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Hiawatha and the Peacemaker

Retold by Eldar

There was fire everywhere, horrified screams, and emotionless faces lying there lifeless. Hiawatha was the only survivor. His whole family gone. His village destroyed. His life destroyed. Consumed by rage and regret, he traveled the land.

One day on the shore there was an unfamiliar canoe with a man in it. He came onto the beach and said, “I am the peacemaker, I am on a mission to bring peace between the nations. But my voice is not strong enough, You are a gifted speaker, I know of your pain. Will you help me on my mission?”


Hiawatha replied, “I will join you on your mission.” They then set off in the canoe to the chief of the Mohawk.


They came to the land of the Mohawk people. The peacemaker told the chief “We have come with a message of peace, a message to unite the five nations,” the chief replied “ Peace is not accomplishable! We must train the Mohawk for tadodaho’s attacks!”

 the Peacemaker and Hiawatha left to come to the next nation, the nation of the Cayuga.

When Hiawatha traveled to the Cayuga, Hiawatha thought they were also not going to accept what Hiawatha was saying. When hiawatha and the peacemaker came and told them that there has to be peace between the nations, the Cayuga joined them, and the chief and Hiawatha paddled in their canoe back to the Mohawk to ask again.



This time the Mohawk saw that war was not the only option and that there can be peace too, so they also joined the peacemaker in the mission for peace. Together with Hiawatha they paddled onto the next nation.

When they came to the oneida, they saw that it too was not in good condition and rage filled Hiawatha again. He thought about why Tadodaho had done such horrible things. Why could tadodaho do such a thing? Why is he ruining so many lives? Then a thought occurred, "If tadodaho was going to kill all these people how could they ever accomplish peace."

There was still hope in Hiawatha's heart, so he continued. This nation had proved a challenge, but in the end, the Peacemaker and Hiawatha had finally convinced them to join them on their quest.


They went to the Seneca only to find them almost killed because of the message itself. In the end, they succeeded in making peace between the nation. So Hiawatha traveled with the chiefs of the 4 nations, but there was still one nation left, Tadodaho’s nation.



When they came to Tadodaho’s nation, the guards wouldn't let the Peacemaker and Hiawatha come to Tadodaho. The nations outnumbered the guards and Hiawatha saw that Tadodaho was not healthy. There were snakes in his hair, and he had skin like crocodiles. The Peacemaker saw this and decided to make Tadodaho a potion. Hiawatha helped and instead of feeling anger he felt pity. Tadodaho was in so much pain, and he was very sick. He was not a murderer. He couldn't control it. So Hiawatha put his heart and soul into the creation of the potion. Hiawatha and the Peacemaker told Tadodaho to take this potion. The snakes came out of his hair.



Two days later, they returned to Tadodaho to help him even more. By the end, his scales were gone, and all that remained was an eagle. Tadodaho became the peacekeeper of the five nations. There was peace once again.

The nations then pulled out a tree, and they put all their weapons beneath the tree. This tree was going to be called the Tree of Peace. The eagle sat there on the tree watching over the nations, making sure there was peace.