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Ayesha Curry
By: Jazlynn Lopez #23
Period 5 11.02.17
The Beginning
Ayesha was born in Toronto, Canada on March 23, 1989.
At a young age, her family decided to move to Charlotte, North
Carolina to pursue her acting and modeling career.
She grew up very religious in a middle class home.
Here is where she met NBA basketball player, Stephen Curry,
who’d she later marry and move to San Francisco with.
Now she is a mother to two daughters, Riley ( 5 years old ) and
Ryan ( 2 years old ).
Ayesha has always been very devoted to her
faith and highly values the importance of
One way families were brought together was
through the dinner table, which is why she
loved to cook because it brought people
Her passion for family and cooking led her to
pursue a career as a chef, cookbook author and
overall mompreneur!
Ayesha’s Products and Services
Homemade – Ayesha’s meal delivery service that ships the ingredients
and instructions for a fresh home cooked meal at the comfort of your
The Seasoned Life – Ayesha’s cookbook filled with her favorite family
friendly meals.
International Smoke Ayesha is a chef and co-starter of this pop up
barbeque style restaurant in San Francisco, California.
Ayesha Curry Cookware sets of cookware created by chef Ayesha
Cheeky Kids Ayesha is the co-founder of this company which sells
kid friendly silverware and lunch bags to end child hunger in America
with No Kid Hungry.
Zupa Noma Ayesha created organic, superfood soups sold in bottles.
Ayesha’s Home Kitchen – Ayesha’s cooking show airing on the Food
Contributions to the Economy and Society
Ayesha’s Homemade meal delivery service and Zupa Noma both contribute to
society and the economy by promoting healthy eating at home and promoting
the local farmers in the Bay Area who provide the produce for the product and
Ayesha’s cookbook, cooking show and cookware all help society by promoting
home cooked meals that are easy and quick. This would encourage society to eat
out less and contribute to a healthier society.
International Smoke aids the economy of the San Francisco area by getting all
produce and ingredients from local farms to serve in their restaurant. It also
contributes to society because it exposes society to the benefits, such as fresher
produce, of buying locally grown products.
Cheeky Kids contributes to society by raising money to end child hunger in
America with the No Kid Hungry foundation.