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Atlantic Nurseries 2021 Plant Catalog

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HOURS 2021 January Monday to Friday 8:00 AM 4:00 PM Saturday Closed February Monday to Thursday 8:00 AM 4:00 PM Friday and Saturday Closed March Monday to Friday 8:00 AM 4:00 PM Saturday Closed April through October Monday to Friday 7:00 AM 4:30 PM Saturday: April through June 7:00 AM 3:00 PM July 7:00 AM 12:00 PM August Closed Saturdays September-October 7:00 AM 12:00 PM November Monday to Friday 7:00 AM 4:30 PM Saturday thru 11/20 7:00 AM 12:00 PM December Monday to Friday 8:00 AM 4:00 PM Saturday Closed !Hours subject to change Please call or visit WebsiteHOLIDAYS 2021 Our Sales Yard will be closed for the following May 31 Memorial DayJuly 5 Independence DayAugust 13 Company PicnicSeptember 6 Labor DayNovember 25 - 27 ThanksgivingDecember 23 - December 31 Christmas & New YearCULTURAL KEY For all plants*Dry well drained soilSUFull sun**Moderately moist soilSESemi-shade***Moist to wet soilSHShadeD1Plants rarely damaged by deerD2Plants seldom severely damaged by deerD3Plants occasionally severely damaged by2631-586-6242

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ATLANTIC NURSERIES “A tradition of creating beauty in every conceivable way” ! WHO WE ARE: Atlantic Nurseries, Inc. was founded in Dix Hills in 1969, by Fritz and Elisabeth Schaefer, as a landscape design/build company. Since that time Atlantic added the growing department and wholesale nursery. In 1981 the landscape division was spun off as a separate company from Atlantic Nurseries and reincorporated as Landscape by Atlantic Nurseries, Inc. Today Atlantic Nurseries is both a leading wholesale nursery and grower. Our goal is to provide exceptional quality, service & knowledge to discerning professionals, landscape designers, contractors, public parks, botanical gardens, and retail garden centers from the New York tri-state area. In order to help facilitate successful projects, we carry a large inventory of plant material requiring minimal maintenance and have proven performance history for the greater New York area. This includes natives and unusual and difficult to find plants. In partnering with our customers we continue to live out our “tradition of creating beauty in every conceivable way” ATLANTIC NURSERIES, INC. 691 Deer Park Ave. Dix Hills, N.Y. 11746 phone: (631) 586-6242 fax: (631) 586-6287 email:!3631-586-6242

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CONDITIONS OF SALE Ordering: For fastest service, fax (631-586-6287) or e-mail your order ( For large orders, a few days notice is required to help us get your order ready on time. Prices: All prices are subject to change without notice. Please call regarding quantity discounts. Guarantee: We always try to provide you with the highest quality plants. Due to conditions beyond our control, once plants leave the nursery, there are no guarantees or returns. Acceptance of our nursery stock at the time of purchase is considered proof of good health and survivability of plant material. Atlantic is not responsible for any loss that arises after planting. * Whether you provide a delivery driver or use a recommended third-party delivery service, after plant material is loaded, we assume no responsibility of handling and conditions of exposure during transport. * Any claims due to shortage or error of plant material must be reported within 3 days of purchase. * Any pottery returns must be made within 5 days of purchase, as long as there are no damages. No returns permitted for custom orders or sale items. Re-stocking Fee: We reserve the right to assess a 15% restocking fee against any merchandise returned to Atlantic Nurseries. All returns must be approved in advance by the Sales Manager. Payment: Purchases may be paid with cash, a company check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express). Check writing privileges require that a copy of the company check and a driver's license be kept on file. We do not accept post-dated, personal, or third-party checks, nor can we hold checks for deposit at a future date. Returned checks will result in a $25 service charge (and we reserve the right to revert such account to a cash only basis). Terms for Accounts with established credit: Payment is due 30 days from the date of monthly statement. All past due accounts will revert to a C.O.D .basis. A finance charge (18% APR) will be assessed on past due balances. Payments by credit card for invoices charged to a house credit account will be subject to a 3% surcharge. The credit card fee will be determined at the time of payment. Penalty for non-payment: In the event Atlantic must pursue collection or legal proceedings to enforce payment, Atlantic will be entitled to all collection, attorney, and/or court costs, and interest at the rate of 2% per month.4631-586-6242

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TABLE OF CONTENTSPrices are subject to change without notice. Contact us for current availability & pricing. !HOURS 2021 2 ....................................................................................................HOLIDAYS 2021 2 ...............................................................................................CULTURAL KEY 2 ...............................................................................................WHO WE ARE: 3 .................................................................................................CONDITIONS OF SALE" 4#.............................................................TABLE OF CONTENTS" 5#..............................................................WOODY ORNAMENTALS 6 ................................................................................BOXWOOD" 13#..............................................................................ROSES" 48#....................................................................................BAMBOO" 60#................................................................................VINES" 60#......................................................................................PERENNIALS 67 .................................................................................................PERENNIAL FERNS" 113#..............................................................PERENNIAL GRASSES" 115#.........................................................SEASONAL COLOR 120 .....................................................................................TENDER FERNS" 152#....................................................................TENDER GRASSES & GRASS-LIKE" 154#.....................................SUCCULENTS" 155#......................................................................SEASONAL COLOR VINES" 160#...................................................LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES 163 ..............................................................................MAP & DIRECTIONS 164...................................................................................We're growing and stocking native species and native cultivars. Look for the following notations in our catalog.!N. = Native species"N.C = Native5631-586-6242

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WOODY ORNAMENTALS ABELIA **SU - SE grandiflora 'Kaleidoscope' - 2-3' x 3-4', compact mound of gold-yellow variegation on medium green leaves with red stems, white flowers bloom summer through early fall g. 'Margarita' - 4' x 4', rounded mound of red stems with tiny green leaves edged in bright yellow, clusters of tubular white flowers bloom summer through early fall g. 'Rose Creek' - 3' x 4', pure white blooms May-Sept., followed by dense clusters of pink seed pods, bright red twigs, deep green leaves turn purple in fall g. 'Radiance' - 3' x 5', compact mound, cream edged light emerald green leaves with red stems, pale pink buds open to creamy white flowers summer through early fall g. 'Twist of Mango' - 2-3' x 4-5', foliage emerges bright lemon yellow with hints of mango maturing to golden yellow, pure white flared bells in summer to fall, bronze and gold fall color 3 Gal. ABIES ** SU Koreana 'Horstmann's Silberlocke' - 3-6', ultimately 20', pyramidal habit, upwardly-curved, deep green needles with bright silver-white underside, abundant, large showy cones held upright along branches (B&B) F.P. 3' (B&B) F.P. 4' k. 'Silver Show' - 10' x 12', upright pyramidal habit, curved needles are silver underneath, purple cones stand upright on branches 6 Gal. ACER D2 ** SU - SE Large upright varieties griseum - 25', slow growing with exfoliating cinnamon colored bark, blue-green leaves turn orange-red in fall 15 Gal. Box 20 Gal. Box j. 'Rising Sun' - 12-15' x 12-15', palmate leaves give tropical appearance, yellow red and orange in fall 15 Gal. Box j. 'Vitifolium' - 10-15', low spreading branches with grapevine-like leaves emerge bronzy and mature to bright green, fall color is shades of orange red and purple 6 Gal. 15 Gal. Box palmatum - 10-15' x 12-18', pagoda-like layered branching with small tapered palmate bright green leaves, in the fall foliage takes on different shades of yellow before turning a brilliant red color 15 Gal. p. 'Bloodgood' - 25', broadly arching branches with deep reddish purple foliage which turns bright crimson in fall 10 Gal. 15 Gal. 15 Gal. Box6631-586-6242

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p. 'Butterfly' – 7-12' x 4-8', vase-shaped habit, deeply divided five-lobed leaves are grayish green with creamy white margins tinged with pink in spring, small rose red samaras follow insignificant spring flower clusters, fall color is rose and burgundy 6 Gal. 15 Gal. Box p. 'Emperor 1' - 15-20', broad spreading small tree, large red leaf like 'Bloodgood' that holds red color in the heat of summer, leafs out 12 - 14 days later than 'Bloodgood' 10 Gal. 15 Gal. p. 'Fireglow' - 15-20' x 10-15', leaves emerge dark red in spring, foliage looks translucent with sun behind it, bright red fall color 15 Gal. Box p. 'Ghost Dancer' – 6 - 8' in 10 years, pale white green foliage, morning sun/afternoon shade for best color, fall color is orange to red 15 Gal. p. 'Sango Kaku' - 24', coral branches, bright green leaves turn glowing apricot yellow in fall 5 Gal. 10 Gal. 15 Gal. p. d. 'Seiryu' - 10-15' x 6-8', vase-shaped habit, finely dissected lacy foliage emerges light green with reddish tipped edges that mature to medium green, gold, orange, and red fall color 6 Gal. 15 Gal. Box p. 'Tsuma gaki' - 5-7', leaves are yellow-green with red-tips in spring turning green by summer, with gold and scarlet fall color 15 Gal. Box p. 'Twombly's Red Sentinel' - 8'x10', columnar habit with red-burgundy foliage, turning scarlet in fall 10 Gal. 15 Gal. Box tataricum ssp. ginnala 'Flame' - 15 - 20' x 15 - 20', upright, spreading, deciduous small maple or a large multi-stemmed shrub, medium doubly serrated green leaves (to 4") (Single-stem or Multi-stem) 15 Gal. Weeping varieties palmatum dissectum 'Crimson Queen' - 8' x 10', broad cascading habit, finely dissected deep red foliage with bright scarlet fall color, best if protected from midday sun 5 Gal. 10 Gal. Mound 10 Gal. Stk. 15 Gal. p. d. 'Inaba Shidare'- 4-6’ x 10-12’, rounded cascading habit, deeply cut dissected lace-like foliage emerges deep purple in spring maturing to wine red by summer, bright red fall color 10 Gal. p. d. 'Orangeola'- 8-10’ x 4-5’, compact upright habit, leaves emerge gold with pink edges maturing to yellow and orange, brighter yellow foliage in fall 10 Gal.7631-586-6242

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** New For 2021 ** p. 'Ryusen' - 6' in 15 years, central leader may be staked to increase height, pendulous w/palmate foliage, chartreuse-green foliage in spring to orange/red in fall 15 Gal. p. d. 'Tamuke yama' - broad mound, leaves are crimson, turn maroon throughout summer, fall color is scarlet 10 Gal. p. d. 'Waterfall' - horizontal weeping habit, bright green leaflets flow downward, foliage turns gold with red in fall 10 Gal. Stk. p. d. 'Viridis' - 8-12' x 10-14', pale to medium green leaves unfold in mid-spring with delicate thread-like frilly foliage, yellow-orange shades in fall, tolerates full sun 5 Gal. Dwarf varieties palmatum 'Mikawa Yatsuba' - 5' x 5', overlapping tufts of dissected foliage create canopies on each branch 6 Gal. 10 Gal. p. 'Rhode Island Red' - 6' x 5', dense symmetrical form, leaves are bright red in spring darkening to purple-red, fall color is fiery orange to red 3 Gal. 6 Gal. shirasawanum 'Aureum' - 8', leaves look like small gold moons, yellow leaves turn chartreuse in summer, bright orange red in fall, best in light shade 6 Gal. 10 Gal. 15 Gal. Box s. 'Autumn Moon' - 15', low-branching with chartreuse leaves tinted red, shades of orange and red in autumn 10 Gal. AESCULUS D2 ** SU – SE carnea 'Fort McNair' - 30' x 25' compact round habit, cross between Horsechestnut and Buckeye, deep green leaves turn gold in fall, disease resistant, large clusters of rose-pink ruffled blooms with yellow throats appear in late spring 20 Gal. N. parviflora - 8', spreading, huge brush-like pinkish white panicles mid-summer, deep green foliage turns yellow in fall 15 Gal. AMELANCHIER D2** SU - SE N. canadensis - 25-30' x 15-20', showy drooping clusters of 5-petaled slightly fragrant white flowers appear before emerald green leaves in early spring, blooms followed by round red to purple fruit in early summer, orange-red fall color 7 Gal.8631-586-6242

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N.C. grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance' - clouds of snowy white blooms in April, purplish new growth matures to olive green with bright scarlet fall color (Multi-stem) 15 Gal. 5-6' laevis - 10 x 25' x 10 - 25', small deciduous multi-stemmed understory tree or large shrub, purplish-bronzy toothed foliage in spring, showy clusters of 5 petal flowers in April before leafing out, edible berries follow flowers (Multi-stem) 15 Gal. ANDROMEDA D2 ** - *** SU - SE N.C. polifolia 'Blue Ice' - 12 x 30", narrow leathery icy blue leaves, white bell-shaped blooms tinged with pink, must have acidic sandy peat soil 1 Gal. ARCTOSTAPHYLOS D1 * - ** SU N.C. uva-ursi 'Massachusetts' - 4" x 24", forms dense evergreen mats, tiny pink blooms in April & May 1 Gal. ARONIA D2 ** SU - SE N.C. arbutifolia 'Brilliantissima' - 7', upright habit, large white blooms, bright red berries, fall color is glowing red 3 Gal. N.C. melanocarpa 'Low Scape Hedger' - 36-60" x 24-36", compact shrub with dense columnar upright branching and shamrock green oval leaves, white clusters of blooms in spring followed by purple fruit from late summer into winter, bright orange and scarlet fall color, can be pruned into formal hedge 3 Gal. N.C. m. 'Iroquois Beauty' - 2-3' x 3-4', glossy dark green oval leaves, profuse clusters of white to pale pink blooms in spring become black astringent edible berries in autumn which birds love and are also used in juices, jams, and jellies, burgundy fall color 3 Gal. N.C. m. 'Viking' - 3-6', glossy green leaves, small clusters of white blooms slightly earlier than species, purple-black nutrient-rich berries in late summer, can be jellied or made into pies, attractive red fall color, attracts birds 3 Gal. AUCUBA D2 ** SE - SH japonica 'Emily Rose' - 4-5' x 4-5', dense shrub with jade green glossy evergreen leaves, bright red fruit in winter, self-pollinating 5 Gal. 10 Gal. j. 'Hosoba Hoshifu' - 6' x 6', long narrow emerald and gold foliage, scarlet fruit, more compact than 'Gold Dust' 3 Gal.9631-586-6242

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j. 'Mr. Goldstrike' - 8' x 6', male pollenizer, similar foliage to 'Gold Dust' with more vivid, heavier gold splashing 3 Gal. 5 Gal. 10 Gal. j. 'Nana' - 3-5', upright bushy habit, evergreen solid green narrow glossy barely-toothed leathery leaves, scarlet red fruit in fall and winter, dwarf cultivar is half the height and more upright than species 3 Gal. j. 'Picturata' - 4-6', evergreen, large glossy shamrock green foliage liberally splashed and speckled with lemon yellow centers, bright red oval berries from fall throughout winter, needs male pollenizer 5 Gal. 10 Gal. j. 'Serratifolia' - broad green leaves with serrated margins 5 Gal. j. 'Variegata' (Gold Dust) - glossy green leaves, gold flecks 3 Gal. 7 Gal. AZALEA ** SU - SE Deciduous varieties - Mildew resistant, tolerates more shade than evergreen N. aborescens - 8-12', upright open shrub has jade green leaves with pale undersides, fragrant white to pale pink trumpets with long rose to red stamens from mid-spring to early summer, red to burgundy fall color 3 Gal. N. atlanticum - 2-3', compact open mound, small oval jade green leaves with silvery undersides, clusters of highly fragrant pale pink to white trumpets with protruding stamens from late spring to early summer, frequently used in azalea breeding programs because of its strong fragrance 3 Gal. N. calendulaceum - 4-8' x 8-12', wide rounded open shrub, jade green leaves with pale undersides, small trusses of peach to bright scarlet-orange trumpets that hummingbirds love from mid-spring to early summer, gold to red fall color 3 Gal. 'Cannon's Double' - 6' x 4', small mound, layered petals are peach, pink, and cream, foliage is red-bronze in fall 3 Gal. 'Gibralter' - 4' x 4', upright branched habit, deciduous mildew-resistant leaves, buds open to orange trumpets in spring, scarlet and deep magenta fall color 3 Gal. N.C. 'Lemon Drop' - small pale yellow blooms in mid-summer 2 Gal. 'Mount St. Helens' - 4-5' x 3-4', fragrant ball-shaped cluster of flowers are mix of creamy pink white rose yellow and orange, blooms late spring-early summer 3 Gal.10631-586-6242

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m. mucronulatum 'Cornell Pink' - 4-8' x 4-8', dense shrub has medium green leaves with pointed tips, shades of yellow and red in fall, clear pink flowers, with no hints of purple or lavender bloom in clusters at branch tips in early spring before foliage 2 Gal. Dwarf Evergreen varieties 'Gumpo Pink' - 2' x 3', dense low mound, single light pink flowers, blooms late May 'Gumpo White' - 2' x 3', dense low mound, bright white flowers with purple flecks, blooms late May 3 Gal. 15-18" 'Macrantha Dwarf' – 24" x 36", low irregular shrub with tiny pointed leaves, rich red orange blooms, May - June 3 Gal. 15-18" 3 Gal. 18-21" 'Nancy of Robin Hill' - 2-3' x 3-4', double light salmon pink, May-June 3 Gal. 15-18” 'Sir Robert' - 2' x 4', large pale salmon pink blooms with dark pink streaks and bars, May - June 3 Gal. 15-18" Standard Size Evergreen varieties 'Bollywood Star' – 2-3', neon pink flowers in early May, tapered dark green leaves edged in bright silver-white 3 Gal. 18-21" 'Conversation Piece' - 2-3' x 2-3', re-bloomer, ruffled pink and white flowers, blooms late spring and again in fall, spectacular burgundy winter color 3 Gal. 18-21" 'Delaware Valley White' - 2-4' x 4-5', upright, pure white flowers, early bloomer 3 Gal. 18-21" 5 Gal. 24-30" 'Girard's Fuchsia' - 3-5' x 4-6', dark green foliage takes on red tones in winter, large single ruffled deep fuchsia purple blooms with lighter spotted throat, late April to early May 3 Gal. 18-21" 5 Gal. 24-30" 'Johanna' - 2-3', blood-red blooms May - June, dark glossy foliage turns crimson in fall 3 Gal. 15-18" 'Pleasant White' - 2.5', brood low mounding shrub with white with cream center, dark foliage 3 Gal. 18-21" 5 Gal. 24-30" 'Poukhanense' - 3-6' x 6-12', dark green foliage turns orange-red in fall and retains leaves in mild winters, clusters of 2" single lightly fragrant lilac to rosy pink blooms in early spring, attracts hummingbirds 3 Gal. 18-21" 5 Gal. 24-30" 'Poukhanense Compacta' - 3-6' x 4-6', denser and not as wide as the straight species 3 Gal. 18-21" 5 Gal. 24-30"11631-586-6242

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'Tradition' - 2-4' x 3-5', low spreading form, very heavy bloomer with medium pink flowers, blooms early spring 3 Gal. 18-21" 5 Gal. 24-30" 'Encore' Series - zone 6 variety, blooms up to 3 times a season, long bloom time, evergreen, re-blooming 'E. Autumn Amethyst' - 4-6', compact rounded habit, deep lavender flowers with dark red spots, re-bloomer, repeat blooming spring thru summer up to 3 times a season, evergreen, winter foliage turns wine red 'E. Autumn Bonfire' - 2-3' x 2-3', compact dense shrub, with bright green leaves, single and semi-double glowing red flowers bloom in spring then sporadically from midsummer to frost 'E. Autumn Carnation' - 4.5' x 4', ruffled pink flowers repeat-bloom spring through summer, foliage is shades of purple in fall 'E. Autumn Chiffon' – 2.5' x 3', dwarf, compact habit, clusters of single flowers with dark pink center that fades to pale pink, flowers bloom longer throughout the summer 'E. Autumn Embers' – 2-3' x 3-4', compact, dwarf habit, deep orange-red semi double flowers, blooms up to 3 times a season 'E. Autumn Empress' - 4' x 3', compact habit, hot pink semi double flowers, blooms up to 3 times a season 'E. Autumn Fire' - 2.5' x 3', glossy dark green foliage deepens to purple bronze in winter, semi-double true red velvety blooms 'E. Autumn Ivory' - 30" x 36", dwarf rounded habit, medium green leaves, 2" pure white blooms, blooms up to 3 times a season 'E. Autumn Jewel' - 4.5', bright green foliage deepens to purple in winter, single pink flowers 'E. Autumn Lily' - 4.5', white flowers with single purple stripe 'E. Autumn Royalty' – 4-5' x 3-4', semi-dwarf habit, magenta purple flowers bloom up to 3 times a season 'E. Autumn Sangria' - 4-5' x 3-4', compact, semi-dwarf habit, bright pink single flowers, largest of Encore series, blooms spring thru late summer, blooms up to 3 times a season 'E. Autumn Sundance' - 3.5' x 4', round spreader, huge single crimson-pink flowers 'E. Autumn Sunset' - 3' x 3-5', compact, semi-dwarf habit, red-orange flowers , blooms spring thru late summer up to 3 times a season 'E. Autumn Twist' - 4.5' x 4', bi-color blooms, light pink and fuchsia with magenta spots and streaked purple pattern 3 Gal. BERBERIS D1 * - ** SU - SE 'Worry-Free Crimson Cutie' – It's BACK!! developed in 2018, with no viable seeds, dense, compact and slow growing with purple-red foliage, the perfect, non-invasive replacement for the popular 'old' Barberry selection on the market, 'Crimson Pygmy' 2 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** 'Worry-Free Lemon Cutie' – 2-3' x 3-4', compact, brilliant gold foliage, non-invasive, sterile 2 Gal.12631-586-6242

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BETULA D1 ** - *** SU - SE N.C. n. 'Heritage' - 30' vigorous trouble-free birch, large glossy leaves, beautiful pinkish tan exfoliating bark (Multi-stem) 15 Gal. (Multi-stem) 15 Gal. Hvy utilis jacquemontii - 20-30', upright narrow tree with bright green serrated triangular leaves, pure white bark with horizontal black accent lines, fall color is yellow and gold, (Multi-stem) 15 Gal. (Multi-stem) 20 Gal. BUDDLEIA D2 * - ** SU davidia 'Miss' Series – small to midsized shrubby habit with continuous panicles of sterile blooms from midsummer to frost d. 'Miss Molly' - 5' x 5', sangria-red flowers d. 'Miss Ruby' - 3-5' x 3-5', brilliant rich magenta pink d. 'Miss Violet' - 4-5' x 4-5', vivid violet d. 'Miss Pearl' - 4-5' x 4-5', pure white 3 Gal. 'Pugster' Series - 2', dwarf plants with rounded shrubby habit, sturdy stems for vastly improved winter hardiness, large panicles, sterile non-stop blooms from early summer to frost 'Pugster Amethyst' – soft amethyst purple 'Pugster 'Blue' – lilac blue 'Pugster 'Pink' – clear pink 'Pugster 'White' – pure white with a sweet honey scent 3 Gal. BOXWOOD BUXUS D2 ** SU - SE **Due to the severity of Boxwood Blight we cannot take returns on Buxus. Once they have been loaded, sales are final.** 'Baby Gem' - 3-4' x 4-4.5', compact rounded form, microphylla var. japonica cv. aka 'Gregem', glossy dark green foliage holds color through winter's cold, heat and drought tolerant 3 Gal. 'Baby Jade' - 3' x 3', dense tight and low micro. var japonica cv.has glossy jade green evergreen foliage which holds color through winter's cold, heat and drought tolerant 3 Gal. 'Green Beauty' - 3-5' x 3-5', rounded small glossy leaves mature to dark green and typically bronzes in cold weather 2 Gal. 5 Gal. 'Green Gem' - 1.5-2' x 1.5-2', globe shape with excellent winter hardiness, glossy dark green leaves 3 Gal. 5 Gal. (B&B) 18-21"13631-586-6242

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'Green Mountain' - 3-5' x 2-3', dense upright habit, narrow glossy dark green foliage, occasional bronze tones in winter 3 Gal. 15-18" 10 Gal. 2-2.5' (B&B) 2-2.5' (B&B) 2.5-3' (B&B) 3-3.5' (B&B) 3.5-4' (3 Ball Topiary) 10 Gal. (Cone) B&B 3' (Pompom) 7 Gal. 'Green Velvet' - 2-4' x 2-4', broad compact mounds of glossy dark green leaves 3 Gal. 15-18" 5 Gal. 18-21" (B&B) 18-21" (B&B) 21-24" (B&B) 24-30" (B&B) 30-36" microphylla 'Franklin's Gem' - 15-18' x 24-30', dwarf rounded, glossy green foliage turns olive green in winter, grows well in sun and shade 3 Gal. 15-18" 'NewGen Series - a breeding breakthrough which gives the industry a solution to the disease and pest problems boxwood continue to face, NewGen demonstrates better tolerance of Boxwood Blight, and resistance to Boxwood Leafminer 'NewGen Freedom' – 42" x 36", grows 3-5" per year, slightly taller than wide, bright green leaves show decidedly improved tolerance to both Blight and Leafminer 'NewGen Independence' - 3' x 3' rounded shrub with very deep green foliage that holds its rich color all winter, decidedly improved tolerance to both Blight and Leafminer 3 Gal. sempervirens - 5-15' x 5-15', broad-rounded, dark glossy green foliage above yellowish-green below, bronzy winter color, takes hard pruning well (B&B) 2.5-3' s. 'Graham Blandy' - 8-12' x 1-3', upright column, glossy foliage is bright green in spring aging to deep green, significantly taller than wide, will tolerate full shade but less robust and more open (B&B) 4.5-5' 'Winter Gem' - 2-3' x 2-3', low and compact with small oval light medium green leaves 3 Gal. CALLICARPA D2 ** SU - SE dichotoma 'Early Amethyst' - early bloom, lavender berries 3 Gal. 10 Gal. d. 'Pearl Glam' - 4-5' x 3-4', arching branches with deep burgundy foliage holds color all season, hundreds of orchid purple berries along the branches from late summer through autumn 3 Gal.14631-586-6242

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CALLUNA D2 ** SU vulgaris varieties - 1-2', evergreen, late summer blooms 1 Gal. CALYCANTHUSD2 ** SU - SE 'Aphrodite' - 6-7' x 5-6', compact shrub has large green leaves with gold fall color, large spicy apple scented rose red magnolia-like flowers mid-summer to early fall 3 Gal. f. 'Burgundy Spice'- 5-6', glossy plum purple leaves, 4" cup-like blooms with narrow petals of dusty wine with a powerful mango-pineapple scent, bloom continuously from late spring to midsummer, gold and orange fall foliage 3 Gal. N.C. f. 'Venus' - 5-6', glossy green leaves, white magnolia like flowers with yellow and purple central markings, fruity spicy fragrance, continuously blooms from May to July, yellow fall foliage 3 Gal. CAMELLIA ** SE Cold Hardy varieties - bred from oleifera parentage and hardy to zone 6, all will benefit from a protected location and moist acid organic soil Spring Blooming varieties 'April Pink' - 6-8' x 4-6', compact upright habit, glossy green leaves, large double shell pink flowers with very formal, perfect appearance, blooms early spring, evergreen 'April Remembered' - 7-9', extremely floriferous, large semi-double creamy pink blooms, deep green foliage 'April Tryst' - 5-8', bright red blooms, more frost tolerant than most other varieties Fall Blooming varieties 'Winter's Joy' – 4-6', compact, pink, semi-double blooms 'Winter's Snowman' - 8' x 6', burgundy new growth, pink buds, white semi-double blooms, Nov. - Dec., 'Winter's Star White' - 4-6' x 5-7', 3-4" single white blooms with yellow anthers in mid to late fall 'Yuletide' - 6-10', single, bright red blooms with yellow stamens 5 Gal. 7 Gal. (Select Varieties) 7 Gal. Esp. (Select Varieties) 10 Gal. CARPINUS ** SU - SE betulus - 25-35', dense upright low branching tree, sharply-toothed deep green leaves are clean and attractive throughout the season, yellow to orange fall color, smooth gray bark with muscle-like fluting (Hedge Form) (B&B) 8' F.P. b. 'Fastigiata' - 35' x 25', dense upright columnar habit, tight vertical branching, scalloped green leaves 15 Gal. Hvy15631-586-6242

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CARYOPTERIS D1 * - ** SU clandonensis 'Beyond Midnight' - 2- 2.5', compact mound of aromatic silvery-green foliage, profuse blooms of fragrant, deep bluish-purple flowers from late summer into fall c. 'Longwood Blue' - 2-4' x 2-4', medium violet-blue flowers from midsummer into fall 3 Gal. c. 'Sapphire Surf' - 2-3' x 3-4', compact with mid-green fragrant leaves with a hint of silver, clusters of deep violet blue blooms 3 Gal. CEDRUS D3 ** SU atlantica 'Glauca Pendula Serpentine' - irregular blue weeper 7 Gal. 20 Gal. deodara varieties - evergreen pyramidal forms with attractive graceful arching branches, allow room for most cultivars d 'Prostrate Beauty' - irregular creeping habit, silver-blue 3 Gal. d. 'Snow Sprite' - 4-5' x 2.5-3', small tight mound, ivory-white new growth in spring turns creamy-yellow in summer, a leader will develop with age, but plant will remain small and compact 3 Gal. 6 Gal. CEPHALOTAXUS D1 ** SE - SH harringtonia 'Duke Gardens' - 2' x 6', spreading arches of leathery deep green foliage 3 Gal. 5 Gal. h. 'Fastigiata' - 6', upright vase habit, very slow growing 3 Gal. 5 Gal. 10 Gal. h. 'Prostrata' - 1.5' x 5', branches cascade at tips, large broad deep glossy green needles, excellent sub for Taxus b. Repandens 3 Gal. 5 Gal. CERCIDIPHYLLUM D1 ** SU - SE japonicum - 40-60', single trunk, red-purple leaves in spring, green with blue tint in summer, gold orange and red in fall 20 Gal. CERCIS D3 ** SU - SE N.C. c. 'Forest Pansy' - 15', small spreading tree, tiny rosy-purple blooms, deep purple leaves 15 Gal. Hvy N.C. c. 'Lavender Twist' (Covey) - 10' x 10', weeping form, contorted branches form a low umbrella-shaped crown, pinkish purple blooms in early spring, bright green foliage 15 Gal. 20 Gal.16631-586-6242

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N.C. c. 'Merlot' - 12' x 15', upright vase is denser and more colorfast than 'Forest Pansy', scorch resistant deep burgundy foliage, rosy clusters of blooms in spring before foliage emerges, superior heat tolerance 15 Gal. N.C. c. 'Ruby Falls' – 6' x 4', full crowned dwarf weeper with violet red blooms and plum red leaves 15 Gal. Hvy. N.C. c. 'The Rising Sun' - 10-12', rosy orchid blooms in early spring, new leaves emerge tangerine, turning apricot-rose, to golden, then lime-green 15 Gal. CHAENOMELES D2 ** SU - SE 'Dbl. Take Orange Storm' - 3' x 4', ruffled coral-orange blooms in early spring on prior year's wood, thorn-free stems 'Dbl. Take Pink Storm' - similar to above, 2" pink blooms 'Dbl. Take Scarlet Storm' - same - but with red blooms 2 Gal. CHAMAECYPARIS D3 ** SU - SE Dwarf varieties - heights listed are for 10-year growth obtusa 'Gemstone' - 16-18", dwarf, more oval when young, maturing to more rounded form with side branches growing outward, tightly layered dark green fans with paler reverse 6" 3 Gal. o. 'Compacta' - 8-12' x 3-5', compact upright pyramidal habit, deep green flat feathery-looking foliage sprays, slow growing (B&B) 4' F.P. o. 'Nana Gracilis' - 30-36" x 20" (20 years 6'), globose, becomes pyramidal, cupped green foliage, protect from wind 3 Gal. 6 Gal. (B&B) 18-24" F.P. o. 'Nana Lutea' - 3-4' x 3-4', layered narrow pyramid with tiny fans of butter yellow new growth maturing to gold with interior foliage deepening to rich dark green 3 Gal. 6 Gal. o. 'Kosteri' – 3-4' x 3-4', dwarf broad pyramid, fans of deep green scales on downward-curving horizontal branches 3 Gal. 6 Gal. o. 'Verdoni' - 3', slow growing, upright mounded habit, bright golden tufted foliage does not burn 6 Gal. 10 Gal. (B&B) 2.5-3' F.P. pisifera f. 'Gold Mops' - 4-6', mound of gold thread-like foliage 3 Gal.17631-586-6242

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Upright varieties o. 'Fernspray Gold' - 5-6' x 4-5', slow-growing broad compact pyramid, slender outward arching horizontal branches with flat fern-like sprays in golden yellow with lime green interior, 3 Gal. 6 Gal. o. 'Iseli Green' - 20' x 15' at maturity, spreading, graceful branches display gently cupped sprays of dark green fans, attractive reddish-brown bark develops striking texture with age 6 Gal. o. 'Gracilis' - narrow upright habit, dark green fan shaped branches in horizontal layers 5 Gal. o. 'Well's Special' - 15' x 7', narrow upright pyramid habit, fans of emerald green foliage packed densely on sculptural branches, a tall narrow version of species 6 Gal. (B&B) 5-6' F.P. CHIONANTHUS D3 ** SU - SE restusus 'Tokyo Tower' - 12-15' x 4-6', narrow strongly upright tree, dark green foliage turns bright yellow in fall, tan and gold exfoliating bark, large abundant clusters of fluffy white flowers in spring mature into oval blue fruit in fall, flowers are showier on males but only females make fruit 15 Gal. virginicus - 12-20' x 12-20', spreading rounded shrub or small tree spearhead-shaped leaves turn gold in fall, slightly fragrant drooping clusters of fringe-like creamy white flowers bloom in spring, male blooms are showier than female, drooping clusters of dark blue oval berries on females are bird magnets in summer (Multi-stem) 15 Gal. CLETHRA D2 ** SU - SE N.C. alnifolia 'Hummingbird' - 2', very compact upright oval shrub, fragrant white blooms, July-Aug., shiny dark green foliage, yellow brown fall color N.C. a. 'Paniculata' - 3-8' x 4-6', rounded shrub, glossy dark green leaves, narrow upright bottle-brushes of sweetly fragrant white flowers in mid to late summer, gold fall color N.C. a. 'Vanilla Spice' - 3-6' x 3-6', compact, dark green leaves with golden yellow fall color, large spikes of tiny white highly fragrant blooms cover plant in summer, aka 'Caleb' N.C. a. 'Ruby Spice' - 6', rich rosy pink blooms 3 Gal. 7 Gal. COMPTONIA D3 ** SU - SE peregrina - 2-5' x 4-8', upright clumping habit, simple, narrow, lustrous, pinnatifid, deeply notched, olive to dark green leaves, insignificant, yellowish green flowers in spring, greenish brown, burr-like nutlets later in season, full sun to part shade 1 Gal.18631-586-6242

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CORNUS D3 ** SU - SE Groundcover Forms N. canadensis - 3" x 36", groundcover, green foliage turns burgundy in fall, white four-petaled blooms, bright red berries 1 Gal. Shrub Forms - shrub forms benefit from annual pruning for best twig color alba 'Ivory Halo' - 4-6' x 4-6', green leaves edged in white, red winter stems, flat clusters of yellow-white flowers late spring, white berries age to blue late summer 3 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** alba 'Neon Burst' - 4-5' x 4-5', upright shrubby multi-stemmed habit, bright yellow oval leaves turn reddish purple in fall, flat-topped clusters(cymes to 2.5") of creamy white blooms in spring mature to white summer berries, winter branches have dark coral to red color which deepens as spring approaches 3 Gal. N.C. sericea 'Baileyi' - 6-8', upright multi-stem, red branches, deep green foliage turns reddish purple in fall 3 Gal. 5 Gal. N.C. s. 'Cardinal' - 6-9' x 8-12', upright loose shrub, mid green leaves, clusters of tiny pale blooms in spring followed by fall berries, bright salmon-pink winter stems 3 Gal. N.C. s. 'Arctic Fire' - 3-4' x 3-4', upright compact, medium to dark green leaves are shades of red to orange fading to purple in fall, stems turn bright red in winter, flat clusters of tiny fragrant white flowers appear in late spring followed by clusters of whitish-blue berries in summer 3 Gal. Tree Forms N. alternifolia - 20' x 25', a quiet beauty, broad canopy with layered branches, clusters of creamy white bracts in late spring, deep green leaves turn purple-red in fall, best if grown in light shade and evenly moist soil 15 Gal. N.C. florida 'Cherokee Brave' - 15-30' x 25-35', deep rosy pink bracts fade to white in center, bracts before leaves emerge, burgundy-red fall color, large red berries, resistant to anthracnose and powdery mildew 15 Gal. kousa - 25', broad vase shaped small tree covered in large pointed creamy white blooms after foliage emerges in spring, bracts followed by large red raspberry-shaped fruit (Single-stem) 15 Gal. (Multi-stem) 15 Gal. 6-7' 30 Gal. k. 'Summer Fun' - 8' x 4', upright oval tree with green and creamy white variegated leaves, white bracts emerge in June, rosy fruit appear in late summer, fall color is deep rosy red with pink and peach 15 Gal.19631-586-6242

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** New For 2021 ** kousa 'Tri-Splendor' - 18' x 12', upright vase-shaped habit, beautifully colored variegated foliage, leaves are green and white dappled with some gold at the base on new growth, creamy white bracts appear in spring, bright red fall color, strawberry-like fruit in autumn 15 Gal. x 'Celestial Shadow' - 18-20' x 15', upright vase-shaped habit, golden and green variegated foliage emerges before the large four-petaled white bracts, sturdy kousa-florida cross is resistant to Anthracnose, vibrant rose and burgundy fall color 15 Gal. x 'Ruth Ellen' - 12-18' x 18-24', broad upright habit, pointed oval green leaves turn shades of red and purple in fall, a profusion large showy rounded four-petaled creamy white bracts with hints of blushing pink in early summer, sterile cultivar creates no fruit, excellent resistance to Anthracnose and Dogwood borer 15 Gal. x rutgersensis – vigorous disease-resistant crosses of kousa and florida bloom midway between the two, strong upright vase-shaped trees x. r. 'Aurora' - 14-18' x 14-18', small tree with vigorous, dense, upright habit, dark green leaves turn shades of purple in fall, large velvety white bracts open flat giving appearance of large flower, blooms early spring, sterile and does not produce fruit 25 Gal. x. r. 'Stellar Pink' - upright when young, forms broad round crown with age, pink (sometimes white) overlapping bracts 15 Gal. CORYLUS D2 ** SU - SE avellana 'Contorta' - irregular specimen, early spring slender catkins hang like ornaments from artfully tangled stems 7 Gal. a. 'Red Dragon' - 5-6' x 5-6', twisted contorted habit, like Harry Lauder's Walking Stick with wine red leaves holding color long into season, showy spring catkins are light red 7 Gal. 10 Gal. COTINUS D3 * - ** SU coggygria varieties - round multi-stem, large soft smoky panicles June - Sept., need full sun for best color c. 'Golden Spirit' - 8' x 6', upright rounded habit, deciduous, foliage begins lime green and ages to brilliant gold, airy smoky pink plumes in summer, coral orange and red fall color 3 Gal. c. 'Grace' - 15' x 8', large purple-red foliage turns scarlet in autumn, 14" purplish-pink flower panicles in summer 10 Gal. c. 'Royal Purple' - 10', purple panicles, leaves are maroon-red darkening to deep purple, turning reddish purple in fall 10 Gal.20631-586-6242

