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Originally written by Madeline Fuchs

           The continent of Ausmerica was settled in three different places all around the same time period of January 2016. They started out as small settlements that all had similar cultures, but each was unique in its own way because the culture was a representation of the settlement’s landscape. All three cultures were similar due to all of them having similar dialects of the main language, Samoan. The villages connected through worship and time spent together. Every first and third Sunday of each month, the settlement of Sunnyside would invite those of Rocky Beach from the south and the settlement from the North to come to Sunnyside to have a bonfire. They connected through sharing their unique traditions, as well as creating new traditions for the whole continent to share. Because these settlements were so close, it made it easier to share culture, and create paths and roads to each settlement which later turned into railroads for faster transportation. As these settlements grew and expanded, each of them became separate nation-states that are involved in a group of allies, against the Phoenix Deus and The Dauntless. The economy of each nation state is dependent on the production and trade with the other two nation-states. This allows each nation-state to still be unique, by still be very connected through economy, culture, language, and political beliefs.

           The three countries of LeiLeii, Atuaa, and Agalelei (which were originally the three settlements on Ausmerica) have now built alliances between themselves, while also blocking out The Phoenix Deus with the use of a wall and high security. For someone to be from either The Dauntless or The Phoenix Deus and want to live in the any one of the 3 alliant countries, one must go through a special security interview and be given a new identity, so that the government of Phoenix Deus doesn’t track them down and kill their emigrant citizens.

The History of Ausmerica 

Nation-State Narratives

           The nation-state of Agalelei started out as simple settlement in the early months of the year 2016. Starting as the settlement of Rockybeach, the small village was part of a few settlements on the continent of Ausmerica. This continent also shares two other settlements, which are now the nation-states of LeiLeii and Atuaa. Agalelei has always had peaceful borders with these two states, and over the past few months has established trade routes regarding the trade of jewels, iron, ore, and coal. These trade routes have grown and strengthened the relationships between these countries, making them closer allies in war or violence against Phoenix Deus and The Dauntless.

           The natural resources of Agalelei were first found in the mountains just outside the capital of Rockybeach, and are mainly Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds, and Pink Sapphires. These resources are mostly the products of private industries in Agalelei, and are then traded for the raw materials and manufactured products coming from the northwest states, LeiLeii and Atuaa, as well as countries with a high level of heavy industry on neighboring continents. Not only does Agalelei contain jewels as part of their economy, but also the wild salmon population has been a huge factor to their economy. However, because the salmon is the nation’s prized animal, the hunting and harvesting of salmon must be suspended in times of endangerment, making the salmon a less reliable source of income. The jewels manufactured in Agalelei are mostly manufactured in the light industrial zone just east of the capital, Rockybeach. This industrial development has impacted the environment negatively as they are excreting extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The city of Rockybeach follows stage 3 of Rostow’s model, meaning that it’s industry is no longer very heavy, but it still is developing and is considered a semi-periphery country. Because most of the wealthy Agaleleians don’t want to be near manufacturing, most of the suburbanization has occurred on the opposite side of Rockybeach, near the east coast. This gives people access to the Central Business District (CBD) without really interacting with the industrial side of the city.  Near the urbanization and industrial western side lies the export and import zones used for Agaleleian International Trade (AIT). Even though this is the main source of trade transportation with countries on other continents, there is also a large bullet-train metropolitan area system connecting all parts of the Agalelian cities and villages, as well as an even larger and more complex railroad connecting with major parts of LeiLeii and Atuaa; however, when crossing the borders into different countries, you must go through identification and security, so the transportation time may take longer than usual. Because this transportation system is electric, it allows people to keep the air clean by taking the rain instead of their own automobiles, and it is cheaper for the average household to get to work or school by train than by car everyday.

           The main religion of Agalelei, Aemonism, is not directly tied to the government because of the freedom of religion law in Agalelei; however, many government leaders are members of Aemonism, making the religion more biased in the government naturally. This makes the relationship between the religion and the state government balanced, with the church nor the government having too much power. The government has always had a personal relationship with the people of Agalelei because the nation has a small population with only 2.5 million people, according to the 2016 census. Each person has a certain amount of freedom, such as right to vote, right to attorney, and are never oppressed unless they are a suspect in a case or have been convicted of breaking the law. The government allows immigrants from around the continent, but because of the danger and violence occurring on the border of Phoenix-Deus and The Dauntless. The people of Agalelei are very diverse in terms of race, and have many political freedoms. Even though the national government is said to have a personal relationship with its citizens, the people have become increasingly angry with the government due to the ignorance of some policies or topics that seem “dismissable” to the government. If the government can’t answer their citizens or get them under control, it is possible that Agalelei will have a civil war on their hands.




