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Religion, Beliefs and Cutsoms

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 Wolf Goddess




•In the Nation of Barazi we worship the Wolf Goddess known as Lupa


•The name Lupa means "she-wolf" in latin.


•Lupa derives from Roman mythology and she is known for raising the twins Remus and Romulus, the sons of Mars the Roman God of War,  who were thrown into the Tiber River under orders of their uncle Amulius.  The twins, after being rescued by Lupa, then grew strong under her care and went on to overthrow their uncle Amulius and established the city of Rome.


The celebration of Lupercalia Day is a Roman festival to honour the goddess wolf mother. Lupercalia Day was held on the 15th February but it's the origin of modern Valentine's Day, held on the 14th February. 

Lupercalia Day

On Lupercalia day, all of the students are given a day off in the nation of Barazi.  The government official buildings are closed and the Wolf Goddess Shrine is decorated in elegant crystals.  The shrine is open for those who wish to send a prayer to Lupa.  Many recreational activites are available for every citizen such as:  a scavenger hunt in the woods and the zoo is open for free to every citizen.  The streets of Barazi are decorated with Grey and Silver lights and streamers.  At night there is the annual Moon feast where many citizens eat outside under the moon light and give thanks for the coming end of winter. 

Lupercalia customs