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Authentic Insider February 2021 Issue

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Authentic Insider FEBRUARY 2021 HEALING THE RACIAL DIVIDE A MONTH OF SELFLOVE Attachment Theories Black History Month Advocates for Equality

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Issue 2 WHAT S INSIDE 03 Editor s Note 05 29 05 A Nurse s State of Mind 09 ESA Travel Changes 12 An Attack in my Neighborhood 13 Healing the Racial Divide 17 My Baby Story of Hope 21 21 Attachment Styles 26 Reaching the Quarterlife Crisis 17 29 Raising Secure Children 32 A Month of Self love 34 Lorilee s Book Club 39 Joy s Readings 32

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Authentic Insider Contributors Lorilee Binstock Editor in Chief Ashley McNeil Coleman Political Strategist Contributor Cali Binstock Graphic Artist Michael Robb Design Editor Sarah Koeppen Founder of The Hope Box Contributor Lynn Binstock Copy Editor Taia Hopkins Authentic Insider Staff Writer CONTRIBUTORS 2 www atstpodcast com

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Dear Readers I want to thank you for all of your continued support Each and every creation from the podcast to the magazine has been a new passion for me I ve been invigorated by the stories of hope and resilience from my guests my friends and the strangers who have reached out to me with their own stories of healing and recovery They ve inspired me to push through when I feel like I could give up Recovery is a constant battle with myself Learning that my perspective dictates whether I m having a good day or bad has been an eye opener As a trauma survivor sometimes I can be reactive Actually my way of responding to hostility and doubt of my abilities is too often reactive But I am working on it including taking part in psychedelic therapy with MDMA For more than a year I ve been researching LSD therapy and after speaking with several people who have done it I ve made the decision to try MDMA therapy If you don t know the difference I encourage you to read about it in January s issue of Authentic Insider and stay tuned as plan to take you on my journey soon Always Lorilee Binstock EDITOR S NOTE 3 www atstpodcast com

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I urge you to answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe John Lewis ADVOCATES FOR EQUALITY 4 www atstpodcast com

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Thank you to Our Frontline Workers FRONTLINE WORKERS 5 www atstpodcast com

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Thank you for taking care of us But we hope you are taking care of yourselves We need you by Lorilee Binstock I wanted to take this time to thank our frontline workers because they ve done so much for all of us regardless if you were ever in the hospital for COVID Chances are there has been a point in your life they have touched your heart Now more than ever they are working diligently Many are experiencing more death than they have previously Nurses with patients dying of COVID will be the last person their patients see A Yale School of Public Health study found that one in four health care workers were experiencing PTSD They experience repeated exposure to trauma and feelings of helplessness and fear of contracting the virus contributing to nurses stress Continued on page 7 FRONTLINE WORKERS 6 www atstpodcast com

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Continued from page 6 Among the effects of PTSD are nightmares insomnia emotional numbing or withdrawal and substance abuse Even when I reached out to nurses for interviews although they agreed at first reliving those moments through their answers was too much for them They were getting re traumatized by the trauma that they had experienced If the people I had already reached out to were experiencing symptoms of PTSD my question is how many of the more than four million nurses in the US are experiencing PTSD As someone who has experienced trauma I can say that PTSD does not simply go away because you want it to It only manifests in other ways I encourage any nurses who are experiencing trauma from their job seek help Seeking a trauma therapist will do wonders to help You are all heroes but even heroes are human Search for a Trauma Therapist near you FRONTLINE WORKERS 7 www atstpodcast com

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AUTHENTIC INSIDER 8 www atstpodcast com

