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Ivahlette Baker 

Miss. Armstrong 


English 2, 3rd period


There are unique facts about Spain and their language and Spain is different but still similar at the same time to English speaking. The Latin language started in the 13th century, the Spaniards and Latinos spoke the same language similar to the Americans. Also on Indo- European column of Romance speaking. Between Latin America Spanish and Spain, Spanish has a difference between English and Spaniards that show the same words connected with culture. Spaniards language they basically speak their own terms, it is something that they own. It's important to them because it makes them stand out which makes them different (Erichsen). 


When you think of Spanish food, you would think of tacos, empanadas, quesadillas. Used with all kinds of seasoning, and ingredients but no, Spanish people like Spaniards use particular ingredients, special kinds to be exact.Spaniards cook with certain oil and a particular vegetable to cook. Also middle Eastern recipe. Spaniards famous drink is wine, and water with gas.There traditional plate is a tortilla, and paella they all come from a plate type dish.Another favorite dish of there’s is cold soup called gazpacho mixed with all types of fruits, and meats.Small little appetizers called Tapas is a typical Spaniard food dish.Food to Spaniards is like your mom famous dish, it means something to them because it’s special. The main reason for their food is to have a different, and meaningful to them to show you that is something to recognize them by(Biley). 


Spain’s government is some what similar to the American government; how because Spain’s figure is the constitution, and the leader has to maintain his power for the constitution. People hold elections after the King served his 4 years. Spaniards in Spain get to vote at the age of 18 and up. Spain splits up their government in a large amounts and some to their cities. The upcoming king will swear his sincerity can stay loyal to his people, and job. This is important to them because it helps them keep their country organized and protected also to have leadership(Sawe).


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