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Authentic Insider March 2021 Issue

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Jenna BarryLorilee BinstockEditor-in-chiefLynn BinstockCopy EditorRicardo KornegayCali BinstockArt DirectorMaggie DungeyContent Editor Content Editor Content Editor

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Sydney MoyeContent EditorEmily GoldenContributorKathryn MarshContributorMelissa C O N T R I B U T O R S

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Dear Readers,In this month’s edition of Authentic Insider Monthly, I want tocelebrate Women’s History Month. As women, there is so much tocelebrate and be proud of, but the fight isn’t over. The stigma placed upon women since the beginning of time isshedding. As children, we have been groomed to believe that we arethe weaker sex, and it can be seen in the roles we play in society andevery aspect of life, whether at home, in school, at college, and evenin the criminal justice system. Even how we carry ourselves in publicis scrutinized from how we dress and act and, unfortunately, how wecarry our trauma. In February, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez experiencedand expressed her trauma in an Instagram LIVE video regarding thefear and trauma she felt during the Capitol Hill Insurrection. She alsodisclosed a sexual assault that she had experienced in her past,which compounded her most recent trauma. I find it genuinelycourageous for her to have done so. She did this knowing thebacklash she would receive, not only because she is a woman butalso a woman of color.I am especially proud of this issue of AIM and the fantastic articleswritten by this month’s contributors. Enjoy your reads!Lorilee Note from the Editor

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"There willbe aresistanceto yourambition,there will bepeople whosay to you,‘You are outof yourlane.’“They areburdened byonly havingthe capacityto see whathas alwaysbeeninstead ofwhat can be– but don’tlet thatburdenyou.” - VP KamalaHarrisArt by Cali Binstock

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WOMANPROSECUTORSCREATING CHANGEWith the election of Kamala Harris to the VicePresidency, the U.S. is recognizing what many ofus already knew, women bring a differentperspective to the table. Prior to the VicePresidency and Senate, Kamala Harris was aprosecutor. A prosecutor dedicated to promotingequal justice and to the ethical and vigorousprosecution of sexual assault and child sexualabuse. Her path to the Vice Presidency wasshaped by being a prosecutor, and hercommitment to the words “Kamala Harris, Forthe People”. Prosecutors are the first line ofrepresentation for the people. Defending everyday, the laws and societal norms of this countryand protecting the rights of victims andsurvivors. Women prosecutors have fought forcriminal justice reform and more effectiveprosecution of sexual assault and sexual abuse.Women bring different perspectives to theprosecution of sexual assault and child sexualabuse and that perspective has changed the wayoffices charge and ultimately prosecute theseserious cases. These changes come fromtraining, experience and constant review ofwhat works and what doesn’t work. Change tosexual assault and sexual abuse prosecution hasnot come quickly, it has been a slow andmethodical approach. Prosecutors, andspecifically women prosecutors, do the hardwork to change societal views on sexual assault. “How the jury responds to a victim is anenormous percentage of the verdict in any sexcrime trial” Alice Vachss, Sex Crimes prosecutor.Education of our society and the individuals whoserve on juries is key to ending silence andshame around sexual assault and abuse. We Top: Melissa Hoppmeyer, Chief of the Special Victims andFamily Violence and co-host of No Grey Zone PodcastBelow: Kathryn Marsh, Assistant Chief Special Victim's Unit &Legislative Policy, and co-host of No Grey Zone PodcastBy Melissa Hoppmeyer & Kathryn WOMEN CHANGING THE JUSTICE SYSTEM