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DOT BANS FLIGHT FOR EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION ISSUES NEW RULES GOVERNING THE T R A N S P O R T O F E S A S O N A I R P L A N E S Traditionally qualifying for an ESA has been a relatively simple process A person would be required to show a therapist s letter with a diagnosable emotional or psychological issue e g anxiety etc and state that having their pet with them in the cabin helped them with their issue If the issue described conformed to DSM V guidelines then therapists felt comfortable in making that assessment This worked pretty well for a lot of people Nobody had to make up stories about imagined emotional issues or train their dog to assist them with specific behavior Under the new DOT rules ESA s are no longer given special status but the rules remain the same for Service Dogs A irlines are no longer required to accept Emotional Support Animals or ESAs as they accept Service dogs While each airline is allowed to make its own policy concerning ESA s it is unlikely any will continue voluntarily accepting ESA s in the cabin without charge It is more likely that they will impose the same standards for regular pets such as strict size limitations a carrier requirement and charging a pet fee Without planning with the airlines before boarding with ESAs any passengers will not be allowed to fly with an ESA at no charge and more importantly may not be able to board with them at all if it exceeds the size limitations that airlines have for pets in the airplane cabin ESA TRAVEL Service dogs differ from ESA s in 2 basic ways a the owner must have a diagnosable disability and b the dog must be trained to perform a task s to help with that disability Now everyone is familiar with service dogs that help individuals with physical disabilities but there is another category of service dog that helps individuals with emotional or psychological disabilities This type of service dog is referred to as a Psychiatric Service Dog PSD PSD s are specifically allowed on planes under the new DOT rules The question then becomes whether your ESA can become a PSD A Psychiatric Service Dog is defined as a dog that has been trained to perform tasks that assist individuals with disabilities to lessen the effects of psychiatric episodes The biggest difference between an ESA and a PSD is that a PSD must be trained to perform either on its own initiative or on command a specific task that helps with your emotional or psychological issue Bear in mind that not everyone s issues constitute a disability For instance just getting nervous before a flight might just be considered generalized anxiety but an inability to get on a plane for fear of flying without your dog could be considered a disability If the therapist determines that your impairment substantially limits one or more major life activity the definition of disabled in the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA they will write an assessment with that diagnosis End 9 www atstpodcast com

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Pets ESA TRAVEL 10 Heal www atstpodcast com

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Every great dream begins with a dreamer Always remember you have within you the strength the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world Harriet Tubman ADVOCATES FOR EQUALITY 11 www atstpodcast com

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Many people asked where was the military What took so long If you didn t already know DC is not a state State governors dispatch their national guard in an emergency The district s mayor has to make a case to the federal government Ultimately it s the president s call or the Department of Defense That s why it took so long because DC s Mayor Muriel Bowser did make the call but the response was too little too late Days after the coup attempt many of the protestors didn t go home not all of them at least They stayed around our neighborhood harassing families and swearing at children at the parks because parents AND children have chosen to wear masks Outsiders coming in accosting families will not sway anyone otherwise I fear that these people are emboldened enough to become more violent not just towards counter protesters but families An Attack in My Neighborhood By Lorilee Binstock Less than a week into 2021 people worldwide were shocked by images of Americans or domestic terrorists storming the Capitol I felt tired and anxious the following day not understanding why And then I realized it was more than the fact that pipe bombs were found in my neighborhood or that I had friends who had to barricade themselves inside as an angry mob attacked their place of work and even more so upset that these people claiming to be patriotic were disrupting the most democratic process of American politics certifying election results All of these actions were encouraged by the leader of the free world OPINION 12 Now the Department of Homeland Security issued a national terrorism bulletin warning of the lingering potential for violence from people motivated by anti government sentiment after President Joe Biden s election Capitol Hill is not just the home of federal buildings and the White House This is a neighborhood full of families and children I expect these threats to come from foreign terrorists not fellow Americans www atstpodcast com

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Healing the Racial Divide Written By Ashley McNeil Coleman Healing and unity are just two of the words that have been overused in the last few weeks however 400 years of pain cannot be changed or healed without acknowledgment accountability and justice It is easy to say that slavery was so long ago but the impacts of it remain in the fabric of this country From not educating slaves to Jim Crow laws redlining to food deserts housing laws to the war on drugs and the innumerable obstacles of voter suppression that still happen today America has always viewed Black Americans as undeserving And this does not include the constant horror and fear of an untimely death imparted on Black Americans by White Americans such as lynchings The last reported lynching of a Black man was Michael Donald on March 21 1981 in Mobile Alabama The protests of 2020 were only a partial representation of the pain heartache and fear Black America HEALING THE RACIAL DIVIDE PERSONAL ESSAY has felt since we were first dragged to the shores of this country in 1619 In many parts of the country Black people have never been treated as or seen as equals in this country From health care to board rooms education to courtrooms and the media Black and Brown people are not treated with the same grace as their white counterparts nor trusted or given the benefit of the doubt It is often assumed we are lying about our health unqualified for the positions not smart enough and guilty of a perceived crime all because of the color of our skin We are treated less than and inferior to White people in this country In the first week of January America witnessed what Black Americans have long known the tale of two Americas COLEMAN The way the media depicts a Black person as a criminal in the news yet when a White person has committed a crime their face is rarely shown The way Black death is paraded in the media as if it is normal not only desensitizes people Continued on page 14 13 www atstpodcast com

