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Illustration of the justification of assistive technology for students with disabilities

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Assistive Technology

What needs to be in place for Assistive Technology to be successful?

  1. Parent-Teacher collaboration
  2. Open communication between all members of the IEP team
  3. High expectations for student
  4. Positive yet realistic attitudes regarding what AT will do
  5. Opportunity for scholarships, grants, or insurance to receive up-to-date AT
  6. Useful classroom aides and/or a hands-on teacher to teach the AT

Family's Role:

  • - Advocate for student's wants and needs
  • - Understand modern technologies
  • - Communicate with IEP team
  • - Stay up-to-date on student/peer interests
  • - Use AT for fun in addition to learning

Teacher's Role:

  • - Research modern technologies
  • - Suggest different technologies during IEP meetings
  • - Communicate with IEP team
  • - Know student's SPINS
  • - Know student's past AT