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A-Z Project 

By Makayla McDonald

Concerts - Video

Music has always been a large part of my life, and the person I have become. I have met many amazing people through going to concerts, as well as supporting artists over social media. As of today I have been to over 10 concerts, including Shawn Mendes, Halsey, Panic! at the Disco, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer (Twice), Pressplay On Tour (Three times) and DigiTour.

Drawing - Artwork

I wasn't able to find any of my recent drawings, but this is a simple penguin that I drew in 2014. While I enjoy drawing, I'm not very good at it, and I tend to stick with drawing faces rather than animals, or nature scenes.

The world needs feminism.


The world needs feminism because “like a girl” is still considered an insult,

And the only thing a lady’s genitalia is compared to is a weak human being.

Girls are afraid to walk home alone at night,

Or use a public restroom.


The world needs feminism because it is still considered being a “feminazi”,

Solely for wanting to be treated as equals with our male peers.


The world needs feminism because a nipple is a nipple no matter the gender,

But females are expected to surrender.

The size of a woman’s breasts,

Is more valued than the knowledge within their head.


The world needs feminism because females are still not in control of their own body,

Having to cover up in social settings because it can be too “distracting”.

As if the way a girl presents herself should affect her education,

Even though those two have absolutely no relation.


The world needs feminism.

Equal Rights Poem

Finding a group that you belong to, can be extremely hard. Whether it’s the jocks, the “nerds”, the drama geeks, the class clowns, the “bad” kids, or any of the other hundreds of social groups there are, everyone belongs to a group. For me, I didn’t find mine until 7th grade. I had friends, but they were the kinds of friends that fight all the time, and hate you on and off every other week some of my friends now were a part of this this group, but cutting the few people out that were the main causes of drama helped me find stability within a group of people. The friend group I have now I believe will be a major impact on who I become in the future.

Obviously the more friends the merrier, and i follow that, but I have 5 people that I consider close friends, and I know that these friendships will last a lifetime. One of my close friend’s name is Nina. Nina and I have had mutual friends since 5th grade, but we didn’t start getting along until 7th. She’s one of the only people I know that I can trust with almost anything. Even though we may fight sometimes, the fights usually never last more than a day without one of us apologizing. Nina is the one I can go to when I want to rant about a band that I like, or someone trying to argue on social media, and she will join in and rant with me, even if she has no idea what I’m talking about.

One of my other close friends is Cynthia, and she’s also not the brightest in real world situations, but she’s not very bright in school either. We’ve been friends since we were 4 years old when her and her at the time small Portuguese family moved in next door to me. Ever since then she has been the person I go to when I want to have a great time. Although she’s not the best with advice, and she often comes to me when she has to make a decision on her own, she’s one of the best people I have ever met. Cynthia has very strict parents, so it’s not often that we get to hangout, but when we do, it is always a fun time.

I have two people that I consider my best friends, that I hold higher than the rest. One of them is named Madison. We became friends in 4th grade, after her mom made her write me an apology letter for posting a status on Facebook about me saying, “I hate Makayla McDonald in 4th grade.” Now we look back at that and laugh, but I promise we were enemies back then. Madison and I do almost everything together, from holidays to vacations, we have always been inseparable. I know that even though sometimes we may fight, she always will have my back, and I will always have hers.


Friends Essay

My other best friend is Maria, and I think we are the most alike out of all of my friends. Being alike causes many fights, but it also causes many fun times. We’ve been friends since 3rd grade, but we didn’t become extremely close until the summer going into 8th grade. She was at my house almost every day when I got home from work, and my mom even made her her own key. She’s a very strong minded person, and sometimes that can get in the way of trying to talk to her, because once she has her mind made up, there is no way that you’re going to change it.

My last close friend is Emily, and she’s the smartest out of all of us. We never fight, because we both see the logical side of situations. We met in 4th grade because we were both on the same basketball team, and her dad was the coach. We’ve never really been extremely close, but I consider her an amazing friend. She’s always there for me if I need someone, even though sometimes she doesn’t understand my situation because she’s more of a shy person, and I’m more outgoing.

Although people say, “high school ruins friend groups,” I believe that my friend group will stay together for as long as we can. These girls have made such a large impact on the person I’ve become, and I know they will continue to make that impact to shape me into the person I will be at the end of senior year. We may do things that aren’t always the best for one another, but we always overcome every obstacle that we face. My friends are the most important people to me in the world, and I could never put into words exactly how much they mean to me.

Friends Essay Continued

Happiness is not bought,

But happiness is achieved.

Through setting goals,

Or reaching the heart of old souls.

Happiness is not a one time occurrence,

Happiness is instead a constant emotion.