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must bring it out of darkness,whether the abuse happened in thehome, the church or the lockerroom. We must understand thatintoxication never equals consent,and that victims and survivorsdon’t have to look or act in acertain way in order to bevictimized.For decades, sexual assaultconversations revolved around thestranger in the bushes that wouldattack victims when they werealone. Society’s idea of childsexual abuse involved akidnapping and sexual assault of achild. These things happen. Theyare tragic and are vigorouslyprosecuted, but they’re rare, andcentering sexual assault and childabuse conversations on these rarecases endangers our community.The truth is these “stranger” casesaccount for 7% of all sexualassault and abuse cases. 93% ofsexual assault and child sexualabuse cases involve a knownperpetrator.1 IN EVERY 6 WOMENHAS BEEN SEXUALLYABUSED OR SEXUALLYASSAULTED.RAPE ASSAULT INCEST NATIONAL NETWORK, RAINNP A G E 3 | L O N E P L A N E TWomen prosecutors’ experiencesare shaped, not just by their ownlegal training but by their lifeexperiences and experiences offriends and family. 1 in every 6women has been sexually abusedor sexually assaulted. Thesesurvivors are part of a womenprosecutors’ social circle, familyor even themselves. Thispersonal connection often shapesthe way we view victims and howvictims experience trauma, weWOMEN CHANGING THE JUSTICE SYSTEM

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relate to our survivors, even if we cannotidentify with our survivors. We recognize thatthe danger isn’t the stranger, but the date,friend, or acquaintance. Each of us has told afriend who we were meeting with; has a leave nofriend behind rule and countless otherprotections in place for ourselves or loved ones.This differs from experiences of a vast majorityof men. This makes us do things differently. Itmakes us see things differently. Thesedifferences add value to our voice at theprosecution table and cause positive changes toour criminal justice system.One real life example involves a serial rapist; Avictim reports a rape saying that she had beensexually assaulted and robbed by a Defendant.The victim was interviewed and admitted tovoluntarily meeting the Defendant and drinkingalcohol. However, she also admitted that afterone drink she became incapacitated and theDefendant raped her. A male prosecutor initiallyreviewed this case and declined to prosecutebecause the victim voluntarily drank, and hedidn’t think he could convince a jury of an actualrape. This Defendant wasn’t prosecuted. Almost15 years later, this Defendant was back withanother victim and very similar facts. TheDefendant gave the victim alcohol, she becameincapacitated and he sexually assaulted her. Thistime, female prosecutors reviewed this case andalthough still a tough case based upon theincapacitation, the Defendant was charged. Upon review of his phone and cloud, hundreds ofvictims were discovered. HUNDREDS of victims who will now receivejustice, and countless other women will not bevictimized. This is what women bring to thetable. A different perspective and baseline ofbelief for prosecutions of sexual assault andabuse.Inherent biases are real and evolvingbased on a person’s individual life experiences. By ensuring that there are representatives of allwalks of life at the prosecution table we canensure a more empathetic and broader approachto criminal justice and a true representation ofbeing “For the People”.94% of women who are rapedexperience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) during the two weeksfollowing the rape. 30% of women reportsymptoms of PTSD 9 monthsafter the rape.33% of women who are rapedcontemplate suicide.13% of women who are rapedattempt suicide.Approximately 70% of rape orsexual assault victimsexperience moderate to severedistress, a larger percentagethan for any other violentcrime.Sexual Violence Can Have Long-Term Effects on Victims. Thelikelihood that a person sufferssuicidal or depressive thoughtsincreases after sexual WOMEN CHANGING THE JUSTICE SYSTEM

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“Embrace what makes youunique, even if it makesothers uncomfortable. Ididn’t have to becomeperfect because I’velearned throughout myjourney that perfection isthe enemy of greatness.” - Janelle Monáe

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I am beginning tomeasure myself instrength, not pounds.Sometimes in smiles.-Laurie Halse Anderson15, Relaspe Anorexia Disorder 20, Present Day 1 in THRIVING AFTER ED

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"They'll tell you you're too loud,that you need to wait your turnand ask the right people forpermission. Do it anyway.- Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® linksstudents with scientists and other experts tocounteract the myths about drugs andalcohol that teens get from the internet,social media, TV, movies, music, or fromfriends. It was launched in 2010 by scientistsat the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)to stimulate educational events incommunities so teens can learn what sciencehas taught us about drug use and addiction.The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse andAlcoholism became a partner in 2016, andalcohol has been added as a topic area forthe week. NIDA and NIAAA are part of theNational Institutes of Health.National Drug and AlcoholFacts Week® March 22 - March 28, 2021Linking Teens to Facts that SHATTER THEMYTHS® about drugs and drug NDAFW

