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Sustainability management is part of business strategy Alpina

be sustainable it is essential to be a successful business, which generates collective prosperity in places where it is present

Maintain and balance the human growth while preserving the resources offered by our planet are limited.

The purpose of Alpine is the world eating healthy, creating life from life and generate collective prosperity in the environment. (evolution and innovation)

7 challenges to sustainability

Value economy we want to generate economic growth and profitability for investors, shareholders and society (philanthropy)

Ethics and transparency

Build trust, durable and transparent with our environment

Environment: committed to an environment free of contamination by example as a leader in its quality processes together with the community support

Employers Alpinistas: human capital is the most important for businesses to grow and provide

Nourish your life made for consumers of all social classes, they can enjoy Alpina products. healthy lifestyles for society are stimulated, offering as many nutritious products.

Value string: example, change and innovation, each of Alpina is a reflection of a string of sustainable and responsible value.

Social value: growth and development with the hand of society, more equitable, productive and constantly develop "collective prosperity"