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c. 'Velveteeny' - 3-4', dwarf rounded shrubby habit, deep burgundy oval foliage with bluish overtones, large airy panicles of rosy smoke in summer, a tiny version of 'Grace' 5 Gal. c. 'Winecraft Black' - 4-6’, dwarf rounded shrubby habit, round leaves emerge deep purple in spring, change to near-black in the heat of the summer, large airy rounded plumes of smoky gray with rosy overtones emerge mid to late summer 5 Gal. COTONEASTER D3 ** SU - SE adpressus 'Tom Thumb' - 8-12", dense low ground hugging mounds, a.k.a 'Little Gem', small glossy dark green leaves turn red in fall, inconspicuous tiny white flowers tinged with pink bloom in late spring, followed by red berries in fall 2 Gal. d. 'Streib's Findling' - 4" x 2', dense mats of tiny dark green leaves, white blooms followed by red fruit, semi-evergreen 1 Gal. salicifolia 'Repandens' - 2' x 6', cascading habit, glossy dark green semi-evergreen foliage 2 Gal. CRYPTOMERIA D1 ** SU - SE Upright varieties j. 'Black Dragon' - 6-7', compact pyramid habit, dark green awl-like needles with bronzy winter overtones 10 Gal. 3' j. 'Radicans' - 50-60' slender, pyramidal habit, blue-green needles are spiraled, may bronze in cold winters, spherical cones appear at shoot ends, red-brown bark peels in strips 20 Gal. 6' Dwarf Mounded varieties ** New For 2021 ** j. 'Birodo' - 2'x2', dwarf, slow-growing globe shaped specimen with short erect green needles, like the points of a star, turns bronze purple for winter 6" 3 Gal. j. 'Globosa Nana' - 4' x 4', dense globes of dark green needles, maintains good color throughout winter 3 Gal. 7 Gal. j. 'Gyokuryu' - 3'x3', dense mounded habit, short, extremely stiff needles, a much darker green than most cryptomerias, holds color well through winter, prune to maintain rounded habit, slight winter bronzing if in windy conditions 3 Gal. 6 Gal.21631-586-6242

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j. 'Spiralis' – 10' x 8' in 10 years, matures to 30', forms rounded mounds when young, more upright with age, densely branched with light green needles twisted around the branches appearing a bit like ringlets 3 Gal. 6 Gal. CUPROCYPARIS D3 ** - *** SU leylandii - 30-60', upright, very fast-growing evergreen, dense feathery foliage is easily sheared, salt-tolerant 15 Gal. 6' 25 Gal. CYTISUS D1 * SU Loose mounded habit, tiny green leaves hug whip-like branches, vivid pea-like flowers bloom May - June 'Burkwoodii' - 5 - 6', dense and twiggy, garnet-red blooms 'Lena' - 4', vivid ruby-red blooms scoparius 'Moonlight' - 5 - 6', pale yellow blooms 3 Gal. DAPHNE ** SE 'Carol Mackie' - 3' x 4', dense rounded shrub has semi-glossy narrow bright green leaves with yellow margins aging to cream, fragrant pink four-petaled tubular blooms in spring F.P. 24" 'Eternal Fragrance' - 2-3' x 2-3', glossy narrow green foliage, intensely fragrant white flowers with golden anthers in spring, foliage takes on pink-purple hues when nights turn cool, sporadic bloom on new growth summer into fall, F.P. 24" x burkwoodii 'Somerset' - 2-3' x 4-5', clusters of extremely fragrant creamy white to blush pink flowers in late spring F.P. 24" DEUTZIA D2 ** SU g. 'Nikko' - 12" x 2', arching shrub cascades with white bell-shaped blooms in spring, deep burgundy fall color 3 Gal. x rosea 'Nikko Blush' - 3-4' x 4-5', maroon arching branches sport willowy deep green leaves washed with wine at the base, profuse spring sprays of two-tone blooms are cherry red on the outside and blush pink on the inner surface, 3 Gal. 'Yuki Cherry Blossom' - 1-2' x 1-2', compact arching habit, fragrant white blooms with pink reverse in mid to late spring 'Yuki Snowflake' - 12-24', compact mounds of emerald green willow-like foliage turns burgundy in fall, covered with masses of tiny pure white bells in early to late spring 3 Gal.22631-586-6242

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DIERVILLA D ** SU - SE ** New For 2021 ** rivularis 'Honeybee' – 32" x 42", spreading habit upright arching branches,small yellow flowers June-July, glowing golden foliage 2 Gal. N.C. r. 'Kodiak Black' - 3-4' x 4-5', compact rounded shrub has bright yellow flowers in summer, pointed oval leaves are dark burgundy-black N.C. r. 'Kodiak Orange' - 3-4' x 4-5', bright yellow flowers in summer, leaves transition from green in spring to bright glowing orange in fall 2 Gal. 'Firefly Night Glow' - 3' x 3', arching branches of deep burgundy are an excellent foil for small sprays of vibrant sulphur-yellow blooms which act as pollinator magnets, lighter burgundy fall color, drought and shade tolerant 3 Gal. DISTYLIUM ** SU - SE 'Coppertone' - 3-4' x 4-5', spreader with diagonal branches sporting deep green glossy evergreen leaves, new foliage is distinctive coppery red, small starry rusty red flowers bloom at leaf axils in late winter, will tolerate drought and wet soil once established, good disease resistance 'Spring Frost' - 2-3' x 3-4', low spread with unique foliage which emerges buttery cream with red highlights on the margins staying colorfast well into summer on wine red 'Swing Low' - 2-3' x 5-6', low spreader, blue-green evergreen foliage on horizontal branches, small starry rusty red flowers bloom at leaf axils in late winter, more compact and prostrate than 'Cinnamon Girl', excellent disease and insect resistance, 'Vintage Jade' - 2' x 6', compact low spreading habit, dark green foliage, very small rusty red flowers in late winter 3 Gal. ELAEAGNUS D2 * SU e. 'Gilt Edge' - light green leaves with prominent bright gold edges, highly fragrant silvery white blooms in late fall 5 Gal. ERICA D1 * SU - SE cinera varieties - 8", broad cushion shaped mounds, abundant white or pink blooms in late winter - early spring 2 Gal. EUONYMUS D3 ** SU - SE fortunei 'Kewensis' - 3-6" x 12-36", minuscule trailing semi-evergreen creeper with tiny green glossy leaves 1 Qt. japonicus 'Aureo-marginatus' - 8 - 10', upright with glossy deep green evergreen foliage edged in gold j. 'Aureo Variegata' – 6' x 3', upright habit, leathery evergreen dark green leaves with bright gold central splotches and scallop-toothed margins23631-586-6242

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j. 'Chollipo' - 8' x 5', dense upright shrub with tight branching, bright green evergreen foliage has wide buttery yellow margins j. 'Grandiflorus' - 6-8' x 4-6', compact and tight with glossy green leathery evergreen foliage j. 'Silver King' - 8-10', large green leaves, silver-white border 3 Gal. 5 Gal. j. 'Greenspire' - 6-8' x 1-2', slim and rigidly upright, creates a narrow architectural biostructure with tiny deep green leaves 1 Gal. 2 Gal. 5 Gal. j. 'Microphyllus' - 24" x 12", upright and bushy with small oval shamrock green leaves j. 'Microphyllus Silver Princess' - 12-24" x 12", upright with evergreen bright green leaves and white margins, slightly larger in leaf and habit than albomarginatus j. 'Microphyllus Sunny Delight' - 2' x 2', upright mound of small serrated evergreen foliage which is bright emerald green with golden yellow margins 2 Gal. kiautschovicus 'Manhattan' - 4-6' x 3-5', semi-evergreen, dense upright spreading habit with large glossy dark green leaves 3 Gal. 5 Gal. 5 Gal. Esp. 10 Gal. Esp. FAGUS D2 ** SU sylvatica – 20-30’ x 20-30’, upright tall low-branching tree with rounded to oval spreading crown, glossy dark green serrated oval leaves turn golden in fall, silver attractive gray smooth bark, small showy edible spiked nutlets are relished by wildlife, can be pruned to shape when young into hedge form or allowed to form large tree (Hedge form) (B&B) 7' F.P. ** New For 2021 ** sylvatica 'Cockleshell' - 26' x 20', columnar habit, inconspicuous flower catkins, small deep green cockleshell-shaped leaves turning bronze in autumn and often remaining on the plant late into winter (B&B) 6' F.P. s. 'Mercedes' - 4-5’, rounded densely branched habit, fine-textured willow-like leaves of mid green with hints of olive, rusty bronze fall color with leaves persisting through much of winter 6 Gal. 15 Gal. Box s. 'Red Obelisk' - 12' x 3', columnar habit, purple crinkled foliage, smooth silver bark adds attractive winter interest 5 Gal. s. 'Tricolor' - 20-30'(10' after 10-15 years) x 10-20', slow-growing, oval habit, deciduous, shiny, deep purple-bronze leaves with wavy margins of rose/pink/cream, generates a central leader (B&B) 6' F.P. (B&B) 7' F.P.24631-586-6242

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FICUS ** SU carica 'Black Jack' - 15' x 15', sweet, elongated purple fruit c. 'Brown Turkey' - 20' x 20', edible fig - fruit has brown skin with whitish pink interior c. 'Celestial' - 5-10' x 5-10', rounded multi-stemmed tree can be grown as a single stem, small to medium quick-growing cultivar, large lobed bright green leaves, large crop of small purplish-brown figs with surprisingly sweet white flesh and rosy seeds, more cold-hardy than 'Mission' with good storability c. 'Chicago Hardy' - 10-15' x 9-12', deeply lobed forest green foliage, fat-bottomed fruit with light brown to deep purple skin and sweet pink flesh ripens in late summer and early fall, can be used for drying and canning, one of the most hardy cvs c. 'Kadota' - 20' x 20', especially sweet, greenish-yellow fruit, producing a reliable harvest each fall c. 'Mission' – 25' x 25' (3- 5' when containerized), sweet small dark purple fruit c. 'Peter's Honey' - 15-25' x 15-25', suckering habit, large deeply lobed forest green foliage, sweet green-yellow fruit tastes honey-like, superb for fresh eating, can be used for drying and canning, has good cold tolerance, benefits with winter protection and sheltered site 5 Gal. 10 Gal. FORSYTHIA D2 ** SU 'Show Off' - 5' x 5', compact arching shrub has canary yellow early spring blooms from the ground to the ends of every stem, stays small and in control 3 Gal. 'Show Off Sugar Baby' - 18-30" x 18-30", very compact with bright yellow flowers from base to tip in spring 2 Gal. FOTHERGILLA D2*** SU - SE N. gardenii - low rounded shrub, fragrant white bottlebrush blooms in spring, brilliant yellow & orange fall color 5 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** int. 'Legend of the Fall' – 48-60' x 40-60', vigorous upright habit, deciduous foliage is dark green above and bluish gray beneath and turns brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red-purple in fall, small fragrant white bottlebrush blooms in spring after the foliage emerges 3 Gal. N.C. major 'Blue Shadow' - 4-6' x 4-6', compact slow-growing upright habit, deciduous attractive silvery-blue foliage turns bright orange, red, and yellow in fall, honey-scented white bottle-brush blooms in spring 3 Gal. 7 Gal. N.C. m. 'Mt. Airy' - 3-5', vigorous upright habit, profuse white blooms, vibrant orange-red fall color 3 Gal. 5 Gal. 10 Gal.25631-586-6242

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GARDENIA ** SU - SE j. 'Frost Proof' - 5' x 4', rounded habit, highly fragrant white flowers, evergreen, regular watering especially in extreme heat 3 Gal. j. 'Kleim's Hardy' - 3', evergreen, rounded habit, fragrant white flowers June-July, best in sheltered location 3 Gal. j. 'Snow Flurry' - 3' x 4-5', evergreen, dense rounded habit, dark glossy green foliage, very fragrant double ivory white blooms in June - July 3 Gal. GAULTHERIA D2 ** SE - SH N. procumbens - prostrate, evergreen, nodding pink blooms in May, large persistent scarlet fruit in Sept. 1 Gal. GINKGO D3 ** SU Dwarf Forms biloba 'Chi Chi' - 4-5', upright rounded dwarf with jade green fans which turn gold in autumn, male clone does not produce fruit, 'Chi Chi' translates to swellings because older specimens develop interesting rounded "burls" which form on trunk in older specimen over 10 years of age 6 Gal. b. 'Mariken' - 3' x 3', deciduous conifer could eventually reach 8' wide in broad flattened mounds, small tightly clustered green fan shaped leaves turn brilliant gold in fall 3 Gal. 10 Gal. HAMAMELIS D3 *** SU - SE intermedia 'Arnold Promise' - 12-15' x 13', upright, vase-shaped, spreading habit with ascending branches. Deciduous, broad-oval, green leaves turn an attractive yellow-orange in fall. Sweetly fragrant bright yellow flowers with ribbon-like, crinkled petals and a reddish-green calyx N. vernalis - 8-10' x 10-12', large open habit, fragrant yellow flowers bloom late winter - early spring 5 Gal. N. virginiana - 10-15' x 12', crooked, spreading branches, fragrant yellow blooms appear in fall and persist after leaf drop, foliage turns brilliant gold in autumn 5 Gal. HIBISCUS D3 *** SU - SE syriacus - All are sterile cultivars s. 'Diana' - pure white, no eye, very prolific bloomer 5 Gal. s. 'Purple Pillar' - 10-15' X 2-3', narrow upright column, glossy emerald leaves are lobed and serrated, ruffled semi-double blooms are lilac with violet red center and white pistil, sterile bloomer will not scatter seedlings throughout landscape s. 'White Pillar' - same as 'Purple Pillar' except less ruffled with pure white blooms 3 Gal.26631-586-6242

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HYDRANGEA D3 *** SU - SE Hydrangeas can tolerate both shade and seashore conditions N.C. arborescens 'Annabelle' - 5', huge irregular domes of long lasting tiny white blooms 5 Gal. 10 Gal. N.C. a. 'Incrediball Blush' - 5' x 5', upright shrub with huge panicles (as much as 12" across) which open green mature to white and age to blush pink, the pink version of 'Annabelle' very cold hardy, blooms on new growth, flowers held upright on stout sturdy stems, nice dried flower 5 Gal. N.C. a. 'Invincibelle Wee White' - 12-30", the smallest of the Invincibelles is a tiny plant with massive floral presence, emerald green leaves, sturdy stems hold large balls of white flowers in early summer reblooming until frost, first true dwarf 'Annabelle' type 3 Gal. Macrophylla mophead varieties ** New For 2021 ** macrophylla 'Double Down' – 3-4’ x 3-4’, ultra compact habit, mopheads are double varying in color of deep pink, maroon and blue, green highlights as flowers mature, blooms summer to fall (repeat bloomer), blooms on both old and new wood 3 Gal. m. 'Early Sensation' - 2.5 - 3', compact mounded habit, large broad mopheads of frilled violet-blue to violet-pink florets appear all summer on old and new wood, large lustrous deep green leaves, from the Forever & Ever Series 5 Gal. m. 'Endless Summer' - 4', the one that started it all, clear blue domes all summer long and has mildew-resistant foliage 3 Gal. 5 Gal. 7 Gal. m. 'E.S. Bloomstruck' - 3-4' x 4-5', glossy dark green leaves with red veins, intense rose violet pink or blue flower heads depending on soil pH bloom continuously from summer through fall on red-purple stems, wine fall color 3 Gal. 5 Gal. 7 Gal. m. 'E.S. Blushing Bride' - 3-6', huge mops, of pure white blooms age pale pink, throughout summer into fall 3 Gal. 5 Gal. m. 'E.S. Summer Crush' - 18-36", semi-dwarf with green corrugated leaves, domes of rosy pink to amethyst blooms 3 Gal. 5 Gal.27631-586-6242

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m. 'Everlasting' Series – compact with strong stems, bloom color starts with shades of green aging to multiple shades of rose, pink, purple, green and blue, then back to green with hints of the previous colors m. 'E. Garnet' - 3' x 3', pink or blue aging to cream and green with deep pink picotee, concluding with lime green 5 Gal. m. 'E. Revolution' - 3-4' x 3-4', compact, pink maroon and blue mopheads, green highlights with age 3 Gal. m. 'Glowing Embers' - 3-4' x 3-4', large mopheads start creamy white, turn pink then deep pinkish-red to purple like a fading sunset 3 Gal. m. 'Let's Dance' Series - 2-3' x 2-3' compact round habit, large mopheads repeat on old and new wood, burgundy fall color ** New For 2021 ** m. 'L.D. Big Band' - 2-3’ x 2-3’ compact habit, oversized mophead blooms of pinkish-green to pink to blue, has extended bloom season (repeat bloomer), blooms on both old and new wood m. 'L.D. Big Easy' - pinkish-green to pink and back to green, resistant to late freezes m. 'L.D. Blue Jangles' - clear blue with pale center m. 'L.D. Rave' - rich pink with purple tint, magenta in acidic soil m. 'L.D. Rhythmic Blues' - bright pink to vibrant amethyst-blue depending on soil 3 Gal. 5 Gal. m. 'Nantucket Blue' - 4-6', large bright green serrated furrowed leaves, reblooming, blue in acid soil and pink in neutral to basic soil, tolerates full sun only in consistently moist soil 3 Gal. 7 Gal. m. 'Onyx Zebra' - 4' x 2', compact upright rebloomer, rounded toothed emerald green leaves, sturdy upright black stems hold pure white serrated blooms that have a lightly ruffled appearance 3 Gal. m. 'Pink Elf' - 2.5' x 3-4', dwarf habit, rose pink mophead blooms retain their color regardless of soil pH, blooms in the summer on old wood 2 Gal. 5 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** m. 'Wee Bit Grumpy' - 2-3’ x 2-3’, ultra compact habit, mopheads of deep red/purple, blooms summer to fall (repeat bloomer), blooms on both old and new wood 3 Gal. Macrophylla lacecap varieties macrophylla 'Double Delights' Series - 3-4' x 3-5', sturdy upright branching habit, reblooming collection of mophead or lacecap flower heads in two-toned or double flowering forms, comes in shades of pink, blue, red, white and green m. 'D.D. Dancing Snow' (Wedding Gown) - 2-3' x 3-5', white outer double blooms, inner ring with smaller white fully double blooms, late spring and late summer through early fall 3 Gal.28631-586-6242

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m. 'Teller Blue' - 4-8' x 4-5', glossy dark green leaves, large flattened flower clusters of deep violet blue to violet rose appear from early to late summer 3 Gal. m. 'Endless Summer Twist-n-Shout' - deep pink lacy centers surrounded by large pink or blue blooms, depending on soil type 3 Gal. 5 Gal. Paniculata varieties arching habit with long cone shaped panicles July - Sept. paniculata 'Bobo' - 3' x 4', dwarf with large white panicles held upright on strong stems in summer occasionally turn pink in fall, blooms on new wood 3 Gal. 5 Gal. p. 'Fire Light' - 4-5' x 6', white flowers early spring, turns pomegranate red in fall 5 Gal 10 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** p. 'Fire Light Tidbit' - 24-36" x 36", smallest paniculata yet, deep green pointed oval leaves, strong stems with large panicles of creamy white flowers in summer mature to pomegranate red in fall 3 Gal. p. 'Limelight' - 7', bright lime-green florets form dense broad cone shaped panicles, vigorous and floriferous 3 Gal. 5 Gal. 10 Gal. 10 Gal. Std. 20 Gal. Std. ** New For 2021 ** p. 'Limelight Prime' - 4-6' x 4-6', compact dense upright, flower panicles ( to 8" across) emerge creamy white, mature to chartreuse-lime and eventually pink-darkening-to-rose tones before finally fading to beige, blooms July-Sept, earlier bloom time and stronger stems than original, dark green leaves turn attractive shades of red in fall 3 Gal. p. 'Little Lime' - 3-5', cool, greenish-white flowers, maturing to pink, blooms on new and old wood 3 Gal. 5 Gal. 7 Gal. p. 'Little Quickfire' - 3-5' x 3-5', compact, white panicles turn to rosy pink regardless of pH, reblooms throughout season until fall on old and new wood 3 Gal. p. 'Pink Diamond' - 7' x 7', compact rounded upright habit, dense pyramidal, cone-shaped panicles of flowers at the ends of red-stemmed branches, flowers emerge white but mature to a rich pink and bloom from mid summer to early fall, strong stiff stems hold the flower panicles upright with no drooping 10 Gal. Std. p. 'Quickfire' - 6-8', dense rounded habit, 12" long conical panicles appear in late spring, blooms29631-586-6242

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open pure white turning quickly to bright rose and last well into fall 5 Gal. 10 Gal. 10 Gal. Std. p. 'Vanilla Strawberry' – 7' x 6', conical panicles begin white mature through pink and to deep rose, plants display all three color stages at any one time, red stems 10 Gal. Std. Quercifolia varieties N.C. quercifolia 'Alice' - 12', very long slender white panicles which turn rosy pink, deep green leaves turn burgundy in fall 7 Gal. N.C. q. 'Amethyst' - 5-6' x 5-6', upright, multi-stem, leaves turn burgundy in fall, white panicles aging to wine-red 7 Gal. q. 'Pee Wee' - 3-4' x 2-3', low mounded compact habit, diminutive oak-like bright olive green leaves turn orange to scarlet and burgundy in fall, long panicles of creamy white blooms mature through rosy pink and age to tan q. 'Queen of Hearts' - 6' x 9', rounded suckering multi-stemmed habit, oak-like medium green leaves turn mahogany-red in fall, large upright conical panicles open white but gradually age to an attractive deep pink, blooms June–July, peeling cinnamon color bark, average to rich N.C. q. 'Ruby Slippers' - 3' x 4', dwarf with white blooms aging to deep rosy pink, leaves turn mahogany in fall 5 Gal. N.C. q. 'Sike's Dwarf' - 2-3' x 3-4', dwarf, white flowers fade to light pink, tan by late summer 5 Gal. N.C. q. 'Snow Queen' - 4-6' x 6-8', sturdy stems, long-blooming white flowers slowly turn pinkish purple with age 5 Gal. Serrata varieties - mostly lacecap, more compact habit and hardier than macrophylla with good fall color s. 'Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha' - 2-3' mound of serrated green foliage is burgundy in fall, very large semi double lacecap clusters can be shell pink or baby blue reblooms consistently on new wood until frost, can take drier conditions than most hydrangea species 5 Gal. s. 'Tuff Stuff Red' - 2-3', serrated emerald foliage, rebloomer with large lacecap clusters of rosy pink outer petals and smaller cream and pale lime inner petals bloom throughout summer and fall, more cold tolerance and reliability than Bigleaf Hydrangeas 5 Gal. HYPERICUM D2 ** SU calycinum 'Hidcote' - 3', rounded to oval shrub with dark blue-green leaves, in summer cupped gold blooms with small golden corollas give rise to bright red seed capsules, 3 Gal.30631-586-6242

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ILEX D3 ** SU - SE Large leaf varieties aquifolium 'Argenteo-marginata' - 8-10' x 8-10', upright pyramidal habit, dense spiny foliage edged in creamy white 7 Gal. 15 Gal. koehneana - 20', pyramid habit, large moderately spiny leaves, new growth coppery red, abundant large red berries 15 Gal. 4' 25 Gal. 'Mary Nell' - 18-25' x 10-15', pyramidal form has oval leaves with flat sharp spines, bright green new growth deepens to dark glossy green, fast growing, pest free, cross between I. pernyi and I. latifolia, any male Perny or Chinese holly as pollenizer, bright red berries in small clusters along stems 15 Gal. 'Nellie Stevens' – 15-25' x 8-12' large fast-growing pyramidal parthenocarpic female cv. with deep green quilted foliage and scarlet berries, will set some berries alone but for better berry set, use 'Edward R Stevens' or any I. cornuta male 15 Gal. 'Oakleaf' - 14' x 8', pyramidal habit, oakleaf foliage small white flowers in spring, red berries fall into winter 15 Gal. 4-4.5' opaca 'Dan Fenton' - 15-35' x 10-20', dense upright pyramidal habit, spiny evergreen leaves emerge light green in spring, darkening with age, fragrant small white flowers(insignificant) late spring followed by crimson round berries, dioecious 30 Gal. o. 'Greenleaf' - 25-30' x 10-15', upright pyramidal habit, evergreen spiny dark olive green semi-glossy leathery leaves, not as glossy as meservae hybrids, female cv with copious red winter berries, use 'Jersey Knight' or other male cv as pollenizor. 15 Gal. Meservae hybrids Hardy hybrids, glossy blue green leaves, bright red berries meservae 'Blue Maid' - upright broadly pyramidal form with large lustrous leaves, fast growing and heavy fruiting 5 Gal. 10 Gal. (B&B) 4' m. 'Blue Prince' - 8', male pollenizer for all female Blue Hollies, dark leathery foliage, dense broad pyramidal habit 5 Gal. m. 'Blue Princess' - 15', improvement on 'Blue Girl', heavier berry production and denser habit, slight curl to leaf 5 Gal. (B&B) 4' m. 'China Boy' - 10' x 8', compact rounded, pollenizer for 'China Girl' very tolerant of heat and cold 5 Gal. 2-2.5'31631-586-6242

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m. 'China Girl' - 10' x 10', compact rounded, bright green glossy foliage, abundant bright red berries 5 Gal. 2-2.5' 15 Gal. 3.5-4' Small leaf varieties crenata 'Chesapeake' - 6-8', pyramid, shiny cupped small deep green evergreen leaves 7 Gal. 15 Gal. 4.5-5' 20 Gal. c. 'Compacta' - 4-5', dense rounded compact habit, small glossy emerald green evergreen leaves on tight branches 3 Gal. 15-18" 10 Gal. 2-2.5' c. 'Drops of Gold' - 2' x 3', mound, slow growing, deep green foliage blotched with golden yellow 3 Gal. c. 'Green Luster' - 4' x 6', dense flat-topped habit, small lustrous green leaves, shiny black fruit 5 Gal. 18-21" c. 'Helleri' - dense mushroom shape, deep green foliage 7 Gal. 2-2.5' c. 'Hoogendorn' - 2' x 6', slow growing male, dense broad mounds with ascending branches, narrow dull green leaves 3 Gal. 18-21" c. 'Schwoebel Upright' - 6-8' x 4', upright compact pyramid with small glossy deep green evergreen leaves 7 Gal. 4-5' c. 'Sky Pencil' - 6-8' x 2-3', very narrow columnar evergreen, dark green foliage, purple berries in fall 3 Gal. 5 Gal. 7 Gal. 3-3.5' c. 'Soft Touch' - 2.5' x 3', dense compact, flexible branches soft green leaves with silver midrib 3 Gal. 15-18" 5 Gal. 21-24" c. 'Steeds' - 6-8' x 5-6', dense pyramid, small green leaves 3 Gal. 5 Gal. 7 Gal. 3-4' N.C. glabra 'Gem Box' - 2-3', compact dense mound, dwarf version of 'Shamrock', excellent branching all the way to ground, black berries in fall and winter, needs male pollenizer 3 Gal. N.C. g. 'Shamrock' - 3', compact, evergreen, light green new growth, darker older growth, tiny blooms are actually serious pollinator attractors, black berries persist through winter, needs male pollenizer, use 'Nordic' or 'Pretty Boy' 5 Gal. 10 Gal. 2.5-3' Deciduous varieties - upright habit and abundant bright red fruit in winter, male and female varieties available32631-586-6242

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v. 'Little Goblin Red' (F) - 3-5' x 3-5', dwarf mounded habit, green deciduous leaves, extra big and abundant rich-red or orange berries in fall through winter, use 'Southern Gentleman' or 'Mr. Poppins' as pollenizers 3 Gal. v. 'Red Sprite' (F) - 3', compact, dark glossy foliage, oversized fruit, heavy fruit set, use 'Jim Dandy' as pollenizer v. 'Wildfire' - 6-7' x 7-8', rounded, upright habit, deep green leaves turn gold in fall, clusters of tiny white flowers in spring turn into bright red fall berries lasting into winter, pollinated by 'Southern Gentleman' 3 Gal. N.C. v. 'Winter Red' (F) - 9', late bloom, upright oval, dense & twiggy, heaviest fruiting variety with bright red berries, use 'Southern Gent 3 Gal. 5 Gal. N.C. v. 'Jim Dandy' (M) - 3-6' x 4-8', small upright oval, slow-growing, glossy dark green leaves, tiny white flowers over long bloom period, good pollenizer for early to mid-season females 2 Gal. v. 'Apollo' - 6-10' x 2-3', upright, multi-stemmed habit, deciduous non-spiny leaves, male mid-season pollinator is a verticillata x serrata cross, small white flowers in early June 3 Gal. ILLICIUM D2 ** - *** SE N.C. parviflorum 'Florida Sunshine' - 4-6' x 3-5', slow growing rounded evergreen shrub, lemon-yellow foliage turns bright gold in fall, in winter is near parchment colored N.C. p. 'Woodland Ruby' - 6' x 6', evergreen, masses of large pink flowers, two flushes of bloom in spring and fall 3 Gal. 7 Gal. 'Scorpio' - 3' x 5', compact rounded habit, deliciously fragrant lustrous evergreen leaves are jade green, clusters of large ruby red starbursts bloom prolifically in spring and will bloom again in late summer 3 Gal. 7 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** 'Swamp Hobbit' - 2' x 5', rounded habit, deliciously fragrant evergreen leaves are dark green , large rosy red starfish-like flowers in spring 3 Gal. ITEA D2 *** SU - SH N.C. virginica 'Henry's Garnet' - 3', spreading, arching habit, fragrant white blooms, June-July, red-purple fall color 3 Gal. N.C. v. 'Little Henry' - 2', more compact version of above 3 Gal.33631-586-6242

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N.C. v. 'Scentlandia' - 2-3', neat compact arching branches with bright green leaves, fragrant 4" white narrow cylindrical blooms droop from branches in late spring to early summer attract native pollinators, orange and gold fall color, soil and moisture tolerant 3 Gal. JUNIPER D3 ** SU Compact varieties chinensis 'Shimpaku' - 1-3' x 1-5', dwarf, irregular vase-shaped habit, gray-green evergreen needles 1 Gal. squamata 'Blue Star' - dense bristles of steel-blue foliage 2 Gal. 3 Gal. Large growing upright varieties chinensis 'Blue Point' - 12' x 4', evergreen, dense broad teardrop with bright blue-green foliage 7 Gal. 2.5-3' 7 Gal. 15 Gal. c. 'Hetzi Columnaris' - 15' x 5', evergreen, rugged upright juniper for screening, windbreaks, tolerates seaside conditions. 7 Gal. 10 Gal. c. 'Torulosa' – 15' x 10', evergreen, irregular upright with wildly reaching branches, bright green foliage 5 Gal. 15 Gal. 4' 15 Gal. Hvy Spreading varieties chinensis 'Angelica Blue' - 3-5' x 5-10', low spreading, fine textured silver-blue foliage, intensifies in cooler weather 2 Gal. c. 'Casino Gold' - 3' x 4', low spreader with lemon yellow new growth ages through lime green to shamrock green 2 Gal. c. 'Daub's Frost' - 1.5' x 4', low sweeping branches have golden frosted tips contrasting with blue-green mature foliage 2 Gal. 3 Gal. 5 Gal. c. 'Gold Lace' - 3.5' x 5-6', low broad conifer, layered deep green branches have slender lacy tips, deep green interior foliage, bright gold new growth 2 Gal. conferta 'Blue Pacific' - 1', dense procumbent habit, long prickly blue green needles, very salt-tolerant 2 Gal.34631-586-6242

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horizontalis 'Mother Lode' - 3-6" x 3', ground-hugging mat with bright yellow foliage, and serious salt tolerance 1 Gal. procumbens 'Nana' - prostrate habit, tight jade green foliage 2 Gal. N.C. virginiana 'Grey Owl' - 3' x 6', low wide arching vase habit, soft silver-gray needles and silver berries on the females, drought-tolerant 2 Gal. KALMIA - all N.C. D3 ** SE - SH Dense, compact when young, becomes gnarled and sculptural with age, glossy evergreen leaves, blooms late spring to early summer, cup-shaped flowers latifolia 'Carol' - 4' x 4', dense, compact, low habit, buds are dark-pink outside and light pink to nearly white when they bloom in spring 3 Gal. 6 Gal. l. 'Carousel' - 6-8' x 6-8', soft lavender pink buds open white with a dramatic broad purplish cinnamon candy ring 3 Gal. l. 'Elf' - 2-3' x 2-4', multi-stem dwarf, pink buds open to white 3 Gal. 6 Gal. l. 'Little Linda' - 3', dwarf, red buds open rich pink 3 Gal. l. 'Nipmuck' - 6' highly disease-resistant, cranberry red buds open to dark pink fluted cups with pale pink interiors 3 Gal. 6 Gal. l. 'Olympic Fire' - 5' x 5', 5" clusters of ribbed cherry red buds open to showy upward-facing pink bowls with rosy magenta undersides and accents 3 Gal. l. 'Pink Charm' - 8', dense round habit, glossy dark leaves, deep pink buds open rich pink May - June 3 Gal. 5 Gal. l. 'Pristine' - 3-4', symmetrical compact dense rounded habit, new growth is chartreuse maturing forest green, in spring clusters of pure white buds open to snowy fluted cups 3 Gal. l. 'Raspberry Glow' - 4-5', burgundy red flower buds open to raspberry-pink flowers with white overtones 3 Gal. 6 Gal. l. 'Red Bandit' - 4-5' x 4-5', lustrous deep green foliage, rosy red buds develop in late spring and open with deep pink flowers with a distinct maroon interior band 3 Gal.35631-586-6242

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l. 'Sarah' - 4-5', compact habit, red buds open pinkish-red to coral pink with paler interior and thin raspberry eye-ring 3 Gal. l. 'Tiddlywinks' - 2-3', dwarf with bright rosy pink buds opening to shell pink with raspberry dots and narrow raspberry eye-ring on a paler interior 3 Gal. LAGERSTROEMIA D2 ** - *** SU Selected for hardiness, long lasting blooms, attractive bark and fall color, best in a protected area Dwarf forms 'Magic' Series- 'Coral Magic' - 6-10' x 6-10', compact oval shrub has glossy oval foliage emerges with red blush maturing to deep green, glossy red buds open to coral pink blooms in midsummer, excellent resistance to leaf spot and powdery mildew 'Plum Magic' - 6-8' x 6-10', plummy wine new growth matures to glossy deep green, fuchsia pink flowers bloom early summer, will rebloom late summer if first flush is deadheaded 'Purple Magic' - 6-10', new growth has reddish tint maturing to glossy green, dark purple flowers bloom early summer with second flush later if deadheaded 3 Gal. 'Pokomoke' - 3' x 4', dense wide habit, deep pink blooms 3 Gal. Shrub forms 5 - 10' 'Tonto' - 8' x 11', multi-stem, fuchsia-red blooms July-Sept., leaves emerge bronze to semi-glossy green, maroon in fall 7 Gal. 15 Gal. Hvy Tree forms - 10' and larger 'Dynamite' - 15-20', crimson buds open cherry-red with yellow anthers, foliage emerges red turning deep green 15 Gal. Hvy. 'Miami' - 15-20', clear pink blooms, red and orange fall color 'Muskogee' - 20-25', light lavender pink blooms, red fall color 'Natchez' - 20-25', pure white, red-orange fall color, dark cinnamon colored exfoliating bark 'Sioux' - 13-20', deep pink blooms, glossy green foliage emerges bronze, turning maroon to red in fall, mottled light gray bark 'Tuscarora' - 15', dark coral-pink blooms on long panicles, mottled light brown bark 15 Gal. 15 Gal. Hvy LEUCOTHOE D2 ** - *** SE - SH N. axillaris - 3', evergreen, deep green leaves are wine red in winter 3 Gal. N.C. a. 'Margie Jenkins' - 2-4' x 3-5', low broad spreading habit, glossy lance-like green foliage with burgundy winter color, small clusters of slightly fragrant waxy white blooms droop from branches in early spring, darker smaller and more disease resistant than species36631-586-6242

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3 Gal. a. 'Squirt' - 15-18" x 24", low spreading habit, evergreen copper toned mahogany leaves mature to glossy dark green in spring, burgundy winter color, fragrant white bell-shaped blooms in spring 3 Gal. fontanesiana 'Nana' - 2-3' x 3-6', low mounding weeping habit, lance-shaped leathery deep green leaves attain mahogany wash over winter months, sprays of waxy white bells in early spring 3 Gal. N.C. f. 'Rainbow' - arching habit, bright variegated foliage and waxy white drooping sprays of blooms in spring 3 Gal. LONICERA D3 ** SU - SE fragrantissima - 8' x 8' broad irregular, round habit, creamy white, fragrant, blooms in Feb., bluish green foliage, deciduous 4 Qt. Evergreen shrub forms nitida 'Baggesen's Gold' - mounded layered semi-evergreen shrub, tiny leaves emerge bright yellow, changing to yellow green n. 'Lemon Beauty' - 3', dense mounded semi-evergreen shrub with tiny narrow bright green leaves have a broad yellow margin 2 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** n. 'Thunderbolt' - 5' x 5', bushy mounded habit, cascading branches, flashy chartreuse foliage, evergreen, very tough, full sun to part shade, zone, 6-9, good boxwood hedge alternative 3 Gal. pileata 'Hohenkrummer' - low broad spreader with layered branches and tiny dark green leaves 3 Gal. p. 'Moss Green' – 2-3', spreading, glossy green foliage 2 Gal. LOROPETALUM ** SU - SE chinensis 'Daruma' - 3-4' x 3-4', compact mound with deep burgundy leaves, tassel- like fuchsia pink flowers in April-May with occasional re-bloom throughout season 3 Gal. MAGNOLIA D3 ** SU - SE grandiflora 'Alta' - 20' x 9', evergreen, upright columnar habit, very slow-growing, lustrous dark green leaves have rusty undersides, large white cup-shaped fragrant flowers 15 Gal. N.C. g. 'Bracken's Brown Beauty' - 20-30' x 15-20', compact, flowers and leaves half the size of species, leathery glossy dark foliage velvety tan undersides, white flowers 15 Gal. g. 'Edith Bogue' – 40-60' x 20-30', evergreen, oval habit, leathery leaves are glossy dark green above and velvety rust-tan below, fragrant creamy white flowers bloom in spring and throughout summer, cone like fruits are 3-5" 15 Gal.37631-586-6242

