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The perfect guide for baby boomers who are thinking of scaling down, moving on and options for where to live next

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The Baby Boomers Guide

Scaling Down, Moving On, Where to Live Next


By Amy Harris

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Source: Pew Research

That's a huge amount of people needing to sell their homes and find new housing at the same time -- creating tremendous demand.

By the year 2030, 18% of the world's population will be at least 65 years old.

Boomers are not riding off into the sunset like previous generations. Instead, they want to continue being active and engaged including working (either part time or consulting), traveling, participating in sports and cultural activities.

Boomers Redefine Every Lifestage - Including Retirement



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Cost of Living

 Top 5 Criteria to Consider for  Where to Live Next

Cultural & Recreational Activities

Access to Good Health Care


What's Right For You?

At this stage of life, the benefits of buying versus renting change significantly. To decide which is right for you, you need to consider the amount of equity you have in your current reisdence, as well as your other assets, income etc. Talk to your financial adviser about this. This decision will imapct the subsequent decisions about where to live next.


Consider the Lifestyle You Want


Vacation Spot



Nature Lover


Proximity to


Did you know a reverse mortgage can be used to finance a vacation home? And if you scale down your primary residence, you may be able to well afford both. 

Maybe One of Each

Learn More About Reverse Mortgages Here

The amount of travel you plan on doing may impact the lifestyle you choose. If you plan to be away alot, you may want to consider a residence with low maintenance that is easy to lock up and leave - like an apartment, condo or townhome. 

How Much Do You Plan on Traveling?

College towns offer an abundance of cultural activites, stable economies, affordable housing and recreational facilities 

Growing Trend

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Raleigh Durham, North Carolina


Princeton, New Jersey



Retiring in a College Town - A Great Option to ConsiderRetiring in a College Town 

Athens, Georgia

Charlottsville, Virginia

Eugene, Oragon



There's alot of decision making and steps to take to make this life change. That's why we provide concierge service with a team of specialists. We have helped many customers successfully downsize and get settled into a new life. We know we can help you too.

It Takes a Team

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