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Baltimore District Planning Meeting 2022

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Greetings Baltimore District Just a few months ago we held the Baltimore District Conference which was extraordinary Two weeks ago we held the 193rd Annual Session of the Philadelphia and Baltimore Conference which was unprecedented allowing us to complete the business of the Annual Conference in 2 days And today we are on the brink of beginning a new conference year across the district You must admit that our God has proven again and again that He does all things well I want to thank every Pastor Minister District Officer and Lay person who comprises this district It is my sincere prayer that your support love and encouragement will continue as we strive together for Kingdom Building Our theme for this Conference year 2022 2023 across the district will be Building On A New Foundation Sharing Our Faith Beyond the Walls The church sits poised and ready to do ministry in a way it has never been done before All of us are charged with laying the foundation for what will either be a strong presence of God in our communities or simply a fa ade of our faith that the unknown storms ahead will wash away There is only so much our Pastors can do I am calling upon every Lay Person within the bounds of this district to commit to leading one person to Christ bringing one person a month to church and inviting one person a week to join you for Bible Study John Wesley the founder of Methodism asks who has been saved by your preaching To all my non pastoring clergy I challenge you to do what you said you were called to do lead others to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ Local church work is great but Kingdom work is your calling Do not expect people to return to our sanctuaries the same way they left do not plan to do ministry the same way you did and never expect God to operate in an agenda that is not God s own Our times are in the Lord s hands Let s move forward with the Lord as our guide and see the great and marvelous things God will do if we would only w Come on everybody let s join our hearts and hands Blessings Pastor Elder

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2022 BALTIMORE DISTRICT VIRTUAL PLANNING MEETING June 11 2022 Rev Dr Evalina Huggins Pastor Elder Building On A New Foundation Sharing Our Faith Beyond the Walls Isaiah 28 16 9 00 a m Opening Song Scripture Rev Lisa Brock Prayer Rev Alfred Ainooson 9 10 a m Greetings from the Presiding Elder Thematic Presentation Overview of the Business and Rules for Interaction 9 30 a m Business Session District Programming Quarterly Conferences Schedule Schedule Quarterly Conference Training Session Secretaries Admins and Pastors July 18th at 7 p m Presentation of the District Calendar Presentation of District Budget 2022 2023 Presentation of Revised Committees 10 00 a m Flexibility vs Fluidity Rev Scot C Moore Q A 10 30 a m Alternative Streams of Income for Churches Dr Carla Ray Q A OFFERING 11 00 a m Departmental Business Evangelism Department Christian Education Department Lay Council Home Missions 11 30 a m WHOMS GROUNDBREAKING PROJECT WHOMS Askings Treasurer s Report Ms Jennifer Ruffin Annual Conference and District Asking Unallocated Evangelism Grant 12 00 p m Q A and Adjournment

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Building On A New Foundation Sharing Our Faith Beyond the Walls QUARTERLY CONFERENCE INSTRUMENTAL INFORMATION 2022 2023 Conference year First Quarter April June 2022 Reports due in the Portal by July 8th 2022 Second Quarter July September 2022 Reports due in the Portal by October 7th 2022 Third Quarter October December 2022 Reports due in the Portal by January 13th 2023 Fourth Quarter January March 2023 Reports due April 10th 2023 INFORMATION NEEDED FOR THE FIRST QUARTER CRITICAL Please send electronically no later than July 18 2022 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 NEW Every Pastor and Minister should submit ministry goals for the year and how they intend to accomplish those goals objectives These will be used in the evaluation tool which will include non pastors this year New Pastors should submit to the Presiding Elder those ministers on staff who desire or have giftings to Pastor by the due date listed above 2022 2023 Estimating Committee Report if there is any decrease or increase in compensation A copy of your insurance policy paid to date and Deed for all property A copy of your letter of Standing from SDAT Any outstanding balance on the PPP funds PPP or EIDL The date repayment began and the amount The address portion of all Bank Statements no account or balance information with the signature of the Trustee Chair and or Steward Board Chair A copy of your Church s Organization and current year s budget A listing of all ministers on staff and district officers in your local church their office ie Deacon Elder etc address phone and email IMPORTANT Please remember to inform those persons amenable to the Quarter Conference that the Presiding Elder sets the date place and time Make sure your leadership knows this is a reporting and accountability meeting determines the place and time of the Quarter and conducts its proceedings according to the Polity of the AME Zion Church

