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This paper is about my city witch you will see in the title.

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All about Hong Kong!

Hong Kong has a population of about 7.188 million. Hong Kong is by a lot of water in South Asia. It was founded on  August 29th, 1842 and it was never a capital and is really expensive to go there. Also on July 1st, 1997 Hong Kong was peaceably handed over to china in a ceremony attended by numerous Chinese and British dignitaries. My favorite historic site that I found was Happy Valley, Happy Valley is an upper-income residential are in Hong Kong, located on Hong Kong island. Administratively, it is part of Wan Chai district. The climate there is crazy, just keep reading to find out. There are four distinguishable seasons, warm and humid spring, hot and rainy summer, pleasant and sunny autumn, and cooland dry winter. WOW!! There are 6 main neighborhoods in Hong Kong, Central, which is a business district and it was built where the heart of Victoria City used to be. Jordan, which is located in central hong kong this neighborhood is definitely for the upper class. Mong Kok, which is close to one of the major shopping districts and it was named the busiest district in the world by the  guinness book of world records. Sheung Wan, which is kinda close to a hospital and is nicknamed the upper district because it is up on a higher ground level. The best ways to get around in Hong Kong are taxi, ferry, bus, tram, or to ride the rails.


Hong Kong has a national team for football. cricket, and rugby. The names of them are all just Hong Kong national whatever the sport is team. Some of the art/culture stuff that I thought was cool about Hong Kong was some famous musicians. Some of them are, Alan Tam, Andy Lau, Sam Hui, and Andy Cheung. Just to tell you theese people are all dead. Someone who is alive though is a famous actor named Bruce Lee, he filmed some movies in Hong Kong but he travels around.