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Traumatic Brain InjuryAwareness Monthand capabilities. Theseriousness of TBI rangesfrom mild, moderate tosevere, and not each blow tothe head results in a TBI. Theinjury is surveyed utilizing theGlasgow Coma Scale, whichgives a score on threecomponents: eye-opening,verbal, and motor response.When an individual receives amassive brain injury, it is notsimply the patient living withthe life-changing effects, butrelatives and companions canalso become secondarysurvivors resulting in majorchanges in their own lives.More than 5.3 million children and adults in the US livewith a permanent brain injury-related disability.A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)results from a fall, motor vehicleaccident, gunshot wound, etc. Itcauses harm to the nerve cellsthat send messages throughoutthe body, which can causechanges in a person's behaviorWritten by Ricardo Kornegay

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Brain Injury AwarenessMonth, recognized eachMarch, provides animportant opportunity tobring attention to theprevention of traumaticbrain injury (TBI) and topromote strategies toimprove the quality of lifefor persons living with TBIand their families. Pleasevisit, Brain InjuryAwarenessTBI Awareness MonthMarch 1 - March TBI AWARENESS

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Despite the encouraging and wonderful gains andthe changes for women which have occurred inmy lifetime, there is still room to advance and topromote correction of the remaining deficienciesand imbalances. - Sandra Day O'Conner

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THE SECRETSOCIETY OFPSYCHEDELICSIn 2019, I realized that mydepression, anxiety, andsuicidal ideations weremore likely from post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) from childhoodsexual abuse rather than adiagnosed bipolardisorder. At that moment, Idid my due diligence toresearch alternativemodalities that would setme on a path to healing.When I stumbled uponLSD-assisted therapyresearch from theMultidisciplinaryAssociation of PsychedelicsStudies, MAPS, I knew thiswas one treatment Iwanted to try. However, itwas illegal, and any studiesthrough MAPS had justwrapped up.Inevitably, in February2020, I went intoresidential treatment for31 days of continuous care with numerous alternativemodalities in a controlledenvironment with minimaltriggers. However, cominghome and integrating intothe real world would bedifficult. I re-entered acompletely different world.I went in pre-covid andcame out to witness theworld had shut down in myabsence. Plus, there wasstill untreated trauma thatI still needed to address;complex, developmentaltrauma that I couldrecognize in treatment butcouldn’t dedicate enoughtime. In an act of kismet,psychedelic therapy foundme. A guest from “ATrauma Survivor Thriver’sPodcast” told me abouttheir experience withMDMA-assisted therapyand how it changed theirlife. We didn’t

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discuss it on the podcast becausethe treatment they received wasillegal.I was back to my research, seeking alegal way to achieve this therapy, butstudies were slow to start, and it wasnot certain I would qualify for thestudy. Then I was introduced to thePsychedelic Undergroundcommunity.This community of psychedelicscientists, psychotherapist andacademics are not easily accessible.They don’t advertise their services.In a conversation with Eric Osborne,a former middle school teacherarrested in 2015 for illegallyproducing, distributing, andpossessing psilocybin mushrooms,there is fear in the community. “Younever know if you are being set upby the patient or the practitioner,”says Osborne. After his felonieswere pleaded down, Osborne wasconvicted of “maintaining a commonnuisance” and sentenced to two anda half years of probation. But hispurpose for psilocybin treatmentwas only amplified, and he foundedMycoMeditations, a psilocybin-assisted therapy retreat center inJamaica where it was legal.After much more research andlearning the difference between LSD,Psiliocybyn, and MDMA-assistedtherapy, I realized MDMA would bethe best route to treat my complexPTSD.Through underground channels, Iwas able to secure the MDMA and a“sitter.” To maximize the experience,I immersed myself in researchregarding MDMA-assisted therapy.The goal was to find an InternalFamily Systems (IFS) therapist whowas knowledgeable of MDMA-Assisted treatment. Once I divulgedmy intentions regarding the MDMAtherapy, my IFS therapist was verycautious, encouraging me not tomove quickly. They recommended atleast eight weeks of IFS to becomefamiliar with my “parts.” (Please seeQ&A with IFS Therapist on page 23). Iwas privileged enough to haveaccess ... psychedelics induce aspiritual awakening thathelps confront one’s pastto live a more THE SECRET SOCIETY OF PSYCHEDELICS

