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By: Aziz ibraheem


Prussia was a land in the north, today called germany. It even included land in Poland.

Prussia was a ducal fief, ruled by a duke and controlled by higher subjects. It had limited power within its border.

The higher subjects were the Holy Roman Empire and Poland.The Holy Roman Empire had states within them that they controlled.

The Holy Roman Empire did not allow any kingdoms except for Kingdom of Bohemia.

Prussia was a Fief(Land) given to someone to look after for some years. The fief was given by poland.It was given to the Hohenzolloren family.

Prussia later on divided in two, Branderburg and Prussia. Later called Branderburg-Prussia.

When Prussia was arguing in becoming a kingdom, one of  Poland's parliament objected and called it illegal

Frederick I(The first), saw that he had every right to make Prussia a kingdom and argued with Poland and The Holy Roman Empire.

He gained the consent(approval)of both The Holy Roman Empire and Poland. In 1701 Kingdom of Prussia was born


Frederick I was a Margrave(Military commander), the duke, and the prince. He wanted the title king.

When Frederick I died, his son Frederick William I came into power and was called the 'Soldier king'.

Frederick William soon died then his son Frederick The Great came into power changing prussia.

Frederick The Great accomplished(Achieved,Did) many things in his life that changed Prussia into becoming one of the greatest military powerr.

The moment Frederick became king he attacked his neighbouring country Austria, which he seized(took) land from.

After Frederick attacked Austria he triggered(started) a war that was called The Seven Years' War.

This war was a desperate struggle for the Prussians. They had to fight Austria,France, and Sweden simultaneously(Over and over) and with only one ally that was Britian.

Later on alot of countries dropped out of the war, which left Austria and Poland who was weakened after gaining so much land from it.

After deafeating Austria, Prussia gained peace but still helped Britian against France little by little.

Prussia later on was growing and Frederick The Great died making him more of a peaceful ruler in his last years.

Soon Prussia was coming to an end, later on becoming part of the German Empire. It was officially abolished in February 25, 1947.






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