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Australia's Sporting Identity

Exploring an athletes sporting journey...


Issue 27, 9/9/2016


Whats in this months issue:





Variety of sports at local, state, national and international level.


Associations for each level


competition events for rugy league at each level.


What would it be like to be internationally recognised within:  Your personal life, your community, and at a national level.


The biggest barrier for success.


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Australia is a world renowned for its sport, we are a sporting nation, it is a large part of our culture that we have become obsessed with. There are many diffrent sports from ping pong and darts on the occassional saturday and tuesday nights to swimming and running on the weekend.

It's a well known fact WE LOVE OUR SPORT!!!

- Yeoval rugby club

- Swimming club

- Lawn bowls

- Golf club

- tennis club

- cabonne roos

- Orange cyms (club)




Variety of sports

 - CHS competition

- PSSA sport competition

- Cross country

- Athletics

- Swimmming

- Rugby

- Central Schools sporting competition



- Olympics

- Commonwealth Games

- The Ashes


- Formula One

- Rugby World Cup

-Fifa World Cup

- WCC (Cricket World Cup)


- Cricket -big bash, Shefield shield.

- V8 Supercups

- Shuteshield

- Soccer

- National swimming trials



- Central West Rugby Union (CWRU)

- Central North Rugby Union (CNRU)

- Sydney Amatuer League

- Central coast football

- Eastern Suburbs Football Associations




Associations for each level

- Rugby League International Federation (RLIF)

- Federation of International Touch Football (FITF)

- World Rugby Association (WRA)

- AFL International Association

- Federation International Football Association (FIFA)




- Queensland Rugby League

- New south wales Rugby League

- Victorian rugby League

- Sydney NSW Union

- Football Federation Victoria


- National Touch Rugby Australia

- National Rugby League (NRL)

- Australian Football League (AFL)

-   FFA (Football Federation Australia)

- Australian Rugby Union


- Junior Club Games

- Cabonne Roos

- Dubbo Roos

- Yeoval Eagles

- Molong Magpies

- Orange Cyms



Competition event for Football at each level



- Western Rams

- State Of Origin

- Country Vs City

- CHS State sport

- PSSA State  sport





- 4 nations

- Olympics

- Bledisloe Cup

- World Cup

- Rugby League World Cup








- Under 20's

-  Australian Rugby Union (ARL)

- Football Federation Australia (FFA)


You would get the feeling of belonging, knowing that out there you could be somebodies hero someone that they can look up to like nobody else and say "wow, i want to grow up and be just like them, i want to grow up and do big things just like them". You get the feeling of warmth and when you have just completed a big thing and you h back to your home town, even any own and you get swarmed with people that are wanting your autograph and when you autograph their belonginings you write a small message " dream big, let the memory live on".

At a national level - 

Your personal life -

It would be an amazing experience because you would have and had your family and friends' support all the through to where you are today. There would be kids, close friends, nieces and nephews that woud look up to you as their hero.

What would it be like to be recognised?


You woud get acknowldged in your local aper and the people in your community woud be so proud to be able to see you grow up so fast and see you become and transform who you are today.

Your community -

The biggest barrier for success would be your location and your economic status because for those that are in the central west and the rural parts of Australia would find it hard to get into proffesional football and to be even somewhat recognised by the "top" people of football such as the NRL and the AFL and the Soccer Association of Australia.

The biggest barrier for success

Inspirational Quotes


Jarryd Hayne


Lance Franklin


Adam Goods

Christiano Ronaldo

David Beckham