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Facts Opinion Black people are exhausted and we carry that pain with us every single day and it is only amplified by the actions Some facts and how I Interpret Them of White people in this country It is the way White people speak about Black people articulate athletic Black women have three times the maternal mortality rate in the US than our White counterparts not specifically because of our genetic disposition but because we are viewed as complainers and not believed when we are in pain strong It is the way our opinions do not matter at our office It is the fear you carry when you are alone on the street with a Black man It s the prejudices that are glaringly obvious and those that are more subtle but just as harmful that cause our agony Black men are sentenced to jail for marijuana possession 3 73 times more than a White person And White men are more likely to get probation for the same offense In the first week of January America witnessed what Black Americans have long known the tale of two Americas The systemic and institutionalized racism in this country is so deep rooted it took the protests in Black men go to jail for raping a woman when white collegiate aged men like Brock Turner or Brett Kavanaugh are seen as being a kid 2020 and the insurrection at the Capitol for some to realize the White privilege in this country How many times will a Black person be killed at the hands of people sworn to protect and serve How do you tell your Black men are suspected of having a weapon and are killed at the hands of police White men kill 23 people in El Paso 12 people at the movie theater in Aurora and 9 people at Emmanuel AME to name a few and are taken to Burger King by police before going to the police station children that people hate you because of the color of your skin How do you encourage your daughter to use her voice when others don t value it At what age do you tell your children that they cannot get away with the same teenage pranks that their White peers do When will we stop being afraid The emotional toll is heavy to bear but we must lift our heads and go to work every day of Black death it diminishes the value of our lives The because it s what we always do and it is what we are way America reacts when a young blond girl is expected to do We have always had to be better kidnapped in comparison to Black girls being trafficked America has a huge problem and it will not get better is shocking until everyone starts to understand their prejudices and their role active or inactive in where we are today as a Our history books are whitewashed with stories of the country oppressor with little to no mentions of the oppressed Just three years ago Texas decided to teach that slavery President Trump brought to light racism and white was the main cause of the Civil War The constant supremacy which Black people knew existed because it belittling and erasure of Black people who built this can be seen throughout society I am grateful that it is country are astounding Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa now out in the open Just like any trauma American Parks are not the only Black people to be celebrated needs to face its own because it is the only way we can during Black History Month You hear of Thomas Edison effectively begin our healing and it gives me hope of a but don t hear of Lewis Latimer who invented the better future for my children filament that made the light bulb work properly Dr Shirley Jackson invented the touchstone phone call waiting caller ID and portable fax machines HEALING THE RACIAL DIVIDE 14 www atstpodcast com

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He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it Dr Martin Luther King Jr ADVOCATES FOR EQUALITY 13 www atstpodcast com

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My Baby Written by Sarah Koeppen My pimp told me we could get a good price for my baby I am coming to get the baby as soon as I am out of jail Your heart sinks You feel sick to your stomach You have been caring for her baby and hoped her time in jail would be the start of her road to recovery and healing Now she is planning to do the unthinkable sell her baby to the highest bidder for sex a possible death sentence for this child You jump into action and you call the Department of Family and Child Services DFCS and then you call the police You are heartbroken when you hear there is nothing they can do until there has been a crime MY BABY You think what can I do You are panicked until you remember a young woman you met said her organization could help your niece find a safe place for her baby She is your last hope to save this precious life You call her and she jumps into action The director of the organization takes the information and begins to give you a step by step process on what to do next You then go straight to the courts and do everything she said to do and are able to get before a judge and show him the information The judge puts a stop to the mother being able to come get the child Because of The Hope Box you were able to Continued on page 18 17 What is unthinkable to us is unfortunately survival for some KOEPPEN www atstpodcast com

