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Baby Red's Chrismas adventure

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story by Benjamin Ortiz Waller and Ian Carlson

“All packed up Red?” yelled the old Turtle, Teetle. Then out came  baby Red, a red panda, dragging a big suitcase behind him. The suitcase was heavier than a boulder.

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“I’m all ready Pa!” said Red, “Let’s go to Texas”


“Good , Hand me the  suitcase,” said Teetle, “ So we can get going.”

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  1. “Pa,” said Red, “Why are we going to Texas?” “ To see My brother, Leetle Leetle, who lives in Texas.” Replied Teetle. 

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  1. “I can’t wait to see Leetle Leetle!’’ said Red. “I want to do a puzzle with him!”  shrieked Red in excitement.


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“EEEEK,’’ shrieked Red in excitement.The screech was like a banshee. “I can’t wait any longer!.


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Old Teetle fell back after hearing the loud shriek from baby Red, he was on his back struggling to stand up.

Red had to help him up. Then they both entered the a RV and started in seconds.

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Red turn on the radio, he flipped through the channels until he heard jingle bells.  Red and old Teetle started to sing along.

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Screech! Old Teetle hit the brakes faster than lightning, in time to stop  before traffic!

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  1. What happened” Asked Red scared out of his pants. “It’s traffic” said old Teetle, “These drivers are driving me up a wall”.


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“That's not possible” said Red, “cars can't drive up wall, your so silly Pa!”

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“Welcome to Texas” said Red reading off a sign,”Woohoo! Are we there yet?” “No, not yet Red, but we’re very close,” mumbled Teetle.

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  1. An hour later, They arrive at the ranch. On the entrance, it said ” Welcome Family!”

Red ran up to the door and knocked loud than a lion’s roar.Knock knock knock! Leetle Leetle greeted them at the front door. Red looked at him, and gave him a BIG hug.

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“What a great trip,” says Red as he fell asleep in leetle leetle arms.

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