Some people argue with that statement,

And say that life is too hard to always be happy.

But if you look for the best in every situation,

The life and happiness have the best relation.

Happiness is not hard.

Happiness is actually extremely easy to reach,

If you use the right techniques.

Happiness is whatever you make it out to be.


Happiness Poem

I’ve been involved in an organization called NH IORG for the past 8 years of my life. NH IORG stands for New Hampshire International Organization of Rainbow for Girls, which is a branch off of the Free and Accepted Masons. I started out as a pledge in Nashua Assembly when I was 7 years old, I would volunteer at local events, and eventually worked my way up to a Rainbow when I was 11 years old. Rainbow is a non-profit organization that teaches girls what they need to become sophisticated women. It is a religious group and has a very strict dress code which includes no jeans, low cut shirts, or dresses/skirts above the knee. Every other Monday you have to wear a colored gown, and once every three months there is a white gown ceremony. Along with the weekly meetings, there are also many volunteering opportunities which make Rainbow become an extremely time consuming activity. I’ve made friendship through this group that will last a lifetime, and I’m proud to call myself a Rainbow Girl.


IORG Picture

I have been wearing makeup since 6th grade, and I have found that I really enjoy the way it looks. I think makeup is more than a way to cover up flaws, it’s a form of art. Some people will say things like, “that’s way too much makeup,” or, “you look like a clown,” and the thing is, makeup is not supposed to make a person look natural, if they wanted to look natural, they wouldn’t wear it. Makeup is supposed to enhance features, and make a person feel better about themselves. I love the fact that makeup has the power to completely alter a person's’ face. Whether it be by them adding color to their eyebrows, or a black line to their eyelid, makeup comes in all different brands, styles, and trends.

Makeup - Picture

I’ve been interested in photography for the past four years, and I took this picture at Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire while riding on the Gondola. I tend to take pictures of the sky, but I started out with taking pictures of my friends. I found cool ways to edit pictures, and I like to enhance the natural beauty within things. Along with taking sunset/sunrise pictures, I also like to take pictures of flowers, and other things that are taken for granted, yet are still so intriguing.

Photography - Picture

According to Google, a teacher is, “a person who teaches, especially in a school”, but to me, I believe a teacher is so much more than that. A teacher is a person who sometimes puts their students needs above their own, even though they don’t have to. A person who understands that everyone goes through tough times, and instead of yelling at you for not completing an assignment, asks you why, and listens when you’re upset. A good teacher is someone who can help you not only learn, but grow into a better person. Someone who is forceful, yet understanding.

In 7th grade I had the best teacher I could ever ask for. She met all of the standards that I had set, plus more. She was someone I knew I could trust, and go to for anything that I needed. Mrs.Scherbon pushed me to become a better student, and a better person. She treated all of her students like they were children of her own, and reprimanded them when it was needed, and congratulated them any time they did something good.

During the first trimester of freshman year, we were asked what we wanted to be when we grow up, and I have realized that I want to be a teacher. Not just any teacher, but a teacher just like Mrs.Scherbon. I want to make the impact that she made on my life onto other growing children's lives. Sometimes children don’t always have the best role models at home, and I strive to be someone that the children that I work with can look up to as a role model.

For the past year I have been working with children ages 5-13 and knowing that I’m someone that these children trust is such an amazing feeling. When they come to me for help whether it be with personal issues, or with a math equation, it makes me feel like I am valued in their life, and I make a difference in who they become. I make sure that they know that kindness is always the best option, and that drama is not permanent. I tell them what I would’ve wanted to hear when I was in their position, and just being able to tell them that makes me feel like I’m making strides to be who I want to become.


Teacher - Essay

Teacher - Essay Continued

Although I may change my mind about what career I want to spend my life doing. I know for sure that whatever it is, I want to make a difference in people’s lives. Whether I become a therapist, and help people through their problems, or a tutor, and help people with their schoolwork. When people think about me, I want them to associate it with someone who was there for them, and helped them through something that they thought was impossible. The same way a teacher helps you through an “impossible” test, or an “impossible” year of school.

Writing - Poetry Sample

I’ve always loved writing, and I find it as an escape from everything else that is going on in the world. I’ve kept a diary since I was 10 years old, and I write in it at least once a week, it’s a good outlet, and you don’t have to worry about your diary telling someone your secrets. This is a poem I wrote at the end of 7th grade, and it’s my favorite piece of writing. Along with writing poetry occasionally, I also wrote a book on an app called ‘Wattpad’ and it had over 1,000 readers. My writing has improved tremendously since I wrote that book, and reading it made me cringe, so I decided to delete it.