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Building On A New Foundation Sharing Our Faith Beyond the Walls QUARTERLY CONFERENCE DATES AND TIMES 2022 2023 Conference year TRAINING Date In the Portal 1st Quarter In the Portal 10 7 2nd Quarter Forms due 1 3 3rd Quarter Forms due 4 4 4th Quarter 1st and 2nd Qtrs Combined 1st and 2nd Qtrs Combined Beth Shalom July 8 2022 Charity July 8 2022 Clinton July 8 2022 Congregational July 8 2022 Damascus July 8 2022 Emmanuel July 8 2022 First Agape July 8 2022 Freedom Temple July 8 2022 Judah Temple July 8 2022 Mt Sinai July 8 2022 New Life July 8 2022 North Brentwood July 8 2022 Oak Grove July 8 2022 Patterson Asbury July 8 2022 Penn Avenue July 8 2022 Scotland July 8 2022 S G Spottswood July 8 2022 St John July 8 2022 Oct 18 2022 7 30 p m Oct 25 2022 6 p m Oct 20 2022 7 p m Oct 29 2022 10 a m Oct 25 2022 5 p m Oct 29 2022 10 30 a m Oct 20 2022 6 p m Oct 17 2022 7 30 p m Oct 24 2022 6 p m Oct 25 2022 7 p m Oct 18 2022 6 p m Oct 24 2022 7 30 p m Oct 27 2022 7 p m Oct 17 2022 6 15 p m Oct 17 2022 5 p m Oct 29 2022 12 p m Oct 29 2022 11 a m Oct 27 2022 6 p m 7 p m zoom info forthcoming In Person Dr Elvin Sadler Mrs Yvonne Tracey Date Due Apr 18 2023 7 30 p m Apr 20 2023 6 p m Apr 20 2023 7 p m Apr 26 2023 5 30 p m Apr 19 2023 5 p m Apr 26 2023 5 30 a m Apr 19 2023 6 p m Apr 17 2023 7 30 p m Apr 24 2023 6 p m Apr 25 2023 7 p m Apr 18 2023 6 p m Apr 26 2023 7 30 p m Apr 24 2023 7 p m Apr 17 2023 6 15 p m Apr 17 2023 5 p m Apr 29 2023 12 p m Apr 29 2023 6 30 p m Apr 25 2023 6 p m

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Building On A New Foundation Sharing Our Faith Beyond the Walls Annual Conference and District Asking District Departmental Support Christian Education Convocation Lay Council Brunch Home Missions Popup Flea Market Evangelism 2 night Revival 20 nightly offering WHOMS Mass Meetings Quarterly Assessments CED Children Youth Black History Program offering Quarterly Webinar Training 15 Baltimore District Conference Individual Registration 110 Church Registration 50 200 depending upon membership Home Mission 20 Ministry of Kindness 10 BDLDP Inc 10 Local Preachers Certificate 25 Philadelphia and Baltimore Other Church Support Dr Lewis M Anthony Dr Kathryn G Brown iMatters Scholars Conference Special Projects Livingstone College Support Philadelphia and Baltimore Other Church Support Dr Lewis M Anthony Dr Kathryn G Brown iMatters Scholars 2022 Winter Meeting Chicago IL Connectional Council Connectional Lay Convocation Support Norfolk VA

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Building On A New Foundation Sharing Our Faith Beyond the Walls Annual Conference and District Asking Annual Conference Asking Offerings see previous asking for amount Communion Offering 100 Great Offering 100 Annual Conference Support 400 up Christian Education Home Missions 200 1 000 Church Roll Call Registration 175 ea pastor delegate Roll Call Pastor 100 Roll Call Minister 25 Roll Call District Officers 15 Certificates all ministers 50 Periodicals 130 Star of Zion 38 Missionary Seer 30 Church School Herald 20 Quarterly Review 25 Mid Atlantic Support Guyana Project St Vincent and Barbados Support Hurricane Storm Relief Leadership Training Registration 110 Leadership Training Church Offering 200 Special Asking

