israel history and culture are their traditions. The Israel traditions are mainly based on holidays like the Jewish new year and the Yom Kippur. The Jewish new year is the beginning of the year which i memorable because this is the day god judges every individual based on their actions. Another tradition based on the Jewish new year is eating an honey dipped apple symbolizing a good year to come. Another tradition celebrated in Israel is Yom Kippur which is the holiest day of the year in which no one is supposed to work or bathe on this day. Some holidays are festival based like the Sukkot or the Shavuot. The Sukkot is an eight-day festival that celebrates the seeds we planted a year before and also enjoy the environment around you. The Shavuot is the Festival of Weeks, it celebrates the day God gave the Torah, Shavuot occurs on the sixth of the Hebrew month of Sivan. Since the traditions and holidays make up the people's personalities and environment the traditions are an important and meaning to the Israeli culture. (tours)

Israeli Religion And Beliefs 

            A major part in Israel history are their religion and beliefs. Judaism is the religion most people in Israel believe in. Judaism began around 2000 b.c.e as a religion for Abraham and a small variety of Jews. years of hurt, mistreatment, dispersion, Jewish beliefs and is effective.This year over 14,000,000  citizens of Israel consider themselves Jews, and over 4,000,000,000 people follow the Judaism religion. Judaism combines strict laws with religious beliefs.The belief in Judaism is a belief in one god but a belief in one god was uncommon until GOD introduced it to Abraham. To celebrate god in the Jewish religion the believers have yearly traditions. Weddings follow traditions to in the Jewish community including glass breaking, also divorces are secure. Every Saturday the Sabbath is a day where u stop work and worship god all day at a church with your family. The Torah was major in the Jewish community and was taught to the children. Since the religion and beliefs are taught to the children and practiced in the Israeli culture, the religion of Judaism is a very important part of Israel and their culture.(Judaism)

Israel Food 

            A major part of Israeli culture and tradition is their food. Israelis have continued to make and eat a rooted treat from the history and culture of Israel. Israel has returned to their home land bringing food and recipes from traditions and ingredients from the heritage. Most foods are referred to as Israeli originated. Jewish traditions created home ingredients like sour cream meals like borscht. Foods based on the Jewish religion are olives and olive oil, wheat and yogurt are created based on their dietary laws. Shabbat lunch, are the main festival meals in Israeli homes. Eggs  also provide sources of protein for the Israeli culture, fruits and vegetables are a culture based food that is cooked and served in creative ways. The Israeli traditions and festivals are celebrated with the food of the Israeli culture which makes the food an important part of the culture.(MJL staff)

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