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address through the courts quickly and effectively The framework for infant rescue and care are in place Moving into 2021 we will work on getting our name and our helpline into the hands of those who need it All we need is one tip to save a life Will you pray for us We are fighting against dark forces who profit from the gross abuse of these precious babies The Hope Box is a 501c3 that fights to protect infants from being abandoned We focus on ages three and under Did you know that a majority of our most at risk children in this country are ages three and under According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway 78 of child abuse and neglect fatalities in 2018 were children ages 0 3 We can do a better job and take better care of the future of this country Here are the three areas we focus on Safe haven laws each state has its own law Boarder babies infants left in hospitals Sex trafficking of infants infants sold Continued from page 17 protect this baby and now the baby has been placed with a safe and loving forever family For more info please visit www thehopebox org or if you are a Georgia resident check out the Governors Towne Club in the Atlanta area Click on Flyer on page 20 for more info This is the true story of just one of the babies The Hope Box helped A young woman addicted to drugs and being sold for sex was hopeless and saw her own baby as a way out of the pain if only for a moment Selling her baby meant she could stop turning tricks for a few weeks What is unthinkable to us is unfortunately survival for some And this isn t an isolated case There are buyers ready to purchase an infant for sexual purposes right now In addition to providing better outcomes for abandoned babies The Hope Box is stepping into the very dark world of infant trafficking and we are saving babies Where DFCS and the law cannot go until a crime has occurred we can MY BABY 18 www atstpodcast com

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For My Georgia Readers

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You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right Rosa Parks ADVOCATES FOR EQUALITY 20 www atstpodcast com

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Attachment Styles According toThe Attachment Project healing unresolved childhood trauma enables the formation of healthy loving relationships 01 Secure 02 Anxious Preoccupied 03 04 Dismissive Avoidant Fearful Avoidant Visit The Attachment Project to take the attachment quiz ATTACHMENT STYLES 21 www atstpodcast com

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Art by Cali Binstock The secure attachment style is the most common attachment style People who have developed this type of attachment are self contented social warm and easy to connect to They are aware of and able to express their feelings They tend to build deep meaningful and long lasting relationships ATTACHMENT STYLES 22 www atstpodcast com

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Art by Cali Binstock The anxious preoccupied attachment style develops in early childhood most often due to misattuned especially inconsistent parenting Low self esteem a strong fear of rejection or abandonment and clinginess in relationships are common signs of this attachment style ATTACHMENT STYLES 23 www atstpodcast com

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Art by Cali Binstock For avoidant adults social interactions and bonds remain on the surface In order for a relationship to be meaningful and fulfilling it has to become deep That s when you would hit a wall when dealing with an avoidant person These individuals will let you be around them but will not let you in They tend to avoid strong displays of closeness and intimacy As soon as things get serious dismissive avoidant individuals are likely to close themselves off ATTACHMENT STYLES 24 www atstpodcast com

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Art by Cali Binstock l u f r Fea t n a d Avoi This attachment style is often seen in people who have been physically verbally or sexually abused in their childhood It develops when the child s caregivers the only source of safety become a source of fear In adulthood people with this attachment style are extremely inconsistent in their behavior and have a hard time trusting others Such individuals could also suffer from other mental health issues ATTACHMENT STYLES 25 www atstpodcast com

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Art Cali Binstock Written by Taia Hopkins A personal essay about turning 25 and why experiencing a quarter life crisis is hard This article contains potentially triggering information including suicidal ideation depression and antiety disorders what is not often discussed is the We were in a pandemic we still are in a sister disorder of Obsessive Compulsive pandemic The pandemic has been ruthless for Personality Disorder or OCPD most although I cannot speak for everyone Everyone has experienced their own sense of OCPD has been researched and known among isolation The isolation the trauma The inability to meet psychologists as an often lonely resurfacing the anxiety disorder The standards and morals my outrageous around academics that those with OCPD adhere to do not maintaining work and standards captivated usually coincide with a large friends intrusive thoughts became my thoughts and group The condition is known for a too much in the holiday suffocated any need desire for perfection and when season I felt alone and to feel worthwhile unrelenting standards are not met it seemingly was alone with can often result in severe depression occasional calls from friends telling myself If I and family When I was 24 years old I received the could not be perfect diagnosis in place of the borderline why am I alive While Obsessive Compulsive personality disorder diagnosis I thought Disorder or OCD is often I had growing up Through extensive discussed and often co occurs with eating psychological testing and many therapy Continued on page 27 QUARTER LIFE CRISIS 26 www atstpodcast com