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BALTIMORE DISTRICT CALENDAR July 8 2022 Quarterly Conference Reports due in Portal July 16 2022 Virtual Mass Meeting 10 a m July 18 2022 July 25 27 2022 Mrs Angela Joseph 7 p m zoom info Forthcoming For Pastors Administrators Secretaries Connectional Council Concord NC July 28 30 2022 Virtual CED Quadrennial Convention register now August 11 2022 Pastor s Clergy Co Hort 7 p m zoom and registration info TBA The Masculine Church Dr Teresa Frye Brown August 22 2022 First Checkup Meeting Finances due Mail to PO Box 637 Laurel MD 20707 AUG 2022 JUL 2022 2022 2023 Conference year OCTOBER 2021 SEPT 2022 September 10 2022 September 17 2022 September 29 30 2022 September 25 2022 Evangelism Department Fall Virtual Revival 7 p m Nightly Preacher TBD WHOMS SUNDAY October 7 2022 Quarterly Conference Reports due in Portal October 7 2022 October 9 2022 Lay Council Birthday Brunch With the Elder 10 am 12 pm LTBD LAY SUNDAY October 10 2022 Pastor Elder s Huggins Birthday October 14 16 2022 October 22 2022 November 12 2022 NOV First Check up Meeting 10 a m Small Memorial AME Zion York PA Baltimore District CED Virtual Convocation zoom info Forthcoming November 17 2022 November 21 2022 2022 Mid Atlantic Leadership Training Institute Westfield Marriott Chantilly VA Virtual WHOMS Missionary Mass Mtg 10 a m Home Missions Pop up Flea Market Time and Location Forthcoming District Wide The Disorientation of the Church Co Hort 7 p m zoom registration info Forthcoming Dr Khalida Forbes Second Checkup Meeting Finances due Mail to PO Box 637 Laurel MD 20707

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December 10 2022 December 17 2022 FEB 2023 JAN 2023 December 25 2022 December 26 30 2022 January 3 2023 Quarterly Conference Reports due in Portal January 21 2023 WHOMS Missionary Mass Mtg 10 a m January 26 2023 District Wide Training Co Hort 7 p m Speaker Dr Elvin Sadler Mrs Yvonne Tracey February 13 2023 Third Check up Meeting District Finances Due mail to PO Box 637 Laurel MD 20707 BEST PRACTICES SESSION CED VIRTUAL BLACK HISTORY PROGRAM 3 p m February 26 2023 March 4 2023 March 24 25 2023 THIRD CHECKUP MEETING St Paul Salisbury 10 a m BALTIMORE DISTRICT CONFERENCE April 4 2023 Quarterly Conference forms are due in the Portal April 2 2023 PALM SUNDAY April 7 2023 GOOD FRIDAY April 9 2023 RESURRECTION SUNDAY April 22 2023 WHOMS Missionary Mass Mtg 10 a m May 7 2023 MAY 2022 MAR 2nd CYBER CHECKUP MEETING zoom info to follow Virtual Christmas Fellowship Name That Holiday Tune 10 a m zoom info Forthcoming Christmas Day Christian Education Department Winter Meeting Chicago IL May 14 2023 May 7 2023 May 24 27 2023 JUNE 10 2023 PRE MOTHER S DAY WOMEN S WORSHIP Women in White Worshipping Together ANNUAL CONFERENCE MONIES DUE TO JENNIFER mail to PO Box 637 Laurel MD 20707 rd 193 MOTHER S DAY Session of the Philadelphia and Baltimore Conference Marriott North Bethesda MD Baltimore District Planning Mtg 10 a m

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Building On A New Foundation Sharing Our Faith Beyond the Walls 2022 2023 BALTIMORE DISTRICT PROPOSED BUDGET Projected District Support Income Proposed Home Missions District Quadrennial Expense Samantha Wormley Support District Operations Support Overseas Support Unallocated 1480 00 3780 00 1745 00 10 375 00 1700 00 2360 00 Cumulative Income 1480 00 5260 00 7005 00 17 380 00 19 080 00 21 440 00 Total Support Income 21 440 00 21 440 00 2023 District Conference Proposed District Conference Registration Delegate Clergy Registrations Other Registrations Church Roll Call Ministry of Kindness BDLDP Pre Conference Offerings 5400 00 4500 00 4500 00 1500 00 720 00 720 00 1500 00 5400 00 9900 00 14 400 00 15 900 00 16 620 00 17 340 00 18 840 00 18 840 00 40 280 00 Total 2023 District Conference Income Ministry Administration Proposed Cumulative Income Cumulative Income Webinars Trainings Quarterly Conference Portal Subscription 50 Evangelism Grant Planning Meeting Offering Women in White Worship 2 100 00 750 00 10 000 00 1200 00 2500 00 2 100 00 2850 00 12 850 00 14 050 00 16 550 00 Total Ministry Administration Income 16 550 00 56 830 00 Departmental Income Departmental income will be based upon their Individual budgets income and expenditures Total 2022 2023 Income Proposed Cumulative Income Proposed Cumulative Income 56 830 00

