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How to make AT successful:

 * Attitudes

  1. Positive- All students can achieve to their highest potential
  2. Thoughtful of each others strengths and weaknesses


  1. Respect for all students and adults
  2. Differences are accepted and valued


  1. Positive
  2. Safe
  3. Learning is at a just right level and fun

Pros and Cons of At 


  1. Helps them complete/participate in activities they are unable to do without AT
  2. Brings them close to what their peers can do
  3. Greater control in what they do
  4. More opportunities to interact 


  1. Can be costly
  2. extra training on how to use the AT

Families Role in AT

  1. Support your Students 
  2. Know how to use the device
  3. Be able to assist with device when help is requested

Teachers role in AT

  1. Collaborator with parents and team
  2. Officiator-  being sure the AT device is being use efficiently and properly
  3. Initiator- being sure there is a need and the student is able to receive the device they need
  4. Learner- able to know how to use the device
  5. Supporter- give the student opportunities to learn and use their device
  6. Enabler - making things possible for the student 
  7. Teacher- assisting others who need to learn the device when needed