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Continued from page 26 sessions suddenly my entire world just made sense what I struggled with was intrusive thoughts and a disorder that stemmed from perfection not emotional dysregulation Truthfully I am still very much in this state of not knowing how to engage or fully comprehend the behaviors that have come up other than just fully welcoming them and processing through the emotions with close friends The feeling of isolation during the holidays resides so closely with my birthday As I keep getting older I keep asking myself the same question what am I contributing to our world and do I have any worth on this planet I do not know if many people knew how dark of a place I was in two of my closest and dearest friends did and that was enough for me to hold on Although it has been known of me to attempt suicide in previous circumstances this time was different I felt plagued by slow movements heavy breathing and a curious disposition about how my OCPD diagnosis was correct and why it was not borderline Though I am known to critique myself much harsher than my harshest critics I am also known to stay up all hours of the night to make an assignment for school to meet the standards which are far above the required standards During the holiday season of 2020 I realized I was turning 25 in a month and I did not meet the goals I had wanted to I ve always known that 25 would be a rough turning point had I not graduated yet what I did not realize or prepare for was that there would be one of the harshest depressions I had to live through I stayed up all hours of the night for several weeks and found myself resorting to over the counter medicine to knock myself out during the day The inability to meet my outrageous standards captivated my thoughts and suffocated any need to feel worthwhile telling myself If I could not be perfect why am I alive On occasion I questioned if I was hallucinating from the lack of sleep and very appropriately chose not to believe anything that I saw as factual The desire to be perfect like many other times swept over everything that had substantial value During that week of extreme lack of sleep I experienced a relapse in OCPD related behaviors and other behaviors associated with the disorder I was scared I was terrified I did not know how to confront the intensity of the thoughts that were arising I missed five consecutive therapy sessions On multiple occasions I did not feel like I had the ability to reach out to the man who was choosing to walk me through my pain QUARTER LIFE CRISIS Suicidality is merely an escape tactic You learn that quickly in undergraduate school when majoring in psychology I did not want to succumb to the escapism that I knew ultimately I would not get I wanted to push through the intrusive thoughts and meet them with curiosity as I often tell friends who struggle with OCD I inherently knew if I attempted to take my own life it would be a Continued on paged 28 27 www atstpodcast com

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Continued from page 27 remarkable statement of pain but nowhere in that statement would any resolution occur I would feel immediate relief and yet there would be no long term relief to the grief I was experiencing The grief needed to be met headon In many cases when we work through our past our primary notions include grieving Grieving is only a necessary part of the whole process of healing I also believe that as much as I continue to attempt to strive for perfection much of the time it simply is not obtainable and therefore learning to be okay with where I am at currently is a powerful tool that I will use throughout my life Recovering from a disorder that bases its entirety around perfection and standards is not necessarily easy though it is possible and is feasible to do I fully believe that so much of my own recovery will be possible when I lessen the standards I put on myself as well as others Suicidality is merely an escape tactic You learn that quickly in undergraduate school when majoring in psychology I did not want to succumb to the escapism that I knew ultimately I would not get and so I knew the only way out of the slow heavy breathing movements was to endure the pain and talk about it if I could not reach out to friends or family I believe I got through it all with my previous therapist s compassion my friends who did call and checkin and knowing that my reaction to the emotion does not have to be acted on I still at this time cannot say I m entirely out of the dark the weight is baring but yet seemingly possible to endure I ve suffered from a lot on this planet this season is nothing short of the past For more info visit the International OCD Foundation Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder OCPD OCPD is a type of personality disorder with characteristics that include Rigid adherence to rules and regulations An overwhelming need for order Unwillingness to yield or give responsibilities to others A sense of righteousness about the way things should be done What are the symptoms of OCPD Excessive devotion to work that impairs social and family activities Excessive fixation with lists rules and minor details Perfectionism that interferes with finishing tasks Rigid following of moral and ethical codes Unwillingness to assign tasks unless others perform exactly as asked Lack of generosity extreme frugality without reason Hoarding behaviors With full transparency what I experienced was a breakdown The standards I put on myself for where I should have been at 25 were seemingly invalid Although I am still working along with school inherently there is the question of whether or not where I am right now is where I should be I have found an incredible amount of healing in adding more hours to my work schedule In a sense adding a heavier work schedule and course load has forced me to stay busy which is a far healthier escape tactic rather than engaging in parasuicidal behaviors QUARTER LIFE CRISIS The diagnosis of OCPD is made when these traits result in a significant impairment in social work and or family functioning 28 www atstpodcast com