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2022 2023 BALTIMORE DISTRICT PROPOSED BUDGET Projected District Expenditure Evangelism Home Missions Church support Webinars Training Women in White Speaker Women in White Host Church Episcopal Expressions Elder s Birthday Christmas Other 2023 District Conference Friday Evening Venue Saturday Morning Preacher Noonday Preacher BDLDP Inc Ministry of Kindness Elder s Purse 800 per qtr Musicians Staffing Registrant Gifts Other Proposed 10 000 00 2500 00 2500 00 500 00 250 00 800 00 1000 00 Cumulative Income 10000 00 12 500 00 15 000 00 15 500 00 15 750 00 16 550 00 17 550 00 Proposed 3500 00 150 00 150 00 1000 00 1000 00 3200 00 325 00 1325 00 5000 00 2000 00 Cumulative Income 21 050 00 21 200 00 21 350 00 22 350 00 23 350 00 26 550 00 26 875 00 28 200 00 33 200 00 35 200 00 Proposed 2640 00 750 00 2400 00 2400 00 600 00 800 00 1000 00 1500 00 900 00 Cumulative Income 37 840 00 38 590 00 40 990 00 43 390 00 43 990 00 44 790 00 45 790 00 47 290 00 48 190 00 Proposed Cumulative Income Total 2023 District Conference Expenses Ministry Administration Expenses Zoom Dropbox and Simplebooklet Quarterly Conference Portal Subscription 50 Administrative Tech Team Elder s Travel and Phone 200 x 12 Ministry Support Administrative Supplies Honorariums Annual Conference Expenses District Studies Stipends Total Ministry Administration Expenses Total 2022 2023 Expenses Savings Unbudgeted Total 2022 2023 District Expenses 5 000 00 3640 00 48 190 00 56 830 00 51 830 00 48 190 00 0 00

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Building On A New Foundation Sharing Our Faith Beyond the Walls 2022 2023 BALTIMORE DISTRICT STUDIES CLASS SCHEDULE Please be advised that if you are an Exhorter or Local Preacher in your church you are required to attend District Studies for new licensure and continuing licensure Persons who have completed their First Year studies successfully should prepare for Second Year studies Those of you who are in Second Year studies please consult with your Pastor throughout the year for continued growth and development Upon completion of Second Year studies each student must receive a formal recommendation from their Pastor to be recommended by the Admissions Committee to the Annual Conference You should be familiar with the Articles of Religion General Rules your Calling to Ministry the Rules for a Preacher s conduct Manner and Method of Preaching and what it means to be admitted to the Annual Conference All of this can be found in the AME Zion Church s Book of Discipline You are also expected to attend all required district functions and activities unless otherwise excused by the Presiding Elder All District Studies classes will be conducted virtually unless otherwise noted by our Dean Rev Nicole Batey The zoom information will be provided First Year Classes The first Thurs of each month Nov 3 6 45 8pm Dec 1 6 45 8pm Jan 5 6 45 8pm Feb 2 6 45 8pm March 2 6 45 8pm Second Year Classes The third Thurs of each month Nov 17 6 45 8pm Dec 15 6 45 8pm Jan 19 6 45 8pm Feb 16 6 45 8pm March 16 6 45 8pm Your first requirement will be registration and attendance at the 2022 Leadership Training Institute October 13 15 2022 at the Westfield Marriott in Chantilly VA