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g. 'Little Gem' - 12-15', evergreen, smaller and slower growing, glossy green leaves are bronze-brown below typically falling in spring as new foliage emerges, big white cupped blooms in summer 15 Gal. 'Jane' - 12' x 10', shrubby vase-shaped habit, large wine-red cups with white interior, blooms later than other cultivars 15 Gal. stellata 'Royal Star' – 10' x 15', upright shrubby habit, pink buds open to fragrant white blooms with long ribbon-like petals 10 Gal. N. virginiana - 15', lustrous deep green leaves with bright silvery reverse, small white sweetly fragrant blooms (Multi-Stem) 15 Gal. v. 'Sweet Thing' - 8' x 6', shrubby rounded multi-stemmed habit, slender oval olive green semi-evergreen foliage with slender leaves, large semi-double waxy white cup-shaped blooms give rise to showy cone shaped seed capsules with large round red protruding seeds, flowers lightly the first few years increasing with age 15 Gal. MAHONIA D2 ** - *** SE confusa 'Narihira' - 3.5' x 3.5', dense compact mounded habit, spineless slim compound foliage has soft palmate look, yellow blooms in fall followed by blue-purple drupes N.C. media 'Winter Sun' - 8', stiff and upright with whorled leathery foliage with bold glossy leaflets, bright lemon-yellow blooms on tall racemes, needs a protected spot, foliage may deteriorate in winter m. 'Marvel' - 6' x 4', upright and architectural, evergreen compound foliage is holly-like and deep green with new growth edged in wine red, foliage is softer than species but still spined, radial sprays of yellow flowers bloom in mid to late winter, blooms are bigger than species, bluish berries ripen in August, best when planted in part shade ** New For 2021 ** 'Soft Caress' - 3' x 3-4', upright multi-stemmed habit, horizontal tiers of whorled branches with narrow medium green bamboo like foliage, radiating sprays of upright fragrant yellow blooms in March followed by clusters of silvery-bluish berries late summer 3 Gal. (Select Varieties) 7 Gal. MALUS ** SU Ornamental varieties 'Coralburst' - 15' x 10', single stem dwarf graft, coral pink buds, double rose-pink flowers mid-spring, bronzy reddish orange fruit in fall, excellent disease resistance 15 Gal. Std. 'Indian Summer' - 15 - 20', single stem round habit, deep rose-red flowers mid-spring, 3/4" edible red fruit in fall 15 Gal. 'Louisa' - 12 x 15', single stem dwarf round habit, pink flowers mid-spring, golden yellow fruit in fall 15 Gal.38631-586-6242

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Fruiting varieties 'Macoun' - 12-15' x 12-15', semi-dwarf, requires assertive thinning to maintain annual crop, blooms mid-season and pollinates all other mid-blooming varieties, medium to large fruits have dark red intermittent wash on green background, aromatic firm yet juicy extra-sweet snow-white flesh 'Royal Gala' - 8-10', dwarf variety, white flowers appear in spring followed by red, medium-sized, eating apples ripening early September, z 5, improved disease resistance, self-fertile but for best fruit yield plant with 'Granny Smith', or 'Fuji', or 'Spartan' or any Crabapple 10 Gal. 10 Gal. Esp MICROBIOTA D1 ** SU - SE decussata 'Celtic Pride' - 2' x 5', prostrate spreader, green thuja-like foliage turns russet in winter, improved resistance to tip die-back, better shade tolerance than junipers 2 Gal. MYRICA D1 * - ** SU - SE N. pensylvanica - 10' x 10', aromatic waxy leaves, clusters of aromatic waxy gray fruit, very salt-tolerant, dioecious 3 Gal. 5 Gal. NANDINA D3 ** SU - SH domestica 'Firepower' - 2' x 2', dwarf, does not produce flowers or fruit, grown for its attractive foliage, leaves emerge lime green in spring, mature to medium green, and acquire some red tints in mid to late summer before turning fiery red in fall 3 Gal. d. 'Harbor Belle' - 1-2' x 2-2.5', dwarf, new spring foliage is shades of pink, brilliant burgundy winter color, sprays of pure white flowers in spring, with scarlet fall and winter berries 3 Gal. d. 'Gulf Stream' - 3', large flat blue-green leaflets turn brilliant red, very hardy cultivar 5 Gal. d. 'Lemon Lime' - 3-4', compact and bushy, new growth emerges lighter green, deepens through season into grassy-green hues 3 Gal. NYSSA ** - *** SU - SE N.C. sylvatica 'Green Gable' - 30-40' x 15-20', pyramid with extremely uniform branching along dark grey alligator-skin bark, burnt ochre new growth matures to deep emerald green, blooms are the source of Tupelo Honey, late summer brings blue-black fruit which birds devour followed by flaming shades of fall color 30 Gal. s. 'Red Rage' - 30' x 20', broad pyramid habit, glossy disease-resistant leaves emerge coppery red aging to moss green, fiery orange and scarlet fall color, attractive fissured gray bark, attracts pollinators and birds 15 Gal. s. 'Sheri's Cloud' - 30' x 15', pyramidal habit, light green glossy leaves with cream bold edges, bi-colored hot pink and scarlet fall color, attractive fissured gray bark, attracts pollinators and birds 15 Gal.39631-586-6242

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** New For 2021 ** s. 'Tupelo Tower' - 30-40’ x10-15’, tight upright habit, dark grey alligator skin bark, burnt orange-red new growth matures to deep green, late summer brings blue-black fruit followed by fall color in shades of flaming orange and red 15 Gal. s. 'Wildfire' - 30-40' x 15-20', same as above with bright red new foliage, reddish young branches, brighter fall color and improved disease resistance 15 Gal. OSMANTHUS D3 ** - *** SU - SE heterophyllus 'Goshiki' - 4', broad upright habit, cream holly-like leaves flecked with green, fragrant white blooms 5 Gal. h. 'Gulftide' - 10', compact upright habit, very glossy olive green spiny twisted edges, the hardiest of the group 15 Gal. h. 'Party Lights' - 4-5' x 3-4', compact habit, evergreen, cream pink yellow and white foliage 3 Gal. OXYDENDRUM D2 ** - *** SU N. arboretum - 20-50' x 10-25', straight slender trunk, narrow oblong crown, glossy green leaves turn crimson in fall, waxy slightly fragrant white flowers bloom early summer changing to silver-gray dry capsules 15 Gal. PHILADELPHUS D2 ** SU 'Belle Etoile' - 5-6' x 3-4', multi-stemmed shrubby arching habit, oval leaves are soft green in spring turning yellow in fall, fragrant 4-petaled pure white blossoms have pale rosy pink center and yellow stamen, blooms in late spring to early summer, after petals fall, sepals remaining look like a second, different type of flower, providing longer seasonal interest 2 Gal. 'Buckley's Quill' - 5-6', semi-dwarf, deep green vegetation, compact clusters of orange-blossom scented partially to fully quilled white double blooms, blooms profusely and fragrantly in late spring 3 Gal. x. 'Snowbelle' - 3-4', dwarf upright shrubby habit, deep green leaves, covered in clouds of fragrant snow white double blooms in late spring to early summer, can be used as low hedge, blooms on old wood, prune immediately after bloom 3 Gal. PHYSOCARPUS all are N.C. * - ** SU opulifolius 'Amber Jubilee' - 5-6' x 4', crenellated leaves of glowing amber, gold, scarlet, bronze and terra cotta from spring to fall, red to burgundy fall color plus exfoliating cinnamon to red-brown mature bark o. 'Ginger Wine' - 5-6', leaves emerge bright golden orange maturing to mahogany, clusters of small blushing white blooms in late spring, rosy pink seed capsules in late summer, mature bark peels off to reveal layers of reddish to cinnamon inner bark40631-586-6242

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o. 'Little Devil' - 4' x 3', compact with small burgundy leaves and small pinkish-white clusters of flowers o. 'Summer Wine' - 6', compact habit with deeply incised dark crimson leaves, pink button-like blooms in summer o. 'Tiny Wine' - 3-4' x 3-4', dwarf upright form with tiny maroon to bronze leaves, pink buds open to pale pink flowers May-June 3 Gal. PICEA D2 ** SU Heights listed are for growth you can expect in 10 years Dwarf and Mounded abies 'Elegans' - 2-4' x 3-4', slow-growing dwarf, grows in hassock-like mound, primary branches slightly upturned, secondary branches become pendulous, spirally arranged, four-sided, needle-like, deep green leaves attached to tiny pegs, cylindrical seed-bearing cones are pendulous 3 Gal. 6 Gal. a. 'Tompa' - 2-3' x 2-3', dwarf, conical upright bright green 3 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** omorika 'Kamenz' - 1' x 3', creeping habit, slow growing evergreen, two tone look, short branches are green above and silver underneath 3 Gal. N. pungens 'Glauca Globosa' - 3-5' x 4-6', dwarf round flat topped conifer, blue-needles hold color throughout year but brightest when emerging in spring 3 Gal. 6 Gal. 10 Gal. N.C. p. 'Roundabout' - 3' x 2', symmetrical ball of blue-green needles in perfect scale for its stature, dwarf cultivar is sized for smaller yards and never needs shearing 3 Gal. N.C. p. 'R. H. Montgomery' - 4', dwarf form producing a dense broad pyramid, bright silvery blue 3 Gal. 6 Gal. 10 Gal. Upright varieties abies 'Cupressina' - 20' x 6', upright tightly branched spruce with blue-green needles, bright green new growth, holds shape well F.P. 8' glauca 'Jean's Dilly' - 2-3' x 1', dwarf upright narrow cone is very compact and slow growing with densely packed tiny thin twisted needles 1 Gal. g. 'Rainbow's End' - 6' x 2', dwarf conical form similar to 'Conica' sports a first flush of growth which is light green and a second flush of yellow which creates an attractive contrast 3 Gal. 6 Gal.41631-586-6242

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orientalis 'Skylands' - 10-35' x 4-12'', upright, conical-pyramid form, exterior needles are bright yellow in full sun or yellow-green in part shade, yellow needle color tends to fade as the summer progresses, interior needles are green 6 Gal. 20 Gal. Box pungens 'The Blues' - height and width variable, 6-12" per year, relatively long blue needles create soft waterfall effect, lower branches cascade across ground while upper branches can be trained along fence-line or into upright forms 10 Gal. N.C. p. 'Fat Albert' - 15' x 12', dense and symmetrical upright pyramid with blue needles (B&B) 4' F.P. 25 Gal. Weeping varieties abies 'Pendula' - deep green needles with a narrow weeping habit forming a broad skirt at the base 3 Gal. 6 Gal. (B&B) 4' F.P. p. 'Iseli Fastigiate' - 12-18' x 4-6', very columnar pyramid-shape, stiff pungent sharp needles are grayish to pale steel blue on dense branches, developing seed cones are purplish and dangle while they mature to tan (B&B) 3' F.P. PIERIS D1 ** SU - SE japonica 'Dorothy Wycoff' - 5', evergreen, compact with strings of red buds opening to white waxy bells, beautiful wine-red winter color 3 Gal. 15 Gal. 36-42" j. 'Flaming Silver' - 2', evergreen, very slow growing, long slender leaves open bright fiery red, changing to deep green with a narrow silvery white edge, sporadic bloomer 3 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** j. 'Interstella' - 36-48" x 36-48"', evergreen, slow-growing, upright, rounded, spreading branching habit. Glossy green foliage emerges an attractive wine- red color. Red buds in drooping panicles open white 2 Gal. j. 'Katsura' - 4-6' x 4-6', evergreen, drooping sprays of rosy buds open to light pink bells in early spring followed by bright burgundy new growth which ages to deep green 3 Gal. 10 Gal. 30-36" j. 'Mountain Fire' - 5', evergreen, white buds and blooms, new growth emerges fiery bright red later turning bright green 3 Gal. 10 Gal. 30-36" 15 Gal. 36-42"42631-586-6242

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j. 'Red Mill' - 4-6' x 3-5', evergreen, rounded bushy habit, drooping sprays of creamy buds open to white bells in early spring followed by bright burgundy new growth which ages to deep green glossy evergreen leaves 5 Gal. j. yak. 'Cavatine' - 2-3' x 2-3', evergreen, dwarf shrub has profuse sprays of rosy-pink buds opening to tons of white waxy bells in late spring, foliage emerges rose-pink and ages to emerald green 3 Gal. 10 Gal. PINUS D2 ** SU Heights listed for growth that can be expected in 10 years Compact and Mounded varieties densiflora 'Jane Kluis' - 3-4' x 5-6', a small table of mossy green, 2" needles radiate around branches for softly sculptured appearance, requires little to no pruning 6 Gal. d. 'Low Glow' - 1' x 3', dense compact mound, white sheathed new growth, bright green needles, slow growing 3 Gal. leucodermis 'Banderica' - 3' x 3', a tubby little dark green pine, white resin occasionally decorates candles buds and stems 6 Gal. m. 'Mops' - miniature form, very dense prostrate habit 3 Gal. 5 Gal. m. pumilo - 3-5' x 6-10', dense low rounded spreader with dark green needles in bundles of two 5 Gal. 10 Gal. parviflora 'Fuku-zu-mi' - 2' x 3', spreader, silver blue needles 3 Gal. 6 Gal. 15 Gal. Box N.C. strobus 'Blue Shag' - 4', globose, blue-green needles 3 Gal. 6 Gal. Upright varieties parviflora 'Aoi' - 20' x 10', attractive silvery grey bark on sculpted narrow upright form, two-toned needles are silvery blue and emerald green, abundant small cones add interest 3 Gal. 6 Gal. 1 5 G a l . B o x p. 'Bergman' - 3' x 4', irregular upright pyramid, slow-growing, multi-leader dwarf with twisted blue green needles, showy red cones in spring 3 Gal. 6 Gal. 1 5 G a l . B o x43631-586-6242

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thunbergii 'Thunderhead' - 15', long thick glossy green needles accented by abundant upward facing brilliant white candles, it forms dense billowing mounds 6 Gal. 1 5 G a l . B o x Sprawling and Weeping varieties N.C. strobus 'Niagara Falls' - 2-3' x 5-7', a sculptural cascade of soft long blue-green needles cover pendent branches 3 Gal. 6 Gal. 1 5 G a l . B o x s. 'Hillside Creeper' - 1.5-2' x 6-8', fast and low, growth rate slows as plant ages, light green twisted needles in bundles of two turn yellowish green in winter, excellent for stabilizing banks 3 Gal. 6 Gal. POTENTILLA all N.C. D2 ** SU - SE fruticosa 'Dakota Sunspot' - 2' x 3', compact bushy mounded shrub with small ferny bluish-green foliage, showy buttercup-like golden flowers June to frost f. 'Mango Tango' - 2-3', deep green foliage, bicolor blooms of mango and rose, best color in cool weather f. 'Pink Beauty' - 2', pink blooms, holds color well in heat f. 'Primrose Beauty' - 2', pale yellow, gray-green foliage 3 Gal. PRUNUS ** SU Deciduous shrub forms x cistena – 6-10', large multi-stem shrub with intense reddish-purple foliage and fragrant pink blooms 3 Gal. 5 Gal. N. maritima – 6-8', dense shrub with olive green oval leaves, white blooms in May followed in Aug. by edible purple fruit, very salt-tolerant 5 Gal. Evergreen shrub forms laurocerasus 'Chestnut Hill' - 4' x 4', compact round habit, evergreen, dark green foliage, white flowers in May 6 Gal. l. 'Nana' - 6-8', more compact version than species, green glossy oval leaves 6 Gal. 10 Gal. l. 'Otto Luykens' - 4', compact free-flowering broad spreader 6 Gal. 10 Gal. 10 Gal. 30-36"44631-586-6242

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l. 'Schipkaensis' - 6', narrow leaves, tall vase shape, hardy 7 Gal. 10 Gal. 1 0 G a l . H v y (B&B) 4' (B&B) 5' (B&B) F.P. 5' (B&B) F.P. 6' Tree forms - Edible avium 'Montmorency' - 10-15' x 8-10', compact tree with oval crown, the best pie cherry, clusters of white blooms in early spring, tart translucent carmine red cherries, self-fertile persica 'Contender' - 8-10', upright spreading habit, good cold-hardy cv, self-pollinating and heavy bearing, pink blooms are followed by fuzzy, red and gold fruit with firm sweet, juicy peach colored, non-browning flesh, giving Southern Peach cultivars a run for their money 10 Gal. Tree forms - Ornamental cerasifera 'Mt. St. Helens' - 20' x 20', upright vase to umbrella of reddish purple oval leaves, loads of sweetly scented burgundy-eyed light pink single blooms in early spring, sport of 'Newport' grows faster and leafs out earlier 20 Gal. serrulata 'Kwanzan' - 25-30' x 25-30', mid-sized tree with ascending branches and spreading-rounded crown, dark green leaves turn orange-yellow in fall, deep pink double flowers bloom in pendant clusters in early spring just as leaves emerge 15 Gal. s. 'Mt. Fuji' - 15-20',flat topped, upright habit, horizontally spreading branches, dark green leaves turn orange-red in fall, mildly fragrant semi-double white flowers in profuse clusters in spring just before and as the leaves emerge 15 Gal. s. 'Okame' - 15-20', red buds open to single rose-pink flowers early spring before leaves emerge 20 Gal. s. 'Snow Goose' - 20'x20', upright, simple ovate green leaves, pure white single flowers appear before leaves appear in mid spring, yellow fall color,beautiful coppery- red bark 20 Gal. subhirtella 'Pendula' - 20', wide weeper with pale pink flowers 36" Graft 15 Gal. 20 Gal. s. 'Snow Fountain' - 20', narrow cascade of snow-white flowers 36" Graft 15 Gal. 20 Gal. yedoensis - 30-40' x30-40', graceful branching pattern with serrate oval dark green leaves, foliage turns yellow and with bronze tint in fall, almond-scented blossoms coming out all at once along its bare branches in early spring, the single flowers first opening to pale-pink and fading to near white 20 Gal.45631-586-6242

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PYRACANTHA D2 ** SU-SE 'Yukon Belle' - 8-10' x 6-8', compact thorny branches, glossy dark green leaves are gray felted underneath, small white blossoms, followed by small flattened green berries ripening to gold to orange, takes shearing and hard pruning well 5 Gal. 5 Gal. Esp. 5 Gal. Stk. PYRUS D3 ** SU Edible varieties communis 'Bosc' - 10-20' x 5-10', green pointed oval leaves, white spring flowers, tiny speckles on long necked fruit, ripens early fall, stores well, white flesh with sweet flavor when ripe 10 Gal. pyrifolia '20th Century' - 10-12', espaliered fruiting Asian pear with Chojuro, Hosui, Shinseiki and 20th Century Asian pears 20 Gal. Esp. RHODODENDRON D3 ** SU - SH Small leaf evergreen varieties 'Blue Baron' - 3' x 2', dense low and compact, electric deep blue-violet blooms in early to midseason, glossy foliage turns bronze in winter 3 Gal. 'Cherry Cheesecake' - 4-5', rounded form has trusses of white blooms with wide bright pink margins and raspberry blotches on upper petals, dark olive-green leaves 3 Gal. 'Miyama Gold Prinz' - 30-36" x 36-42", compact low mounded habit, yak cross with trusses of rose-washed apricot to yellow buds open to small wavy trumpets of butter yellow with raspberry speckles on upper petals, dark olive glossy leaves 2 Gal. 'Olga Mezitt' - 5-6' x 4-5', wide, upright habit, glossy, bright green foliage turns reddish in fall, clear, abundant, deep pink flowers bloom early to mid-May 3 Gal. 'PJM' - 3-6' x 3-7', oval to vase-shaped shrub, small leathery, dark green leaves have purple tones in winter, lilac blue flowers 3 Gal. 'PJM Elite' - 4', compact and neater growing than 'PJM' 3 Gal. yakusimanum hybrids - dwarf dense and compact, flower buds change color as they open creating multi-colored effect y. 'Crete' - 2-3', felt-like beige hairs on dark green foliage, deep pink buds open to nearly pure white flowers in early May 2 Gal. y. 'Golden Torch' – 2' x 3', trusses of coral pink buds open to salmon washed yellow aging to butter yellow in late spring 2 Gal.46631-586-6242

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y. 'Ken Janek' - 3', pale pink blooms edged with darker pink, new growth is pale silver 2 Gal. y. 'Percy Wiseman' - 3' x 4', raspberry buds open light peach, yellow & white, May - June 6 Gal. 18-21" 6 Gal. 24-30" y. 'Prince' - deep pink buds open light pink, has much better foliage than 'Princess' y. 'Princess' - 2-3' x 2-3', compact habit, elliptic olive-green leaves, tubular funnel shaped pale pink flowers with darker markings, blooms mid to late spring 2 Gal. Large leaf evergreen varieties cat 'Album' - 6-7', upright round habit, lavender buds open white, mid-late season cat 'Boursault' - 4-5', dark purple buds, deep lavender flowers with red-brown blotched throats 'Chionoides' - 4', low spreading habit, white flowers 'Cunningham's White' - 4-5', white flowers with burgundy and buff markings on upper lobes 'Grandiflorum' - 6-8' x 6-8', lilac purple flowers with cinnamon brown speckled throats in late spring, excellent heat tolerance 'Lee's Dark Purple' - 6-7' x 5-6', dense, rounded, upright habit, large glossy dark-green leaves, clusters wide-flaring, funnel-shaped plum-violet flowers with brown-flecked upper lobes 'Minnetonka' - 4', lavender blooms with sprinkles of cinnamon 'Nova Zembla' - 6', vigorous upright habit, bright red flowers 'Roseum Elegans' - 6-10', dense habit, large, clusters of broad, open, bell-shaped flowers of lavender-pink 'Roseum Pink' - 5' x 6', upright broad habit, clear, pale-pink flowers bloom in spring, dark green foliage 5 Gal. 10 Gal. 24-30" 10 Gal. 30-36" 10 Gal. 36-42" 10 Gal. 42-48" Large leaf specialty 'Anna Rose Whitney' - 5-7', rounded and compact with leathery evergreen leaves, trusses of bubble gum pink trumpets with paler throats and dark raspberry speckles 5 Gal. 'Capistrano' - 4' x 5', deep green leathery foliage, trusses of bright yellow flowers bloom in late spring to early summer maximum 'Independence' - 8-12', less open and with larger trusses of clear pink blooms up to six weeks later than species m. 'Pink' - 8-15', wide spreader has loosely arranged long oval deep green foliage, huge trusses of lavender pink flowers bloom mid to late June 5 Gal. 10 Gal. 'Scintillation' - 4-6' x 4-6', wavy edged flowers are purplish-pink lightening toward center with green-yellow markings on throats, mid spring 5 Gal.47631-586-6242

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RHUS D2 * - ** SU - SE N.C. aromatica 'Gro-Lo' - 2' x 6', spreading ground cover, glossy foliage turns orange-red in fall, yellow blooms in early spring, very tough and low maintenance 3 Gal. glabra - 9-15', large open irregular spreading shrub w/smooth compound pinnate shiny dark leaves w/9-27 leaflets to 18" long, brilliant red orange and yellow in fall, chartreuse blooms in terminal panicles, females produce erect pyramidal fruit clusters to 8" 3 Gal. N.C. typhina 'Tiger Eyes' - 6', upright stems with flat crown of foliage, deep cut leaflets emerge chartreuse, turn yellow in summer then red, orange, and yellow in fall, chartreuse blooms in terminal panicles followed by velvety red fruit 3 Gal. 10 Gal. ROSES ROSA D3 ** SU Wherever possible we have tried to select disease resistant varieties with a long blooming season and beautiful foliage. Climbing varieties 'Climbing Iceberg' - 10-12' x 6-8', vigorous, climbing habit, glossy green leaves, double icy-white fragrant flowers bloom repeatedly through summer, blooms on old wood only 'Cloud 10' - 7-8' x 5', full pure white flowers, similar to English roses with heavy bloom in spring, repeating throughout the season, especially resistant to black spot 'Eden Climber' - deep green foliage, pastel pink and cream old fashioned-looking blend 'Good Day Sunshine' - 8-10’ x 5-6’, rambling vigorous habit, clusters of ruffled scalloped double blooms in fade-free sunny yellow 'Lavender Crush' - 8-10' x 3-6', climbing habit, glossy, leathery, dark green foliage, very fragrant, mauve/lavender flowers w/creamy white undersides 'Pretty In Pink Eden' - 12', double ruffled deep pink, fragrant, repeating, disease resistant 3 Gal. 'Crimson Sky' - 8-10' x 2-4', vigorous climbing habit, deep green foliage, a seedling sister to 'Red Eden' blooming earlier with clusters of large ruffled fully double Fire Engine Red blooms, lightly fragrant spiced apple scent, re-blooms throughout season 'Don Juan' - 10', large fragrant velvety deep red 'Hot N' Spicy' - 8-10', vigorous climber, semi-glossy mid green foliage, bold orange-red blooms that resemble an amazing sunset blooms summer-fall with a mild fragrance 'Joseph's Coat' - buds open yellow, outer petals mature orange to deep coral-pink for multicolor display 'New Dawn' - fragrant pale pink, dark leathery foliage 'William Baffin' - 8-10' x 3-6', Pillar Rose with excellent disease resistance, hot pink semi-double fragrant blooms from late spring to early summer 'White Dawn' - 10-12', fragrant white48631-586-6242

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'Zephirine Drouhin' - thornless, pink blooms, fragrant 3 Gal. 5 Gal. Stk. 9 G a l . T r e l l i s David Austin Roses 'D.A. Carding Mill' - 3-4' x 2-3', bushy round habit, semi-glossy foliage, double cupped, peach-orange flowers mature to apricot-pink, strong myrrh fragrance, blooms early summer to early fall 'D.A. Claire Austin' - 54", vigorous upright to arching, ruffled cupped creamy white blooms, strong spicy fragrance laced with vanilla and meadowsweet, reblooms throughout summer, good disease resistance on dark green foliage 'D.A. Darcy Bussell' - 4x4', compact, deep crimson rosettes with a delightful fruity fragrance, flushes of blooms repeat all season, one of the best true red roses 'D.A. Desdemona' - 3-4', upright shrub, deep green foliage, pale salmon pink buds open to large blushing ruffled fully double blooms with strong almond-flower fragrance, blooms summer to frost except in extreme heat 'D.A. Generous Gardener' - 4-5' x 3-4', upright habit, can also be a climber, deep green, glossy foliage is disease resistant, flowers are soft pink at center, shading to palest pink on outer petals 'D.A. Gentle Hermione' - 4' x 3', rounded arching shrub, pure pink shallow cups of 90 petals with soft blush blooming in flushes from late spring until frost, strong classic old rose scent, 'D.A. Gertrude Jekyll' - 4-8' x 3-4', upright, bushy habit, leathery, dark green foliage, full peony-like pink rosettes with old rose fragrance, full sun to part shade 'D.A. Golden Celebration' - 4.5' x 4.5', rounded shrub with arching stems and lush mid-green foliage, bearing large 55-75 full petaled golden-yellow blooms with a strong tea-rose fragrance, flowering from early spring until frost 'D.A. Graham Thomas' - 5-8' x 5-8', upright, bushy habit, leathery, dark green foliage, large yellow hips in fall, large, intensely fragrant, bright yellow, double blooms in clusters on arching canes 'D.A. Jubilee Celebration' - 4' x 4', upright to arching vigorous habit, ruffled cupped deliciously fragrant blooms in salmon pink, reblooms throughout summer 'D.A. Lady of Shalott' - 3-4', bears clusters of 60 petalled chalice-shaped blooms in a delightful symphony of apricot salmon peach and pale yellow with a medium fragrance, continuous bloomer with excellent disease resistance 'D.A. Lichfield Angel' - 5', rounded shrub, buds open to 100 petals of double flowers of creamy apricot with a light clove fragrance, excellent repeat bloomer 'D.A. Munstead Wood' - 2-3' x 2-3', broad, bushy habit, foliage is a mix of red-bronze maturing to mid green, full, cup-like, velvety wine-crimson flowers bloom late spring to late summer 'D.A. Olivia Rose' - 48-54" x 3', ruffled cupped 90-petalled blooms in bright rosy pink with hints of lavender, strong fruity fragrance, blooms early summer to early fall 'D.A. Queen of Sweden' - 3-4' x 2-3', ruffled cupped blooms in shell pink with hints of apricot, pleasant spicy fragrance, excellent repeat bloomer 'D.A. Roald Dahl' - 54", broad shrubby habit, deep apricot pointed buds open to ruffled double blooms of peach with pale peach outer petals, light tea rose fragrance, prolific almost constant blooms from late spring to late summer ** New For 2021 **49631-586-6242

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'D.A. Tess of the d'Urbervilles' - 4-8' x 3-4', medium old rose fragrance, large, deeply cupped, bright crimson-red blooms, reblooms throughout summer, good disease resistance on dark green foliage 'D.A. The Ancient Mariner' - 4' X 4', masses of sensational pink double ruffled musk-scented cups bloom almost continuously from late spring until frost 'D.A. The Lady Gardener' - 4' x 3', upright vigorous habit, peony-like deliciously tea-scented blooms of apricot with hints of golden yellow, reblooms throughout summer ** New For 2021 ** 'D.A. The Mill on the Floss' - 4.5' x 4', medium-strong fruity rose fragrance, large clusters of small deeply cupped, mid pink blooms, reblooms throughout summer, good disease resistance on dark green foliage 'D.A. The Pilgrim' - 12' , exceptional fragrance of tea and myrrh, large, deeply cupped, large soft double yellow blooms, continuous bloomer, good disease resistance on dark green foliage 'D.A. Tranquillity' - 3-4' x 2-3', bushy compact nearly thornless shrub, blooms are produced both individually and in small clusters, rosy red-washed buds of light yellow opening to delicate pink shading to creamy white at the petal edge with 60 petals flowering from late spring until frost, light apple fragrance ** New For 2021 ** 'D.A. Wollerton Old Hall' - 5-8' x 2-3', one of the most fragrant with myrrh scent and a hint of citrus, plump buds w/hints of red open to butter yellow chalice shaped blooms, reblooms throughout summer, mostly thorn free, can be grown as a climber, good disease resistance on dark green foliage 3 Gal. Knockout Roses 3-4', shrubby habit with long bloom time and glossy disease-resistant foliage and light fragrance 'Blushing Knockout' - single pale pink slightly ruffled 'Coral Knockout' - semi-double coral pink 'Double Knockout' - double cherry-red blooms 'Double Pink Knockout' - 3" double hot pink 'Knockout' - cherry-red single 'Peachy Knockout' – peachy pink semi-double blooms 'Pink Knockout' - wide open hot pink semi-double 'White Knockout' - pure-white with yellow anthers 3 Gal. 3 Gal. Std. ** New For 2021 ** 'Petite Knockout' - 18'' x 18'', compact shrub habit, dark green, extremely glossy foliage turns burgundy in fall, disease resistant, fire engine, non-fading red flowers bloom May to frost, orange-red hips in fall 2 Gal. Compact shrub roses 'Bonica' - 3-4' x 4-5', arching branches of matte green leaves, large clusters of 2-3" ruffled fully double soft pink blooms with deeper pink interior, disease resistant, pollution tolerant 'The Fairy' - 30", mounded habit, tiny double light pink 3 Gal. rugosa - puckered leaves, large fragrant flowers mid-late summer, bright gold to red rose hips, salt/drought-tolerant50631-586-6242

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r. 'Alba' - large single white with red hips r. 'Rubra' - large single reddish purple with red hips r. 'Raspberry Rugostar' - 2-3' x 3-5', very prostrate habit, groundcover version of rugosa, deep pink blooms emerge in June lasting throughout warm months, light clove fragrance 3 Gal. r. 'Blanc Double de Coubert' - 6-7' x 4-5', upright with semi-double, clear white flowers from July thru Sept, orange-red hips r. 'Frau Dagmar Hartopp' - 4-6', single shell pink flowers bloom mid-summer to early fall, red hips r. 'Hansa' - 4-5' x 5-6', spreading shrubby habit, double red-violet flowers bloom mid-summer to early fall, red hips 3 Gal. r. 'Pavement Pink' - 42" x 36", semi-double pink ruffled late spring reblooming into fall, large carmine to deep red rose hips persist into winter r. 'Pavement Purple' - 1-3' x 1-3', fragrant, semi-double deep mauve purple flowers bloom May through summer into fall, large dark candy-apple red hips r. 'Pavement Snow' - 1-3', double white flowers bloom late spring into fall, large deep red hips 3 Gal. Trailing or Groundcover roses 'Drift' Series - 12" x 24", cross between full size groundcover and miniature roses, tough, disease resistant repeat bloomers with spreading mounded habit 'Apricot Drift' – double, apricot 'Coral Drift' – double, coral 'Peach Drift' - full double soft peach, yellow centers 'Pink Drift' - semi-double to double deep pink, lighter centers 'Red Drift' - double, red blooms 'Sweet Drift' - very tight, double bright pink 'White Drift' – double, pure white 3 Gal. 'Flower Carpet' Series - 2-3' x 40", abundant small semi-double self-cleaning blooms, dark green disease resistant foliage, 'F.C. Amber' - double, deep yellow blooms, yellow centers 'F.C. Appleblossom' - pale pink blooms, yellow centers 'F.C. Coral' - double, deep coral blooms 'F.C. Pink' - double, pink blooms 'F.C. Pink Supreme' - double vibrant lipstick pink blooms 'F.C. Red' - double red blooms 'F.C. White' - double white 'F.C. Yellow' - double sunny clear yellow 2 Gal. Oso Easy Series - 12-36" x 18-36", low-maintenance mounded landscape rose, disease resistant small glossy deep green leaves, semi-double blooms, self-cleaning, prune or deadhead only to neaten or shape, blooms summer to frost, salt tolerant 'O.E. Italian Ice' - double blooms similar to 'Peace' in coloration with lemony buds opening to bright yellow blooms, ages to paler yellow with variable amounts of pink edging 'O.E. Lemon Zest' - single blooms are bright lemon yellow51631-586-6242

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'O.E. Mango Salsa' - double fiery orange-red buds open to blooms of salmon and coral red which fade to deep pink 'O.E. Paprika' - fiery orange-red buds open to sunburst orange 3 Gal. 'Sea Foam' - vigorous rambling habit, covered with clouds of small double snowy white blooms 3 Gal. RUBUS D1 ** SU Edible - all N.C. 'Black Satin' - 5-6', semi-upright habit, thornless canes with dark green serrated leaves, second year canes produce purple-black fruits with excellent sweet/tart blackberry flavor 'Bristol' - 4-5' x 18-24", upright to arching lightly thorned canes with compound bright green foliage, clusters of white blooms in late spring give rise to abundant crop of non-seedy sweet-tart glossy black-cap berries, excellent eating and cooking quality 'Chester' - 3-5' x 3-5', arching canes, pinkish white flowers in early spring followed by juicy edible blackberries in summer 'Heritage' - 4-5' x 3-4', upright spreading habit, thorny rusty red stems bear terminal clusters of white flowers in spring followed by juicy red berries in summer, will give second crop if previous years canes are left standing idaeus 'Caroline' - 4-6', upright arching lightly thorned canes, white early summer blooms give rise to everbearing red raspberries with sweet-tart well-flavored fruit, second crop in late summer, more disease resistant and with larger, earlier sweeter more conical fruits than most everbearers i. 'Fallgold' - 4-5' x 1-2', upright thorny shrub, produces crops of gold-colored raspberries, everbearing i. 'Meeker' - 4-10' x 3-10', upright arching habit, lightly thorned canes with green compound foliage, white early summer blooms yield to late ripening firm large bright red berries i. 'Williamette' - 10-10' x 10-10', upright arching habit, white early summer blooms yield to ripening firm large dark red berries, rebloomer 'Prelude' - 4-' x 3-4', upright habit, thorny stems, clusters of white flowers in spring followed by juicy sweet-tart red berries in summer, the earliest of the Red Raspberries with fruits ripening in early June, second crop on previous year's canes 2 Gal. (Selected varieties) 6 Gal. 'Baby Cakes' - 3-4', dwarf upright rounded habit, compact thornless canes produce clusters of white blooms which mature to clusters of large sweet-tart blackberries, produces in mid-summer and again in early to mid-fall on second-year canes, best in full sun 'Raspberry Shortcake' - 2-3' x 2-3.5', compact, slight cascade, bronze new growth ages to mid green, white blooms late spring, large sweet red fruit mid-summer, thornless, bred for containers, spreads slightly larger in the landscape 2 Gal.52631-586-6242

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SALIX D3 *** SU i. 'Hakuro Nishiki' - 4', low arching habit, new leaves emerge in striking white green and pink 3 Gal. 10 Gal. Std. 15 Gal. Std. SAMBUCUS D2 *** SE Cut back all varieties annually to curb rampant growth and maintain the brightest color. N.C. nigra 'Black Lace' - 5-6', upright with delicate lacy texture, wispy threadlike deep purple foliage, large flattened clusters of fragrant light pink blooms in June N.C. n. 'Black Tower' - 8-12' x 3-4', upright, dark chocolate-purple foliage is deepest in full sun, new growth is lime green, large clusters of tiny pink flowers, black berries in fall N.C. n. 'Instant Karma' - 6-8', improved variegated cultivar has creamy white edged green dissected foliage, large flat corymb of tiny fragrant white blooms will produce small purple-black berries if a pollenizer like 'Black Lace' or 'Black Beauty' is nearby N.C. racemosa 'Lemony Lace' - 3-5' x 3-6', deeply cut lacy gold and green foliage holds color in summer, deep red berries 3 Gal. SARCOCOCCA D2 *** SE - SH hookeriana humilis - 15", evergreen, spreading groundcover, fragrant white blooms March - April, shiny dark foliage 1 Gal. 2 Gal. 3 Gal. SCIADOPITYS *** SU verticillata 'Joe Kozey' - 10-15' x 3-5', evergreen, narrow habit, whorls of dark glossy needles circle branches held to the trunk v. 'Wintergreen' - 10-15', pyramidal evergreen tree, branches with thick glossy leathery needles, needles form a distinctive umbrella rib-like pattern, maintains deep green glossy leaf color better in winter than species 6 Gal. 1 5 G a l . B o x SINOCALYCANTHUS D2 ** SU - SE raulstonii 'Hartlage Wine' - 6-8' x 8-10', dark green, leaves turn shades of yellow in fall, waterlily-like, wine-red flowers bloom late spring to early summer, faint spicy sweet fragrance 3 Gal. SKIMMIA D1 *** SE - SH japonica - 3-4' x 4-5', dense, broad-leaved evergreen, glossy long oval foliage, mildly fragrant white flowers in spring, female form has large red berries in winter 2 Gal. 3 Gal.53631-586-6242

