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Easter Island, Chile

This is a picture of where Chile is in the world


This is a place called Winrock international. They try to help reduce greenhouse gasses in Chile.

 this is a picture of the capital of Chile, Santiago

This is chile's country flag

Basic information

1.The capital of Chile is Santiago

2.The approximate population of Chile is 17.91 million 

3.The area of Chile is 291,933 mi²

4.The president of Chile is Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria. 

5.The government style of Chile is democratic

6.The lat/long of chile is 36 S 72 W

This is the Andes mountains in Chile. The highest peak of these mountains is 22,614 feet high.

Andes mountains, Chile

This is Archipelago, Chile. It is a group of many islands.


Archilapago, Chile

This is the Atacama desert in Chile. It is known to be the driest desert in the world.

Atacama desert, Chile

In the central region of Chile, it is usually wet and cold only from May to August and in the south, it is always cold and wet. In the south, they also have an annual rainfall.


Easter Island is usually warm and sub-tropic.

In 2005 a Finnish tourist once tried to steal one of the moai's ear.

One of the most famous man-made features in Chile are the moai (head statues) on easter island.

Human features

This is the "Hand of the desert" in Chile. It is located in the Atacama desert. It is 36 feet tall.

Hand of the desert, Chile.

This is one of the churches of Chiloe located in the islands of Chiloe in Chile. They are made of 100% local wood.

Churches of Chiloe, Chile.

A large amount of copper has been found in Chile and it is probably the most metal that they make. At the time copper is the number 1 export in Chile.

Natural resources


Iron is also one of the many big metals in Chile. The government in Chile has rejected a big mining plan for iron because it would disrupt sea life, including endangered penguins. 


Chile has thick forests which makes timber a very big natural resource. At the times when it is hot in Chile, it is really hot. Over 40,000 hectares of forest have been lost to wildfires. This has brought Chile's timber industry down.


This is someone who caught a fish in chile.

fishing is one of the biggest industries in Chile. In South America, one fish weighed up to 400 lbs!

There are a lot of animals in Chile, including birds. This makes poultry a big industry in Chile. In 2009 turkeys in chile were said to have the swine flu.


This is a turkey

this is a type of beef that they cook in Chile.

They have many cows in Chile. This makes beef one of the biggest industrys.

Apples are one of the biggest agricultural products in Chile. They grow over 20 kinds there.

Gala apples in Chile


They have many cornfields in Chile. This makes corn one of the biggest agricultural products in Chile. Corn in Chile can come in many colors such as white, yellow, black, red and gray/blue.

This is how they make corn in Chile

Grapes are also a big agricultural product in Chile. 70% of the grape imports to America are from Chile.

Pais grapes in Chile

The national dance in Chile is called the cueca. It was first established as a dance in 1824.

These are people doing the cueca.

Skiing is one of the biggest sports in Chile because in the winter there is a lot of snow.


This is someone skiing in Chile.

Pastel de Choclo is one of the more heavily eaten foods in Chile. 

This is pastel de Choclo.