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MDMA(methylenedioxymethamphetamine)THREE PSYCHEDELICDRUG-ASSISTEDTHERAPIES INRESEARCH "I BELIEVE EVERYONESHOULD BE ABLE TO ACCESSA MORE FULFILLING LIFE."We are studyingwhether MDMA-assistedtherapy can help healthe psychological andemotional damagecaused by sexualassault, war, violentcrime, and other traumas. We alsosponsored completed studies of MDMA-assisted therapy for autistic adults withsocial anxiety, and MDMA-assisted therapyfor anxiety related to life-threateningillnesses.ade news magazines.Psilocybin (MagicMushrooms)Johns Hopkins Medicineresearchers report thattwo doses of thepsychedelic substancepsilocybin, given withsupportivepsychotherapy,and complete the therapy, which has alreadyprovided me with so much more hope in my healingthan I could have imagined. The difficulty foraccessibility is slowly opening up as research showsoverwhelmingly positive results. MAPS is confidentthe Food and Drug Administration, FDA, couldapprove the treatment as soon as 2023. However,even then, costs and locations will limit accessibility.After his 2015 arrest, Osborne now discouragesgetting psychedelic-assisted therapy through illegalmeans. However, he believes there are unjust lawsand laws that justify them, including the ReligiousFreedom Restoration Act to create sanctuaries forspiritual healing similar to ayahuasca churches. Frommy own experience, psychedelics induce a spiritualawakening that helps confront one’s past to live amore fulfilling future. And I believe everyone shouldbe able to access a more fulfilling life.produced rapid and large reductions indepressive symptoms, with mostparticipants showing improvement and halfof study participants achieving remissionthrough the four-week follow-up.LSD (lysergic aciddiethylamide)LSD is known for itsability to catalyzespiritual or mysticalexperiences and tofacilitate feelings ofinterconnection. MAPS isinterested in thissubstance for its potential to help people with avariety of conditions, focusing primarily on thetreatment of anxiety associated with life-threatening illness, as well as for spiritual uses,creativity, and personal THE SECRET SOCIETY OF PSYCHEDELICS

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Q&AInternal Family Systems INTERVIEW

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"We raise consciousness. That’s whatthese medicines are all about."We raise consciousness to the fact thatall human beings are connected to eachother. That, what I do to you, I do tomyself." INTERVIEW

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"I believe most people can benefit fromMDMA therapy and it would be optimalfor it to be wisely, safely, andprofessionally incorporated intomainstream personal wellness andhealing practices." INTERVIEW

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Moments before I began experiencing the MDMA "come up" on January 29, 2021

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MY PSYCHEDELICEXPERIENCEWritten by Lorilee BinstockArt by Cali BinstockI looked at the clear capsule filled with powderof Methylenedioxymethamphetamine orMDMA for short. The "sitter" handed me aglass of water, and I swallowed the pill with abit of fear and a lot of excitement, anticipatingthe dormant memories I was so close touncovering. After handing the glass of waterback to the "sitter", I slid back into the couchthat doubled as a bed and let my body sink intoseveral pillows. My "sitter" said that themedication would kick in within 45 minutesand then asked what I hope to accomplish fromthe MDMA experience. Immediately, I begantalking non-stop. I am not sure exactly what Isaid, but I believe I told them that I was readyto explore my past complex anddevelopmental traumas that I had not yet duginto, particularly regarding my mother. I musthave gone on for more than a half-hourbecause they interrupted, reminding me thatthe “come up” would be taking place within 10 -15 minutes, and they wanted me to feel it. The"sitter" asked if there was anything I wanted tosay before I relaxed into it. I said no, and put asoft fleece eye mask on. I then sunk back into thepillows waiting for the “awakening” to begin.I was almost certain that I was going to fall asleep,but suddenly, my body temperature startedchanging. It was getting warmer, and I begansinking even deeper into the pillows. I felt like Iwas descending deeper and deeper among cloudsuntil colors of sepia sunlight started to appear,revealing a setting I could only describe as myfather’s childhood home in the Philippines. Alarge house flanked by two smaller ones thatformed a triangle on the property. Goats andchickens were running wildly across the groundswith banana trees sprinkled everywhere.Suddenly, I realized I was witnessing my father’schildhood. Short stories, mentions, and quipsthat I had heard throughout my life were strungtogether in a disjointed movie scene.I was sexually abused as a child by my father. Icannot pinpoint the actual age that it startedbecause my mind strives to block as much of the MY PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE