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SORBARIA ** - *** SU - SE sorbifolia 'Sem' - 4' x 6', more compact selection has lacy compound foliage which emerges pinkish red, turning bright green, large sprays of creamy white appear in summer 3 Gal. SPIRAEA D2 ** SU japonica 'Double Play Big Bang' - 2-3', small mounded shrub, foliage emerges bright orange changing to vivid yellow and back to orange in the fall, huge clusters of bright pink blooms j. 'Double Play Candy Corn' - 18-24", foliage emerges candy-apple red aging through apricot and maturing to bright golden yellow, vibrant pink flowers all summer, fall color is deep apricot j. 'Double Play Doozie' - 2'-3', compact shrub, foliage emerges deep red maturing to dark green, huge clusters of bright rosy magenta blooms appear in late spring and continue all summer j. 'Double Play Gold' - 16-24", leaves emerge burnt orange aging through gold to chartreuse, hot pink blooms in summer j. 'Double Play Red' - 2'-3', foliage emerges bright orange changing to vivid yellow and back to orange in the fall, clusters of bright pink blooms appear in late spring and last all summer 3 Gal. j. 'Anthony Waterer' - 2-3' x 3-4', medium green foliage takes on red tones in fall, violet-red flat-topped flowers bloom late spring through summer, repeat bloom if faded flowers are cut j. 'Goldflame' - 3-4', leaves emerge bronzy in spring maturing to yellow-green by summer and yellow-orange-copper hues in fall, rose pink flowers in flattened corymbs in early summer j. 'Gold Mound' - 2-3' x 3-4', compact mound, leaves emerge gold aging to gold-green in summer, with yellow orange and red fall colors, flat-top small pink flowers late spring j. 'Little Princess' - 2-3' x 2-3', upright, round habit, mint green leaves turn red in fall, pink flowers in flat-topped clusters bloom late spring to mid-summer j. 'Magic Carpet' - 1.5', bright red new foliage turns rich gold j. 'Shirobana' - 2-3' x 4-5', green leaves, soft flat pink and white flower heads early to late summer 3 Gal. nipponica 'Snowmound' - 4', blue green foliage, pure white blooms late spring 3 Gal. thunbergii 'Ogon' (Mellow Yellow) - 4', broad habit, slender leaves are bright yellow changing to chartreuse, white blooms, salmon orange fall color 3 Gal. STEPHANANDRA *** SU - SE incisa 'Crispa' - 1.5' x 6', dense sprawling habit, finely cut deep green foliage, 2001 L. I. Hort Soc. Gold Medal Winner 2 Gal. STEWARTIA *** SU - SE pseudocamelia - 30', Upright tree with narrow oval crown, large white blooms with orange anthers, fall color ranges from yellow to reddish purple, attractive exfoliating cinnamon and tan bark 15 Gal. 35 Gal.54631-586-6242

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STYRAX *** SU - SE japonicus - 15-30' x 10-25, upright rounded habit, small tree with broad horizontal branching habit, pendulous, lightly fragrant white blooms, late spring to early summer 15 Gal. j. 'Emerald Pagoda' - 20-25' x 12-15', leaves are bigger, glossier, and more leathery than species, growth is more rapid and tree-like, slightly fragrant white bell flowers in May are larger and showier, more heat and cold tolerant 25 Gal. j. 'Evening Light' - 6' x 4', upright vase-shaped, deep green leaves have dark chocolate glaze, clusters of mahogany-stemmed very fragrant creamy white bells of appear in spring, fall rebloomer if kept consistently moist through summer 15 Gal. j. 'Fragrant Fountain' - 6-10' x 5-8', strongly weeping habit, white dangling open bells are fragrant and showy, pointed oval emerald green leaves on long weeping branches which cascade to the ground j. 'Marley's Pink Parasol' - 8-10' x 4-5', upright habit, arching branches, glossy green leaves wider and longer, turning bright lemon-yellow in fall, clusters of pendulous blushing pink flowers have cotton candy fragrance 15 Gal. SYRINGA D3 ** SU All varieties were selected for powdery mildew resistance Dwarf and mounding varieties 'Bloomerang Dark Purple' - 4-6', compact habit, clusters of buds open to tiny fragrant lilac-blue flowers in spring, again mid-summer to mid fall 'Bloomerang Purple' - 4-5', compact re-blooming, fragrant lavender blue blooms in spring and late summer to fall 2 Gal. 3 Gal. (Std.) 7 Gal. meyeri 'Palibin' - 4', compact habit, fragrant light purple blooms in mid-May, small wavy edged leaves 3 Gal. patula 'Miss Kim' - 6', upright rounded habit, pale purple buds open to fragrant icy lavender-blue blooms, May - June 3 Gal. 7 Gal. hyacinthaflora varieties - upright habit, foliage and blooms look like vulgaris but bloom one week earlier, very fragrant and mildew resistant hyacinthaflora 'Declaration' - 8' x 6', large highly fragrant clusters of deep magenta buds open to blooms of rosy magenta developing dusty lilac centers as blooms age h. 'Pocahontas' - 10', single, reddish purple, early May h. 'Purple Glory' - 12-15' x 8-12', disease resistant foliage shows a purple-blue cast, abundant fragrant clusters of deep purple flowers bloom late spring to early summer55631-586-6242

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h. 'Scentara Double Blue' - 6-8' x 6-8', multi-stem form, most fragrant of lilacs, double purple-blue flower panicles bloom early May 5 Gal. Tree forms reticulata 'Ivory Silk' - 20-25', fragrant creamy white single flowers in dense terminal clusters, blooms later than most 15 Gal. TAMARIX D2 * - ** SU ramosissima 'Summer Glow' - 12' x 9', upright arching feathery silvery blue-green foliage, bright plumes of airy deep pink panicles are darker and larger than species 2 Gal. 5 Gal. TAXIODUM ** - *** SU distichum. 'Peve Minaret' - 8-10', dwarf upright pyramidal habit, bright green fern-like foliage turns bright yellows and oranges in fall 3 Gal. TAXUS ** SE baccata 'Fastigiata' - 10' x 2', upright broadly columnar form, takes shearing well, deep forest green evergreen needles, holds branches in upright rigid fashion 2 Gal. cuspidata 'Dwarf Bright Gold' - 6', broad spreading arching habit, bright golden foliage, prefers light shade 3 Gal. 6 Gal. c. 'Emerald Spreader' - 30" x 8-10', dense spreading habit, soft short needles emerge light green aging to deep green 2 Gal. 5 Gal. c. 'Nana Aurescens' - 24", low mounded habit, bright gold new growth over deep green older needles, gold winter color 3 Gal. 10 Gal. Taxus x media 'H.M. Eddie' - 12-15' x 3-5', very narrow upright form, deep green needles on dense branches, male plant has no berries, excellent for hedging even in shady conditions (B&B) 4' F.P. THUJA ** SU N.C. occidentalis 'DeGroot's Spire' - 7', columnar habit, deep green foliage is arranged in twisted fanlike patterns 6 Gal. 1 0 G a l. 4 ' B&B 5'56631-586-6242

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N.C. o. 'Golden Globe' - 2-4', dense rounded ball with evergreen fans of golden yellow new growth and lime interior 3 Gal. N.C. o. 'Mr. Bowling Ball' - 2-3' x 2-3', globular form rarely needs pruning, dense lacy blue-green foliage is soft to touch 2 Gal. N.C. o. 'Jantar' - 4-6' x 2-3', narrow pyramid of gold-yellow new growth aging to light green, amber winter color 6 Gal. 10 Gal. N.C. o. 'Smaragd' - 10' x 4', semi-dwarf pyramid has bright green foliage, urn-shaped red-brown cones in fall 4 ' 1 0 G a l . 5 ' 1 0 G a l . 6 ' 1 0 G a l . B&B 5' B&B 6' N.C. plicata 'Green Giant' - 30-40', dense tall pyramid, rich deep green foliage bronzes in winter, deer resistant 7 Gal. 5 ' 1 0 G a l . 15 Gal. 25 Gal. TSUGA D3 ** SU - SH Heights listed are for growth you can expect in 10 years canadensis 'Cole's Prostrate' - 6-12" x 24-48", slow-growing, dwarf low cascading form, grown as groundcover, silver-white bark contrasts with dark green needled foliage, will edge down slopes, spread over flat ground, crawl over smaller rocks or creep over edge of a wall 3 Gal. 6 Gal. c. 'Gentsch White' - 4' x 4', globe shaped, needles at the branch tips are a silver white giving the appearance the plant is covered in snow, annual pruning is recommended to encourage new white growth 3 Gal. c. 'Pendula' - 4-5' x 8-10', vigorous spreading weeper with overlapping layers of viridian branches 6 Gal. VACCINIUM D3 ** SU N.C. angustifolium 'Brunswick' - 1' x 2', compact and low with white bell-shaped flowers in May, small intensely flavored blueberries in summer, foliage turns brilliant scarlet in fall 1 Gal. N.C. corymbosum varieties – to 8', white flowers, plant at least three varieties for best berry production ('Blue Crop', 'Bonus Duke', 'Patriot', 'Polaris') 3 Gal.57631-586-6242

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c. 'Blueberry Buckle' - 18" x 24", compact mounded habit, interspecific cross between V. myrsinites and V. coryombosm, dark green highly glossy oval leaves, clusters of dangling waxy white bells develop into small blue fruit, grown for its ornamental foliage and drought and soil tolerance but still manages to have a decent crop of blueberries 2 Gal. N.C. c. 'Blueberry Glaze' - 2-3' x 2-3', compact mound with small oval dark green leaves, pink tinted white bell-shaped flowers in spring, followed by medium-sized mid-summer fruit with intense wild blueberry flavor N.C. c. 'Peach Sorbet' - 2-2' x 1-2', new leaves emerge peachy orange turning dusky blue-green with age, fragrant bell shaped flowers bloom in May, tons of large tasty berries late July and August, plum colored fall foliage 2 Gal. N.C. 'Cabernet Splash' - 3-4', upright and shrubby, new growth is wine red maturing to deep green washed with burgundy, large early to mid-season crop of tasty blueberries 3 Gal. N.C. 'Perpetua' - 30”x24", the first multi-cropping blueberry, angustifolium x corymbosum cross blooms first in spring to produce small sweet berries in mid-summer, and again in late summer for a fall crop, glossy green foliage turns orange to burgundy in fall and twigs turn coral to red in winter 2 Gal. c. 'Reka' - 4-6' x 4-5', upright to spreading shrubby habit, oval dark green leaves turn shades of yellow orange red and purple in fall, waxy, bell-shaped, white flowers in May followed by sweet flavorful light blue berries ripening mid-season, fast grower w/high yields 3 Gal. c. 'Sweetheart' - 5-6' x 3-4', upright bushy shrub, oval dark green leaves turn shades of yellow orange red and purple in fall, waxy, bell-shaped, white flowers in May followed by large sweet juicy berries ripening mid-season, fast grower w/high yields 3 Gal. VIBURNUM D3 ** SU - SE carlesii - 4-6', red buds open in late March-early April to pink-aging-to-white flowers in snowball-like clusters, flowers are very fragrant and mature to blue-black fruit in late summer 5 Gal. c. 'Sugar N' Spice' - 6-8' x 6-8', broad round uniform habit, 3" snowball-like clusters of rosy buds open to extremely fragrant blushing white blooms after deep green leaves have fully unfurled, flowers give way to berry-like drupes which mature to blue-black in late summer 3 Gal. N.C. dentatum 'Blue Muffin' - 3-5' x 3-4', dark green oval leaves turn orange to burgundy-purple in fall, white flowers in flat-topped cymes in mid to late spring turn to pea-sized blue berries that mature in late summer 5 Gal. 10 Gal. d. 'Chicago Luster' - 10' x 10', upright arching shrub has flat clusters of white flowers, May - June, followed by blue-black fruit, glossy dark green foliage 5 Gal. 10 Gal.58631-586-6242

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N.C. nudum 'Brandywine' - 5-6' x 5-6', compact, new leaves emerge deep green aging deep red in fall, clusters of white flowers late spring into summer, green berries turn white and finally shades of pink and blue 3 Gal. N.C. n. 'Winterthur' - 5-12' x 5-12', upright habit, white blooms in June, berries change from white to pink then blue, shiny elongated foliage has red fall color 7 Gal. plicatum tomentosum 'Mariesii' - 10-12' x 12-15', broad and round with tiered branches of deep green leaves, clusters of flat-topped snowy white bloom along branches in mid to late spring, red berries age to black, purple fall color 5 Gal. 7 Gal. p.t. 'Shasta' - 6-8' x 9-12', a smaller, later and longer blooming version of Mariesii 5 Gal. 7 Gal. p.t. 'Summer Snowflake' - 5-8', dense upright habit, white lacecap-type flowers in May and sporadically through summer, red berries age to black, red to burgundy fall color 5 Gal. 10 Gal. pragense - 10-12' x 10-12', upright and shrubby with dark green foliage, slightly fragrant, white flowers in spring, berries in early fall first appear red and then change to glossy black 5 Gal. rhytidophylloides 'Allegheny' - 8-10', dense rounded shrub with long broad corrugated leaves, large creamy yellow cymes in mid to late spring, bright red fruit gradually turns black 7 Gal. rhytidophyllum - 6-10’ x 6-10’, semi-evergreen, rounded compact habit, shiny leathery to deep green leaves, creamy-white flat-topped flower clusters bloom late spring, red to black fruit develops in fall 5 Gal. 'Shiny Dancer' - 3-5' x 4-6', rounded and compact, very shiny heavily textured semi-evergreen pointed oval foliage emerges with bronzy wash and matures to dark green, flat-topped flower clusters of creamy white bloom mid-spring 3 Gal. x burkwoodii - 8' x 5', upright multi-stemmed open habit, fragrant 2-3" clusters of pink buds open white in early spring, red fruit turns black in summer, lustrous dark green leaves 5 Gal. x burkwoodii 'Chenault' - 6' x 4', semi-evergreen, densely branched with glossy oval deep green leaves, clusters of rosy red buds open in late spring to highly fragrant, small pale pink blooms, smaller and more refined than the species 5 Gal. VITEX D3 * SU agnus castus - 8-10' x 5-8', vase-shaped habit, aromatic, grayish-green leaves, tiny, fragrant, lavender to pale violet flowers in loose panicles mid to late summer 5 Gal.59631-586-6242

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a. castus 'Blue Diddley' - 5' x 5', dwarf, mint green leaves, spikes of lavender blue blooms in summer 3 Gal. 'Flip Side' - 6-8' H x 8-10' W, vase-shaped habit, aromatic, grayish-olive green leaves which are dusky purple on the underside, 8" fragrant lavender-purple flowers appear mid to late summer, excellent at attracting pollinators 3 Gal. WEIGELA D3 ** SU florida 'Fine Wine' - 2-4' x 2-4', oblong burgundy-purple foliage retains good color all season, trumpet-shaped, rose-pink flowers bloom in spring, with scattered repeat bloom f. 'Midnight Wine' - 18-24" x 18-24", dense low-growing shrub, glossy, burgundy-purple leaves turn very dark purple in fall, reddish-pink, funnel-shaped flowers appear along branches of previous year's growth mid to late spring, sparse repeat bloom on new growth thru summer f. 'Spilled Wine' - 3' x 3', spreading habit, deep purple wavy leaves will not fade, magenta flowers similar to f. 'Wine & Roses', but this is a smaller plant that is wider than it is tall f. 'Wine & Roses' - 4', rose-pink blooms, deep purple foliage 3 Gal. BAMBOO FARGESIA D1 ** SE - SH rufa - 7', vigorous but compact arching clumps with bright green foliage, very hardy 3 Gal. 5 Gal. PHYLLOSTACHYS D1 ** SU bissetii - 20', large clumps form a dense canopy, dark green culms, evergreen foliage, great for containers, extremely cold hardy, can be invasive 10 Gal. nigra - '25', culms emerge green aging to black in one to three years, slender feathery dark green leaves, initially slow to spread, can be quite vigorous with maturity, can also be shaped to form a dense wide hedge 10 Gal. VINES ALL VINES ARE STAKED UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED ACTINIDIA ** SU arguta 'Issai' - 12-20' x 3-5', fast-growing twining woody vine, deep green leaves, scented greenish-white flowers bloom in June, needs no pollinator for fruit production, smooth-skinned, green fruits are sweeter than larger kiwi fruits 2 Gal. Stk.60631-586-6242

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kolomikta 'Arctic Beauty' – 15-20' x 3-6', twining vines of heart-shaped green foliage, foliage tips turn white then pink, rose and raspberry producing tri-color effect, fragrant clusters of small cupped white flowers produce no fruit 2 Gal. Stk. k. 'Red Beauty' - 15-20' x 12-15', twining vine has medium-dark green foliage with red leaf stem becomes showy red in fall, requires 'Arctic Beauty' as pollenizer, fruit is sweet and Thomson-grape-sized with smooth edible reddish green skin 2 Gal. Stk. AKEBIA * - ***SU - SH quinata - 20-40', twining, dark green palmate leaves with blue-green undersides, clusters of vanilla-scented chocolate colored blooms in spring followed by cylindrical purple fruit 1 Gal. 5 Gal. q. 'Shiro Bana' - 15-30' x 6-10', fast-growing semi-evergreen twining vine, leaves are dark green with blue-green undersides, sausage-shaped fruits and small, clustered, vanilla-scented white flowers bloom in spring 1 Gal. 5 Gal. q. 'Silver Bells' - 20-40', fragrant white blooms 2 Gal. q. 'Variegata' - 20-40', purple blooms, variegated foliage 4 Qt. CAMPSIS D3 ** SU N. radicans - 25-40', deep green compound leaves, clusters of large bright orange trumpets in mid to late summer, flowers on new growth, needs strong support, often suckers from roots 2 Gal. Stk. N.C. r. 'Balboa Sunset' - 30-40', intense scarlet-red blooms, pollution tolerant, attractive to hummingbirds 2 Gal. Stk. 5 Gal. Stk. N.C. r. 'Flava' - 30', bright yellow tubular blooms in summer 2 Gal. Stk. 5 Gal. Stk. N.C. r. 'Flamenco' - 20-30', fiery orange blooms, July – Sept x tagliabuana 'Madame. Galen' - clinging deciduous vine, bright deep reddish orange tubular blooms all summer 2 Gal. Stk. x tag. 'Summer Jazz Sunrise Gold' - 3' x 3', dwarf compact habit, medium green leaves, showy yellow tubular blooms 2 Gal. Stk.61631-586-6242

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CLEMATIS D3 ** SU - SE Twining vine, attaches by curling leaf petioles, abundant large showy blooms in a rainbow of colors, varying period of bloom, all prefer warm head and cool feet Large blooming hybrids 'Blue Light' - 6-8', dusty blue flowers with spiky thistle-like centers, blooms early summer to late fall 'Jackmanii' - 7-10' x 3-6', dark green foliage, large profuse four-petaled violet-purple flowers mid to late summer 'Jackmanii Superba' - 7-10' x 3-6', dark green foliage, four-petaled violet-purple flowers mid to late summer, more vigorous and larger that straight 'Jackmanii' 'Nellie Moser' - 6-10', profuse showy pale mauve-pink flowers with reddish pink center stripes, rebloomer 'Niobe' - 8-12', profuse large dark ruby flowers with gold stamens cover vine in summer, followed by fluffy seed clusters 'Rouge Cardinal' - 36-40" x 30-36, compact, bushy habit, without support will become shrub-like groundcover, can be trained onto small trellis, excellent in containers or hanging baskets, dark green foliage, dark sapphire purple-blue flowers bloom early to late summer 'Sapphire Indigo' - 3', deep violet flowers that repeat bloom all summer long 2 Gal. 5 Gal. 'Vancouver' Series - easy-to-grow, large-flowers, compact habit, fragrant flowers in spring, again in summer, unique colors, thrives well in containers 'V. Danielle' - 5-7' x 2-4', compact habit, dark foliage, large purple-blue flowers with reddish bar through petal centers and red-tipped stamens, blooms late spring and early fall 'V. Fragrant Star' - 6-8' x 2', compact habit, dark green foliage, large frosty white, vanilla-scented flowers, purple stamen, blooms late spring and early fall 'V. Starry Nights' - 6-10' x 2', compact habit, dark green foliage, purple-blue flowers with red shimmer highlights, biggest bloom flush early spring to summer, repeating in fall 2 Gal. 5 Gal. montana hybrids m. 'Freda' - small cherry-pink blooms with dark edges, bronzed foliage, protect from late winter winds 5 Gal. Small-blooming hybrids texensis 'Princess Diana' - 6-8', oval leaves, deep magenta pink tulip-shaped flowers, blooms from summer until fall 5 Gal. N. virginiana – 12-15', vigorous and fine textured, bright green trifoliate leaves, tiny white blooms in Aug. followed by silky feathery seed heads, a native alternative for C. ternifolia, the invasive Sweet Autumn Clematis viticella varieties - disease resistant varieties, clings to support by twisted petioles, masses of small blooms June - Sept., cut back in early spring v. 'Betty Corning' - 6-7', fragrant nodding light blue flowers with reflexed petals v. 'Etoile Violette' - violet bell-shaped blooms 4 Qt.62631-586-6242

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GELSEMIUM ** SU - SE sempervirens - 10-20x3-6', twining vine, dark green foliage, fragrant clear yellow trumpet-shaped blossoms, blooms early summer, semi-evergreen, foliage turns purple in fall 1 Gal. Stk. N.C. s. 'Margarita' - 10-20, fragrant, clear yellow blossoms in early summer 4 Qt. HEDERA D3 * - ***SE - SH helix - see "Perennial" section HUMULUS ** SU N.C. l. 'Cascade' - 20' x 4-6', vigorous climber with veined green leaves, elongated hops fruits in late summer N.C. l. 'Nugget' - 15-30', slightly raspy deep green lobed foliage, chartreuse to golden fruits are longer than most other cvs, best Hops for Home Brewing, host plant to many native butterflies 2 Gal. Stk. HYDRANGEA ** - *** SE - SH anomala petiolaris - 30', clinging vine, needs coarse surface to climb, white flower clusters in summer, large shiny leaves 2 Gal. 5 Gal. 5 Gal. Esp. 10 Gal. 10 Gal. Esp. LONICERA ** SU - SE periclymenum 'Berries Jubilee' -15-20', fast grower, fragrant yellow flowers followed by bright red berries, blooms late summer into fall p. 'Peaches and Cream' - 5-6' x 2-3, compact climber, dark green foliage tolerates heat, drought and humidity and resists mildew, in spring pink & white blooms emerge from red/lavender buds, creating a bi-color effect, maturing blooms transition to a light peach color, blooms all thru summer p. 'Scentsation' - 10' x 5', many clusters of highly scented clear yellow blooms in mid-spring continuing in waves into fall 2 Gal. 5 Gal. N.C. sempervirens 'Major Wheeler' - 8', red trumpet shaped flowers, late spring through fall, blue green foliage 2 Gal. x. heckrotti (Gold Flame) - 10-15', clusters of multi-color blooms, rose pink & pale yellow, blue-green foliage, summer 5 Gal. N.C. x. 'Mandarin' - 15', coppery spring foliage ages to dark green, covered in clusters of flared orange tubes with yellow interiors throughout season, sterile vine produces no seeds 5 Gal.63631-586-6242

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PARTHENOCISSUS D3 ** SU - SH N. quinquefolia - vine, dark green leaves turn bright scarlet in fall, blue-black fall berries are beloved by birds 2 Gal. N.C. q. 'Red Wall' - 30' x 10', green foliage turns to fire engine red in fall, small clusters of blue fruit in fall 2.5 Gal. Stk. 15 Gal. Stk. N.C. q. 'Star Showers' - 30-50' x 5-10', creamy white leaves speckled with green, pink and red fall color 5 Gal. tricuspidata – 30-50', bright green leaves turn scarlet in fall 2 Gal. t. 'Green Showers' - huge glossy leaves, rich burgundy in fall 1 Gal. 5 Gal. t. 'Veitchii' - small serrated leaves, intense crimson fall color 1 Gal. 5 Gal. POLYGONUM * - ** SU - SH aubertii - twining vine, will climb anything, and cover it fast, covered with lacy masses of tiny white blooms late summer 4 Qt. SCHIZOPHRAGMA ** SE - SH hydrangeoides 'Moonlight' - 30-40', flat clusters of white lacecap blooms, deep green leaves with silver overlay h. 'Roseum' - blooms tinted with rose 2 Gal. 5 Gal. h. 'Rose Sensation' - 40-50', deep green foliage, blooms resemble lacecap hydrangeas, pink outer florets shade to cream, inner flowers are ivory to pale green 2 Gal. Stk. VITIS ** SU Grapes are vigorous, highly ornamental vines that require strong support 'Himrod' - 15-20' x 15-20', clusters of white seedless grapes ripen early season, good for fresh eating and drying as raisins N.C. labrusca 'Eastern Concord' - 20-30', textured deep green leaves, green flowers in June, medium clusters of blue-black grapes late summer to early fall l. 'Catawba' - 20-40', twining clinging habit,bold-textured, deep green foliage, medium-size clusters of round dull purple-red grapes, well-suited for jellies juices and wines, fruit ripens late in the season l. 'Niagara' - 20'', vigorous twining habit, lobed textured deep green leaves, green flowers bloom in spring, most widely grown of green grapes, offspring of 'Concord' and 'Cassady' with medium clusters64631-586-6242

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of aromatic round white grapes in mid summer, great for fresh eating jam jelly and juice, an offspring self-pollinating, needs support vinifera 'Ruby Seedless' - 20-25', vigorous twining vine has attractive green toothed lobed leaves with pale undersides, seedless dusty red to purple round grapes are sweet and good for table, raisining or wine, fruits ripen late summer, vigorous attractive vines are good for arbor 1 Gal. 5 Gal. 'Cayuga White' - 10-12', excellent disease resistance, pale green grapes are used for fresh eating but are more widely used for many types of white wine, easily grown, heavy producer N.C. 'Concord Seedless' - 15-20', blue-black seedless fruit, excellent for jams jelly and fresh eating, ripens in Sept. vinifera 'Canadice Seedless' - 15-20', panicles of fragrant greenish flowers in spring are followed by clusters of red seedless grapes which ripen in early season, considered to be a good grape for jams, jellies and fresh eating 2 Gal. Stk. WISTERIA D2 * - *** SU Twining vine, will climb any structure, huge cascades of pastel pea-like flowers bloom April-May, all varieties are grafted floribunda 'Honbeni' - 12-14' pink racemes, prolific bloomer f. 'Longissima Alba' - 15-30'x15-18', new growth emerges bronzy yellow changing to yellowish green with yellow fall color, very long (to 24") white pea-like flowers bloom late spring to early summer f. 'Macrobotrys' - 25-28' x 5-6', twiner with extra-long chains of rose and dark violet delicately scented pea-like flowers, blooms emerge just before the leaves in spring, can become invasive f. 'Snow Showers' - 15-30' x 15-18', new growth emerges bronze changing to green all season and yellow in fall, pure white pea-like flowers bloom late spring to early summer f. 'Royal Purple' - fragrant deep violet f. 'Texas Purple' - deep violet purple blooms f. 'Violacea Plena' - 25-30', x 20-24', yellow-green leaves, long trains of bi-colored blue and lilac fragrant blossoms mid spring 15 Gal. (Trellis) 15 Gal. (Tree Form) N.C. fruitescens 'Amethyst Falls' - 8-10' x 4-6', light green foliage, abundant fragrant lavender-blue flowers, blooms early to mid-summer 2 Gal. 10 Gal. (Tripod) 15 Gal. Stk. 15 Gal. (Trellis) N.C. macrostachys 'Blue Moon' - 15-25', can be trained as small tree, bright green foliage, foot-long racemes of fragrant pea-like lavender-blue flowers, blooms early summer with several more repeat blooms throughout season N.C. m. 'Summer Cascade' - 15-25', bright green foliage, long sprays of flowers open blue-lavender fading as season progresses, more cold-tolerant than other cultivars 2 Gal. 5 Gal. Stk.65631-586-6242

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SCULPTED TOPIARIES Mini Collection Thuja Topiary 'Butterfly' (mini) Thuja Topiary 'Flower' (mini) Thuja Topiary 'Sun' (mini) 3 Gal. Boxed Collection Thuja Boxed Topiary 'Butterfly ' Thuja Boxed Topiary 'Flower' Thuja Boxed Topiary 'Sun' Boxed66631-586-6242

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PERENNIALS ACANTHUS D1 ** SE mollis 'Oak Leaf' - 3-5' x 3-4', rosettes of lustrous deep green quercus-like foliage, tall spikes of flattened foxglove-like lilac blooms in late spring to midsummer 2 Gal. m. 'Whitewater' - 26", large deeply cut deep green leaves boldly splashed and edged in white, 4' flower stalks of pink and cream appear in summer 1 Gal. ACHILLEA D1 ** SU 'Coronation Gold' - 36-40", flat heads of bright yellow blooms appear early to mid-summer, fern-like gray-green foliage N.C. millefolium hybrids - large blooms on strong stems, feathery bright green foliage, June-Sept. m. 'Paprika' - 18", bright paprika red flower clusters m. 'Pomegranate' - 30" x 30", deep pomegranate-red m. 'Saucy Seduction' - 24", bright rose-pink m. 'Strawberry Seduction' - 20", rich strawberry-red flowers with tiny yellow eyes 'Little Moonshine' – 9-12", compact version of 'Moonshine', tiny lemon yellow blooms 'Moonshine' - 18-24", large soft yellow blooms ptarmica 'Noblessa' - 12", small bright white double flowers 1 Gal. 2 Gal. ** 3 New Achillea For 2021 ** 'Firefly Amethyst' – 24" x 32", columnar habit, brilliant amethyst pink blooms on tall very sturdy stems, long blooming, from early to late summer, dark green feathery foliage, tolerant of drought and poor soils, attracts pollinators, deer and rabbit resistant 'Firefly Sunshine' – 24" x 32", columnar habit, bright yellow blooms on tall very sturdy stems, long blooming, from early to late summer, dark green feathery foliage, tolerant of drought and poor soils, attracts pollinators, deer and rabbit resistant 2 Gal. millefolium 'Desert Eve Red' – 18-20", compact upright clumps of feathery aromatic green leaves, 2-3" clusters of dark brick-red blooms from early to mid summer, cut back for re-bloom, spreads by rhizomes to form colonies, attracts butterflies/pollinators, drought and heat tolerant, deer resistant 1 Gal. m. 'Pink Grapefruit' – 12-24", compact upright clumps of sturdy stems covered in bright green ferny foliage and topped in summer by large flattened clusters of deep rose flowers which turn dusty pink as they age, attracts butterflies, drought tolerant, deer resistant 2 Gal. ACONITUM D1 *** SE carmichaelii 'Arendsii' - 2-4', erect upright habit, green glossy foliage, deep violet hooded flowers spikes, blooms mid-fall 1 Gal. 6 Qt.67631-586-6242

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AGAPANTHUS D2 ** SU-SH 'Midnight Blue' - 16", clumping habit, long thin strap-like meduim green leaves, rounded clusters of small, lily-like flowers bloom late spring to late summer, part to full sun 1 Gal. AGASTACHE D1 ** SU Upright shrubby habit, abundant long-lasting slender flower spikes, aromatic foliage, requires good drainage aurantiaca 'Tango' - 15", grayish green leaves with light mint scent, spikes with long tubular fiery orange flowers, blooms early summer to mid fall N.C. 'Black Adder'- 30", smoky violet blooms mid-summer to fall, bright green peppermint scented leaves, butterfly magnet 1 Gal. N.C. 'Blue Fortune' - 30", large puffy spikes of powdery blue 2 Gal. N.C. 'Desert Solstice' - 32-36", semi-dwarf with pink tubular flowers in darker calyxes create a mauve glow in the late afternoon sun, blooms late summer to fall 4 Qt. 'Poquito Dark Blue' - 10" x 14", dwarf mound of deep green aromatic scalloped triangles, 4" spikes of violet blue tubular blooms held above foliage in mid summer to late fall 'Poquito Lavender' - 10" x 14", see above, lilac blue blooms 1 Gal. N.C. 'Pink Hazel' - 18-24", full dwarf has upright dusty rose colored stems sporting many small shell pink tubular blooms 4 Qt. N.C. 'Purple Haze' - 24-36", smoky blue-violet spikes, July to frost, extremely long-lasting flowers 2 Gal. N.C. 'Rosie Posie' - 2' x 2', small fragrant light green leaves are topped with abundant spikes of hot pink blooms with magenta-purple calyxes in early summer to frost 3 Qt. AJANIA D2 ** SU pacifica - 1-2' x 1-2', mounded habit, leathery silver edged bright green leaves, tiny yellow button blooms in fall 3 Qt. AJUGA D1 ** SU - SE reptans 'Black Scallop' - 4-6", dark eggplant colored foliage, short spikes of deep blue blooms r. 'Bronze Beauty' - 4", tiny blue flower spikes in late spring, deep bronze foliage, fast growing r. 'Burgundy Glow' - 4", green white and rose foliage, not as vigorous as the species r. 'Catlin's Giant' - 10", very large purple-bronze leaves r. 'Chocolate Chip' - 4", small chocolate colored leaves, deep violet blue flower spikes r. 'Mahogany' - 6", vigorous grower with glossy nearly purple-black leaves turn rich mahogany68631-586-6242

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** New For 2021 ** r. 'Pink Lightning' - 4-6" x 12-16", vigorous, low spreading habit, ruffled mint green leaves with creamy-white edging, spikes of pink flowers mid to late spring (Selected varieties) 3" 1 Gal. Flat/ 24 (2.5" cells) ('Black Scallop') Flat /24 (2.5" cells) incisa 'Frosted Jade'- 12-16" x 15-18", clumping, variegated with cream-yellow margins, violet-blue flowers late spring 1 Qt. ALCEA D2 ** SU ** 2 New Alcea For 2021 ** rosea 'Black Knight' - 5-6 ' x 1-2', tall, sturdy spikes of funnel-shaped black-purple 4" single flowers, blooms mid through late summer r. 'Halo Cerise' - 5-6 ' x 1-2', tall, sturdy spikes of funnel-shaped cerise-pink 4" single flowers with a purple halo, blooms mid through late summer r. 'Springs Celebrity' - 36-42" x 12", bushy dwarf plants produce an abundance of large double blooms, available in 'Crimson', 'Lemon', 'Pink' & 'Purple' 1 Gal. ALCHEMILLA D2 ** SU - SE mollis - 15", clouds of tiny chartreuse blooms in June, large velvety bright green leaves 1 Gal. m. 'Thriller' - 24" slightly larger and more prolific bloomer than species, large silvery green leaves topped with abundant billowy cymes of tiny chartreuse blooms appear in June 2 Gal. ALLIUM D1 * SU 'August Confection' - 15", upright clumps of slender glossy grass-green foliage remain attractive all season, abundant deep pink spherical blooms July - Aug. 3 Qt. giganteum 'Globemaster' - 36-48", green strap-like leaves, huge, violet purple spheres with numerous tiny star-shaped, deep lilac flowers, blooms May and June 2 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** 'Lavender Bubbles' - 12-14", compact upright habit, slender, somewhat flattened, broad linear, grass-like, glossy deep green leaves, round globes of purple flowers bloom late summer to early fall 3 Qt. ** 2018 P.P.A. Plant of the Year ** 'Millenium' - 12", compact upright habit, 2" rose-purple globes on 18" stems, July-Aug., glossy green, twisted leaves remain attractive all season long 1 Gal. 2 Gal.69631-586-6242

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senescens - 20" x 8", green strappy leaves, clusters of lavender pink flowers in early to mid-summer, edible s. glaucum - 12", small flat globes of lilac blooms, curly flat gray-green foliage sphaerocephalon - 14", clumps of hollow grey-green grass-like leaves, oblong clover-like blooms rise on 24-30" stems in late spring, emerging deep green maturing from top to bottom in mid-summer to rose purple to pink creating a bi-color effect 1 Qt. tanguticum 'Summer Beauty' - 18-20" x 12-15", clumping habit, lavender purple flowers above dark green strappy foliage early to mid-summer, sterile seeds 1 Gal. 2 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** ALSTROEMERIA D1 ** SU - SE 'Inca Joli' - 15-18" x 24", compact and well branched, non running habit, bright red-orange blooms with a deep orange throat highlighted with a patch of yellow and cinnamon flecks, very long blooming from mid summer through fall, attracts bees, late to emerge in spring, completely hardy although would benefit from some winter protection 1 Gal. AMSONIA D2 *** SU - SE N. hubrichtii - 30", long lasting pale blue star shaped blooms in June - July, fine feathery foliage has bright yellow fall color 1 Gal. 2 Gal. N.C. tabernaemontana 'Blue Ice' - 24-30", compact with willow-like green leaves and deep blue blooms lasting almost 5 weeks ** New For 2021 ** t. 'Storm Cloud' - 24-30" x 42", forms broad dense upright clumps, near black stems in spring hold silver-veined dark green leaves lightening to olive green in summer, yellow fall color, clusters of periwinkle-blue star-shaped blooms from late spring to early summer, often with some rebloom 1 Gal. 2 Gal. ANEMONE D2 *** SE - SH canadensis - 12-24" x 24-30", clumping habit, dissected long-stalked leaves, open cups of pure white with yellow stamens on stiff upright stems from late spring to early summer 1 Gal. 'Curtain Call' Series - 15-18" x 15", semi-double blooms rise just above the neat mounds of foliage from late summer through fall, available in 'Deep Rose' and 'Pink' 1 Gal. hupehensis 'Pretty Lady' Series - 16" x 24", well branched dwarf anemone with full sized blooms, late summer to fall h. 'P.L. Diana' - soft pink h. 'P.L. Emily' - semi-double pink70631-586-6242

