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Are you terrified at the thought of starting this year with a new Principal? Curious what she looks like, what she expects, and how she'll fit in at AWE....let's start with her top 10!

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Westmoreland's Top 10 

(In case you're unsure or uncertain about the new incoming principal--hopefully this will reassure you that she's pretty ordinary!)


Mrs. Westmoreland...

Has 2 children: Emma--3 1/2 (going on 13); Chris--13 months! They are a blessing (and challenge) and where I find so much joy! 


Mrs. Westmoreland...

Finds balance in her husband, Jeremy Westmoreland. Jeremy is a banker (a world she does not understand!), loves to play golf (also a world she does not understand!), and is an avid Panther's fan (a world she very much supports and understands!)


Mrs. Westmoreland...

Graduated from Elon University for Undergrad; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for Masters in Literacy; and University of North Carolina at Greensboro with the Piedmont Triad Leadership Academy for Administration License. 


Mrs. Westmoreland...

has 3 sisters, all with "a" names (Thanks mom!): Arianna, Allison, and Anna. Arianna is an ER Pediatrician missionary in Kenya; Alli is an English program specialist and course designer for an online high school; Anna is a registered nurse and real estate agent! i consider them my best friends. 


Mrs. Westmoreland...

has incredibly supportive parents. Dad is pastor, mom is a teacher (and personal hero!) 


Mrs. Westmoreland...

loves to bake, especially cakes! There's something about lots of sugar and shortening when combined as icing...Heaven! 


Mrs. Westmoreland...

Loves (and needs) coffee...with cream/sugar! 

**there will be a keurig in my office if you are a fellow coffee lover! 

**Photo credits to Cnn


Mrs. Westmoreland...

Has worked in ABSS since graduating college: Grove Park as Teacher; South Mebane as Teacher; Hillcrest as Admin Intern; Newlin as Assistant Principal! 

**Photo was from my first year teaching!


Mrs. Westmoreland...

Aims to be organized, purposeful, and present!


Mrs. Westmoreland...

Loves kids!! There is Nothing better than hugs, high 5s, and smiles from children! All children have potential to succeed and lead. Sometimes they just need someone to help them find their voice. I'm Excited to inherit my new 580+ AWE 'babies'. 

So excited to meet you and learn your story!! 

A google calendar has been created with appointment slots. Please consider signing up for a time to come in and meet with me before the beginning of the year craziness commences!! I'll have coffee (and other drinks too) and probably some form of sweet treat! 

Looking forward to beginning a partnership with you at AWE!