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       Walt Disney

                            Avery Elliston

 I chose the animater Walt Disney because I kind of knew him but I didn't know alout about him. I basically just wanted to learn more about him. I wanted to learn more about him because I love his cartoons, and my favorite charechter is Mickey Mouse. Walt Dianey was a famous animater because he does American motion, a telivison produser, and a show man.


Walt Disney came into the world in December 5, 1901 in Chicogo. walt Disney's father was Elias Disney and his mother was Flora call Disney. Walt Disney was one of five children he had three brothers and one sister. Most of his  child hood he lived in Mercelin Missouri. In Missouri Walt Disney started Drawing and painting pictures then he would sell his pictures to neighors and family members also to friends. In 1911 Walt Disney and his faimly moved to Kansas City. In Kansas City Walt Disney fell in love with trains, and his uncle was a train engineer. Disney Attended high school in the chicago the school was named MckKinley High School. When Walt Disney was sixteen years old he tropped out of school to join the army, but he was rejected because he was too young. Instead, he joined the red cross and traveled to France to drive an abulance.

 WALT DISNEY  1901-1966

Early Cartoons

 walt Disney's brother Roy got Walt a job at the Pesmin-Rubin art studio. From there on Walt disney worked at the Kansas film ad company. Walt Disney made comercials based on cutout animation at the studio in Kansas. Then Walt Disney began experiting with Cameras. He started his own animation company and his first employ was Fred Harman. Walt Disney and Fred Harmen asked the Kansas city to film there cartoons. There business was called the Laugh-o-grams and they became popular. Walt Disney hired a number of people including Harmens brother. They did a seven minute cartoon called Alice in cartoonland. But in 1923 Walt Disney didnt have the business because he was bankrupt. 


Micky Mouse

Mini Mouse



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