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h. 'P.L. Maria' - single white 1 Gal. h. 'September Charm' - 30", large single rose pink blooms a week earlier than the hybrids hybrid 'Fantasy Pocahontas' - 12-18" x 18-24", compact habit, clusters of double bubblegum pink blooms with yellow corolla and lightly rippled petals from mid summer to early fall over deep green foliage h. 'Fantasy Red Riding Hood' – similar to above with single rosy pink blooms and a yellow corolla 1 Gal. hybrid 'Honorine Jobert' - 36", large single white blooms 1 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** h. 'Lucky Charm' - 30-36", upright habit, violet buds on dark purple-black stems open to dark pink single flowers with slightly ruffled edges, very long blooming, more than four weeks in September and October, foliage emerges deep violet maturing dark green on top, violet on the reverse 1 Gal. h. 'Snow Angel' - 15-18" x 12", compact uniform mounds of dark green foliage, semi-double blooms of pure white slightly cupped petals and bright yellow corolla from late summer to fall 1 Gal. h. 'Whirlwind' - 48", semi-double white 1 Gal. h. 'Wild Swan' - 18" x 24", white blooms with lavender blue reverse above deep green foliage from late spring to frost 1 Gal. ANGELICA D1 *** - ** SE - SU sylvestris 'Ebony' - 3-4' x 1-2', large rosette of deep plum stems and rose-tipped toothed foliage, summer heat changes leaves to deep green with plum overwash, domed clusters of soft pink flowers held on tall stiff stems above foliage in late summer 4 Qt. AQUILEGIA D3 ** SU - SE N.C. canadensis 'Corbett' - 12" x 8-12", compact clumping habit, rosette of triple round-lobed green foliage, butter-yellow five spurred lantern-shaped flowers bloom mid to late spring ** New For 2021 ** 'Winky Early Sky Blue' - 12-14", bushy compact mound of tri-lobed long-stemmed blue-green leaves, strong stems of vibrant sky-blue flowers with paler corollas edged in white, blooms spring to early summer 'Winky Pink' - 12-14", shell pink five-spurred flowers with paler pink spurred corollas, blooms spring to early summer 'Winky Purple & White' - 12-14", vibrant violet purple five-spurred flowers with paler corollas edged in white 1 Gal.71631-586-6242

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ARALIA D2 ** SE cordata 'Sun King' - 3-6', large mounded specimen with golden yellow compound leaves nearly 3' long, retains good yellow color throughout summer unless in too much shade, tall broad umbels of tiny white flowers bloom July - Sept. followed in fall by attractive deep reddish-purple inedible berries 1 Gal. 2 Gal. ARISAEMA D1 ** SH ringens - 24" x 24", two huge glossy trifoliate leaves hover over a large hooded cobra-like bloom striped green and purple with a glossy purple interior, spectacular shady specimen 2 Gal. ARMERIA * SU maritima 'Dusseldorf Pride' - 4-6" x 6-12", clumping habit, dense cushions of needle-like leaves, deep pink balls of flowers above foliage, blooms late spring to early summer \1 Qt. ARTEMISIA D1 * SU schmidtiana 'Silver Mound' - 8", mounded habit, feathery silver foliage, cut back after blooming 1 Gal. ARUM D3 ** SE - SH italicum 'Mamoratum' - 12-18" x 18-24", large arching arrowheads are deep glossy green with mint green veining, during springtime hooded peace-lily-like blooms are white to very pale green and mature into sticks of clustered bright red-orange berries in summer 1 Qt. ARUNCUS D1 *** SE N. dioicus - 4-6', giant cream plumes in July, foliage looks like a giant Astilbe 2 Gal. N.C. d. 'Chantilly Lace' - 30" x 42", dwarf version has glossy deep green Astilbe-like leaves, loose airy creamy white plumes cover plant in early to mid-summer, an extremely floriferous selection, more compact than species 1 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** 'Guinea Fowl' - 12", compact mounds of crinkled highly dissected foliage, extremely floriferous, abundant 12-18" red stems topped with tiered horizontal layers of tiny feathery white blooms appear May – June 1 Gal. ASARUM D1 *** SE - SH N. canadense - 6", ground cover, large deciduous kidney shaped leaves are olive green with an iridescent sheen europaeum - 6", shiny leathery evergreen leaves 1 Qt. 3 Qt.72631-586-6242

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splendens - 6-12", deciduous, large dark green arrow shaped leaves mottled with silver, slow to establish 1 Gal. ASCLEPIASD1** - * SU - SE N. incarnata - 3-4' x 2-3', forms erect multi-stem clumps, July - Aug brings fragrant, multi-colored umbels of mauve and white 2 Gal. N.C. i 'Ice Ballet' - 40", pure white blooms from June-Aug, longer blooming than the species 2 Gal. N. tuberosa - 2', upright branching, orange blooms July-Aug. 1 Gal. 2 Gal. ASTER D2 ** SU N.C. laevis 'Bluebird' - 2-3', upright, arching stems, clusters of daisy-like violet blue rays and yellow centers, Sept.-Oct. 1 Gal. N.C. novae-angliae 'Alma Potchke' - 36", bright hot pink 2 Gal. N.C. n.a. 'Purple Dome' - 18" x 24", dense compact mound, deep green leaves, deep purple flowers Sept. through Oct. 2 Gal. N.C. n.a. 'Vibrant Dome' – similar to above with raspberry blooms 2 Gal. N.C. novi-belgii 'Blue Bayou' - 10-12", dwarf mounded habit, produces abundant large double pom-pom like violet blue blooms from late summer to fall 1 Gal. N.C. n.b. 'Wood's Blue' - 12-16" x 12-14", compact mound of fine textured green foliage, soft bluish-purple daisy-like flowers bloom late summer into fall N.C. n.b. 'Wood's Purple' – similar to above with rich purple daisy-like flowers with yellow centers 2 Gal. N.C. oblongifolus 'October Skies' - 18 x 18", low mound of narrow green leaves, fall brings abundant fragrant lavender blue daisies with yellow centers, tolerant of drought and poor soil 1 Gal. ASTILBE D2 ** SE - SH Tall hybrids - 15" and taller 'Bridal Veil' - 24", loose feathery white plumes, June - July 'Delft Lace' - 30" x 30", deep-green waxy lacy foliage, deep salmon buds open to soft apricot peach blooms 'Deutschland' - 24", dense white plumes, July-Aug. 'Fanal' - 12-18" x 9-12", deep red blooms, foliage emerges bronze turning dark green with reddish tint 'Montgomery' - 20-24" x 18-24", lacy glossy deep green foliage, large full deep cherry red plumes 'Peach Blossom' - 24", soft peachy pink, June73631-586-6242

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'Rheinland' - 24", rich deep pink, June chinensis varieties - more drought tolerant, later blooming, with dense fluffy panicles and deeply cut leaves c. 'Visions' - 18", long lasting rosy purple, bronze foliage c. 'Visions in Pink' - 18", pale pink, July-Aug. c. 'Visions in Red' - 15", red buds open deep reddish pink c. 'Visions in White' 18", bronze-green leaves, large triangular plumes of creamy white bloom late spring to early summer c. taquetii 'Purple Candles' - 48", tall rosy purple, Aug. Compact hybrids - up to 15" c. 'Little Vision' Series - 15", dwarf cv. with lacy bronzy green leaves, large plumes late summer c. 'L.V. in Pink' - 14-16" x 14-16", deep rosy pink plumes c. 'L.V. in Purple' - 16" x 16", lavender plumes, will re-bloom c. 'Pumila' - 14", lavender-rose plumes, lacy leaves simplicifolia varieties - compact mounds with glossy foliage and delicate airy panicles in July-Aug. s. 'Hennie Graafland' - 15", long blooming rose s. 'Sprite' - 12", soft shell pink 1 Gal. 2 Gal. BAPTISIA D2 ** SU - SE N.C. 'Decadence' Series - 2.5-3' x 2.5-3', arching vase of viridian clover-like foliage, pea-like flowers on showy spikes in mid spring, inflated seed pods in late summer 'D. Blueberry Sundae' - deep indigo blue 'D. Cherries Jubilee' – dark wine buds open to chocolaty red 'D. Dark Chocolate' – deep chocolaty purple with hints of gold ** New For 2021 ** 'D. Pink Truffle' – soft pink blooms turn lavender with age 'D. Sparkling Sapphires' - vibrant violet blue 'Indigo Spires' - 40-48" x 36-48", rounded shrubby habit, fully rounded clump of blue-green foliage, spikes of deep violet purple flowers with yellow midrib in early summer 2 Gal. BEESIA ** - *** SE deltophylla - 12-18" x 18-24', slow spreader with heavily quilted shiny hearts of deep metallic blue-green accented with lighter green veins on purple-green petioles, tall stems of delicate spikes of wispy white tufted blooms appear in early summer 1 Gal. BEGONIA D3 ** SE - SH grandis 'Heron's Pirouette' - 24", loose sprays of pale pink blooms from Aug.-Sept., green rounded leaves with red veins and red lower leaf surfaces, increases rapidly by small bulblets on the stems that drop in the fall and root at the base of the stem g. 'Alba' - white form of above 1 Gal.74631-586-6242

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BERGENIA D3 ** SU - SE ciliata - 8-12" x 12-24", low flattened clumps of large rounded bristly leathery semi-evergreen toothed leaves bright red fall color, clusters of pale pink flowers with rose-pink calyces which darken with age bloom early to mid-spring, Marie D.'s favorite 1 Gal. 'Sakura' - 12-14" x 10-12", low clumping habit, shiny green leaves develop rich plum-red tones in winter, tall stems of bright pink, double to semi-double flowers bloom mid spring 8" BLETILLA D2 ** - *** SE striata - 12-18", upright clumps of pleated swords are light to mid green, spikes of lilac blue mini cattleya-like blooms with deeper purple lip accent in mid to late spring 1 Qt. BRUNNERA ** SE macrophylla - 18", soft clouds of tiny blue blooms in April, neat mounds of rough textured heart shaped leaves \3 Qt. m. 'Alexander's Great' - 18", silvery leaves with green veins, green margins, small clusters of light blue flowers early spring 8" m. 'Jack Frost' - 18", large snowy leaves netted with green veins, bright azure blooms early in spring m. 'Silver Heart' - 12", silver foliage with green edges and veins, deep blue flowers in spring ** 2 New For 2021 ** m. 'Sea Heart' – 8-12" x 12-24", mounded clumping habit, silvery white leaves with pronounced deep green veining and margin, mid to late spring, brings sprays of tiny flowers emerging blue and fading to pink m. 'Variegata' - 12-24" x 12-24", low broad mounds w/deep green heart-shaped leaves splashed w/ creamy white margins, sprays of pale blue Forget-Me-Not like blooms in spring 1 Gal CALAMINTHA ** SU nepeta 'Marvelette Blue' - 8" x 12", abundant sprays of azure cover plant from mid spring to fall, longer blooming and more vibrant blue than older cultivars, aromatic mint scented foliage n. 'White Cloud' - 18", similar to above with snowy white blooms 1 Gal. CAMASSIA ** SU quamash - 12-24" x 8-12", upright clumps of strappy foliage are bright emerald green, tall spikes bear many dusty blue narrow buds opening to starry violet blue blooms in early summer, tolerates drought after spring blooms fade, bulbs are edible 1 Qt.75631-586-6242

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CAMPANULA D2 * SU Prostrate and mounded varieties carpatica 'Rapido Blue' - 6-12" x 8-12", uniform cushion with small hearts of green, earliest blooming cv. is covered with ridged light blue buds which open to five-pointed up-facing clear blue cups from early summer 'til early fall, tolerates a wide variety of soil conditions but prefers good drainage c. 'Rapido White' – same as above, with white blooms 1 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** cochlearifolia 'Bavaria Blues' - 2-4" x 6-8", mat forming habit, tiny green leaves, dangling lavender blue bells in early summer portenschlagiana 'Birches Hybrid' - 6", blue-purple blooms poscharskyana 'Blue Waterfall' - 8", cascading heart-shaped foliage sports large white-centered deep blue star-like blooms 3" 1 Qt. Upright varieties glomerata 'Genti Blue' - 16" x 12", clumps of dark green leaves give rise to tight clusters of star-shaped violet blue blooms from late spring to early summer persicifolia 'Takion Blue' - 18-20" x 15", multiple upright racemes bearing outward facing cup-shaped violet blue bells from early to mid summer rise over narrow leafed basal rosettes 1 Gal. punctata 'Sarastro' - 18-24" x 18-24", bushy compact habit, mounds of dark green leaves, bearing upright stems with huge drooping bells in a rich deep violet-purple shade, long bloom season early to late summer 3 Qt. CERASTIUM * SU tomentosum - 4", silver mat-like foliage, white star shaped flowers, blooms May-June 3" CERATOSTIGMA D2 ** SU plumbaginoides - 12", spreading ground cover, brilliant blue blooms Aug.-Oct., deep reddish-purple fall foliage 1 Qt. CHELONE *** SU - SE N.C. glabra 'Pink Lips' - 1-2' x 1.5-2.5', upright clump-forming habit, coarsely-toothed bronze-green foliage matures to dark green with red stems, clear pink hooded flowers resemble the heads of open-mouthed turtles, blooming late summer into fall, deer resistant, attracts butterflies, tolerates erosion and wet soils, spreads slowly by rhizomes to form colonies 4 Qt. N.C. lyonii 'Hot Lips' - 24", dense upright clumps hooded deep pink blooms on dark stems, late summer to fall 2 Gal.76631-586-6242

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CHRYSOGONUM *** SE N. virginianum - 6-9", vigorous spreader, triangular dark green foliage, bright yellow daisies April-June and Sept.-Oct. 3" N.C. v. 'Allen Bush' - 6", prostrate, long-lasting golden star-shaped blooms, deep green foliage, more compact than the species with larger more long-lasting blooms ** New For 2021 ** N.C. v. 'Superstar' - 6-8" x 24", vigorous spreading clumps of deep green ovate leaves topped with abundant bright yellow blooms mid to late spring, deer resistant 1 Qt. CIMICIFUGA D2 *** SE ramosa 'Brunette' - 48", creamy white fragrant spikes, rich deep purple foliage r. 'Hillside Black Beauty' - 4-6', white bottle-brushes on tall dark stems, Sept.-Oct., dark coppery-purple foliage 2 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** r. 'Pink Spike' - 2' x 1-2', rounded clumps of bronze-purple astilbe-like foliage which retains color throughout the season, long slender upright wands of deep purple buds open to fragrant pale pink flowers blooming early to late fall well above the foliage on wiry 4' stems 2 Gal. simplex 'Black Negligee' - 3-6' x 2-3', deeply-cut lacy serrated foliage emerges emerald green maturing to brilliant dark purple, towering creamy white 5-6' fragrant bottlebrush blooms in fall 2 Gal. CLEMATIS ** SU - SE heracleifolia v. davidiana - 30-36" x 30-36", upright shrubby habit, medium green serrated foliage emits woodsy aroma in fall, tight-knit clusters of sweetly scented bell-like, powdery blue-lavender flowers with curled-back petals, blooms late July–Sept. 4 Qt. integrifolia 'Blue Ribbons' - 12-16", upright shrubby stems of gray-green foliage, nodding indigo blue flowers bloom late spring to summer, twisted petals of blooms and are three times larger than other cvs, silvery seed heads last into early winter 1 Gal. recta 'Serious Black' - 4-6' x 3-4', sprawling stems with leaves that emerge deep purple maturing to dark olive green with hints of smoky blue, profuse clusters of white fragrant bloom in spring and again in mid-summer, followed by silky seed heads in fall, 2 Gal. CONVALLARIA D1 ** SE - SH majalis - 6-12", spreading groundcover, deep green leaves, arching stems, nodding bell-shaped fragrant white flowers bloom early to mid-spring ** New For 2021 ** m. 'Rosea' – same as above with soft pink blooms 3"77631-586-6242

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1 Qt. COREOPSIS D3 ** SU N.C. 'Big Bang' Series- abundant blooms in unique forms and colors, sets little or no seed, very long blooming, well branched habit with excellent disease resistance 'B.B. Cosmic Eye' - 12-16", forms low mound of medium-textured leaves, wine-red daisies, tipped in soft yellow and surrounding an orange button eye, blooms summer thru fall 'B.B. Mercury Rising' - 16-18" x 24-36", large velvety-deep red daisies with gold-orange button center, some flowers appear frosted in creamy-white, sterile blooms 'Li'l Bang Series' – 8-12", compact upright mounds, long blooming with large sterile flowers and disease resistant foliage 'Li'l B. Darling Clementine' - 8-10" x 12", compact clump forming habit, large glowing orange blooms from late spring through summer over bright green thread-like foliage, leaves !'Li'l B. Daybreak' - 8-12", dense clumps of deep green disease resistant lance-like foliage, abundant bicolor blooms of bright scarlet red rays with fringed golden tips appearing early summer through early fall, will benefit from mid season shearing 'Li'l B. Starlight' - 10-12" x 12-18", super compact habit, prolific large, pure white petals spiced with a dash of magenta red at the center 1 Gal. palustris 'Summer Sunshine' - 36-48", dense sturdy and upright with large nearly 2" golden yellow daisy-like blooms and dark central buttons, long lasting blooming from late summer throughout fall, disease resistant foliage, tolerant of moist soil ** 3 New Coreopsis For 2021 ** grandiflora 'Corey Single Gold' - 18-24 x 15-18", tidy mounded habit, basal mounds of grass green lance-shaped foliage, large bright golden yellow semi-double blooms with picotee edges on 15" stems g. 'Solana Bright Touch' - 10 - 12" x 15 - 18", compact and floriferous, blooms all summer, bright golden yellow blooms with a spot of red at the base of each petal 'UpTick Gold and Bronze' - 12-15", compact bushy mounds of narrow bright green foliage, very long blooming, from early summer to fall with huge quantities of large golden yellow daisies with bronze-red at the base of the petals, and puffy yellow centers rosea 'American Dream' - 15" x 18-24", compact mound of delicate ferny foliage, loads of starry soft-pink daisies from early summer into fall N.C. verticilata 'Moonbeam' - 18", broad mounded habit, pale yellow flowers N.C. v. 'Zagreb' - 12", compact and well-behaved, small deep yellow blooms 1 Gal. 2 Gal. CORYDALIS D1 * - ** SE-SH flexuosa 'China Blue' - 15" x 18", lacy green leaves, dangling tubular soft sky-blue sweet-scented flowers spring into mid-summer, may go dormant in very hot summers 1 Qt. f. 'Porcelain Blue' - 10-12" x 18", ferny blue-green leaves, dangling bright sky-blue sweetly fragrant flowers blooms from mid to late spring with rebloom in late summer to early fall, does not go dormant in hot summer heat like other cultivars78631-586-6242

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1 Gal. lutea - 12-18", delicate green foliage, small yellow tubular flowers bloom mid spring to late summer 1 Qt. CROCOSMIA D2 ** SU Upright clumps of sword shaped leaves, small trumpet-like blooms appear along arching stems 'Lucifer' - 30", vivid flame red flowers 'Walberton Yellow' – 2-4' x 1-2', brilliant orange-yellow blooms, June to August 2 Gal. CYMBALARIA ** SE - SH aequitriloba - 3" x 18", groundcover, lilac-blue flowers June-Aug., great for stepping stones and crevices pallida - 3-4" x 6-12", trailing stems form a dense mat of rounded scalloped, medium green leaves, slightly larger and darker than C. muralis, tiny snapdragon-like deep lilac blue flowers with white center and yellow throat bloom June to August 1 Qt. DELOSPERMA * SU congestum 'Gold Nugget' - 2-4" x 18-24", spreading carpet of succulent evergreen leaves, starry yellow flowers bloom early summer to early fall, leaves turn maroon during winter cooperi - 3-4" x 15", dense mat-like habit with succulent cylindrical leaves on trailing stems, abundant large daisies with slender glossy petals of brilliant neon magenta appear June - September, attracts bees tolerates heat, drought, and poor rocky soil 'Fire Spinner' - 2" x 12-18", mat of, fleshy green leaves, three-toned copper fuchsia and white daisies throughout summer 'John Proffit' - 2" x 18", succulent green foliage, large deep fuchsia-pink blooms all summer 1 Qt. 'Jewel of Desert' Series - 4-6" x 8-10", carpet-like habit, bright neon flowers, are very long blooming, from summer through fall, very tolerant of drought, heat and humidity 'J.o.D. Garnet' – brilliant red petals with a fuchsia base 'J.o.D. Opal' – vivid magenta 'J.o.D. Topaz' – orange petals flushed with pink at the base Flat/ 18 (3" Cells) DELPHINIUM D2 ** SU elatum 'Guardian Lavender' - 30-40", deeply cut green leaves, tall spikes of lavender-mauve semi-double flowers e. 'Guardian Blue' - 30-40" x 18-24", low mounds of deeply cut green leaves, tall spikes of intense deep blue semi-double blooms, remove faded spikes to encourage repeat blooming e. 'Guardian White' – white version of above e. 'Million Dollar' Series - 30-36" x 18", mounded clump of palmate green leaves, massive spikes of bloom in summer 'M.D. Blue' - electric sapphire blue blooms with white bee, 'M.D. Blush' - soft pink blooms with white bee 'M.D. Sky' - electric sky blue blooms with white bee79631-586-6242

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2 Gal. grandiflora 'Blue Butterfly' - 12-18" x 12-18", low bushy mound, lacy green leaves, loose sprays of cobalt blur spurred single blooms throughout summer, remove faded flowers regularly to encourage repeat blooming, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, deer resistant, drought tolerant, poisonous 1 Gal. DENDRANTHEMA *** SU grandiflorum 'Sheffield' - 36", broad spreading habit, single salmon-pink blooms, Oct. 1 Gal. DIANTHUS D2 * SU ** 2 New For 2021 ** caryophyllus 'Odessa Bling Bling' - 10-12", low cushions of narrow blue green grass-like foliage, very free flowering, with large 2" pale apricot blooms flecked with orange on short stems just above the foliage from spring - fall, double blooms are packed with frilly spicy clove scented petals, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, deer resistant, tolerates heat, drought c. 'Orange Bling Bling' - 10-12", low cushions of narrow blue green grass-like foliage, very free flowering, with large 2" soft coral-orang blooms on short stems just above the foliage from spring - fall, double blooms are packed with frilly spicy clove scented petals, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, deer resistant, tolerates heat, drought 'Everlast' Series - 8-12" x 12-15", mounded gray-green evergreen foliage, fragrant, double blooms early, continuing into summer then again in fall 'E. Lavender Eye' - lavender pink picotee with a jagged magenta eye 'E. Burgundy Blush' - raspberry red double blooms with magenta pink fringed picotee 'E. Lilac Eye' - deep lilac flowers with burgundy centers 1 Gal. gratianopolitanis 'Firewitch' - magenta, blue-green foliage 'Neon Star' - 6-8", silvery blue-green grassy mound, neon fuchsia pink flowers bloom late spring and repeats mid-summer 1 Qt. DICENTRA D1 ** SE - SH N.C. eximia 'Luxuriant' - 15", red blooms, blue-green foliage 1 Gal. spectabilis and s. 'Alba' - 24", arching sprays of pure white blooms April-May 2 Gal. s. 'Gold Heart' - 24-36" x 18-30", golden ferny foliage, rose pink narrow heart-shaped flowers with protruding white inner petals hang from bottom of long arching stems in mid to late spring 2 Gal. DIGITALIS D1 ** SE Perennial varieties x mertonensis - 36", strawberry red blooms, June-July 2 Gal.80631-586-6242

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Biennial varieties purpurea 'Dalmatian' Series - 24", early and long blooming with densely packed spikes of outward facing flowers, available in 'Creme', 'Peach', and 'Purple' 8" ** New For 2021 ** p. 'Snow Thimble' - 3-4', deep green rosette produces large conical spikes, upward facing snow - white bells bloom early-mid-summer, flower stems very sturdy and upright 4 Qt. DISPOROPSIS ** SE - SH pernyi 'Sichuan Jade' - 1', slow-spreading (2' in 10 years) forms dense upright clumps of alternate glossy evergreen lance-shaped foliage on arching purple-spotted stems, late spring brings small creamy white bells dangling beneath the stems at the leaf axils, followed in late summer to fall by purple berries 1 Gal. DISPORUM *** SE - SH cantoniense 'Moonlight' - 18-24" x 18-24", compact arching clumps, variegated leaves are creamy pale yellow with irregular green margins changing to purple-pink in fall, mid to late spring bells of buttery yellow hang from leaf axils 1 Gal. sessile 'Variegatum' - 15", white striped leaves on arching stems, dangling white blooms April-May 1 Qt. DRACOCEPHALUM ** - *** SU - SE ruyschianum - 8-12" x 8-12", bushy tuft of narrow blue-green leaves, bell shaped deep dusky blue flowers May-Aug. 1 Qt. ECHINACEA D1 * SU ** New For 2021 ** N.C. 'Artisan Soft Orange' - 16-28" x 10-25", flowers open deep orange and soften with maturity, z 4, drought tolerant, attracts pollinators 1 Gal. N.C. 'Cheyenne Spirit' - 28", mix of colors in each pot including orange, scarlet, deep rose, cream, red or gold-yellow, blooms 2 Gal. N.C. 'Hot Papaya' - 30", clumping, double blooms of papaya-orange ray petals surround deep golden orange pom poms 1 Gal. ** 3 New Echinacea For 2021 ** N.C. 'Kismet Intense Orange' – 16-18", compact well branched habit, very long blooming, with masses of large intense orange daisies with rounded red-orange cones N.C. 'K. Raspberry' – 16-18", masses of raspberry pink daisies with rounded red-brown cones N.C. 'K. Yellow' – 16-18", large sunny yellow daisies with rounded yellow cones81631-586-6242

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1 Gal. N.C. All purpurea cultivars purpurea 'Green Jewel' - 20-24", large flattened deep green-bronze cones surrounded by short mint green non-fading rays from mid-summer to early fall 1 Gal. p. 'Green Twister' - 24-30", variably colored blooms have broad flattened rusty cones and deep carmine petals which blend to pink then lemon-lime at the tips from July - Sept. 1 Gal. p. 'Magnus' - 36", upright, clumping habit, broad non-drooping petals of rosy purple surrounding a dark cone, light shade will enhance colors of petals in hot weather, attracts birds/butterflies 1 Gal. 2 Gal. p. 'Pink Double Delight' - 20", frilly double deep rose-pink centers surrounded by soft-pink daisy type petals p. 'Pow Wow White' - 16-24", white flowers with bronze-yellow central cone, drought tolerant p. 'Pow Wow Wild Berry' - 16-24", deep rose-purple blooms are 3-4" across and hold color well throughout the season 1 Gal. purpurea 'Butterfly' Series - bred for hardiness, long-lasting bloom and compact well-branched habit, these single-flowered selections are saturated with color that lasts until first frost p. 'B. Cleopatra' - 18", fluffy petals of yellow fade to butter, tall center cone of textured gold-brown p. 'B. Orange Skipper' - 25-18" x 18-24", compact mounded habit with strong stems, brilliant bright tangerine blooms throughout the summer, attracts butterflies ** New For 2021 ** p. 'B. Rainbow Marcella' – 18", large blooms emerge coral, maturing deep pink, creating a multi-color appearance 1 Gal. N.C. 'Sombrero' Series - 24", dense compact clumps, slightly fragrant single blooms, very hardy 'S. Baja Burgundy' - overlapping deep red petals surrounding a large cushiony orange-brown cone 'S. Lemon Yellow' -bright clear yellow 'S. Salsa Red' - rich orange-red with deeper carmine cone 1 Gal. EPIMEDIUM D2 *** SE - SH grandiflorum f. flav. 'La Rocaille' - 16" x 16-24", part shade to shade, delicate shooting star-like white flowers, shield-shaped green leaves have reddish mottling in spring and fall, makes a great groundcover that is tolerant of dry shade once established, also grows well in moisture if well-drained g. 'Lilafee' - 12-15", spiny-toothed oval leaflets on wiry stems, large deep lilac long spurs g. 'Rose Queen' - 10", large rose pink with long white tipped spurs, red tinted evergreen foliage g. 'White Queen' - 12", similar to 'Rose Queen' but with white blooms touched with blush perralchicum 'Frohnleiten' - 6", tiny yellow blooms in April - May, spiny olive-toned evergreen leaves washed with wine 'Pink Elf' - 1' x 2', clump-forming, evergreen, wiry flower stalks laden with an abundance of tiny, airy rose pink flowers with pale pink spurs, in early spring, heart shaped leaves emerge with a rosy82631-586-6242

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marbled color, turning green in summer and copper and coral in fall, tolerates dry shade, deer resistant rubrum - 9", sprays of crimson sepaled blooms with pale yellow corollas, foliage tinted red in spring & fall, fast growing versicolor 'Sulphureum' - 10", sulfur yellow blooms warleyense 'Orange Queen' - 15", soft copper-orange flowers, bright green evergreen foliage, slower spreading than species youngianum 'Niveum' - 6", snow white blooms held well above the tiny leaves which are tinted red in spring and fall y. 'Roseum' - 8", pink-lilac sprays, April-May 1 Qt. (Selected varieties) 3 Qt. Premium Varieties grandiflorum 'Dark Beauty' - 8-12" x 12-15", purple blooms with long white spurs from April - May, leaves emerge chocolate purple, turning bright green in summer g. 'Queen Esta' - 12", young leaves are pink-tinged green age to olive, long-spurred two-toned blooms are shades of lavender 'Pink Champagne' - 18-24", extra-long pinkish white spurs with raspberry corolla rise over the foliage in mid to late spring, long tapered evergreen leaves on wiry stems are green with dark burgundy marbling and speckles with tiny spines 'Raspberry Rhapsody - 12"-15'', leaves emerge in shades of maghony-red before becoming olive green in summer, flowers of mauve-rose are quite large and contrast nicely with the pale pink sepals in mid to late spring youngianum 'Azusa' - 8-12" x 12-15", abundant showy large bright white long spurred blooms with red sepals 3 Qt. ERYNGIUM D2 * - ** SU ** New For 2021 ** agavifolium - 18" x 24", forms bold rosettes of long slender succulent emerald green leaves with undulating spiky margins, small green thistle-like blooms on 48" stalks turn attractive brown in fall, attracts bumblebees 3 Qt. planum 'Blue Glitter' - 2-3', abundant glittery steel blue thistle like blooms with a spiky collar of blue green bracts on strong well branched violet blue stems appear June - Sept. over 8 x 12" leathery rosettes of smooth textured deeply toothed foliage 2 Gal. p. 'Jade Frost' - 18-30" x 12-18", coarse clump-forming habit, showy blue-green leaves with bold creamy white margins, margins of new leaves emerge pink turning creamy white, stiff branched violet-blue stems bear abundant thistle-like violet-blue flower heads resting on a collar of long spiny blue bracts in summer, drought/salt tolerant, attracts butterflies, deer-resistant 1 Gal. zabelii 'Big Blue' - 30", broad basal rosettes of smooth textured deeply toothed silvery leaves, well branched 30" blue stems hold abundant vivid blooms, slender jagged iridescent blue sepals ring tall83631-586-6242

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electric blue thistle-like cones from early to late summer, great cut flower, does not like to be transplanted once established 8" EUCOMIS D3 ** SU - SE 'Sparkling Burgundy' - 18-24" x 24", a "pineapple top" of strappy erect arching rosette emerges blackish-red and matures to deep burgundy, foliage gradually turns olive green with purple spots before returning to burgundy in cooler weather, purple-pink pineapple like blooms appear in summer 3 Qt. EUPATORIUM D1 *** SU N.C. All Eupatorium listed dubium 'Baby Joe' - 36-48" x 24-36", compact upright well-branched whorls of lance-shaped leaves, domed light purple umbels in July-Sept. are beloved by bees maculatum 'Gateway' - 5', closest to straight species, forms huge domes of tiny lavender blooms on purple stems, Aug.-Sept. shear to control height and double amount of blooms rugosum 'Chocolate' - 4-5', dark purple stems, chocolate colored leaves white blooms Sept.-Oct. 2 Gal. EUPHORBIA D1 ** SU amygdaloides var. robbiae - 12", dark green rosettes, spreading habit 'Blackbird' - 20" x 20", compact, bushy evergreen mound of dark purple foliage with tufts of dark red new growth and clusters of bright chartreuse-yellow flowers appear in late spring, tolerates dry shade, sun to full shade martinii 'Ascot Rainbow' - 20" x 20", variegated foliage is sage, green, lime, and gold, cool weather brings a pink tint 1 Qt. 1 Gal. FILIPENDULA ** SU - SE rubra 'Venusta' - 6-8' x 3-4', large elegant sprays of small deep pink flowers on leafy stems early through late summer, fragrant flowers and foliage, long lived native perennial, NOT drought tolerant, deer and rabbit resistant, attracts butterflies 2 Gal. FRAGARIA ** SU Hybrids 6-8" x 15", large-fruiting and everbearing, fruit production peaks in early summer tapering off into fall, forms a good groundcover 'Evie 2' – high yielding with large deep red flavorful fruit 'Mara des Bois' - glossy medium sized fruit with the highest flavor and fragrance 'Seascape' – firm perfectly shaped and exceptionally flavorful fruit, good disease resistance vesca (Alpine Strawberry) – 4-8" x 10-12", will spread much further through stolons, small fruited and everbearing, attractive white blooms are followed by abundant half inch highly fragrant very sweet berries late spring through early fall, this species has good resistance to many of the diseases that affect strawberries, prefers organic soil 'Reine des Valles' – heavy fruiting with bright red fruit84631-586-6242

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'Improved Ruegen' – scarlet berries are very aromatic with excellent taste N. virginiana (Wild Native Strawberry) – 4-6" x 12-24", prefers cooler weather, June-bearing, fruit is small and sweet tart in flavor, goes dormant in hot weather, late summer fruit only if conditions and weather are right, blooms especially attractive to native bees, possible lawn alternative, tolerates partial shade N.C. v.'Intensity' – produces larger rounded fruit than the species, intensely fragrant 1 Qt. (Selected varieties)1 Gal. GAILLARDIA * SU N.C. 'Arizona Sun' - 10", 4", orange tipped with frilly yellow N.C. 'Mesa' Series - 16-18", upright, bushy habit, intensely colored non-fading blooms all summer, heat tolerant, available in 'Peach', 'Red', and 'Yellow' 1 Gal. GALIUM D1 ** SU - SE odoratum - 12", subtle groundcover with scented rayed green foliage and white blooms, May-June 3" 1 Qt. Flat/ 24 (2.5" cells) GAURA D3 * SU N.C. all very long blooming and floriferous, arching clumps of slender stems are covered with blooms from May-October lindheimeri 'Passionate Blush' - 18-24", spring foliage is red-edged aging to green, wands of small pale pink blossoms l. 'Siskiyou Pink' - narrow lance-shaped green leaves are occasionally spotted with maroon, butterfly-like flowers emerge rose pink from deep maroon buds l. 'So White' - 18", pure white blooms all summer, neat compact habit, disease resistant foliage l. 'Whirling Butterflies' - 2-3' x 2-3', forms open airy clumps, long arching wand-like stems held above foliage with pink buds opening to snow white flowers over a very long time, late spring to fall bloom, plants tend to get leggy and flop in rich soil or too much shade, drought/heat tolerant 1 Gal. GERANIUM D3 ** SU - SE cantabrigiense 'Biokova' - 12", pink tinted blooms, May-June, shiny deeply lobed foliage, scarlet fall color c. 'Biokova Karmina' - deep raspberry pink blooms macrorrhizum 'Bevan's Variety' - 15", dark magenta blooms in spring, deeply lobed foliage, broad spreading m. 'Ingwersen's Variety' - 15", spreading ground cover, pale pink blooms, large deeply lobed leaves 1 Gal. N.C. maculatum - 10-15" x 18", mounded habit, deeply cut dark green palmate leaves can get 6" wide, small upward facing saucer-shaped blooms range from pale pink, deep pink to lilac, appearing April - May, followed by large beak-like seed heads 3 Qt.85631-586-6242

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'Rozanne' - 18", long blooming true-blue blooms, June to frost, lightly dappled green leaves turn reddish in fall 1 Gal. 2 Gal. sanguineum 'Lancastriense' (striatum) - 8", low mounded habit, salmon pink blooms all summer, finely divided foliage s. 'Max Frei' - 12", red-purple flowers, crimson fall color, more free flowering and heat and cold tolerant than other species 1 Gal. HEDERA *** SE - SH helix - 3-12" x 12-50', slow to establish, prostrate habit until it finds something to climb, glossy green leaves (5' Staked) 3 Gal. (New Size) (5' Tripod) 5 Gal. Flat/ 24 (2.5" cells) h. 'Baltica' - smaller darker black-green leaves having prominent white veins, foliage tinted purple in winter Flat/ 24 (2.5" cells) h. 'Gold Variegated' - green and gold variegated leaves h. 'Heartleaf' - deep green rounded heart shaped leaves h. 'Manda Crested' - large wavy leaves with wavy margins h. 'Silver Lace' - pointed five-lobed leaves are dark green, gray, and silver edged in cream, aka 'Misty' h. 'Star' - narrow pointed lobes, bright green with lighter veining 4.5" HELENIUM D2 *** SU N.C. autumnale 'Mariachi' Series - 18-20", compact and shrubby with single daisy-like flowers in shades of red, gold, orange and bi-colors, dark centers in late summer early fall a.'M. Fuego' - orange with bright golden halos a.'M. Salsa' - spicy red a.'M. Sombrero' - sunny lemon yellow 1 Gal. HELIANTHUS ** SU N.C. angustifolius 'First Light' - 42", pale yellow daisies 1 Gal. N.C. a. 'Gold Lace' - 5-6' x 2-3', clumps of deep green leathery willow-shaped leaves, upright spikes sporting a profusion of golden yellow 2" blooms in late summer to early autumn 3 Gal. HELIOPSIS D1 ** - *** SU ** New For 2021 ** helianthoides 'Burning Hearts' - 3-4', upright well branched habit, dark purple foliage and stems contrast with bright bicolor daisies, sunny yellow petals transition to orange at the base and surround86631-586-6242