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abuse as it can. However, asBessel Van Der Kolk describes inhis book, “The Body Keeps theScore,” my body clearly remembersthe trauma. With the MDMA kickinginto full gear, time and spacebecame irrelevant. I am now able torecall that during the abuse, myfather would justify his actions bysaying that my grandfather woulddo the same things to my aunt, hisyoungest sister.After releasing my podcast in July2020 with episode 0 describing mypersonal story, my cousin admittedto me that her father, my father’sbrother, also sexually abused heras a child. My cousin furtherrevealed that when she attemptedto tell my father about the abuse, heresponded by asking her to come toour house and show her what myuncle had done. Fortunately, shedid not take him up on that offer andwas able to escape anotherpotentially destructive and traumaticexperience. However, armed nowwith this knowledge of my auntie’sand cousin’s abuse and my uncleand father’s perversion, I think it’ssafe to say that my trauma was theresult---or at least part of---anintergenerational cycle of abuse.In my MDMA-induced movie, I wasable to observe all of these eventsin this unidentified person’schildhood. The main character wasnot my father, but rather someone Ihad never met who wasexperiencing these moments that Ihad pieced together from myfather’s timeline. Like addressingmy inner child in therapy anddeveloping empathy for my youngerself, I began developingcompassion for my father’s youngerself. He was a child who was mostlikely abused himself and who grewup around people who normalizedthese traumatic and unforgivableattacks on their family members,those who they were charged with protecting. He just didn’t have theknowledge or the tools to stop thatcycle. Don’t get me wrong, I do not inany way excuse the abuse I enduredas a child. I don’t think that I will everforgive my father for his attacks on myinnocence and my safety. I have spentthe majority of my life filled withdepression, anxiety, and suicidalideations stemming from his abuse.Nevertheless, I have begun tounderstand more of his behaviors thatI could not wrap my head aroundpreviously. The insight I gained fromthe MDMA experience was life-changing. It gave me a differentperspective from which to understandhow my traumas have trickled downinto my parenting, most notably in myreactions to my children; raising myvoice unnecessarily and at times over-reacting when I feel overwhelmed. Ihave the opportunity---and, I mightadd, the privilege---to break this cycleof trauma, but it’s going to take a lot ofwork. It would be easy to minimize thisjourney, but I am attempting to undo36 years of training. That is no smallfeat. With the help of MDMA and othertherapies, I am proud to say that Ihave overcome the first hurdle in myjourney of healing and reparenting,and that is recognizing the changesneeded to break the cycle.This reliving of my father’s childhoodonly lasted about an hour and a half ofthe full six and a half hour therapysession. There is so much more touncover, including the feelings ofneglect and abandonment I enduredfrom my mother. I hope you take alisten to my three-part series of “ATrauma Survivor Thriver’s Podcast,”where I discuss what I did to preparefor the MDMA-assisted therapy, myexperience, and how it affected meafterward. Please check it out when itlaunches in April. For the latest news please subscribeto ATSTPODCAST.COM and followme on all social media

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“If they don’t give you a seat atthe table, bring in a foldingchair.” Rep. Shirley Chisholm


