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Find easy ways to pamper yourself

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Enjoy a Massage!

Massage is a powerful way to relax and it also improves circulation, toning and rejuvenating skin.


Use a Body Brush to dry brush skin before massaging it with this pampering blend scented with a warm, sensual blend of Pure Patchouli, Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood Essential Oils.


Pamper yourself!


Start with a gentle massage with the Jute Facial Brush to dry brush the skin gently on your face, neck & décolletage. This will naturally exfoliate the skin and boost its health.


Follow with a splash of cool water and massage a few drops of the Rose Beauty Serum on damp skin. Mix the mask with enough water in the acacia bowl to activate the clay. Smooth on face. Wash after 15-20 minutes. Use a few drops of the Rose Beauty Serum and massage on face, neck & décolletage.

Create a Spa at Home!

Enjoy a mini facial with a deep cleanse and mud mask. This will help accelerate cell metabolism, strengthen, oxygenate & soothe skin. Finish the pampering ritual with a few drops of the Skin Drink to hydrate the skin.


For your body, start with dry body brushing to naturally exfoliate skin. Shower. Massage the rich, hydrating Coconut Shea Salt Scrub to leave your skin feeling uber soft & nourished.


Cleansing Ritual

Start the ritual with a deep, relaxing cleanse. Pour a generous puddle of oil into the palm of your hand and massage on your face, neck & décolletage using slow, firm motions. Use a warm, clean wash cloth as a compress on your face. Repeat a couple of times.

Finish the pampering ritual with a few drops of the Skin Tonic to hydrate the skin.

Cleansing Pack