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a tufted orange center, blooming from mid to late summer, attracts bees & butterflies, deer and rabbit resistant, too much moisture or fertilizer will cause open floppy growth 2 Gal. h. 'Tuscan Gold' - 24-30" x 18-24", compact clump, bright sunny yellow blooms with a deeper golden eye and small golden tufted centers from mid to late summer 2 Gal. HELLEBORUS D1 *** SE - SH niger 'Ivory Prince' - 15", dusty pink buds, creamy white flowers flushed pink reverse, blue-green evergreen foliage from March-April n. 'Jacob' - 10" x 12", large upward-facing, pure white blooms age to light green, bloom Nov. to Jan. 1 Gal. orientalis 'Brandywine' - 15-18", bold rich color selection including dark reds, spotted pinks, apricots and whites in single, anemone, and double blooms, deer resistant, drought, pollution, salt tolerant, poisonous 1 Gal. 'Winter Jewels' Series – variable heights of leathery deep emerald green semi-evergreen leaves give rise to abundant clusters of nodding single to double blooms on tall sturdy stems in late winter-early spring 'W.J. Apricot Blush' - 18-22", large single apricot blush blooms with burgundy veining and speckling with occasional picotees and creamy yellow anthers 'W.J. Black Diamond' -15-18", deep dusty purple to nearly black single blooms with contrasting creamy anthers ** 2 New 'Winter Jewels' For 2021 ** 'W.J. Jade Tiger' – 12-24" x 18-24", mounded clumping habit, pale jade-green blossoms boldly netted and edged in rich tones of wine-red, blooms from late winter-early spring, deep green leathery foliage, deer resistant 'W.J. Painted Doubles' - 12-15" x 24", evergreen, mounded habit, large saucer-shaped white double flowers with red brushmarks at their heart, blooms from late winter-early spring, deer resistant 1 Gal. 'Frostkiss' Series - 18-24', large leaves are thick and leathery with attractive silver and sometimes pink markings, late winter to early spring brings multiple branched stems of large outward facing lightly cupped blooms with distinctive anthers 'F. Anna's Red' - 15" x 24" deep reddish-purple blooms contrast with bright chartreuse nectaries on 15" burgundy stems appearing in early spring, it is a sterile hybrid so is very long blooming, thick glossy leaves emerge with a silver netted pattern, deer and rabbit resistant 'F. Cheryl's Shine' - 18-24", blushing pink edged in rose 'F. Glenda's Gloss' - 18-24'' violet-dipped icy white blooms 'F. Molly's White' - pure white lightly tinted with green and brushed with blush on the reverse 'F. Penny's Pink' - 14" large hot pink blooms fade to dusty rose and hold color even after aging ** New For 2021 ** 'F. Sally's Shell' - 20-24", leathery deep blue-green leaves with mint green mottling, outward-facing medium pink blooms with a softer pink center and yellow anthers appear in early spring, one of the latest Hellebores to bloom in spring 8"87631-586-6242

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HEMEROCALLIS ** SU - SE 'Cherry Cheeks' - 28", raspberry petals bisected with a white line, mango throat, mid-late 'Chicago Apache' - 28", bright lightly ruffled red 'Gail's Fragrant Treasure' - 22" x 18", 4.5" light yellow fragrant ruffled fade-resistant flowers 'Happy Returns' - 18", dwarf, soft yellow, re-blooms ** New For 2021 ** 'Hungry Eyes' - 24" x 24", everblooming with large broad-petaled blooms, rosy mauve with an orange throat, wine red eye and dark picotee border attracts pollinators 'Hyperion' - 36", fragrant pure yellow 'Joan Senior' - 30'', - pure white blooms, fragrant 'Little Grapette' - 12", dwarf repeat bloomer, May-Aug., deep purple blooms with green throats 'Purple d'Oro' - 14" x 12", dwarf rebloomer, lavender flowers with chartreuse throats bloom freely throughout the summer 'Rocket City' - 36" x 18-24", clump-forming, petals have crimped edges, sepals are smooth, both are recurved, bittersweet orange tepals with a darker orange eye, throat and midribs are lighter orange-yellow, blooms mid-summer 'Rosy Returns' - 12-18" x 9-12", dwarf, everblooming, clusters of fragrant 4" rose-pink flowers with deep rose eye and yellow throat late May to Sept. 'Stella d'Oro' - 12", golden yellow, re-bloomer 'Summer Wine' – 36-48", lightly ruffled wine-pink trumpets with chartreuse throats, mid-summer 1 Gal. ('Purple D'Oro' and 'Rosy Returns') 1 Gal. 2 Gal. HERNIARIA ** SU - SE glabra 'Green Carpet' - 2", dense, low spreading, bright shiny evergreen leaves, tolerates light foot traffic 1 Qt. HEUCHERA D3 ** SU - SE All heights listed are for foliage N.C. americana 'Green Spice' – 18-30", silver-edged green leaves with purple veins, tiny white flowers late spring to early summer, fall color is pumpkin orange 1 Gal. N.C. a. 'Palace Purple' - 18", neat mound, red-purple foliage, best color in cool weather 1 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** N.C. 'Berry Smoothie' – 18" x 20", rounded lobed leaves are rose pink with deep reddish veins, gradually darkening to purple-pink, soft pink flowers appear on airy panicles in late spring on 24-28" stems, attracts hummingbirds, a villosa x americana cross so it is heat tolerant N.C. 'Electric Plum' - 8-10" x 15-18", low broad mounded habit, foliage emerges nearly black gradually turning intense bright purple with deep dark veins, airy spikes of fuschia pink blooms on 15" purple-black stems from mid to late summer, a villosa hybrid with larger, more heat and humidity tolerant leaves88631-586-6242

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N.C. 'Fire Alarm' - 10" x 12-15", low broad mounds of large glowing fiery orange leaves, color is most intense in spring and fall turning brick red in summer, pink blooms on reddish stems N.C. 'Forever Purple' - 12", compact mounds of shimmering purple leaves with ruffled edges and dark veins, sprays of purple-pink blooms on 15" stems in summer N.C. 'Frosted Violet' - 12-15" x 18-24", rounded lobed new leaves emerge pink-purple in spring maturing to silvery plum with dark veining, foliage takes on fluorescent appearance when sun strikes it, wiry sprays of tiny light pink bells in late spring 1 Gal. N.C. 'Georgia Peach' - 12-30", foliage emerges peach-orange with dark veins in spring aging to rose tones in summer and darkening to rose-purple by fall, early summer brings sprays of white bells 1 Gal. N.C. 'Paris' - 7-14", scalloped green leaves with silvery overlay, sprays of tiny cherise bells from spring to early fall, re-bloomer N.C. 'Peach Flambe' - 8" x 15", brilliant flaming peach leaves turn plummy in winter, white blooms on airy panicles in summer 1 Gal. N.C. 'Plum Pudding' - 8", large wavy leaves of deep purple, blushing cream bells in summer 1 Gal. N.C. 'Silver Scrolls' - 18-24" rounded leaves are silver and burgundy in spring, deepening to silver and near black later in season, ivory-pink flowers appear late spring N.C. villosa hybrids - all are very long lived, and tolerant of heat sun and humidity N.C. v. 'Autumn Bride' - 18", broad mounds of large hairy bright green leaves, airy panicles of white blooms in fall N.C. v. 'Caramel' - 24", large downy leaves emerge bright gold, turning caramel, pink blooms on tall airy stems N.C. v. 'Champagne' - 12-18", rounded lobed leaves emerge peach and rosy pink and age to champagne yellow with silvery filagree, sprays of tiny light salmony flowers on wine red stems N.C. v. 'Citronelle' - 6-12", vigorous, yellow-green leaves on red petioles, tiny creamy white flowers in summer N.C. v. 'Mega Caramel' - 20" mounds of caramel orange foliage, all the attributes of Caramel and almost double the size ('Autumn Bride')1 Gal. (All other villosa varieties)1 Gal. ('Mega Caramel')2 Gal. HEUCHERELLA ** SU - SE N.C. 'Solar Eclipse' - 10-16", mounded mats of wine-red lobed leaves edged in lime, tougher and more boldly-marked than "Solar Power", foamy sprays of pink-tinted white in spring N.C. 'Stoplight' - 12-16", bright-yellow leaves, star-shaped, red center markings, white flowers late spring, leaves change to green with red markings in summer N.C. 'Sweet Tea' - 20-28", deeply-lobed foliage emerges amber-orange with a cinnamon-brown star pattern in center in spring changing to russet, copper and cinnamon tones in summer, sprays of small white flowers appear in late spring89631-586-6242

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** 3 New Heucherella For 2021 ** N.C. 'Buttered Rum' – 8" x 12-36", compact mounded habit, large lobed leaves emerge coppery caramel, turning rose red in fall, tiny beige blooms on 15" stalks mid to late spring N.C. 'Gold Zebra' – 8" x 15", low mounds of brilliantly variegated foliage, deeply lobed and scalloped leaves are rich red with broad irregular bright yellow margins, tall white flower spikes on 18" stems in late spring, attracts pollinators, very tolerant of heat and humidity N.C. 'Pink Revolution' - 12-15", mounded habit, extremely heavy blooming with abundant flower spikes rising well above the foliage, fluffy bubblegum pink flowers last from late spring to early summer, attractive deeply lobed emerald green leaves with contasting burgundy-purple veins and central area 1 Gal. HIBISCUS *** SU N.C. All moscheutos Cultivars 'Summerific' Series - dense well branched hybrids, very large ruffled flowers have overlapping corrugated petals, very long bloom time - late summer to early fall 'S. Berry Awesome' - 40-48" x 54-60", midnight green foliage, ruffled, lavender pink flowers with a cherry red eye 'S. Cranberry Crush' - 48", deep red, green leaves have purple highlights 'S. Midnight Marvel' - 4-5', satiny scarlet, purple foliage 'S. Starry Starry Night' - 3-4', blush pink deepens to rose on each petal with cherry red eye 3 Gal. HOSTA ** SE - SH All heights given are for foliage only, flower spikes will be taller Dwarf varieties 'Blue Cadet' - 10", blue green heart shaped leaves, form small neat mounds, dark lavender blooms in late summer 2 Gal. 'Blue Mouse Ears' - 6" x 12", small dense, short spikes of lavender blooms in summer, rounded blue-green foliage 'Curly Fries' - 6" x 15", forms broad arching clumps of slender rippled leaves, chartreuse foliage, best color with some sun, lavender blooms on 16" deep purple scapes in midsummer 1 Gal. 'Ginko Craig' - 10", short frosted green leaves with sharp white edge, purple flowers in late summer, rapid grower 'Golden Tiara' - 12", mounded, small heart shaped green leaves edged with gold, purple blooms in July 'Kabitan' - 10", dense clumps of narrow ruffled chartreuse foliage with narrow green margins, lavender blooms 'Lemon Lime' - 6", slender lime green leaves, deep lilac blooms 1 Qt. 'Mini Skirt' - 5", wavy blue-green leaves with wide creamy margins, pale lavender flowers with deep purple stripes90631-586-6242

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'Pandora's Box' - 4-6" x 5-8", dwarf mounding habit, 2" leaves are creamy white with wide shamrock green irregular margins, 10-12" scapes of lilac purple tubular blooms in early summer, a sport of 'Baby Bunting' 1 Qt. 'Stiletto' - 10", dense mounding habit, long tapered ruffled green leaves with white margin 1 Qt. tardiflora - 8", deep green lance-shaped arching leaves, lavender blooms Aug.-Sept. 1 Gal. Standard size varieties 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd' - 16-18", dense round mounds with, huge cupped and quilted powder blue foliage, silver undersides, white fragrant tubular blooms 8" 'Autumn Frost' - 12 x 24", heart shaped leaves with cupped bases emerge frosted blue with a wide irregular yellow margin maturing to creamy white in summer, pale lavender blooms 1 Gal. 'Big Daddy' - 30", large round deeply puckered blue gray leaves 2 Gal. 'Blue Angel' - 30", layers of large pointed deep blue leaves, abundant white blooms 1 Gal. 'Brother Stefan' - 2' x 3', large thick corrugated heart-shaped slug resistant leaves are shades of chartreuse and gold with wide blue-green irregular margin, American Hosta Growers "Hosta of the Year" for 2017, white scapes in early summer 'Coast to Coast' - 30" x 36" broad upright arching clumps create a striking specimen, solid gold leaves are corrugated and puckered with wavy edges, pale violet blooms in midsummer 1 Gal. 'Dancing Queen' - 16-18" x 24-30", stays yellow all season, pointed, arching leaves veined and ruffled, pale lavender flowers mid-summer 8” 2 Gal. ** 2 New Hostas For 2021 ** 'Diamond Lake' – 18" x 36-45", imposing specimen with a broad layered habit, large 9" silvery blue heart-shaped leaves have a corrugated surface and heavily rippled edges, purple scapes in late summer to early fall, part of the 'Shadowland' Collection 'Etched Glass' - 18" x 3-4', broad mounded specimen lights up the shade with huge puckered golden leaves with an irregular lime-green margin and prominent veins, fragrant white flowers on 36" scapes late summer, attracts hummingbirds 1 Gal. 'Fragrant Bouquet' - 12", broad spreading apple green leaves with yellow margins, very fragrant lavender blooms 2 Gal. 'Francee' - 18", low broad mounds, heart-shaped green leaves have broad white margins, lavender blooms In July 1 Gal. 'Guacamole' - 18", glossy corrugated leaves have avocado center edged with gold, fragrant white blooms91631-586-6242

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2 Gal. 5 Gal. 'Hadspen Blue' - 14" x 24", powdery gray-blue leaves, retains color throughout season, bell-shaped lavender-gray to white flowers bloom mid-summer 1 Gal. 'Halcyon' - 18" x 36", low wide mounds of flat spear-shaped heavily textured blue-green leaves which retain blue leaf color longer than most others, pale lilac-blue flowers mid-summer 1 Gal. 'Hudson Bay' - 20-24", broad heart-shaped leaves of dusky dark blue-green streaked with bits of lime and a wide creamy center, purple tubular scapes in summer 1 Gal. 'Island Breeze' - 12" x 18", wide heart shaped heavy quilted leaves have broad dark green leaf margins contrasting with bright yellow centers, brightest yellow color with some sun, otherwise center will mature to chartreuse, deep lavender blooms on reddish scapes 1 Gal. 'Key West' - 20-24" x 40-48", intense gold heart-shaped leaves with lavender flowers in early summer, fast grower 'Komodo Dragon' - 30" x 72", broad mounded habit, large dark green rippled leaves, pale lavender blooms 2 Gal. 'Lakeside Paisley Print' - 10-12" x 18-20", wavy-edged deep green leaves develop distinct markings that resemble white feathers in the center rib of each leaf, lavender blooms 1 Gal. 'Patriot' - 24", dark green leaves with crisp white edges 1 Gal. 2 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** 'Rainforest Sunrise' - 8" x 16", beautiful small specimen, rounded cupped and corrugated leaves emerge light green maturing to bright gold with an irregular deep green border, thick glossy slug resistant foliage looks good all season, pale lavender blooms on 18" scapes in midsummer, 2013 Hosta of the Year, sport of 'Maui Buttercups' 1 Gal. 'Regal Splendor' - 36" x 36", broad thick pointed leaves on long petioles are glaucous blue with irregular cream margins 2 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** 'Royal Crest' - 28" x 50", forms large vigorous broad spreading clumps, wide lance-shaped, apple-green leaves have a slightly undulating edge and a satiny corrugated surface, highly fragrant and attractive flared trumpet-shaped, white flowers on 35" scapes from late summer to fall, thicker than 'Royal Standard', tolerates some sun but leaves will turn more yellow-green 1 Gal. 'Royal Standard' - 24", long, broad apple-green leaves form broad dense mounds, fragrant white blooms in July sieboldiana 'Elegans' - 28", huge round blue green quilted leaves, white blooms in June92631-586-6242

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s. 'Frances Williams' - 28", blue green leaves edged in gold 2 Gal. ('Elegans' & 'Frances Williams') 5 'Gal. 'Stained Glass' - 15" x 3-4', large golden centered leaves with wide dark green margin, fragrant light lavender flowers late summer, sport of H. 'Guacamole' 1 Gal. 'Sum & Substance' - 30", large broad mounds, huge round chartreuse puckered leaves, lavender blooms in July 2 Gal. 5 Gal. tokudama 'Flavocircinalis' - 18" x 48", wide clump with large round quilted steel blue leaves edged in gold, slug resistant 2 Gal. 'Waterslide' - 15" x 32", low broad mounds of sharply tapered textured icy blue leaves with deeply corrugated veining and heavily rippled edges, lavender blooms 1 Gal. 'Wheee' - 11-18'' x 28-30'', extremely ruffled leaves have creamy margins which widen as the plant matures, lavender flowers atop purple scapes in mid-summer 'Wu La La' - 3-4' x 5-6', as big and lovely as 'Empress Wu' but with apple-green margins, violet flowers appear in early to midsummer, this hosta will take 5 about years to reach full size 1 Gal. IBERIS D3 ** SU - SE sempervirens 'Alexander's White' - 8-10''x 20-22", broad trailing mats of glossy green evergreen leaves, clusters of icy white blooms in late spring to early summer, bigger blooms than 'Snowflake' 1 Gal. IRIS ** SE N.C. cristata varieties c. 'Eco Bluebird' - 6-10", short wide blades of light green, lilac blue blooms with deeper purple gold and white accent markings c. 'Tennessee White' - 6-10" x 12-24", pure white blooms with yellow beeline on the falls 1 Qt. ensata varieties ** - *** SU 36', upright clumps of sword shaped foliage with large flat blooms in June-July e. 'Crystal Halo' - 48", broad 5-6" dark purple blooms with white edges mid-summer, up to 3 flowers per stalk once mature e. 'Lion King' - 36-48" x 24-28", broad white overlapping petals with rolled and rippled violet purple edges e. 'Variegata' - lavender blooms, cream and green foliage 2 Gal. germanica varieties ** SU Upright clumps, large ruffled blooms, broad flat leaves, must have good drainage, all are rebloomers germanica 'City Lights' – 38", rich ruffled purple, white at center g. 'Concertina' – 27", soft rose with violet beard g. 'Harvest of Memories' – 38", large fragrant ruffled blooms of bright yellow with golden beard93631-586-6242

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** 3 New For 2021 ** g. 'His Royal Highness' – 36", ruffled solid purple g. 'Invitation' – 34", creamy white standards, pale apricot falls with orange crest g. 'My Friend Jonathan' – 30", fragrant with large ruffled standards and falls of rich coppery red with a butterscotch crest g. 'October Splendor' – 25", soft peach with frilled and ruffled edges g. 'Ozark Rebounder' - 2-3' x 1-2', upright, large blooms with intense deep purple tones, almost black 1 Gal. siberica varieties ** SU - SE Upright clumps of narrow leaves, slender blooms appear in late spring held well above the foliage ** New For 2021 ** s. 'Blue Bird' - 24-30", upright clumps of sword shaped leaves, intricately patterned petals w/sapphire blue falls, prefers moist, boggy conditions, deer and rabbit resistant, attracts pollinators s. 'Caesar's Brother' - 30", deep velvety purple s. 'Concord Crush' – 28" x 18-24", violet ruffled tetraploid blooms are fully double and heavily veined with cream on falls s. 'Pink Parfait' - 24-28", double rose-like blooms, ruffled lavender-pink petals have golden bases with a white rim 2 Gal. misc. varieties ** SU - SE pallida 'Argentea Variegata' - 24", strap-like variegated leaves, soft blue standards and falls with yellow beards in May-June 1 Gal. Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris - 8-10", vigorous grower, upright sword shaped leaves pumila 'Blue Denim' - true sky blue p. 'Purple' – rich purple with a lighter beard p. 'Yellow' - canary yellow blooms 1 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** N. versicolor 'Purple Flame'- 24-36" x 36", spreading, clump-forming, narrow, arching-to-erect, sword-shaped foliage emerging purple and morphing into green, flowering stalks produce 3-5 intense blue flowers, ensure good moisture for outstanding purple foliage 1 Gal. KALIMERIS ** SU incisa 'Blue Star' - 18", bright green lance-like leaves, long lasting summer blooms of blue petaled yellow centered daisies 1 Gal. 2 Gal. pinnatifida 'Hortensis' - 2-3', deep green finely cut leaves, semi-double pure white daisy-like flowers (to 1'' wide) in early summer to early fall 4 Qt.94631-586-6242

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KIRENGESHOMA D2 *** SE - SH palmata - 36", upright shrubby clumps, soft yellow blooms look like small waxy elongated globes, maple-like foliage 1 Gal. LAMIASTRUM D2 ** SU - SE galeobdolon 'Herman's Pride' - 12", neat mounds of small dark green leaves marked with silver, yellow blooms 1 Qt. g. 'Variegatum' - 18", vigorous ground cover, large green leaves streaked with silver, yellow blooms in summer ('Variegatum') Flat/ 18 (3" cells) LAMIUM D2 ** SE - SH maculatum 'Pink Pewter' – 4-6" x 12-18", prostrate spreading habit, silvery foliage edged in green, large clusters of pale pink flowers in very early spring, very drought-tolerant once established m. 'Purple Dragon' - 4-6" x 12-18", prostrate spreading habit, silvery foliage edged in green, large clusters of purple flowers in very early spring, very drought-tolerant once established m. 'Red Nancy' - 4", silvery leaves, rosy red blossoms m. 'White Nancy' - 4-6" x 12-18", prostrate spreading habit, silvery foliage edged in green, large clusters of pure white flowers in very early spring 3" 1 Gal. LAURENTIA * SU - SE fluviatilis - 2", low rapid spreader, tiny light blue blooms from May-Sept., takes light foot traffic 1 Qt. LAVANDULA D1 * SU angustifolia 'Hidcote' - 18", deep purple, gray-green foliage a. 'Munstead' - 12", more compact, lavender blue blooms ** New For 2021 ** a. 'Sweet Romance' - 12-18'' x 12-18'', forms a compact mound of gray green foliage topped by spikes of deep purple flowers, blooms earlier than other lavenders starting in early summer through early fall, attracts pollinators, deer and rabbit resistant, heat, drought, and air pollution tolerant, more compact than 'Hidcote' with lighter colored blooms indermedia varieties - cross of angustifolia and latifolia i. 'Dilly Dilly' - 14-16", compact, lavender blue i. 'Grosso' - 24", heavy blooming and fragrant variety i. 'Phenomenal' - 2-3' x 2', silvery foliage with blue flowers i. 'Provence' - 24", gray foliage, most rot resistant variety ** New For 2021 ** i. 'Sensational' - 24-30" x 30-36"', uniform mounded habit, remarkable fragrance and flower presentation above uniform mounds of silvery foliage in spring and summer, deer resistant, drought tolerant, attracts pollinators, sport of 'Phenomenal' 1 Gal.95631-586-6242

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stoechas 'Madrid Blue' - 18-24", compact mound of silvery gray-green highly scented foliage, spikes of oblong blue blooms topped by white bracts, from May - August, must have perfect drainage to survive the winter s. 'Madrid Rose' - lavender-pink topped with rose-pink bracts 1 Gal. LEPTINELLA ** SU - SE squalida 'Platt's Black' - 3", prostrate mat, nearly black foliage looks like tiny up-turned octopus tentacles 3" LEUCANTHEMUM ** SU superbum 'Banana Cream' - 15" x 24" lemon-yellow daisies, with yellow centers age to cream, dark green foliage s. 'Becky' - 36", large single white blooms 2 Gal. s. 'Spoonful of Sugar' - 16-18", extremely compact mound of emerald green leaves, extra-large double rayed white daisies on very short stems, twice as many petals surround a yellow button 1 Gal. LEUCOJUM D1 ** SU - SE aestivum 'Gravetye Giant' - 1-2', narrow strappy green leaves, pendulous pure white bells with green tips looks like a giant lily-of-the-valley, mid-late spring 1 Qt. LIATRIS ** - *** SU ** New For 2021 ** N. microcephala - 12-15" semi upright sprawling habit fine, shiny, green leaves small rosy-purple flower spikes Aug-Sept 3 Qt. N.C. spicata 'Floristan White' - 36", rosettes of whorled stalks of green blades give rise to spikes of white blooms that open from the top down in early to mid summer N.C. s. 'Kobold' - 24", compact with rosy violet blooms 1 Gal. 2 Gal. LIGULARIA ** - *** SE dentata 'Britt-Marie Crawford' - 36", large round rich dark chocolate leaves, large disheveled gold daisies in late summer 2 Gal. d. 'Othello' - 36", large bold-looking clumps, rounded leaves emerge reddish purple changing to deep bronze-green with a purple reverse, bright yellow-orange daisies appear on tall dark stems in late summer 1 Gal. 2 Gal.96631-586-6242

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d. 'Pandora' - 12-15" x 15", most compact Ligularia available to date, glossy round deep purple leaves, large strappy golden yellow daisies appear June to July 1 Gal. stenocephala 'Bottle Rocket' - 2.5', large, dark green leaves, brown stems, mustard-yellow flowers mid-summer 2 Gal. s. 'Little Rocket' - 20", dwarf version of 'The Rocket' s. 'The Rocket' - 48", abundant bright yellow flower spikes mid-late summer, large glossy leaves 2 Gal. LILIUM ** SU formosanum - 4-5', willow-like leaves, long fragrant white funnel shaped blooms in Aug., no staking required 4 Qt. LIRIOPE ** SE - SH muscari 'Big Blue' - 1', dark green strappy foliage, blue blooms m. 'Monroe's White' - 1', dark green foliage, white flowers m. 'Royal Purple' -1', medium green foliage, violet flowers m. 'Silvery Sunproof' (Variegata) - 1', leaves striped green and gold with lilac purple spikes of bloom spicata - 10-12", thin grass-like blades, purple blooms s. 'Silver Dragon' - 8", lavender blooms, narrow green leaves edged in silvery white 1 Gal Flat/ 18 (3" cells) ('Monroe Wt' & 'Silver Dragon') Flat/ 18 (3" cells) LITHODORA ** SU - SE 'Grace Ward' - 6-9" x 24-36", matted rounded sprawling green stems sport small lance shaped semi-evergreen leaves, small electric indigo star-shaped blooms from late spring to summer, performs best with some shade in hot or humid locations 1 Qt. LOBELIA D2 *** SE N. cardinalis - 36", upright scarlet red, July-Aug N.C. c. 'Black Truffle' - 3-4' x 2-3', rosettes of dark chocolate-purple foliage, scarlet spikes, blooms in summer N. siphilitica - 2-3' x 1-1.5', clumping habit, spikes of light to dark blue tubular lipped flowers with the three lobes of the lower lip appearing more prominent than the two lobes of the upper lip, tolerates full sun in consistently moist soil N.C. speciosa 'Starship Scarlet' - 20-24" x 12-24", rosette of glossy lance-shaped green leaves, nearly black stems of scarlet red trumpets bloom earlier and longer-blooming than species 1 Gal.97631-586-6242

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LUPINUS ** SU N.C. nanus 'Russell Gallery' Series 15-18", compact habit with dense spikes of pea-like flowers 'R. G. Blue' - violet blue and white 'R. G. Pink' - mauve-pink and white 'R. G. Red' – cherry red 2 Gal. N.C. Russell Hybrids - tall varieties with larger flower spikes 'R.H. Chandelier' – 3-4', yellow and cream shades 'R.H. Chatelaine' - 3-4', bicolor blooms of pink and white 'R.H. The Governor' - 2-3', bicolor bluish purple and white 1 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** 'Staircase' Series – 16-20", compact upright habit with brightly colored spires blooming from late spring until late summer, remove faded flowers to encourage rebloom, available blue, red, rose, and yellow 8" LYSIMACHIA *** SU - SE nummularia 'Aurea' - 2", prostrate groundcover with round bright chartreuse leaves 1 Qt. Flat/ 18 (3" cells) MAZUS D1 *** SU - SE reptans and r. 'Alba' - 2", mat forming ground cover tiny blue or white blooms in May-June, bright green foliage 3" 1 Qt. MERTENSIA *** SE - SH N. virginica - 24", upright clump-forming habit, in early spring sprays of violet-pink buds open to tubular blue bells with pinkish tint maturing to true blue, blue-green oval foliage turns yellow and disappears by late summer 1 Qt. MONARDA D1 * SU N.C. didyma hybrids - large whorled blooms, vigorous spreading habit, selected for their mildew resistance didyma 'Bee-You' Series - 15-18" x 12-24", compact, matures to well behaved clumps, aromatic deer resistant foliage on truly mildew free plants, clusters of tubular blooms attract hummingbirds and lots of pollinators d. 'B. Y. Bee-Free' - fragrant striking electric purple blooms d. 'B. Y. Bee-Happy' - electric vermillion red ** New For 2021 ** d. 'B. Y. Bee-Lieve' – maroon buds , open shell pink98631-586-6242

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d. 'B. Y. Bee-True' - hot raspberry tubes surround a burgundy center, deep green leaves washed with wine 1 Gal. d. 'Jacob Cline' - 48", dense clumps with erect stems, bright red flowers, blooms July-Aug., spicy fragrance 2 Gal. d. 'Pardon My Cerise' - 10-12", clusters of cherry-red blooms sit just above deep green foliage in summer, mildew resistant d. 'Pardon My Pink' - pink tubular flowers d. 'Pardon My Purple' - lavender blue shaggy blooms 1 Gal. 'Sugarbuzz Series' – 20-24" x 32", upright and compact with shaggy blooms in candy colors appearing in large numbers from mid to late summer, fragrant mint-scented foliage displays above average resistance to powdery mildew S. 'Bubblegum Blast' – bright pink S. 'Cherry Pops' – cherry red S. 'Grape Gumball' – deep magenta purple 2 Gal. MUEHLENBECKIA * - ** SU complexa (Wire Vine) - 24", wire-like stems, tiny leaves, forms sprawling mats, very tough, takes hard pruning 4.5" MUKDENIA *** SE - SH rossi 'Crimson Fans' - 15" x 18", low spreading mound, tall stalks of white bell-shaped blooms Feb.-March, large rounded deeply lobed glossy bronze-green leaves, cool weather turns leaves brilliant crimson, very rare and slow growing 1 Gal. NEPETA D1 * SU faassenii (mussini) 'Blue Wonder' - 15", spreading habit, lavender blue spikes June-Aug., aromatic foliage f. 'Junior Walker' - 15", dwarf, pale mauve lavender spikes f. 'Six Hills Giant' - 36", one of the longest blooming having deep blue flowers f. 'Walker's Low' - 2' x 36", broad mounds, blue violet blooms 'Blue Prelude' - 28-36'' x 24-30'', mounded, scented deep green pointed foliage with a sea of blue flowers that blooms early to mid-spring lasting up to six weeks x 'Joanna Reed' - 36", cross between sibirica and faassini, deep violet blue flowers with pink throats, gray green foliage 1 Gal. 2 Gal. NIPPONANTHEMUM* SU nipponicum (Montauk Daisy) - 24", white and yellow daisies late summer - fall, bright green succulent foliage 2 Gal.99631-586-6242

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OPHIOPOGON *** - ** SE jaburan 'Crystal Falls' - 24-30", cascading mounded habit, narrow strappy evergreen disease-resistant leaves are glossy dark emerald green, spikes of white starry blooms in mid-summer are followed by bright blue berries 1 Gal. japonicus 'Nana' - 3", congested mats of green grass-like leaves, tiny whitish blooms are almost hidden in the foliage 1 Qt. Flat/18 (3" cells) planiscapus 'Nigrescens' (Ebony Night) - 8", purple-black foliage, pale lilac blooms, dense upright clumps, slow growing 1 Qt. 1 Gal. OPUNTIA D1 * SU humifusa - 8" x 36", forms sprawling clumps of thick fleshy oval bluish green pads which are dotted with clusters of bristly spines, large yellow to gold blooms, sometimes with red centers, appear in late spring around the edges of older pads 3 Qt. ORIGANUM ** SU 'Lizzie' - 12-15" x 24-36", prostrate, rounded green leaves, dusty rose-colored bracts, tiny pink flowers, July to Sept. 3 Qt. OXALIS * - *** SU - SE crassipes 'Rosea' - 8", low mounding habit, bright green clover-like leaves, small bright pink star-shaped flowers for months 1 Qt. PACHYSANDRA D2 ** SE - SH terminalis - 15", fast growing vigorous spreading evergreen groundcover, small white blooms Flat/ 24 (2.5" cells) t. 'Green Sheen' - 6-12" x 12-18", leaves are so glossy they appear to be oiled, more heat tolerant than the species t. 'Silver Edge' - 6", grey-green leaves edged with an irregular white margin, slower to establish than the species (Silver Edge) 1 Qt. (Green Sheen) 1 Gal. Flat/ 24 (2.5" cells) PAEONIA D1 ** SU 'Itoh' hybrids – hybrid cross of P. lactiflora and P. suffruticosa, very large tree peony-like flowers in colors not previously seen, bushy habit does not require staking, dark green dissected foliage with strong stems100631-586-6242

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I. 'Bartzella' - 30", clumping upright habit, tree x garden peony cross, dark green dissected foliage with strong stems, very large bright yellow double blooms with slight red center wash and spicy fragrance in late spring, deer resistant I. 'Canary Brilliants' - shades of yellow and apricot, semi-double I. 'Julia Rose' - 24"- 28" x 36", deep rosy red buds open as single to semi-double blooms tinted orange and apricot with a reddish-purple wash along the edges, finally fading to yellow, blooms from late spring to early summer I. 'Keiko' - 30", semi-double to double flowers, dark lavender pink petals fade to soft pink, lightly fragrant I. 'Misaka' - 20- 30", large lightly scented ruffled semi-double to double blooms open salmony orange with scarlet central flares and age to apricot and pale yellow ** New For 2021 ** I. 'Singing in the Rain' - 30" x 42”, lightly scented ruffled semi-double to double blooms of creamy yellow aging to salmon washed pale yellow I. 'Takara' - 24"- 30", buds open pink aging to light yellow, heavily flushed with single to semi-double deep lavender-pink 5 Gal. lactiflora 'Duchess de Nemours' - double, white, early l. 'Kansas' – 24-30", lightly fragrant double carmine red, mid-late spring l. 'Paula Fay' - 30", dense upright clumps, semi-double deep pink, early bloomer l. 'Raspberry Sundae' - 2.5-3' x 2-2.5', large double lightly fragrant flowers of pink and creamy white with raspberry crests on erect stems from mid to late spring l. 'Sarah Bernhardt' - 36", fragrant double soft pink l. 'Shirley Temple' - 34", upright clumps, double white flowers, the petals blushed and dappled with soft pink, blooms late spring-early summer 2 Gal. 3 Gal. suffruticosa varieties - 4', upright habit, will develop woody stems, giant broad many-layered blooms in May - June, in Lavender, Pink, or White 2 Gal. PENSTEMON ** SU ** New For 2021 ** barbatus 'Delft Blue Riding Hood' - 18-24" x 18-24", basal rosettes give rise to spikes of loosely spaced bearded blue tubular blooms with darker tips on rigid stems from mid spring to early summer N.C. 'Dark Towers' - 36" x 24", mounds of deep wine-red foliage, spikes of small tubular blossoms, deep lavender rose at base, turning light pink at tips, late spring into summer 2 Gal. 'Midnight Masquerade' - 36-40" x 28-32", upright clumps with deep green lance shaped basal foliage washed with burgundy, upright stems covered in large lavender trumpets with white speckled throats, blooms late spring into summer, attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, very tolerant of heat and drought, excellent cut flower 1 Gal.101631-586-6242

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PEROVSKIA D1 * SU atriplicifolia - 3', lavender blue spikes, late summer, finely cut aromatic gray green foliage a. 'Blue Steel' - 18-36" sturdy and well branched with clouds of deep lavender blue blooms top aromatic silver-green lacy foliage mid-summer to fall, deeper colored and longer blooming a. 'Little Lace' - 12-14", compact, vase-shaped, delicate silver foliage, purple flower spikes late summer a. 'Little Spire' - 25", very compact and upright, deep violet blooms July - Sept., finely dissected gray foliage 1 Gal. 2 Gal. PHLOX D3 *** SE Ground cover and spreading varieties N.C. all P. divaricata divaricata 'Blue Moon' - 12-18", fragrant blue flowers d. 'May Breeze' - 12-15", fragrant pale blue flowers N.C. all P. stolonifera stolonifera 'Homefires' - 6-12" x 18", spreading, mat-forming habit, upright, leafy, stems rise above the foliage bearing loose clusters of fragrant, tubular, pink flowers July-September s. 'Sherwood Purple' - 8", tall carpet of green, purple-blue highly fragrant spring flowers, extremely shade tolerant 1 Qt. N.C. all P. subulata varieties subulata 'Candy Stripe' - 3-4" x 24", spreading low evergreen mats of linear to awl-shaped green leaves, bicolor blooms are white with pink striping, blooms mid-spring and often again in fall s. 'Drummond Pink' - 3", dark pink with near red eye s. 'Emerald Blue' - 3", lavender blue ** New For 2021 ** s. 'Eye Caramba' – lavender pink with magenta eye s. 'Purple Beauty' - 3-6" x 12-24", light purple blooms with deep purple eyes in March-May s. 'Snowflake' - pure white 1 Qt. 1 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** 'Violet Pinwheels' - 3-6" x 24-36", low spreading mat-forming habit, evergreen carpet of linear to awl-shaped green leaves are covered with profuse blanket of violet blue blooms with deep purple eye in mid spring, attracts butterflies/birds, deer resistant 3 Qt. Upright varieties ** SU - SE 'Amethyst Pearl' - 18" x 18", large open panicles of sweetly fragrant amethyst pink blooms with a pale center appear in early summer, repeating again in early fall, glossy bright green foliage resists powdery mildew 2 Gal.102631-586-6242

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'Cloudburst' - 28 x 42", billowy dome shaped mounds, deep purple buds open to lightly fragrant lavender purple with dark eyes appear all summer, glossy deep green leaves have excellent mildew resistance 1 Gal. N.C. 'Opening Act' Series - 18-20", a cross of three native species, profuse clusters of lightly scented flowers, blooms earlier and more abundantly than other cvs, heaviest bloom early to mid-summer then sporadically into fall, glossy deep green foliage is mildew and disease resistant 'O. A. Blush' - lilac pink blooms 'O. A. White' - snowy white ** 2 New 'Opening Act' For 2021 ** 'O.A. Pink-A-Dot' – pale pink, nearly white with deep pink center 'O.A. Ultra Pink' – vivid bright pink 1 Gal. N.C. all paniculata varieties paniculata 'Jeana' - 48", small lavender-pink florets summer to early fall, very mildew resistant 2 Gal. p. 'Volcano' Series - 18", mildew resistant, compact, early blooming, large fragrant panicles July-Aug p. 'V. Lilac Splash' - white with splashes of pale lilac ** New For 2021 ** p. 'V. Plum' – solid bright rosy purple p. 'V. Purple with White Eye' - 18", mildew resistant, more compact, early blooming, produces large fragrant panicles of bright purple florets with a white eye, July-Aug p. 'V. Red' - 24-28", bright scarlet blooms p. 'V. Soft Pink with Dark Eye' - soft pink with magenta eye p. 'V. White' – pure snowy white 1 Gal. PHYSOSTEGIA ** SU N.C. virginiana 'Miss Manners' - 24", non-invasive, clump forming habit, pure white blooms N.C. v. 'Pink Manners' - 36" x 20", upright clump, serrate leaves, tubular lavender-pink spikes midsummer through fall 1 Gal. PLATYCODON ** SU grandiflorus 'Astra Blue' - 8 - 10", compact spreading habit, balloon-like buds open to 3" periwinkle blue stars with deep blue veins, June - Aug g. 'Sentimental Blue' - 6", dwarf, bright blue blooms 1 Gal. PODOPHYLLUM ** SE - SH N. peltatum - 18", umbrella-like, pale green leaves, single waxy white flowers early spring, gold fruit early summer 3 Qt.103631-586-6242