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Just like most people who gothrough trauma, I went through ahealing process. It took me a whileto gain my footing after the shockingblow, most of which involved comingto terms with what I really want outof life. It took a long, hard look inthe mirror to get me to admit that Ineeded change.When I was ready to stand up on myown two feet again, I realized whatthat change needed to be: leaving mywell-paying, full-time job.My daughter’s diagnosis caused anawakening that drew me further awayfrom the familiar corporate machinethat was both safe and unfulfilling andinto a career that had me servingothers. I wanted to support those whofelt stuck in the same way I did, so Ifound a coach training program thatwould empower me with the skills andtools to support others to createfulfillment and satisfaction in theircareers. Sometimes that means findingways to be happy in one’s currentsituation and at other times knowingwhen to make a shift.AboveEmily Golden with herhusband , daughter and sonI began to treatmyself withkindness andcompassion,empowering me toget support Ineeded to get backup. - A SPECIAL NEEDS MOM'S JOURNEY

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For those still healing and unsure of what liesahead, there’s a quote that I love; Sometimes youneed to get knocked down lower than you haveever been to stand back up taller than you everwere,” Anonymous - The Angel Affect: The WorldWide Mission) A SPECIAL NEEDS MOM'S JOURNEY

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"People who aretruly strong liftothers up. Peoplewho are trulypowerful bringothers together." - Michelle Obama

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WomenWomenWomenHistoryHistoryHistory MonthMonthMonthPLAYLISTPLAYLISTPLAYLIST "The Man" Taylor Swift"Plastic Hearts" Miley Cyrus ""Titanium (Feat. Sia)" David Guetta"Unstoppable" Sia "Brave" Sara Bareilles"Sofia" Clairo"Perfect Places" Lorde"Wait a Minute" WILLOW"Drew Barrymore" SZA"So What" P!nk"I Feel It All" Feist"Halo" Beyoncé"Unwritten" Natasha Bedingfield"Who Says" Selena Gomez"Girl on Fire" Alicia Keys"Heros (We Could Be)" Alesso"The Sweet Escape" Gwen Stefan"Dancing Queen" ABBA"Roar" Katy Perry"Ex-Factor" Lauryn Hill"Love Myself" Hailee Steinfeld"Don't Start Now" Dua Lipa

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“Girls are capable of doing everythingmen are capable of doing. Sometimesthey have more imagination than men.” –Katherine Johnson, mathematician andone of the first African-Americanwomen to work as a NASA scientist

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Women Empowerment Books (Children)For women's history month, I chose some of the books my daughter (and I) love to read. It's fun for mychildren to learn a little bit about history and how much the world has changed culturally and in regardsto gender roles. I hope you enjoy these books as much as we do.The New York Times bestsellingGood Night Stories for Rebel Girlsis a children's book packed with100 bedtime stories about thelives of extraordinary women fromthe past and the present,illustrated by 60 female artistsfrom all over the world.Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson,Katherine Johnson, and ChristineDarden were good at math…reallygood. They participated in some ofNASA's greatest successes, likeproviding the calculations forAmerica's first journeys into space.And they did so during a time whenbeing black and a woman limitedwhat they could do. But theyworked hard. They persisted. In the 1830s, when a brave andcurious girl named ElizabethBlackwell was growing up,women were supposed to bewives and mothers. Certainly nowomen were doctors. Thisinspiring story of the firstfemale doctor shows how onestrong-willed woman openedthe doors for all the femaledoctors to come.Mary's Anning's discoveriesrocked the world of science andhelped create a brand-new fieldof study: paleontology. But manypeople believed women couldn'tbe scientists, so Mary wasn'tgiven the credit she deserved.Nevertheless, she persistedmore, making discoveries thatreshaped scientific beliefs aboutthe natural world.As a child in Pakistan, Malalamade a wish for a magic pencil.She would use it to makeeveryone happy, to erase thesmell of garbage from her city, tosleep an extra hour in themorning. But as she grew older,Malala saw that there were moreimportant things to wish for. Shesaw a world that needed fixing.L O R I L E E ' S B O O K C L U B ( C H I L D R E N ) *I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.35