           Over the course of the year, the Kingdom of LeiLeii has overcome many obstacles, and withstood many changes, both expected, and not. The core system of beliefs has remained the same. This is called “The Ruling”. The government has no say in the religion, and is required to be tolerative. Within LeiLeii, the quality of Civil Rights for the population has both risen and fallen over time. Overall, the population of LeiLeii have an average amount of civil rights. In LeiLeii, citizens are permitted to vote once they reach adulthood, which is age 17. At this time they have the same influence during voting as any other adult citizen. LeiLeii was blessed with a large amount of natural resources. With coal, iron-ore, oil, and emeralds available, the citizens of LeiLeii have been given the opportunity to create very successful businesses. However, all natural resources are given to these businesses by the government, and there is a tax for all business owners. Although it is not a large tax, it is quite beneficial to the government. This includes the citizens and governments of the settlements Atuaa, and Agalelei. All borders are well defined with natural borders, and all citizens of all settlements are all friendly towards each other. WIthout the natural resourses that have been given, the settlement of LeiLeii would not have survived as a developing settlement. Small businesses have grown successful due to these recourses. Some of the most successful would be the jewelry made with the emeralds found in the LeiLeiin mountain range, and the tools made with the iron-ore also found in the LeiLeiin mountain range. The settlement is completely dependant on coal and oil as its energy source. Without these two recourses, there would be nothing to fuel the citizens homes, nor the transportation systems. Citizens transport mostly by foot or bike, as this settlement is one of the more fit and active. However, when making large journeys or trips, citizens may choose to purchase a train or subway ticket. Subway tickets tend to be used for shorter distances, and train tickets longer due to the comfort of the train cabins.

           LeiLeii is in between stages three and four on Rostow’s Model. The take-off has been successful, and now the settlement is attempting to open their trade routes to other continental ports. LeiLeii is a proud core settlement. It is considered core due to the fact that it is the most successful in the natural resource industry. Man has impacted this settlement is a positive way by putting the natural resources to good use. However, with that concept, man has negatively impacted its environment by using almost all of the natural resources available. There has also been issues in pollution in the environment due to the laziness of citizens as well as other uncontrollable reasons. Overall, the citizens of LeiLeii have been pretty respectful of their native land, and have taken good care of it.

           The Republic of Atuaa is located on the coast of Ausmerica just west of Rocky Beach. In Autaa, the only Religion accepted is Aiga. This religion was founded by Uae's first president, Donald Trump. Since election time is the most sacred for Aigans, there are plenty of opportunities for citizens to vote and speak their mind. Atuaa’s government does their best to listen to their citizens. For example, racism is illegal and jobs have equal pay between genders and race. Atuaa lacks many prisons and is devoted to social welfare. Citizens are allowed to vote at 16 or older. The political freedom in Atuaa falls under very good because every citizen has the chance to vote. Thanks to Atuaa’s natural resources the state planned economy is in quite good shape. In Ausmerica  all settlements trade with each other so their import and export numbers have jumped significantly. The two resources Atuaa has discovered are Iron Ore and coal. Iron ore is used for steel production which is used in the building of our city and coal is used as an energy source to power our city. Atuaa exports their resources regularly to the Kingdom of LeiLeii and to Agalilie.  Those two countries then trade with Atuaa.  Only trading with those in Ausmerica has caused the settlement to become very strong and self sufficient. With Atuaa’s resources, they  have been able to modernize their development. When they discovered these resources, their city was very simplistic. Now, they have urbanized and carry a variety of jobs and housing options for the citizens many downtown inhabitants. Because most workers live downtown, walking or biking is a very popular method of transportation along with the city subway. For the citizens whose commute is a little longer, driving is the preferred method.


           Atuaa compared to Rostow’s model fits in at the end of stage 3 and beginning of stage 4. This is said because Atuaa still relies on imports but has already surpassed industrialization and political change. In comparison to Wallerstein’s World Systems Theory, Atuaa places semi- periphery. Human impact has both positively and negatively affected Atuaa. Positive impact being shown through the profit being put back into the economy and the rest of the city needs. On the other hand, negative impacts occur to the environment through the extraction of  the resources. Natural resources have both ups and downs but they significantly help the economy and strength of Atuaa.





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