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5 Ways to Raise Secure Children WRITTEN BY LORILEE BINSTOCK How responsive we are as parents and caregivers determine how secure children are RAISING SECURE CHILDREN 1 When interacting with children be sensitive to their needs and wants What do our children need given the circumstances The difference is being present and paying attention We can demonstrate empathy and convey warmth in acknowledging their needs I can see that you are feeling very tired and need a nap I get cranky when I m tired too Let s go and take a rest 2 Once you know what children want the next important thing is to fulfill those needs or wants but you must BE RESPONSIVE AND CONSISTENT As infants responding to their needs can be somewhat straightforward But as kids get older their needs become more complex Being responsive to kids needs does not mean giving in to their every whim Sometimes children may want more screen time but what they really need is a more regular routine or firmer discipline Parental responsiveness predicts greater sociability self discipline positive behaviors towards others and self esteem in children Consistency matters the more predictable the regime the more secure The more discontinuous and unpredictable the more anxious 29 www atstpodcast com

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The more discontinuous and unpredictable the more anxious 3 Emotional and physical connection with children is more than just spending time with them If parents or caregivers are preoccupied with phones or lost in thought it doesn t count for much Being present matters In the world of Covid that can be tricky but when you schedule time with your child make it count 4 Encourage multiple attachments While infants and toddlers who are securely attached to their mothers or their daytime caregivers are more mature and positive in their interactions with others children who have secure attachments with both at least mothers and their caregivers are the most emotionally literate of all A study from the National Institute of Health shows that kids profit the most from three secure relationships one with a mother father and a daytime caregiver RAISING SECURE CHILDREN 5 Recognize the importance of sibling and peer attachments Research also indicates the importance that siblings and friends play for children s security even children as young as 15 months For example when infants and toddlers are transferred to new daycare settings requiring them to establish new attachments with caregivers they do better when they are transferred with close friends than if they are transferred alone Similarly siblings can be a very important attachment relationship by providing closeness comfort and security For more info visit The National Institute of Health 30 www atstpodcast com

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I ve learned that people will forget what you said people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel Maya Angelou ADVOCATES FOR EQUALITY 31 www atstpodcast com

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What s Self Love Got to Do with It Everything The way you treat yourself is how you teach others to treat you So stop putting your needs on the backburner For 28 days treat yo self Don t know how Check out page 33 SELF LOVE 32 www atstpodcast com

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28 Days of Self Love SELF LOVE 33 www atstpodcast com

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Mental Health Emotional Support Books Children When shopping around for children s books my husband and I are very cognizant of the books we purchase We always ask ourselves are these stories more than words on the page We want more depth than just a fun story We want these books to strengthen our children from the inside out Here are a few of my favorite books we are reading to our kids to help build empathy and emotional intelligence The Max Molly Mouse Series were created to inspire children to believe in themselves create a higher self worth and teach values like manners gratitude responsibility Darla is a young and spunky astronaut in training She wants to go to Mars one day just like her favorite doll Astronautica But before she does she will need to learn to navigate relatable scenarios Written in a Choose Your Own Story format your kids can help Darla through her day by making choices for her This is a story for anyone at any age who has ever had a problem that they wished would go away Problems challenge us shape us push us and help us to discover just how strong and brave and capable we really are Even though we don t always want them problems have a way of bringing unexpected gifts Danny is a real life superhero in training learning about his most important superpower of all the power to choose In this book you decide how Danny s school day will end by making choices for him There will be cats and dogs and fish but strictly no elephants are allowed The Pet Club doesn t understand that pets come in all shapes and sizes just like friends Now it is time for a boy and his tiny pet elephant to show them what it means to be a true friend I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Amazon com and affiliated sites LORILEE S BOOK CLUB CHILDREN 34 www atstpodcast com

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Mental Health Emotional Support Books Adult In her first book Patrice shares her story about being a fourteen year old girl who endures the horrors of child sexual abuse On a path filled with every horror imaginable there were still angels along the way She is able to triumph and then dedicates her life to see that the hidden world of pedophiles is no longer safe Patrice has worked to change laws and these horrendous offenders will no longer be permitted to camouflage themselves inside the world of music She also started her nonprofit Patrice s Kids to educate adults on the prevention of child sexual abuse All proceeds from the sale of The Unconscious Community will go to Patrice s Kids Inc a 501 c 3 With a mom who wasn t ready to relinquish her party lifestyle eight year old Gina was thrust into a world of alcoholism drugs sex and molestation Abandoned by daily parental guidance she was forced to fend for herself and navigate a world that brought more darkness than security As her childhood was scraped away bit by bit Gina held true to something within that guided her a light that burned brighter once a brief interaction with a stranger connected her with the truth Everything will be okay The Parakeet Drawing is a powerful memoir about the ripple effects of a small act of kindness and how it helped one little girl find the strength within to save herself Sarah s life has been full of excitement and trials yet is still a testimony of triumph From the miracle of her birth the challenges she faced as a young child her struggle to find her life calling and her breakthrough as a daughter her story brings hope as you read about the challenges that she has endured in starting her non profit The Hope Box I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Amazon com and affiliated sites LORILEE S BOOK CLUB ADULT 35 www atstpodcast com

