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Research on volley ball

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  1. Introduction
  2. History
  3. Rules and skills of volleyball
  4. Wardrope and gear 
  5. Diffrent perspectives about volleyball 

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imagan this you are in a championship  and the ref said that it was the last ending.You knew that your coach said that you are not allowed to look at the score board when you are on the court cause you might pay too much attention to it.You thought to your self that it would not hurt to just take a quick peek besides it is not like you are  going to have to serve the last point cause your coach knows that you are not that good at serving .So you quickly turned your head and you saw that it was 24-24-you were so foucased on the score board that you did't hear your coach say multply times that it was your turn to serve and score the last point .You said ok and when you were walking to the spot on the court that you go to serve you wiped the sweat off your face .When you got to the spot you lifted your hand up and threw the ball up and hit the ball as hard as you could-one person bumped it out of bounds .You were waiting for the ref to say who won and the ref said that your team won!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You couldn't believe it you made your team win.What a great game you thought to your self .Guess what game you were playing .You were playing VOLLEYBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!To know the History ,rules and skils ,wobom and ger and  difrent perspectfs of volleball read on .

   Amazing  Vollball



William  G Morgan a physical fitness instructor at the YMCA in Massachusses crated VOLLEYBALL in 1895 - your telling me WGM crated my favorite sport in the hole wold and he worked at the YMCA what.He crated VOLLEYBALL case he thought that bastball was to intenst .Hey I use to do bastball befor I did VOLLEYBALL the olny thing that was intenst was this skil called boxing out cause I awasy got a elbow in my face.He made some skils in VOLLEYBALL hiting,bummping ,seting,serving,jummp serv's and spiking. That to me dose't sound as vilent as bastball-but I wonder how to do those skils.

My opinen for Volley ball is that it is easy case all you have to do is lisen to the caoch and follw the instrushons.Case then you will learn something new and become a beter Volleyball player.It must be so easye for my coach.Coach all of parants and plares thing my job  is so easey -but it is not case you have to teach 6-8 plaryers and make sure that all of the plars get to the turnmets on time .I also have to make sure that my plares dont gof around.Last but not least I have to make sure that my plars try ther best .

The Wobdrom if you play Volleyball is shoot sorts,nek pads,a long or short slev jersey and last but not lest if you are a girl a hair tie.The ger for Volleyball if you want to prates is a18 meter net and a Volley ball made out of lether.

Befor you can learn how to do those skils you need to know the Volleyball rulse.Her are some Volleyball ruse .You can"t toach the net , your team can olny hit the Volleyball tree times and you can one hit it once , when you seve you have to let the ball drop and not cach it case if you do you will have to give the ball to the other team and they wold get a point and you can olny have 6-8 plares on a team.Now that you know all of the Volleyball rulse you can learn the Volleyball skils.You hit the bal whith a closed fist kinda like you are punshing your brother or sister.You bummp the ball whith tow hands claped togeter and to set make a tringal with your finger tips and push up wards.

Wobbom and ger

Diffrint pespectes of Volleyball

Rules and diffrint skils of Volleyball