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POLEMONIUM ** SU - SE ** New For 2021 ** 'Heaven Scent' - 18"-24" x 15-18", compact clumping habit, large fragrant blueish-purple blooms top glossy green w/purple shading fernlike foliage in early summer, attracts butterflies, deer resistant, cut back after bloom for best growth N.C. 'Stairway to Heaven' - 12", large gray-green leaflets edged with creamy white, blue blooms May - June 1 Gal. POLYGONATUM D3 ** SE - SH humile - 8", tiny green leaves form a dense ground cover, miniature white bell-shaped blooms appear May-June 1 Qt. N. macropodum - 36", forms dramatic spreading clumps of long arching stems clothed in pairs of green leaves with prominent veins, pairs of small creamy white bells hang fringe-like from the underside of the stem in late spring and are replaced in fall by blue berry-like fruit 4 Qt. odoratum 'Variegatum' - 12", arching stems bear ranked pairs of broad green leaves edged in white, fragrant white dangling bells in April-May 8" Pan POTENTILLA D1 ** SU - SE neumanniana 'Nana' - 3-5" x 12", prostrate creeper with shiny palmate leaves, tiny yellow buttercup-like flowers in spring 3" PULMONARIA D3 ** SE - SH 'Raspberry Splash' - 8-10" x 12-18", low broad mound of narrow lance-shaped olive-green leaves covered with splashes of silver, raspberry red blooms in spring, good resistance to powdery mildew, goes dormant in summer in dry soil 1 Gal. saccharata 'Mrs. Moon' - 9-12", clumping mounded habit, fuzzy pointed dark green leaves are heavily spotted with silver, clusters of pink blooms age to blue in late spring, disease resistant, deer resistant, pollution tolerant ** New For 2021 ** 'Shrimps on the Barbie' - 10''x 18-23'', blooms early spring, deep shrimp pink flower clusters held above dark green leaves with white spots, mildew resistant, deer resistant, pollution tolerant 1 Gal. 'Trevi Fountain' - 9-12", mounded, green leaves speckled with creamy green, pink buds open to cobalt blue blooms 1 Gal. PYCNANTHEMUM ** SU - SE N. muticum - 2-3' x 2', upright compact clumps of aromatic mint green leaves, showy silvery green bracts and tiny blushing white flowers summer to early fall, pollinator magnet104631-586-6242

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N. tenuifolium - 2-3' x 2-3', upright lacy clumps of light to medium green minty-scented narrow lance-like leaves, profuse tight clusters of greenish white buds open to small pure white flared tubes that bees adore in mid to late summer 3" RODGERSIA ** SE - SH pinnata 'Superba' - 3-4' x 3', bold divided leaves emerge with plum cast and age to deep green, airy panicles of cream to dark pink flowers from early to mid-summer 1 Gal. podophylla 'Rotlaub' - 3-4' x 3', upright clumps of large palmate serrated leaves which emerge bronzy copper and age to olive green, color is retained longer in season than other cvs, creamy white plumes of bloom held well above the foliage in summer 4 Qt. RUDBECKIA D2 ** SU N. & NC. all Rudbeckia we carry 'American Gold Rush' - 24" x 36-42", covered with black-centered golden yellow daisies July - Sept., slender lance shaped hairy leaves are resistant to Septoria leaf spot 3 Qt. fulgida var. deamii - 36", golden daisies with deep brown cones in summer, better disease resistance than 'Goldsturm' 1 Gal. 2 Gal. f.v. sull. 'Little Goldstar' - 14-16", compact well branched habit, 2"-2.5" golden yellow blooms from midsummer to fall 1 Gal. nitida 'Herbstsonne' - 6', upright columns of large sunny yellow daisies in late summer on tall sturdy stems 3 Gal. subtomentosa 'Henry Eilers' - 4', quilled yellow starburst blooms Aug. through fall, narrow petals surround a central black button, vanilla-scented foliage, tolerates some shade 1 Gal. s. 'Little Henry' - 3-4', compact form of Henry Eilers, 2/3 his size, earlier blooming stronger branching, and less likely to flop 2 Gal. triloba - 48", open upright habit, tri-lobed leaves, abundant deep yellow blooms with black centers t. 'Blackjack Gold' - 3'x18'', well-branched with black stems sporting profuse rounded golden blooms with brown cone center from mid summer to early fall, longer-blooming than species t. 'Prairie Glow' - 3'x3', open upright habit, bi-color gold and red blooms in profusion, late summer 2 Gal. SAGINA *** SE - SH subulata 'Aurea' & 'Verna' - 2", mats of green or chartreuse moss-like foliage, tiny white blooms, May-June 3" Flat/ 18 (3" cells)105631-586-6242

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SALVIA D1-3 ** SU nemorosa 'April Night' - 12-14", spikes of deep blue n. 'Bumbleberry' - 10'' x 15'', compact, deep fuchsia-pink blooms on wine-red stems in early summer officinalis 'Berggarten' - 26", silvery fragrant leaves, spikes of lilac-blue flowers June-Aug., mildew resistant, culinary superba (nemorosa) 'Blue Hill' - 24", dense true blue spikes s. 'Blue Marvel' - 10-12" x 10-12", large, bright blue spikes s. 'Caradonna' - 24", violet blue blooms, deep purple stems s. 'Mai Nacht' (May Night) - 18", violet blue, re-blooms nemorosa 'Swifty' Series - 8-12" x 10-12", aromatic gray-green foliage, spikes of small lipped blooms throughout the summer, s. 'S. Deep Rose' - rosy pink with deep rose calyces s. 'S. Violet Blue' - deep violet blue s. 'S. White' – pure white 1 Gal. SANTOLINA D1 * SU chamaecyparissus 'Nana' - 15", low sprawling mounds, aromatic silver scale-like foliage, tiny yellow button blooms 1 Gal. SARUMA ** SE - SH henryi - 1-2' x 2-3', upright clump, large fuzzy heart-shaped leaves, butter yellow flowers early spring through late summer 3 Qt. SAUROMATUM *** - ** SE - SH venosum - 18-36", thick speckled silvery green and black stems sport a ring of large green leaflets, 12" spathe is speckled purplish brown and green with purple spadix, like a giant elongated Jack-in-the-Pulpit, flower can be a bit pungent - it's pollinated by flies 1 Gal. SCABIOSA D1 ** SU columbaria 'Butterfly Blue' - 12-18", compact clumps of finely cut gray-green foliage, flat-topped flowers have outer ring of frilly, lavender-blue petals and paler center cushion with protruding stamens, long profuse bloom from spring until frost c. 'Pink Mist' - 8-10", large clear pink flowers 1 Gal. SCILLA D1 ** SU - SE siberica - 3-6" x 3-6", colonizing with short strappy green leaves, scapes of 3-5 drooping blue bells in mid-spring after the snowdrops bloom, very cold-hardy 1 Qt.106631-586-6242

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SEDUM * SU Low growing varieties D2 acre var. 'Aureum' - 4", low spreading habit, yellow flowers in summer, fine green carpet-like foliage is tipped gold in spring 3" album 'Bella d'Inverno' - 2-3" x 12", dense succulent carpet of risotto-shaped leaves emerge pale creamy yellow and age through chartreuse to lime green in summer, cool weather brings bright rose highlights, white blooms in summer 1 Qt. a. 'Lime Carpet' - 2-3" x 12", thick carpet of succulent bead-like foliage is lime green with patches turning brilliant red in winter, white blooms in summer a. 'Murale' - 2-3" x 12", dense rug of succulent green beads turn deep maroon in winter, white star like flowers appear in summer cauticola 'Lidakense' - 2-4" x 8-12", low, broad clump of rounded, deciduous blue-green leaves, flushed with purple, glistening pink star flowers appear in late summer 1 Qt. floriferum 'Weihenstephaner Gold' - 3", neat dark green leaves radiate around stems, bright yellow blooms 1 Qt. hakonense 'Chocolate Ball' - 3-4", low, spreading, yellow flowers June-Sept. leaves are tiny spheres of red-chocolate 1 Qt. hispanicum minus - 2-3", blue-green foliage, changes to blue-gray in warm weather, white flowers early summer 3" kamtschaticum 'Variegatum' - 3-4", prostrate, spreading, rosette of white banded leaves, orange yellow, July-Sept nevii - 4-6", thick succulent silvery-gray leaves, bronze tints in summer, small clusters of white flower early summer 1 Qt. rupestre 'Angelina' - 3" x 15", dense mat-forming habit, bright yellow needle shaped leaves tipped orange in fall, looks like a miniature spruce, yellow blooms, evergreen 1 Qt. 1 Gal. sexangulare - 4", dense mats of tiny angular green leaves yellow star shaped blooms June-July 3" spurium 'Blaze' (Fuldaglut) - 2-3" x 18", low-growing, mat-forming, succulent obovate maroon leaves, semi-evergreen, tiny star-shaped rose-red flowers bloom August to September s. 'John Creech' - 2", dense prostrate habit, pink blooms, small round deep green leaves ** New For 2021 ** s. 'Spot on Deep Rose' - 4-8" x 8-10", low spreading habit, terminal clusters of large deep rose blooms in summer over attractive deep green foliage, deer resistant and drought tolerant, attracts pollinators 1 Qt.107631-586-6242

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'Sunsparkler' Series 'S. Dazzleberry' - 6-8" x 12-18", mound of rounded leaves are grey-blue early in the season turning dusky plum purple with hints of gray as the season progresses, clusters of deep magenta star-shaped blooms in late summer 'S. Lime Zinger' - 6-8, rounded leaves are lime green edged in wine, rosy pink star-shaped blooms in summer 'S. Wildfire' - 6-8", blue-gray to olive foliage overwashed with cerise is edged in hot pink, clusters of pink star-shaped blooms 1 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** takesimense 'Atlantis' - 4-6" x 10-12", low spreading habit forms dense mats, attractive rosettes of oblong serrated leaves have a narrow deep green center band surounded by broad creamy margins, leaf edges tinted pink in cool weather, clusters of small yellow blooms mid to late summer, attracts pollinators, rabbit resistant 1 Qt. Upright and large-leaf varieties 'Autumn Fire' - 18-24", taller in habit and stronger less floppy stems than 'Autumn Joy', produces green broccoli-like buds in mid-summer, gradually opening into enormous dusty-rose flower heads, finally deepening to rich dusty-red during fall 'Autumn Joy' - 24", upright mounds, broccoli-like blooms turn pink through rose to coppery bronze 2 Gal. 'Pure Joy' - 10-12" x 15-20", low broad domed habit, clusters of tiny bubblegum pink star-shaped blooms completely cover the plant late summer into fall, followed by deep rosy pink persistent seed heads, small sharply serrated leaves emerge pale blue green gradually changing to lighter green, attracts bees and butterflies, rabbit resistant, salt tolerant 1 Gal. spectabile 'Brilliant' - 24" x 24", carmine pink blooms change to deep red above large round scooped gray green leaves telephium 'Autumn Charm' - 14-16" x 18-24", upright clumping habit, variegated foliage of green with pale yellow margins, off-white buds open to large heads of dusty-rose flowers maturing to reddish-brown seedheads for winter telephium 'Munstead Dark Red' - 18-24", crimson rose flowers top deep red stems clothed in reddish purple tinted grey-green leaves 2 Gal. SEMPERVIVUM * SU Assorted named varieties 1 Qt. 8" Pan F/18 ** New For 2021 ** SILENE * SU – SE 'Short and Sweet' - 6-8" x 10-15", low spreading mat-forming habit, evergreen carpet of linear to awl-shaped green leaves are covered with profuse blanket of dark pink blooms in late spring, attracts butterflies/birds, deer resistant 1 Gal.108631-586-6242

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SILPHIUM D2 ** SU N. terebinthinaceum - 3-10', basal clumps of huge scalloped paddle-shaped dark green sandpapery leaves almost 24" long, loose clusters of large yellow daisies with slender ray petals appear July - Sept. on very tall (10') branched stems, blooms attracts bees, and later songbirds enjoy the seeds 6 Qt. SISYRINCHIUM ** SU - SE N.C. angustifolium 'Lucerne' - 8", dense iris-like foliage, star shaped violet blue flowers with yellow centers, June-July 1 Qt. ** New For 2021 ** 'Devon Skies' - 8", dense clumps of fine iris-like foliage, star shaped periwinkle blooms with violet veins and central ring around a yellow throat, June-July 1 Gal. SOLIDAGO D2 ** SU N.C. 'Little Lemon' - 12-15" x 16", compact multi-stem habit, dwarf form with green leaves and very long bloom period, pyramidal puffs of light lemon-yellow flowers mid-late summer 1 Gal. N.C. rugosa 'Fireworks' - 36", arching long golden yellow panicles from Sept.-Oct. N.C. shortii 'Solar Cascade' - 24-30" x 18-24, spreads less aggressively than others, serrated narrow green leaves, arching panicles of small bright gold blooms in late summer to early fall N.C. sphacelata 'Golden Fleece' - 12", fluffy golden plumes in late summer, low mounded habit, rounded leaves 1 Gal. STACHYS D1 * SU byzantina 'Helene von Stein' - 8", spreading cluster of broad felted silver leaves much larger than species 1 Gal. b. 'Silver Carpet' - 8", silvery fuzzy foliage, rarely blooms 1 Gal. ** 2019 P.P.A. Plant of the Year ** macrantha (officinalis) 'Hummelo' - 1.5'-2' x 1.5-2', spreading sculptural clumps of basal rosettes with oval scalloped glossy, dark green leaves, summer brings dense spikes of tiny two-lipped rosy lavender blooms atop mostly leafless stems 1 Gal. spathulata (minima) - 4-8", dwarf rosette, glossy dark green leaves, vivid rose-purple flowers bloom June-July 1 Qt. STOKESIA D2 ** SU - SE N.C. laevis 'Color Wheel' - 1.5-2' x 1-1.5', rosettes of semi-evergreen strap-like leaves, stems of powderpuff daisy-like flowers open pure white but gradually darken over time to various shades of109631-586-6242

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lavender and finally dark purple with white centers, new blooms contrast nicely with older in mid-summer N.C. l. 'Mel's Blue' - 1-1.5' x1', deep grass green strappy leaves, stems of jagged periwinkle blue daisies with central powderpuff in early to mid summer sometimes with a fall rebloom N.C. l. 'Peachie's Pick' - 10", dwarf with large blue blooms in July and a neat compact habit 1 Gal. SYNEILESIS *** SE - SH aconitifolia - 24", clumps of upright stems, each stem with one deeply divided leaf, leaves emerge tightly furled with silky white hairs, looks like a clump of seriously dissected May-apples 3 Qt. TEUCRIUM D1 ** SU - SE chamaedrys - 12", compact habit with neat, tiny dark green leaves, small pink blooms in July-Aug., great for edging 1 Qt. THALICTRUM D1 *** SE - SU aquilegifolium 'Nimbus Pink' - 24 - 30", upright mounds of large fluffy puffs of lavender pink blooms appear on tall dark stems appear May - July over dark black-green fern-like foliage 8" 'Black Stockings' - 40-70", lacy green leaves to 36", tall nearly black stems bear huge clusters of bright lavender-magenta flowers in mid-summer delavayi - 3-5' x 1.5-2', emerald green clump of lacy fine-textured medium green leaves with purple stems, tall airy sprays of tiny lavender blooms with contrasting yellow stamens rise high above foliage in late spring 6 Qt. ** New For 2021 ** 'Little Pinkie' - 20" x 10: compact upright mounds of blue-green aquilegia-like foliage, each stem explodes in bright starbursts of small deep pink blooms with yellow stamens in June -July, attracts pollinators, deer resistant 1 Gal. rochebrunianum 'Lavender Mist' - 6-8' x 2-3', loose upright lacy clumps, sprays of lavender-purple flowers on dark purple stems mid to late summer 2 Gal. THYMUS D1 * SU Prostrate mat forming ground covers with tiny aromatic leaves and miniature blooms ibukiensis - 2-4" x 12", dense low spreading groundcover, tiny fragrant round leaves remain grayish green in color throughout the year, smothered in stunning pink flowers at the ends of the stems in early summer praecox 'Albiflorus' - 1-2" x 12-18", flat creeping mats featuring fragrant light-green leaves, smothered by snow-white flowers in early summer p. 'Coccineus' - 2", dark red blooms, green foliage p. 'Elfin' - 2" forms tight domes of tiny leaves, rarely blooms p. 'Pink Chintz' - 2", mid-green leaves, salmon pink blooms110631-586-6242

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p. pseudolanuginosus - 2", soft wooly silver foliage p. 'Purple Carpet' - 2", vivid purple blooms, small fine foliage 3" 1 Qt. TIARELLA D2 *** SE - SH N.C. cordifolia 'Brandywine' - 12-18", tall mats of wrinkled green heart-shaped leaves, frothy light pink flowers bloom in spring N.C. c. 'Running Tapestry' - 8-12", mounded running carpet of heart-shaped green leaves with red veins, clouds of white flowers, good groundcover N.C. 'Timbuktu' - 8-10" x 10-12", dainty ferny foliage, brown-veined medium green leaves, almost oak-like in appearance, white bottlebrush flowers bloom mid to late spring 1 Gal. TRICYRTIS *** SH 'Empress' - 36", large, showy white blooms have raspberry throat spots that melt to a solid color at the tips of the petals formosana 'Autumn Glow' - 12-18" x 9-12", upright and compact with large green leaves surrounded by a wide yellow border, creamy starred flowers are heavily freckled and blushed purple in late summer 'Hototogisu' - 24", orchid-like blooms are blue with purple spots and a white center in Aug. to Oct. 3 Qt. macranthopsis - 12-18" x 30-36", arching deeply veined strappy glossy green leaves, bright yellow bell-shaped blooms with raspberry speckled throats in late summer 3 Qt. x 'Sinonome' - 2-3', large clumps, glossy white blooms are speckled with ruby-purple 1 Gal. TRIFOLIUM ** SU repens 'Ice Purple' - 3", large trifoliate leaves, broad deep purple leaflets have silver edges 1 Qt. VANCOUVERIA *** SE - SH N. hexandra - 8", creamy yellow blooms in spring, tiny duck-foot leaves on wiry stems, looks like miniature Epimedium 1 Qt. (New Size) 1 Gal. VERNONIA ** SU N.C. lettermanii 'Iron Butterfly' - 24-36" x 18-24", more diminutive version of species with finely textured willow-like emerald green leaves, flat-topped clusters of fluffy violet purple florets appear in late summer to early fall, cut back in early spring for neater habit 1 Gal. N. noveboracensis - 4-6', upright, willowy green leaves, flat-topped violet fluffy florets late summer to early fall 2 Gal.111631-586-6242

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VERONICA D2 ** SU Prostrate varieties ** New For 2021 ** 'Tidal Pool' - 2-3" x 24-30", cross between Veronica armena and Veronica pectinata, denser and faster spreading than either parent, medium to deep blue-violet flowers from late April into mid-May, handles cold, heat, humidity, rain, and drought equally well 3" 'Waterperry Blue' - 4" x 12", deep green leaves tinged with burgundy and copper overtones, turning burgundy in winter, small soft-blue flowers with a white eye in mid to late spring 'Whitewater' - 4-6" x 18-30", glossy deep green foliage turns bronze and burgundy in cool weather, dainty white flowers bloom in waves spring until frost, evergreen in mild climates 1 Qt. Upright varieties 'First Love' - 6-12" x 12-18", upright and compact with hot pink spikes early to late summer longifolia 'Red Fox' - 12-16" x 12-14", bushy clumper with dark green leaves and dense, upright, terminal spikes of tiny deep rose-red flowers which bloom most of the summer 'Magic Show Wizard of Ahh's' - 15" x 24", upright stems tipped with abundant thick brilliant violet blue spikes in early to mid-summer over deep green narrow leaves spicata 'Royal Candles' - 15", long blooming, slender bristly deep blue flower spikes 1 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** VERONICASTRUM ** SU virginianum 'Red Arrow' - 4-5' x 2', upright clumps, flowers on tall spikes with a large terminal plume over tiers of smaller blooms radiating in layers around the stem, buds are red, opening to rich magenta-violet blooms appearing July - September, stems and shoots are also reddish, attracts bees and butterflies 2 Gal. VINCA D1 ** SE - SH minor 'Bowles'- large bright blue flowers m. 'Ralph Shugert'- sky blue flowers and glossy leaves with broad white margins (Selected varieties) Flat/ 24 (2.5" cells) VIOLA ** SE - SH labradorica - 2-4" x 6-8", low tuft of purple-tinged leaves, with small mauve-purple violets in spring and fall, continues blooming all summer in cool-summer regions 3" WALDSTEINIA ** SE - SH ternata - 6", spreading ground cover, yellow buttercup-like blooms in May, glossy foliage resembles a strawberry plant \Flat/ 18 (3" cells)112631-586-6242

Page 113

YUCCA D1 * SU N.C. filamentosa 'Bright Edge' - 24" stiff upright clumps, dark green leaves edged with a narrow gold band N.C. f. 'Color Guard' - 3-4' x 3-4', arching, sword-shaped, striped foliage of creamy-white against dark green, evergreen, spires of fragrant snow-white blooms in summer N.C. f. 'Excalibur' - 18-24", blue to gray-green leaves, curly white filaments, more uniform and smaller than species 2 Gal. ZANTEDESCHIA D1 ** SU - SE aethiopica 'White Giant' - 4-5', forms imposing arching clumps which will increase with age as the tuber matures, massive snowy-white typically-shaped calla flowers rise just above huge white speckled triangular leaves with undulating wavy edges, completely hardy 1 Gal. ZIZIA D1 *** - ** SU – SE aurea - 18-36" x 18-24", loose mound of rounded toothed pea green leaflets, clusters of tiny golden blooms in late spring 3 Qt. PERENNIAL FERNS ADIANTUM D1 *** SH N. pedatum (Maidenhair Fern) - 18", layered sprays of soft green leaflets on wiry black stems 1 Gal. venustum - 8-12", low, slow-spreading, very small leaves are soft green, new fronds emerge bronzy-pink, semi-evergreen 1 Qt. ARACHNIODES D2 *** SE - SH standishii - 12-18" x 36-48", arching clumping habit, triangular bright green fronds, a line of leaflets runs up the main vein and each leaflet is comprised of more leaflets creating an exceptionally lacy look 3 Gal. ATHYRIUM D2 ** - *** SE - SH N. filix-femina (Lady Fern) - 2-3', groundcover, lacy light green triangular fronds, tolerates some dryness f.f. x nip. 'Ghost' - 30", rigid upright clumps of silvery gray 'Godzilla' - 3' x 3-5',the size of the species with feathery fronds of soft grayish-green with silvery overlay and wine colored mid-ribs, fronds stay silver in cooler temps but deepen as summer arrives with new silvery growth again in fall N.C. x 'Lady in Red' - 30", erect habit, foliage similar to filix-femina but more upright and with red stems113631-586-6242

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otophorum - 18" x 18", triangular upright fronds emerge pastel green and age to mid green with deep red stems niponicum 'Crested Surf' - 20" x 28", vigorous upright arching habit, silver overlaid fronds with rosy midribs are larger than A. 'Pictum', pinnae and frond tips are distinctly crested creating a frothy foamy appearance, rabbit resistant niponicum 'Pictum' - 18", silver pink and green fronds 1 Gal. n. var. pictum 'Pearly White' - 12-15" ghostly fronds with light green edges and white center 1 Qt ** New For 2021 ** n. var. pictum 'Silver Falls' - 1-1.5' x 1'-1.5',deciduous fern with arching habit, slow spreading clump, more silver in fronds, longer period of good silver color 1 Gal. BLECHNUM D1 ** - *** SE - SH N. spicant - 9-18", x 12-24", neat compact clumps, arching leathery evergreen fronds of rich jade-green leaflets, very tough little fern, fertile fronds turn brown in fall but sterile fronds stay green all winter, (US Native) 1 Gal. CYRTOMIUM D1 ** - *** SE - SH falcatum (Holly Fern) - 18", large leathery leaflets with thorny looking edges look like little holly branches, cold hardy 1 Gal. DENNSTAEDTIA D1 ** - *** SU - SH N. punctilobula (Hay Scented Fern) - 2', ground cover, arching light green fronds, tolerates some sun & dryness 1 Gal. DRYOPTERIS D2 ** - *** SU - SE N.C. australis - 5', large clump forming variety with large glossy semi-evergreen fronds erythrosora - 18", new fronds emerge bright orange, later turning glossy green with a bronze shimmer, evergreen N. goldiana - 3-4', large arching clumps of light green fronds marginalis - 18", broad, shiny, dark blue-green fronds 1 Gal. (erythrosora) 2 Gal. MATTEUCCIA D1 ** - *** SE - SH N. struthiopteris (Ostrich Fern) - 60", long slender fronds like ostrich plumes form tall vase shaped clumps 1 Gal. 5 Gal.114631-586-6242

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ONOCLEA D1 ** - *** SE - SH N. sensibilis (Sensitive Fern) – 24'',large long-stalked triangular fronds are bright green with long lobed pinnae, shorter, bead like fertile fronds on 12" stems 1 Gal. OSMUNDA D2 * - *** SE - SH N. cinnamomea (Cinnamon Fern) - 2-3', arching clumps with broad oblong fronds and upright spore-laden "cinnamon sticks" N. regalis (Royal Fern) - large airy clumps, fronds made up of leaflets which look like small locust leaves 1 Gal. POLYSTICHUM D2 ** - *** SE - SH N. acrostichoides (Christmas Fern) - 18", upright clumps with long slender fronds of leathery evergreen foliage 1 Gal. polyblepharum - 1-2', upright arching clumps, glossy, dark, evergreen fronds, new growth emerges early and may need protection from frost setiferum 'Bevis' - 30" x 3-4', mounded arching habit, symmetrical clumps of glossy feathery deep green fronds, one of the largest Shield Fern cvs tsus-simense - 12", compact arching tufts of neat leathery fronds, very hardy 1 Gal. (polyblepharum) 2 Gal. THELYPTERIS (PHEGOPTERIS) D1 ** - *** SE - SH decursive-pinnata - 12-24" x 12-18", vigorous grower, clumping habit, narrow, upright, pale green fronds are tapered at both ends with winged stems N.C. noveboracensis - 12-24" x 18-24", spreading habit, one of the finest groundcover ferns, loose tufts of ascending compound leaves, light green airy fronds give a lacy appearance 1 Gal. PERENNIAL GRASSES ACORUS D1 ** - *** SU-SE gramineus 'Minimus Aureus' - 3" x 8", compact dwarf mat-like habit, tufts of yellow-green, grass-like leaf blades g. 'Ogon' - 10", upright fan shaped clumps of slender bright gold blades, great winter color 1 Qt. 1 Gal. ANDROPOGON D1 ** - * SU N.C. gerardii 'Red October' - 4-6', bold upright clumps with narrow leaves, foliage emerges deep green with hints of red, turning red, then burgundy and first frost turns them brilliant scarlet, burgundy blooms look like turkey feet atop 6' stems in late summer 2 Gal.115631-586-6242

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** New For 2021 ** N.C. g. 'Blackhawks' - 4-6', bold upright clumps with 24-30" mounds of narrow arching leaves, foliage emerges deep green later turning purple in mid summer, then nearly black by September, purple blooms look like turkey feet atop 4-5' stems in late summer 3 Gal. BOUTELOUA D2 * - ** SU N.C. gracilis 'Blond Ambition' - 12-30", upright habit, low-growing bluish-green foliage, prominent seed heads that start chartreuse and mature to bright gold 2 Gal. CALAMAGROSTIS D1 ** - *** SU acutiflora 'El Dorado' - sport of 'Karl Foerster', all the same great attributes plus brilliant gold variegated leaves a. 'Karl Foerster' - 3' x 2-3', erect habit, feathery gold plumes on slender 4-6' stems in June, low grassy foliage brachytricha - 2' x 2', slow-spreading clump-forming habit, narrow stiff green leaves 1/4" wide, pinkish tinged 4' plumes in late summer well above the foliage 2 Gal. 3 Gal. CAREX D1 ** - *** SE - SH albula 'Frosted Curls' - 8-12", low tufted mounds of slender, curling iridescent, silvery-green, cascading leaves N. appalachica - 12" x 8", fine textured arching clumps of bright green threads, foliage turns golden in fall, very tough, tolerates dry shade and root competition buchananii 'Red Rooster' - 24" x 24", vase shaped clumps of long fine textured leaves which curl at the tips, coppery bronze foliage is tinted red, insignificant blooms, full sun flacca (glauca) 'Blue Zinger' -10-24”,narrow, arching, attractive blue-green grass-like foliage N.C. laxiculmis 'Bunny Blue' - 10" x 15", spreading habit, gracefully arching slender flattened blue green leaves ohsiomensis 'Evergold' (Old Gold) - 10”, forms lush cascading mounds, deep green leaves have a creamy central stripe 1 Gal. oshiomensis 'Ever Color' Series o. 'E.C. Everest' - 14-18" x 10-14", low cascading clump of leathery dark green leaves, with crisp, white margins, evergreen o. 'E.C. Everillo' - 12-18" x 12-18", low mound, bright gold foliage, great for wet shady areas ** New For 2021 ** o. 'E.C. Everlime' - 12" x 24", cascading evergreen mounds of narrow deep green leaf blades edged in lime, attractive blooms are elongated fuzzy tufts on upright stems, appearing in early spring o. 'E.C. Eversheen' - 16" x 16", low mound, lime yellow striped foliage, superb groundcover or container plant N. pensylvanica - 10", shade loving groundcover, finely textured deep green shiny leaves 1 Gal.116631-586-6242

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** New For 2021 ** siderosticha 'Variegata'- 6-8" x 12-24", slow growing clumps of upward arching leaves, broad lance shaped blades are grass green with irregular creamy white streaks and margins, wheat-like blooms appear in June, appearance is almost like a dwarf hosta 3 Qt. CHASMANTHIUM D1 ** - *** SU - SE N. latifolium - 36", drooping panicles of oat-like fruit, bamboo-like foliage forms spreading drifts, can be invasive 1 Gal. 3 Gal. DESCHAMPSIA D2 SE SH N.C. cespitosa - 2-3' x 1-2', low dense mounds of very thin, arching flat dark green blades, airy panicles of tiny flowers in shades of gold, silver, purple and green form clouds over foliage in summer, panicles turn yellow-tan in fall, remaining through much of winter, grows well in shade 1 Gal. EQUISETUM D2 *** SU - SE N. hyemale - 3', large hollow jointed cylindrical stems form erect prehistoric looking clumps, can be invasive 1 Gal. ERAGROSTIS D2 *** SU - SE spectabilis - 18" x 36", thin light green leaves form low spreading mounds, red-bronze fall color, fine-textured rusty purple panicles hover over foliage in late summer 1 Gal. FESTUCA D2 * SU ovina glauca 'Elijah's Blue' - 1', spiky bright blue mounds 1 Gal. HAKONECHLOA D2 ** SE macra - 24", vigorous long wide cascading green blades m. 'Albo-striata' - 10", cascading habit with layered slender green & white striped leaves m. 'All Gold' - 10", broad leaf blades form more upright clumps, pure bright golden foliage m. 'Aureola' - 12", broad glossy waterfall of smooth bright golden leaves marked with narrow green stripes 1 Qt. 1 Gal. JUNCUS D1 ** - *** SU - SE N. effusus - 2-4', erect clump, green cylindrical leaves inflexus 'Blue Arrows' - 2-3', clump of light green to gray-blue long, tubular blades, tiny yellow-tan flowers in summer, foliage is tan in fall 1 Gal.117631-586-6242

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LEYMUS D1 * - ** SU arenarius 'Blue Dune' - 2-3' x 2-3', spreading habit, steel-blue foliage, arching spikes in summer 3 Gal. MISCANTHUS D2 ** SU - SE Height given is for foliage, plumes are another 1-2' above purpurescens - 5', broad green leaves turn red in summer, then deep purple in fall, large silver plumes sinensis 'Dixieland' - 3-4', dwarf clumping arching habit, narrow green blades with thin silver vertical stripe, silvery sterile plumes in late summer to fall, a dwarf sterile version of 'Morning Light' s. 'Gracillimus' - 5', rounded arching clumps, slender leaf blades, pinkish plumes on 6-8' stalks s. 'Little Zebra' - 3-4' x 2-3', compact little sibling of 'Zebrina' is more upright and keeps its color all season, broad green leaf blades with large horizontal bands of bright gold, wine purple blooms fade to tan 3 Gal. MOLINIA D2 ** - *** SU caerulea 'Skyracer' - 6', loose panicles on long arching stems over compact mounds of broad green leaf blades 1 Gal. MUHLENBERGIA D1 * - ** SU - SE N. capillaris - 30", very slender viridian foliage, tall, airy pink to rose panicles over the foliage like clouds from Sept.-Nov. N.C. c. 'White Cloud' - 30", like above, with white panicles 1 Gal. NASSELLA (STIPA) D1 ** SU tennuissima - 24", graceful weeping habit, fine textured hair-like foliage, soft golden plumes fade to buff 1 Gal. PANICUM D1 * - *** SU - SE N.C. all P. virgatum cultivars are upright with open seed heads v. 'Cheyenne Sky' - 36" x 18", blue-green leaves turn wine red early summer, reddish purple seed heads v. 'Dallas Blues' - 6',steel blue blades, plumes turn purple to orange-tan, late summer through fall v. 'Heavy Metal' - 4', metallic blue foliage, yellow fall color, pink tinted plumes turn golden tan v. 'Northwind' - 5', erect habit, broad blades of olive to blue green turn gold, narrow beige plumes beige in July v. 'Ruby Ribbons' - 3-4' x 30", metallic blue leaves with red overtones, intense deep dark red in fall v. 'Shenandoah' - 4-5', bright green foliage turning red in July, deep wine red by Oct ** New For 2021 ** v. 'Thundercloud' - 7', vase shaped specimen, beautiful blue green foliage turns gold in fall, large open airy pinkish tan panicles on 8' stems form a rosy beige cloud just above the foliage beginning in118631-586-6242

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July, one of the tallest panicum with very sturdy leaves and stems which do not fall open in rainy weather 3 Gal. PENNISETUM D1 ** - *** SU - SE alopecuroides - 3-4', broad mounded habit with narrow arching foliage, pinkish blooms Aug.-Oct. 2 Gal. 3 Gal. a. 'Burgundy Bunny' - 12-16" x 16", compact habit, foliage tinted red in summer and all-over red in fall, small, creamy plumes in late summer 1 Gal. a. 'Hameln' - 2', similar to species, smaller and stiffer habit 2 Gal. a. 'Little Bunny' - 8", dense tufts of curly leaves, miniature bottle brush blooms late summer to fall 1 Gal. a. 'Piglet' - 18", slender dark green leaves, tiny bottle-brush blooms mid to late summer 2 Gal. a. 'Redhead' - 3-4' x 1-2', large mounded habit, arching green leaves, turns gold to orange then pale tan in winter, soft smoky-pink bottlebrush flower spikes emerge mid to late summer, early bloomer, drought tolerant once established orientale 'Karley Rose' - 36", long lasting smoky rose plumes, deep green arching foliage 3 Gal. SCHIZACHYRIUM D1 * - ** SU N.C. scoparium 'Standing Ovation' - 36-48", tight upright habit, silvery blue-green grass, deepens in color adding purple accents, fall color is blazing red, gold bronze in winter N.C. s. 'The Blues' - 24-40",silvery blue-green blades on pink tinted stems turn bright burgundy red in autumn, puffs of seed along stems create excellent winter interest 1 Gal. 2 Gal. SPOROBOLUS D1 * - ** SU - SE N. heterolepis (Prairie Dropseed) - 24" x 30", textured leaves form arching clumps, beige-pink panicles, orange fall color 1 Gal.119631-586-6242

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SEASONAL COLOR Annual prices are not listed in the catalog. The price list will be available at the nursery or via e-mail after mid-February. Many of our 3.5" and 4.5" plants are discounted when purchased in minimum quantities of 10. Quantities less than 10 will be sold at the "each" rate. Heights given for all plants listed indicate the height you can expect them to grow during a single growing season. ABELMOSCHUS *** SU manihot 'Cream Cup'- 4-5', slender upright habit, deeply lobed foliage, large single 6" butter yellow blooms, with burgundy eye 1 Gal. ABUTILON * SU - SE Upright and mounded varieties 'Huntington Pink' - 18-24", upright growth shows an abundance of light pink flowers with garnet throats 'Kentish Belle' - 18" x 18", arching branches of deep green maple-like leaves, large belled blooms like hanging lanterns of apricot with scarlet red calyxes and pistils 'Moonchimes' - large yellow blooms, more sprawling habit 'Paisley' - 3-4', upright form with large leaves boldly stippled green and gold, dangling blooms resemble flared orange and gold lanterns 'Souvenir de Bonn' - 6', huge green maple shaped leaves edged in creamy white, large apricot blooms with red veins appear sporadically 'Voodoo' - 3', vigorous upright, large, deep blood-red blooms 'White' – 18-24", snowy white blooms, deep green leaves 1 Qt. (Selected Varieties)1 Gal. (Selected Varieties) (Staked) 1.5 Gal. ACALYPHA ** SU hispida 'Chenille' - 24-36" x 30-36", long slender fuzzy red flowers droop in cattail-like pendent clusters, blooms early to late summer, rough textured ovate medium green leaves (Patio Tree)3 Gal. pendula 'Summer Love' - 12" x 12", cascading habit, mounded green foliage is scalloped and jade green, 2" fuzzy rosy pink catkins all summer 4.5" (10 or more) HB 10" AGAPANTHUS ** SU - SH 'Baby Pete' - 12-24" x 18-24", dwarf upright habit, strappy 12" bright green foliage, umbels of small starry light blue trumpets with deeper blue center veins, sterile cv has long bloom time 1 Gal.120631-586-6242