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Building On A New Foundation Sharing Our Faith Beyond the Walls 2022 2023 BALTIMORE DISTRICT COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS AND ORGANIZATION District Secretary Administrative Assistant Rev Alanna Thomas Programming Lead Rev Jibri Mayo Treasurer Ms Jennifer Ruffin Elder s Steward Rev Shawnta Privette and Rev Samuel Whittaker Chief of Protocol Rev Moses Stevens ACTIVE COMMITTEES Admissions Rev Dr Darrell Gaskin Rev Alyce Walker Johnson Rev Crystal Lowe Rev Ingrid Gant Rev Raymond Butler Budget Committee Rev Dr Toni Draper Rev Samuel Whittaker Rev Faith Savoy Rev Scot Moore Mrs India Johns Rev Milton A Williams Mrs Rose Tomblin Ms Jennifer Ruffin Dr Pearl J Selby Rev Alyce W Johnson Ms Stephanie Perry All Department Chairs Christian Education Board Mrs Sarah Pinkney Murkey see appointments Credentials Dr Wilmer Frazier Rev Dr Sophonia Thurston Rev Carolyn McGhee Conference Workers Mrs Darnella Shelby local church representatives District Studies Rev Nicole Batey Rev Faith Savoy Rev Sybil Felton Rev Crystal Lowe Rev Jibri Mayo Evangelism Rev Beverly Jones Rev Jeanette Banks Representative from each Church and each Department Finance Committee Ms Jennifer Ruffin and Mrs Pamela Copeland Mrs Patricia Scott Mr Larry Johnson Mrs Dondra Harper Mrs Janie Howard Harris Rev Samuel Whittaker Rev Ingrid Gant Sis Tashara Person Home Missions Rev Moses Stevens Rev Faith Savoy Mrs Pauline Yarborough Emeritus Rev Roland Edwards Mrs Marsha Clark Mrs Cindy Carter Dr Pearl J Selby Sis Samantha Brackett Mr Charlie Gamble Rev Carolyn McGee

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Building On A New Foundation Sharing Our Faith Beyond the Walls 2022 2023 BALTIMORE DISTRICT COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS AND ORGANIZATION Intercessory Prayer Rev Kristina Hall and Rev Darlene Counts Rev Dr Anita Stevenson Rev Erika Butler Rev Florence Miller Rev Denaise Robinson Lay Council Mr Larry Johnson Advisor Mr Deoleous Parker See Lay Council Board Men s Ministry Rev Scot C Moore and Mr Kirk Taylor Mr Andre Draper Rev Anthony Bellamy Mr Jerome Luckey Mr Timothy Johnson Rev Ogden T Jones Mr Calvin Harper Mr Anthony Rucker Rev Ronnie Stewart Rev Shawn Vance Rev Roland Edwards Rev Joshua Logan Minister s Spouses Fellowship Rev Dr Darrell Geneen Gaskin Necrology Rev Erika Butler Rev Alfred Ainooson Mr O W Burrell Christian Egeneou Rev Diada McCray Mrs Marsha Clarke Rev Lori Hill New Pastoral Care Rev Dr Frances Draper and Dr Edgar Bankhead Ms Renee Martin Mrs Carrie Nelson Rev Crystal V Lowe Rev Crystal Harris Rules Committee Rev Jibri Mayo Rev Dr Kenel Stevenson Mr Eric Smith Prince Steven Edem Babanawo Mr Jerome Luckey Rev Darlene Counts State of the Church Rev Ranesa Mayo Rev Crystal Harris Mrs Pamela Taylor Ms Alisha Dawkins Mrs Helen Robinson Rev Raymond Butler State of the Country Rev Dr Darrell Gaskins Rev Crystal Lowe Rev Christian Egeneou Mr Chuck Williams Mr Roscoe Johns Rev Dr Edgar S Bankhead Statistician Rev Alanna Thomas and Ms Asia Johnston Voter Registration Mr Chuck Williams Mrs Kim Elliott and Dr Patricia A Dowtin WH OMS Mrs Sharon Hassan Rev Alyce Walker Johnson Advisor First name listed indicates the Chairperson All Committee Chairperson reports are due to the Presiding Elder by March 1 2023

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Special Thanks To every Pastor Minister District Officer and Lay Person that comprises the outstanding Baltimore District I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to each of you for a successful Conference Year in what no less was one of the most difficult seasons of ministry for many of us Nevertheless you persevered and met with exceptional courage every challenge that presented itself As your Presiding Elder you have been both loving and supportive of the ministry efforts we have attempted to provide This year will be equally as challenging as we attempt to reorient ourselves to ministry moving forward I want you to know that all of the cards expressions of love and honorariums that I received from each of the Pastors and Churches in the district were and are appreciated Again thanks to each of you for all that you do And don t forget I am here to serve you and to ensure that I am doing all that I can to strengthen the local church I look forward to learning together laughing together and always loving Rev Dr Evalina Huggins Presiding Elder Baltimore District