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Join the Nardi Media s BLM Book Club The Nardi Media Black Lives Matter Book Club is meant to be a safe and collaborative community for education and awareness of racial issues and injustice as well as a meaningful way to champion black authors who have used their platform to educate inspire and use their voice to speak for those who cannot The BLM Companion Box is for those looking to get even more out of their BLM Book Club experience and be more intentional about supporting Blackowned businesses Inside the Nardi Media Black Lives Matter Book Club Companion BoxEvery box includes the following A Paperback copy of the month s book for the BLM Book Club AUTHENTIC INSIDER 3 5 seasonal items from Black owned Businesses 36 Each Box Supports the Black Lives Matter Movement www atstpodcast com

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Power concedes nothing without a demand It never did and it never will Frederick Douglas ADVOCATES FOR EQUALITY 37 www atstpodcast com

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Children have neither past nor future they enjoy the present which very few of us do Jean de la Bruyere AUTHENTIC INSIDER 38 www atstpodcast com

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Monthly Collective Readings for All Signs with Joy Larkin January 25 February 26 2021 The message I see for the collective is that most will be leaving the past and breaking free from something This could be you or someone else It s time to reclaim your independence once and for all You have waited long enough and the time is now Others may have already moved on from the past But memories still linger from time to time causing you to think about going back Don t do it Most of you will be starting over in your life a new chapter you are ready to begin New Year New You is the theme of the month I think you all are prepared to leave everything behind A person from your past is concerned that you are breaking free from them and you are This is going to hurt them You love this person but you love yourself more You have changed and are not the same person you used to be Some of you feel privileged or your person could see you as lucky and you will be gaining financial success doing something you love soon Your person could be in despair from guilt because of past mistakes You or your partner feel this way because of how they treated you They are sorry and feel bad about it They regret their actions Many of you will be moving on to people that treat you better and see your worth the first time around Again there is an emotional loss that someone is feeling during this time This could be a loss in finance and or a job as well Keep that in mind Some will be looking for jobs that pay more or provide more satisfaction There is hope after this situation and you can and will recover soon Give yourself time to heal grieve and be by yourself for a while Others still need to end a relationship leave a job and or look into being an entrepreneur If something is not making you happy end it This will take a lot of courage I believe you all can do it Some may question if you should pursue a goal or passion You should if you feel guided It will bring you much success in life Now is a time to have hope for a better future and things will be okay in the end Some of you who work too much may need to take a vacation or getaway or just take it easy for a few days because you are overworking yourself Couples could be experiencing a loss in the family If so my condolences Others may feel disconnected from your partner Take time to talk to your partner and bring back the passion to spice things up Few couples could be renewing vows to show how much you really care or they just need more understanding If you can t spend as much time with your partner as you like express how you feel and see if you can work it out Don t judge or blame Give them space and then they will come back around In conclusion you are healing from the past and are ready to see what life has to offer You are not happy with a past person relationship But you will be learning a lesson and becoming a better person because of past situations Whomever you were dealing with feels your loss They want to make it right but it s best to move on with your life It s not easy but you realize your future has great potential to be amazing without your past I have some people in the collective that could be struggling with codependency Don t worry You just have to work on knowing your self worth value and who you are as a person Learn to love yourself Be single for a while if you need to Remember you are loved and no one on the outside can complete you You are your soulmate When the time is right after you do your inner healing work you will meet someone who will be on the same vibrational level If it feels right move forward with a relationship with a new person Have a great month JOY S READINGS 39 About Joy Joy is a Narcissistic Abuse Survivor who has made it her life s work to help others through life coaching She is also a healer earth angel and psychic medium If you would like coaching services from Joy and or get your own personal reading please scan the barcode below with your smartphone camera Personal Readings Coaching Info www atstpodcast com

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I am Loved I am Enough I am Worthy I am Human I am Imperfect I am more than anyone else s opinions