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Mental Health & Emotional Support Books(Adult)L O R I L E E ' S B O O K C L U B ( A D U L T ) The End of Mental Illness: How Neuroscience Is Transforming Psychiatry andHelping Prevent or Reverse Mood and Anxiety Disorders, ADHD, Addictions, PTSD,Psychosis, Personality Disorders, and More. Brain specialist and bestselling authorDr. Daniel Amen is on the forefront of a new movement within medicine andrelated disciplines that aims to change all that. In The End of Mental Illness, Dr.Amen draws on the latest findings of neuroscience to challenge an outdatedpsychiatric paradigm and help readers take control and improve the health of theirown brain, minimizing or reversing conditions that may be preventing them fromliving a full and emotionally healthy life.Do It Scared: Finding the Courage to Face Your Fears, Overcome Adversity,and Create a Life You Love. Equal parts inspiration and tough love, Do itScared combines practical, easy-to-implement strategies for overcoming fearand resistance in your life, along with the motivation and encouragement toactually start making real changes that lead to big results.Within every community in America, sibling sexual abuse can be found hidingin families who feel ashamed and lost about how to confront this problem.The cryptic nature of sibling sexual abuse preys about the vulnerable and itshorrible effects feed upon our tendency to ignore this problem. Sibling sexualabuse leaves no bruises. There are no broken bones. There are no holes inthe walls. The bruises, brokenness, and holes are held tightly within the targetof the abuse. Sibling Sexual Abuse walks the reader through the journey fromthe shocking disclosure of abuse occurring between sibling down a path ofhealing for families and communities.*I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.36

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"Use your can take you tothe place whereyou can storeyour courage."-Amelia Earhart

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Monthly Collective Readings for All Signswith Joy Larkin (February 27 - March 31, 2021) About JoyJoy is a Narcissistic Abuse Survivorwho has made it her life's work tohelp others through life coaching.She is also a healer, earth angeland psychic medium. If you wouldlike coaching services from Joyand/or get your own personalreading, please scan the barcodebelow with your smartphonecamera.Personal ReadingsCoaching InfoJ O Y ' S R E A D I N G While pulling this month’s cards, I was feeling so excited. This energy is telling me thata lot of you are being called to be fearless and bold, to step outside of your comfortzone. It's time for you to let go of dead weight and reclaim your power. Some of youwere being controlled by your past, maybe programming by family or even what youbelieved about yourself, which could have been negative. You are no longer allowingyour fears to hold you back. Many are still working at overcoming that obstacle. Socongrats to those who are moving on and forward with their life. I see a lot of changesand transformations for the better coming for a great amount of you.Many of you are starting a new life and need to be reminded that spirit, god, angels,and the universe have your back. They have a plan for your life. Some could feel likeyour entire life was falling apart, but it actually all happened for a reason. There is abig change coming for you. Could be a move to a new location, a new job, or a newrelationship. Many of you will be laying a new foundation with someone, or just withinyourself, becoming a solid and stable person. You deserve all the good that is comingtowards you.For those of you in a relationship, the cards are saying to nurture your relationshipand don’t take your partner for granted. Be gentle with each other and show eachother love, care, and support. Your partner loves you and vice versa. If you havechildren, be sure to show them care and attention as well so they don’t feel rejectedor neglected. Single? Now is the time to nurture your inner child. Spend time with yourself. Don't beafraid to be alone. You will meet the right person when the time is right. Now is thetime to focus on your own mental health and healing, especially if you were dealingwith toxic and unhealthy relationships. Some could wonder why you keep attractingcertain people and hurt you. It’s most likely because you haven't done your innerwork. Make that your priority. Begin to focus on your passions. Goals and dreams orthe things that you may desire to do with your life.There may be some mental conflict about a situation or a partnership for some.Possibly some confusion about which path you should choose. Eventually, things willget better. Someone is really focused on being a provider to take care of their family.Overall you will work hard and bring what you want in your reality.To conclude, if you don’t already, it’s a good time to write down your goals anddreams. You have a lot of ideas but need to plan things out. Always believe in yourselfand know that nothing is set in stone. The answers you seek are coming. You're readyto take action and don’t worry about the outcome. Everything you want is withinreach. Believe in the impossible and have faith in yourself.38

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"We realize the importance of our voices onlywhen we are silenced." - Malala YousafzaiPakistani activist for female education and theyoungest Nobel Prize laureate