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** New For 2021 ** 'Purple Potion' - 12" x 20", upright clumps of long thin strap-like medium green leaves, rounded clusters of small, lily-like deep purple flowers bloom on tall 26" stems late spring to late summer 2 Gal. AGASTACHE D1 ** - *** SU Upright multi-stem habit, hundreds of slender flower spikes are covered with tiny long-lasting tubular blooms mid-summer to frost, aromatic scalloped to toothed foliage, must have excellent drainage 'Apricot Sunrise' - 24-30", tall spikes of orange blooms ** New For 2021 ** 'Black Adder' - 24-36" x 18-24", blue-green foliage, black buds open to smoky lilac tubular blooms 'Blue Boa' - 24", bright green heart-shaped scalloped leaves, large spikes of deep violet blue blooms 'Blue Fortune' - 24", elongated blue blooms 'Kudos Coral' - 16-18", coral-colored plumes 'Kudos Mandarin' – 16-18", bright orange blooms 1 Qt. AGERATUM D2 ** SU ** New For 2021 ** 'Aguilera Purple' - 8-12", bright lavender blue flowers 'Artist Blue' - 8-10" x 6-10" mounded habit, small dark green oval leaves, clusters of fuzzy sky-blue button-like blooms 1 Qt. 'Blue Danube' - 8", compact, large lavender-blue blooms 4.5" (10 or more) 'Blue Horizon'- 18", broad mounded habit, larger than most varieties with bigger bolder deeper blue blooms 1 Qt. 'High Tide Blue' - 18", larger blooms dense upright habit 'High Tide White'- 18", white blooms 'Red Sea' - 30" x 10", magenta blooms fade to mauve 'Tall Blue Planet' - 24-36", soft mauve blue flower heads 6" ALOCASIAD2 ** SU - SE calodora - 4', huge leathery green leaves with wavy margins, stems are lightly striped portidora - 6', the largest Alocasia, huge shiny leaves with slightly ruffled edges, each leaf can reach 3' x 6' 3 Gal. 'Regal Shields' - 5-6' x 4-5', massive leaves are glossy deep olive above and mahogany beneath 2 Gal. ALSTROEMERIA *** SU - SE Compact spreading habit, heat tolerant and very long blooming121631-586-6242

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** New Series For 2021 ** 'Colorita' Series – 12-15", very large, long lasting blooms in bold colors with contrasting whiskery markings appear from spring to frost on compact bushy mounds 'Colorita Diana' – amber-yellow and mauve blooms 'C. Fabiana' – soft yellow with creamy white throats and burgundy red lines, foliage is edged with narrow white margins 'C. Lillian' – lavender turning darker at the base with a cream throat 'C. Tamara' – rich bright purple with lavender throat 6" ALTERNANTHERA ** SU ** New For 2021 ** dentata 'Brazilian Red Hots' - 18-24", mounded habit, burgundy branches covered with lance shaped leaves of variegated hot pink rose and wine, new leaves have greenish tint, small white strawflower-like blooms d. 'Rubiginosa' - 18", broad spreading habit, glossy deep burgundy foliage accent, very vigorous 'Little Ruby' – 8-12" x 14-16", ruby-burgundy foliage, tolerates heat and drought 'Purple Select' - 30", vigorous spreading habit, deep purple foliage and improved heat and shade tolerance 'True Yellow' - 6-12" x 4-10", compact bushy habit, lance-shaped chartreuse yellow leaves on low mounded plants 4.5" (each) AMMI ** SU majus 'Black Knight' - 36-50" filigreed bright green foliage flushed with purple, lacy 3-5" umbels of dusky plummy rose m. 'Dara' - 36-50" finely cut bright green foliage, large lacy 3-5" domes of blushing white age through pink and rose to wine red m. 'Green Mist' - 30" delicate lacy foliage, domes of pure white 1 Qt. ANAGALLIS * - ** SU 'Wildcat Blue' - 8", mounded cascading habit, long lasting, large, rich gentian blooms over tiny dark leaves 4.5" (10 or more) ANCHUSA ** - * SU capensis 'Blue Angel' - 12-15" x 15", biennial, upright multi-stem habit, vivid cobalt blue blooms, cut back for re-bloom 1 Gal. ANGELONIA ** SU 'Angel Face' Series - 18-24", bright green foliage, spikes of 'open-mouthed' snapdragons, blue, pink, and white 4.5" (10 or more)122631-586-6242

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ANIGOZANTHOS * - ** SU 'Big Roo' Series - 18" x 15", multi-branched stems tipped with fuzzy tubular blooms in orange or red, spiky gray-green foliage 1 Gal. 'Joe Joe' Series - 12" x 12" compact, dark green leaves, fuzzy, tubular blooms appear all summer, in orange, red, and yellow 1 Qt. ANISODONTEA ** SU hypomandarum 'Elegant Lady' - 48", upright shrubby habit, improved cultivar with larger magenta blooms 1 Qt. ARCTOTIS * - ** SU hybrids - 12", large solitary daisies on slender stems above basal rosettes of felted grey-green foliage 'Flame' - salmon-orange 'Dark Red' - dark brick red 'Wine' - compact habit, pink with a light center 1 Qt. ARGYRANTHEMUM ** SU frutescens 'Butterfly' – 18-24", compact, large butterfly yellow blooms with deep yellow centers, bright green foliage f. 'Vanilla Butterfly' – single white, yellow-centered f. 'Vera' – 15-18", soft grey-green thread-like foliage, large white daisies with bold yellow centers 1 Qt. ARTEMISIA D1 ** SU 'Powis Castle' - 24", mounded habit, sprawling lacy mounds of finely cut silvery foliage, shear back after summer's heat to neaten 6" ASCLEPIAS D1 ** SU curassavica - 24-36" x 24", upright with lance-shaped bright green foliage, clusters of waxy scarlet and gold blooms c. 'Silky Scarlet' - dark red petals and gold corolla c. 'Silky Gold' - 3-4" bright golden yellow blooms 1 Qt. ASPARAGUS D1 ** SU densiflorus 'Sprenger' - 2'-3' x 3-4', long arching plumes of dense thread-like emerald foliage 4.5" (each)123631-586-6242

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** New For 2021 ** ASPIDISTRA ** SE-SH elatior 'Spek-tacular' – 24-30" x 12-24", broadleaf evergreen tender perennial with yellowish spots, flowers are inconspicuous 2 Gal. BACOPA (Sutera) ** SU - SE 'Atlas White' - 6" x 24-30" abundant extra-large white blooms cover deep green trailing foliage 4.5" (10 or more) BALLOTA ** SU nigra 'Variegata' - 12", low, spreading habit, light purple blooms in summer, white and green mottled foliage 4.5" (each) BEGONIA ** SU - SE Upright and large growing forms 'Anna Feile' - 24", salmon-pink blooms hang in huge clusters, dark green jagged leaves with burgundy reverse 'Cachuma' - 1-2', fuzzy red stems sport large star-shaped bright olive green leaves with lightly puckered deeply veined surface, early winter brings large sprays of pink flowers 'Cracklin' Rosie' - 36", pink spots are scattered over long tapered burgundy leaves with undulating edges 'Ebony' - 18" dark chocolaty leaves with a maroon reverse 'Fanny Moser' - 24-36" x 18-24", fleshy green stems sport large glossy ruffled serrated angel wings of deep olive speckled with small round mint green spots and a wine-red reverse, sprays of apple blossom pink buds which open to pale pink single blooms 'Ginny' - 18-24", felted wing-shaped leaves pink toned above and reddish underneath, dark pink buds open to pink blooms haageana (scharffi) - 3' x 2', fuzzy angel-wing leaves are bronzy when young maturing to deep green above and bronzy red below, arching clusters of light pink blooms 'Looking Glass' - 2-3', beautiful silvery angel wings with prominent olive-green markings around each vein and bright, cranberry red on the reverse luxurians - 3' upright, tall slender stems topped with slender bright green leaflets like drooping palm leaves, white blooms odorata 'Alba' - 3', large mounded specimen with glossy ovate leaves, sprays of small white sweetly fragrant flowers in spring, very sun tolerant 'Paper Snowflake' - 36", upright cane type, large clusters of cerise buds open soft rosy pink with bright gold anthers parviflora - 3', upright habit, large and tropical looking, multiple tall heavy bright green canes are draped with giant rough textured grass-green grape-like leaves 'Paul Hernandez' (large palmate leaf) - 3-4', great specimen with massive ridged palmate leaves nearly 12" across are rusty bronze-green, pale blooms in large panicles during the season, we don't know the correct name but it's too nice to pass up 'Pink Giraffe' - 18-24" x 12-18", tall arching canes of bright apple green angel-wing leaves and numerous pendant clusters of pink blooms124631-586-6242

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'Sophie Irene' - 36", upright habit, large jagged green leaves spotted with silver, coral-pink blooms (luxuriens) 4.5" (each) 6" 2 Gal. ('Anna Feile' & 'Sophie Irene’) 5 Gal. Compact mounded forms fuchsioides - 2', a hill of small green fuchsia like leaves with dangling clusters of pale pink blooms 4.5" (each) 'Benitochiba' - 18-24", silver, jagged-edged leaflets with green veins, blushes of purple or pink, small salmon pink blossoms ** New For 2021 ** 'Canary Wings' - 12-18" x 15-18" semi-cascading mound with bright angelwing foliage matures from yellow to chartreuse, continuous profuse sprays of waxy pure red single blooms 1 Qt. 'Harmony's Passing Storm' - 24-36" x 18-24", offset well-veined heart-shaped leaves are deep olive washed in wine red with a silver overlay and mahogany underside 'Lime Marmalade' - 12" x 24", glowing reversion of 'Marmaduke' with lime green leaves and no red speckles 'Madame Queen' - 18" x 24", broad with large red-bronze leaves, prominent green veins and frilly leaf margins, sporadic pale pink blooms 'Manaus' - 10-12", trailing, leaves in dark greens and reds, tiny hairs give foliage red sheen, white flowers all summer 'Marmaduke' - 12" x 24", low broad cascade of large bristly chartreuse leaves with irregular brick-red markings with young leaves having the reverse color 'Medora' - 15-18" x 18-24", dense habit, narrow gray-green lightly serrated leaves are dotted with silvery mint green, new growth is reddish, small clusters of pink waxy blooms 'Morocco' - 12-18" x 15-24", mounded spreader has rounded widely scalloped quilted greenish-bronze foliage edged in cerise with wine reverse, profuse sprays of dainty blushing cream flowers can occasionally cover entire plant 'My Special Angel' - 1-2', arching branches with large narrow glossy green leaves sporting silvery spots with lighter green beneath, sprays of pink blooms peek out between the leaves 'Pegasus' - 12-18" x 16-18", deeply lobed pointed radial leaves are dark green with minty silver overlay 'Pig Skin' - 24", foliage has a pebbled texture and bronze cast, pale pink blooms in early spring 'Rex Assorted' - 6-12" x 12-15", broad mounding habit, large hairy leaves in vivid shades of silver, pink, red, burgundy and green 'Snow Capped' - 1-2', mounded to semi cascading, Angel-wing leaves are deep olive green with lots of small minty green speckles, clusters of rosy salmon blooms drape below foliage 4.5"(each) 6 ** New For 2021 ** 'Sparks Will Fly' - 15'' x 15'', single tangerine - orange flowers that look dazzling against dark bronze leaves with lime veins 1 Qt. 6"125631-586-6242

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Waxleaf Forms Baby Wing Series – 12-15", upright mounded habit, very long blooming and heat tolerant with rounded glossy leaves, available in Pink, White or Bicolor which is edged with coral 6" Flat/18 (3" cells) Lady Frances – 15", compact mounded habit, bright pink camellia-like blooms over waxy mahogany purple foliage 4.5" (each) Whopper Series – 15-24", vigorous upright mounded habit, abundant large blooms all summer, excellent heat tolerance, available red/green leaf, rose/green leaf, and red/bronze 6" Flat/18 (3" cells) Trailing forms boliviensis 'Bonfire' - 24", orange-red, fringe blooms, slender green leaves have serrated edges and slight red margin 6" HB 10" 'Dragon Wing' - 15", spreading cascade of small bright green angel wing type leaves, large dangling clusters of large bright scarlet or pink blooms, vigorous and heat tolerant 'Illumination Mix' - 4-8" x 24-30", deep olive-green leaves, ruffled pendulous blooms in "Apricot", "Orange", Salmon", "Pink", "Scarlet", and "White" 4.5" (10 or more) HB 10" 'Illumination Golden Picotee' - 4-8", olive green rounded serrated leaves, ruffled double golden apricot blooms edged in rose HB 14" 'Nonstop' Series -cascading, green foliage, double camellia-like blooms in 'Orange', 'Pink', 'Scarlet', 'White', and 'Yellow' richmondensis - 12", spreading arching habit, small bright green angel wing type leaves, abundant pink blooms r. 'Bronze' - glossy bronze leaves, white blooms r. 'White' - same as species with pure white blooms 4.5" (10 or more) BOUGAINVILLEA ** SU Large clusters of vividly colored bracts and bright green foliage cover long rambling spiny stems ** 3 New Varieties For 2021 ** 'Barbara Karst' – Bright to magenta red bracts 'Burgundy Queen' – Deep purple bracts 'Gold Rush' – Golden yellow bracts clear 'Oo-La-La' - bright magenta red 'Purple Queen' - royal purple 'Raspberry Ice' - deep raspberry pink with green and cream variegated foliage (Patio Tree) 5 Gal. (Staked) 5 Gal.126631-586-6242

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BOUVARDIA ** SU - SE ternifolia - sprawling habit, long tubular deep red blooms on large clusters at the tips of the branches, deep green foliage 1 Qt. BRACHYSCOME ** SU 'Mauve Delight' - 8", spreading mounded habit, large bright mauve daisies with thread-like rays and yellow centers 4.5" (10 or more) BREYNIA ** SU - SE disticha 'Key West' - 12-18", a more diminutive version of 'Roseo Picta', cherry red foliage aging through mottled burgundy, rose & white to deep green on reddish, brown branches d. 'Roseo-picta' - 36", upright and loosely branched with neat oval leaves mottled burgundy rose and white 1 Qt. BRILLANTAISIA ** SU subulugurica - 8', upright, fast growing, square stems, large deep green crinkled leaves, light blue claw-shaped blooms 1.5 Gal. BROWALIA ** SE - SH 'Endless' Series - 12-15" x 10-12", compact mounds of emerald green foliage covered with abundant large star shaped blooms all season 'E. Flirtation' - icy white 'E. Illumination' - vivid deep blue 4.5" (10 or more) BRUGMANSIA D1 *** SU 5-8', compact tree with arching branches, giant pendulous blooms shaped like narrow flared fragrant trumpets, all parts of Brugmansia are poisonous candida - pure white 'Charles Grimaldi' - broadly flared bright salmon insignea 'Pink Beauty' - soft coral pink 8-10" trumpets with long strongly recurved whiskers 'Jamaican Yellow' - soft yellow matures to deep apricot 'Snowbank' - beautiful green leaves with bold white and cream variegation, abundant apricot blooms fade to white ** New For 2021 ** 'Triple Peach' – frilly double peach blooms 2 Gal. CALADIUM D3 *** - ** SE - SH Standard Varieties 'Aaron' - snowy white with an irregular broad green edge 'Candidum' - white with green veins and margin127631-586-6242

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'Caroline Whorton' - shell pink with deep rose veins, heavily marbled and edged with deep green 'Fannie Munsen' - pink, fading to soft pink at the edge, deep rose midrib and veins, splashes of green at border 'Frieda Hemple' - deep red with broad irregular green edge 'Kathleen' - green edged light rose-pink with pale pink mid-vein 'Rose Glow' - bright rose with broad green margins separated by a dusting of snowy white 'White Queen' - white flushed with bright rose pink towards center, narrow green margin, veins deep rose 6" Specialty Varieties 'Dawn to Dusk' - (formerly 'Creamsicle'), 15-20", large heart shaped leaves with rippled edges are brightly marked tomato red, with a pure white leaf base and veins, broadly edged and speckled deep green 'Flatter Me' - 15", mottled light green background with a deep rose center and irregular spattered green edges, tolerates morning sun 'Lemon Blush' - 15-20", large bright chartreuse heart-shaped leaves have a bright rose center and veins ** New For 2021 ** 'Splash of Wine' – Fancy leaf with white to pink background, wavy margins, pronounced green venation 'Va Va Violet' - 15", strap leaf variety with violet tinted pink center, dark rose veins and an irregular green border 'White Wonder' - 12-14", strap leaf with pure white leaves blushed with red, small deep rose spot near the petiole and narrow undulating bright green border, tolerates full sun 4.5" (each) CALIBRACHOA ** SU 'Superbells' Series - mounding trailing and branching to 24", self-cleaning "mini-petunia" comes in 'Blue', 'Cherry Blossom', 'Cherry Red', 'Coralberry Punch', 'Dreamsicle', 'Grape Punch', 'Miss Lilac', 'Pink', 'Scarlet', and 'Yellow' 4.5" (10 or more) HB 10" CANNA ** SU 'Australia' - 4', deep purple glossy foliage, large red blooms 'Cannova Bronze Scarlet' - 30-48", dramatic deep bronze foliage, scarlet-red blooms 'Cannova Orange Shades' - 30-48", lush green foliage, orange blooms 'Intrigue' - 6', double orange blooms, narrow tapered deep mahogany leaves 'Island Madeira' - 36", bright green foliage, lovely red with subtle edging 'Island Tenerife' - 3', green foliage, bright yellow flowers 'Phaison' ('Tropicanna') - 6', boldly streaked yellow, orange and red on a purple background with glowing orange blooms 'Pink Sunburst' - 30", red striped leaves are highlighted with pink, bronze and yellow, large soft pink blooms 'Pretoria'- 6', orange blooms, bright green and gold leaves128631-586-6242

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'Toucan Coral' - 30-48", green foliage, soft salmon pink 'Tropicanna Black' - 5-6', nearly black leaves contrast beautifully with scarlet blooms held 1' above the foliage ** 4 New Cannas For 2021 ** 'Banana Punch' – 36-48", bright yellow blooms over large broad emerald green leaves 'Cannova Mango' – 42-48", large soft salmon blooms, dark green foliage 'Fire Dragon' – 48-60", brilliant red blooms with medium green leaves 'Moonshine' – 24-36", pure white with cream at the base of the petals, green leaves 1 Gal. 2 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** CASSIA ** SU didymobotria (Popcorn Senna) – 2-3', arching branches with blue-green compound leaves, spikes of golden-yellow buds enclosed in deepest olive-green bracts open to cupped golden blooms with the intoxicating scent of buttered popcorn 1 Gal. CATHARANTHUS (Vinca rosea) ** SU roseus 'Titan' Series - 15", vigorous habit, prolific earlier bloomer with giant flowers in Apricot, Blush, Ice Pink, Lilac, Rose and White 4.5" (10 or more) CELOSIA D2 ** SU ** New For 2021 ** 'Dragon's Breath' - 24-30", upright mounded habit, vibrant variegated greenish red and red leaves give rise to feathery blooms of vibrant ruby red in late summer to early fall, late blooming variety 'Smart Look Red' - 10", broad conical plumes of dark scarlet red, red stems, dark leaves, with red veins spicata 'Flamingo Purple' - 36", two-toned spikes of purple transitioning to pink s. 'Intenz Classic' - 18', upright shrubby, brilliant rosy magenta blooms on bristled spikes ** New For 2021 ** s. 'Intenz Dark Purple' – 18" x 20", showy plumes of purple flowers with violet overtones 4.5" (10 or more) CENTAUREA D1 * - ** SU 'Colchester White' - 18-24", feathery mound of 10" long bright silvery-white filigree leaves 1 Qt. CESTRUM ** - *** SU nocturnum (Night Blooming Jasmine) - 36", shrubby and well-branched with clusters of greenish white fragrant blooms 'Orange Peel' - 2-3', emerald green leaves and long panicles of small, flared, apricot-colored tubes with yellow tips and darker orange throat, long blooming 1 Gal.129631-586-6242

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CHLOROPHYTUM * SU - SE comosum 'Vittatum'- 12-24", arching blades striped green and cream, spidery little plantlets hang beneath on long stems 4.5" (10 or more) CISSUS ** SU - SE discolor (Rex Begonia Vine) - cascading or climbing, long tapered burgundy leaves marked with silver and black 4.5" (each) CLEOME D1 ** SU 'Clio Magenta' - 2-3', pale violet blooms overlaid with bright pink from spring to frost, well branched, sterile and spineless 'Pink Lady' - 2-3', a part of the 'Clio' series with bubblegum pink blooms aging to shell pink down the stem 4.5" (10 or more) 'Queen Violet' - 48" x 18", large spiky clusters of violet pink blooms with purple spidery stamens held above deep green palmate leaves on spiny stalks 'Senorita' Series - 2-4', well-branched, abundant spidery blooms right into fall on these sterile spineless hybrids 'S. Blanca' - white washed with lavender pink 'S. Rosalita' - bright lavender pink 'Sparkler' Series - 42-48" dense upright, clusters of long lasting blooms in, "Rose" and "White" 6" & 8" COLEUS ** SU - SH We select our coleus for great foliage color and form and minimal blooms. These are a few of our favorites. Mounded forms 'Alabama' – 12-24", bright pink with gold accents 'Campfire' - 24" bronzy copper and sienna scalloped leaves 'Dark Star' - 18", velvety black with ruffled lobed leaf margins 'Electric Lime' - 20-24", upright, lime-green foliage covered in bright yellow netting pattern, part sun or high shade is best 'Fishnet Stockings' - 24", lime green dark purple veins 'Henna' - 18-24", chartreuse to copper foliage, uniform coloring, leaves curl upward exposing burgundy undersides 'Inky Fingers' - 2', lobed lime green edged leaves look like little hands dipped in deep purple ink 'Kong Mosaic' - 24", leaves with scalloped edges irregularly patterned with green, cream, rose, and burgundy 'Mt. Washington' - 24-36", large, wine, cream, red, and white 'Pineapple Splash' – 18", lightly scalloped yellow-green leaves with claret red veins and accents 'Red Ruffles' - 12-18" x 10-12", wine red with lime green 'Rustic Orange' - 24", glowing orange 'Sedona' - 24", coppery leaves, mahogany red new growth 'The Flume' - 16-30", wavy sabers of magenta plum and lime130631-586-6242

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'Wasabi' - 18-30" x 16-28", chartreuse scalloped leaves ** 3 New Varieties For 2021 ** 'Kong Lime Sprite' – large light chartreuse leaves with a dark maroon central patch 'Main Street Beale Street' – 24-36", bright, deep red, non-fading leaves, sun tolerant 'Stained Glassworks Golden Gate' – 18-24", tapered deeply lobed red leaves with bright yellow-green margins Dwarf and trailing forms 'Lava Rose' - 6-10" x 24", green-edged scalloped leaves are burgundy with splash of vibrant rose and cream at the base 'Small Red' – 15" x 30", brick red diamond shaped leaves on a mounded trailing habit, very tough and vigorous 4.5" (10 or more) (Selected varieties) 1.5 Gal. (Trailing forms only) HB 10" (Patio Tree) 1 Gal. (Column) 2 Gal. COLOCASIA D2 *** SE 'Black Goblet' - 5' x 5', 2-3' upward pointing leaves are almost black on merlot to black stems esculenta 'Black Coral' - 36", ruffled arrowhead leaves are deep chocolaty black with a blue sheen e. 'Illustris' (Imperial) - 20", smaller in habit with bright green leaves marked with black e. 'Jet Black Wonder' - 3-4', 3' leaves are nearly black e. 'Maui Gold' - 4', large chartreuse golden leaves highlighted by small purple dot where petiole connects e. 'Mojito' - 4', large mint green leaves paint-spattered black e. 'Ruffles' - 3-4', broad green leaves with scalloped edges fontanesii 'Black Stem' - 4-5', deep green glossy leaves sit above attractive purple-black stems gigantea 'Thai Giant' - enormous leaves nearly 4' wide and 5' long, fragrant white spathe type blooms all season ** 3 New Colocasia For 2021 ** e. 'Diamond Head' – 3-4', blue-black leaves with smooth lustrous sheen that reflects light, leaves 2' wide e. 'Hawaiian Punch' – 2-3', long stalked foliage on glossy red stems with red margins and venation on underside 2 Gal. COMBINATION POTS *-*** SU-SH Attractive selection of colorful blooms and foliage for sun or shade 6" HB 10" CONVOLVULUS ** - * SU mauritanicus - 12" x 36", cascading habit with round hairy gray-green leaves and lavender-blue funnel shaped blooms 4.5" (10 or more)131631-586-6242

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COPROSMA * - ** SU - SE 'Evening Glow' - 18-36" x 12-18", shrubby pyramidal habit, very glossy oval green leaves are splashed with gold and have red highlights in cooler weather, can be pruned to shape 4.5" (each) CORDYLINE (Dracaena) ** SU australis 'Red Sensation'- 36", upright vase shaped habit, long, broad reddish bronze sword-shaped leaves 4.5" (each) a. 'Torbay Dazzler' - 2-3' x 2-3', arching round habit, narrow strap-like leaves, cream with green mid-stripe with hint of pink 'Festival Burgundy' - 2-3' x 2-3', arching rounded habit, narrow swords of bright burgundy and red ** 2 New Cordyline For 2021 ** a. 'Charlie Boy' – 47 x 20", variegated with Bordeaux centers and shiny pink margins, one of the hardiest a. 'Superstar' – 5 x 3', dark, purple-red, shiny foliage 1 Gal. COSMOS ** SU 'Sonata' Series 24", upright branching habit, feathery, bright green foliage and huge crepe paper daisies in 'White', 'Pink' or 'Rose' 4.5" (10 or more) Flat/ 32 CROSSANDRA ** SU - SE 'Apricot Sun' - 12-24", geometric spikes of widely flaring reflexed soft orange blooms are held above and among the shiny deep green foliage 4.5" (each) CROTON ** - *** SE - SU 2-4', bold foliage accent with large leathery leaves in hot bright colors with contrasting veins forms upright clumps, best color in some sun, stems produce milky sap 6" & 10" CUPHEA * SU hyssopifolia 'Allyson' - 12", compact broadly arching habit, tiny leaves and even tinier bright purple blooms llavea - 18", upright well-branched, bright green leaves, narrow purple tubes end in widely separated rounded red petals ** 3 New Cuphea For 2021 ** 'Fairy Dust Pink' – 10-16" x 12-18", pink and purple tubular flowers 'Floriglory Diana' – 10-12", dark green foliage, deep magenta flowers 'Funny Face' – 12-18" x 12-18", two tone pink and yellow flowers along branches 4.5" (each)132631-586-6242

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CYNARA ** SU cardunculus (Florist Candy) - 3', large bold rosettes of long, jagged, finely dissected, silvery gray-green arching leaves, brighter color and more deeply cut than the species 1 Gal. DAHLIA ** SU Standard Size 'Bishop of Canterbury' - 3-4' x 3-4', dark merlot foliage, single 2" vibrant rosy violet blooms 'Bishop of Llandaff' - 48", single red, deep purple leaves 'Bishop of Oxford' – 36", coppery orange with dark foliage 'Bishop of York' – 48", soft yellow blooms, dark foliage 'Fascination' - 36", large pink blooms 'Karma Corona' - 36", salmony pink and yellow quilled blooms 'Karma Fuchsiana' - 36" x 18", 6" pom-poms of fuchsia pink with hints of apricot at the base 'Karma Prospero' - 3-5', soft pink with gold hints in the center 'Karma Serena' - 4', white with a green tinted center 'Mystic Dreamer' - 24" x 16", deep purple-black foliage, shell pink single flowers with center line of rose-violet that deepens at petal base, wine center disk 'Mystic Illusion' - 18", a prolific bloomer, dark foliage contrasts with bright single blooms with large rounded lemon yellow petals and a dark chocolate center 'Mystic Spirit' - 2-3', nearly black foliage, single apricot blooms 'Onesta' - 2 - 4', massive 10" clear pink dinner-plate blooms 'Park Princess' - 2-3', clear pink cactus form ** 4 New Dahlias For 2021 ** 'American Sun' - 30-36", large, 6" decorative blooms in bright sunny yellow 'Bluetiful' - 36-42", broad, 6" lavender blue blooms with long slightly ruffled petals 'Karma Lagoon' - 30-36", large decorative violet pink with broad wavy petals 'Yvonne' – 48", large double salmon blooms 8" DATURA D1 ** SU All parts of Datura are poisonous innoxia 'Belle Blanche' - 2', broad, shrubby habit, huge, widely flaring pure white blooms are lemon scented metel 'Ruffles' - 36", trumpet shaped with ruffled edges in purple, pale yellow, or white 1 Gal. DELPHINIUM D1 ** SU 'Blue Mirror' - 24", compact mound of feathery, emerald green foliage produces masses of electric cobalt blue blooms, cut back for re-bloom 1 Qt. 'Magic Fountain Bee' Series - 36-48" x 18", upright spikes of star-shaped flowers in shades of blue and white with center 'bees' in contrasting colors 1 Gal.133631-586-6242

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DICHONDRA * - ** SU - SE 'Silver Falls' - prostrate habit, tiny, round pubescent silver leaves cascade straight down, as if poured over a waterfall 4.5" (10 or more) ** New For 2021 ** DIDISCUS *** SU - SE caeruleus 'Lacy Lavender' - 24-36", upright well branched habit with very little foliage, 2.5"rounded clusters of delicate lacy blooms on rigid 12" stems, makes a long lasting cut flower with a sweet scent 1 Qt. DIGIPLEXIS D1 ** SU - SE 'Berry Canary' - 24" x 20", rosette of dark green lance-like leaves give rise to tall spikes of hot pink, flattened bells with wine speckled creamy yellow throats ** New For 2021 ** 'Firecracker' – 42", tall spires of yellow orange blooms flushed with rose over compact mounds of grey green foliage, very long blooming from late spring into early fall 'Illumination Flame' - 36" x 18", spikes of apricot-throated, raspberry red flattened bells 1 Qt. DIPLADENIA ** SU 'Madina Hot Pink' - 18-24", rounded and bushy, shiny dark emerald green foliage makes an excellent backdrop for the yellow and white throated hot pink flared trumpets 4.5" (each) DURANTA * SU repens 'Gold Edge' - 2-4', toothed, vivid green leaves edged in gold, dangling, ruffled blue blooms 4.5" (each) ** New For 2021 ** DUSTY MILLER * SU 'Cirrus' – 8" x 8" exceptional alternative to 'Silverdust' 1 Qt. ENSETE *** SU ventricosum 'Maurelii' (Abyssinian Banana) - 6-10', giant upward arching oval leaves radiate around a massive trunk, glossy leathery green leaf blades have burgundy highlights with a large deep red midrib and reverse 2 Gal. 5 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** EUCALYPTUS D1 ** SU pulverulenta 'Baby Blue' – 36-42", large sprays of glaucous stems covered in distinct rounded leaves alternating side to side, fragrant and good textural bouquet 1 Qt.134631-586-6242

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EUPHORBIA D1 ** SU 'Glitz' - 18", airy mounded habit, gray-green leaves topped all season with clouds of tiny white blooms 4.5" (10 or more) EVOLVULUS ** SU - SE 'Blue Daze' - 8" x 24-30", sprawling cascading mounds, large 1" sky-blue blooms all season 4.5" (10 or more) FARFUGIUM *** - ** SU - SE japonicum 'Aureomaculata' - 12" x 24", broad mounded habit, large, shiny, emerald-green leaves spotted with bright gold, yellow daisy-like blooms in late summer 1 Gal. j. 'Gigantea' - 24", mounded, huge, glossy, round leaves 2 Gal. j. 'Shishi Botan' - 18", compact mounded habit, nice foliage accent with lightly felted grey-green leaves having heavily crisped and crinkled edges, resembles a giant bunch of parsley, yellow daisies on long stems in late summer 1 Gal. FATSIA ** - *** SE - SH japonica 'Camouflage' (Variegated Japanese Aralia) - 3-6', rounded habit, large bold colorful palmate leaves are bright lime green veined with creamy yellow, deep green multi-branched stalks of fuzzy globes with tiny, creamy white blooms in fall 2 Gal. FELICIA ** SU amelloides 'Forever Blue' – 8-12", soft blue daisies with yellow centers, thick bright green leaves a. 'Variegata' - 18", upright mounded habit, cream and green leaves, yellow centered blue daisies 4.5" (10 or more) FUCHSIA ** SE - SH Upright and mounded varieties 'Annabelle White' - 18", narrow pale pink sepals, white corolla brushed with shell pink, rosy pink stamens 'Ballerina Blue' - 5-8", dwarf upright, single deep purple corolla, bright red sepals 'Ernie' - 6-12", compact, scarlet blooms with white swirled skirts 'Firecracker' - 24-30", arching clumps, small salmon-pink tubular blooms, foliage emerges pink, turning green and white 'Gartenmeister' - 18", arching clumps, large clusters of orange tubular blooms, large bronze leaves, sun tolerant 'Lambada' – 12-15", dwarf upright, abundant single blooms, white corolla with violet sepals magellanica 'Aurea' – 24 – 36", delicate arching to semi-cascading appearance, small golden yellow leaves and stems, diminutive, single, bright red blooms with violet corollas m. 'Variegata' - similar to above, new growth emerges pink, turning cream and grey-green 'Mrs. J. D. Fredrick's' - 2.5', single pink and salmon blooms135631-586-6242

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'Mrs. Popple' - 30" x 24", vigorous and upright, long narrow cerise sepals with matching stamens and deep violet corolla 'Paloma' - 2-3', upright, medium green foliage, single flowers with pink sepals and lighter pink corolla 'Paula Jane' - 18", well-branched variety with baby pink sepals and cherry-rose ruffled corolla 4.5" (10 or more) 6" 1.5 Gal. (Patio Tree) 1.5 Gal. (Multi-Stem) 3 Gal. Trailing varieties 'Autumnale' – 15" x 24", new growth scarlet, changing to greenish gold with red tips, rosy red blooms 'Marinka' – 12 x 18", single cerise corolla, red sepals 4.5" (10 or more) 'Blue Eyes' - 12-18" x 20-30", rounded medium green foliage, red-pink sepals, and violet-blue double corolla 'Dark Eyes' – 12" x 18", frilly, double deep purple petals and bright red sepals 'Swingtime' - 18", double white corolla, rosy red sepals HB 10" GAZANIA ** SU linearis 'Kiss Flame Orange' - 10", compact habit, deep green elongated leaves, blooms of lava orange with lemon margins and gold center ringed with chocolaty brown l. 'Kiss Flame Yellow' - 10", same as above but with wide lemon margins striped with carmine l. 'Kiss Rose' - 8", huge rose blooms with a pronounced green band, very floriferous 4.5" (10 or more) GERANIUM ** SU Foliage varieties 'Arctic Star' - single white with a vivid red dot at the center, star shaped green leaves with a slightly dark band 'Black Velvet Apple Blossom' – 12" x 12-15", clusters of pale apple blossom pink held above contrasting mounds of scalloped merlot leaves edged in emerald green ** New For 2021 ** 'Black Velvet Rose' – 14 x 18", dark mahogany foliage with lime green sharply defined edges, balls of semi-double, pink flowers on stem apices 'Black Velvet Scarlet' – same as above with fiery scarlet blooms ** 2 New For 2021 ** 'Brocade Cherry Night' – 18 x 15", coppery-bronze foliage with bright green edges, balls of cherry-red flowers on stem apices 'Brocade Fire Night' – 12 x 16", chocolate foliage with green edges, balls of semi-double, scarlet flowers on stem apices 'Brocade Salmon Night' –12-15", semi-double blooms of soft salmon above shallow lobed leaves of burgundy with bright green margins 'Fireworks Scarlet' - brilliant fiery blooms, green leaves are jagged and deeply lobed with a dark ring near the edge136631-586-6242

Page 137

'Happy Thought' - bright cerise blooms, bright green leaves surround a soft yellow center 'Indian Dunes' - chartreuse leaves with deep rust center 'Mini Karmine' - 18", lacy green foliage, magenta blooms 'Persian Queen' - 18", broad mounded habit, large wavy edged bright chartreuse leaves, magenta blooms sidoides - 10", low broad densely mounded habit, soft silvery foliage, deep garnet blooms on slender wiry stems 'Vancouver Centennial' - low spreading habit, fan shaped leaves are greenish gold, bathed with brick-red at the base 4.5" (each) Scented Varieties 'Citrosum' - 2', light green finely cut leaves with strong lemon fragrance, light violet pink blooms 'French Lace' - 18-36", upright branches are covered in small lemon-scented ruffled leaves of green trimmed in cream 'Grey Lady Plymouth' - 24", cream-edged, sage green, dissected rose-scented leaves with fruit overtones, pink blooms 4.5" (each) Trailing varieties 'Global' Series - 10" x 24", green ivy-shaped disease-resistant leaves on a tighter plant, clusters of large semi double flowers 'G. Burgundy' - carmine blooms age to burgundy 'G. Lavender' - pale lavender pink with fuchsia stripes 'G. Red' - bright scarlet 'G. Rose Pink' - bright magenta pink 'G. White - white with occasional hints of pink 4.5" (10 or more) HB 10" Flowering varieties Zonal - 18", vivid red, pink, white, or salmon blooms 4.5" (each) 'Pillar' Series - tall growing varieties with single blooms, trained in a 3' column 'P. Flame' - glowing orange red 'P. Pink' - large bright pink with a tiny white eye 'P. Violet' - vivid violet-magenta blooms (Column) 2 Gal. Interspecific Hybrids 'Caliente' Series - 16" x 12", semi-trailing, ivy-zonal hybrid, very heat-tolerant, larger flowers than ivy geraniums 'C. Fire' - dark crimson red 'C. Hot Coral' - semi-double deep coral-salmon 'C. Pink' - bright clear pink 'C. White' – snowy white 'Calliope’ Series - 12" x 18-24", semi-trailing hybrid boasts the best of ivy and zonal geraniums, floriferous, heat tolerant 'C. Dark Red' - deep cherry red137631-586-6242

Page 138

'C. Lavender Rose' - vivid magenta pink 'C. Scarlet Fire' - vibrant scarlet 4.5" (each) HB 10" GIBASIS ** SU geniculata - 8-16", cascades of purplish-green foliage and petite white flowers 4.5" (10 or more) GLECHOMA ** SU - SH hederacea 'Variegata' - 4" x 36", dense vigorous prostrate habit, rounded green leaves marked with silver and white 4.5" (10 or more) GOMPHRENA ** SU globosa 'Audrey' Series - 20" x 15", upright and well-branched, big bristly globe shaped blooms on long strong stems g. 'A. Bicolor Rose' - rosy pink tipped with white g. 'A. Purple Red' - rich violet red g. 'Cosmic Flare' - 15-24", bright fuchsia ball-shaped flowers, yellow tips, bright lime green foliage g. 'Fireworks' - 36" x 18", tall stems of unusual large pink blooms looking like brilliant starbursts tipped with yellow ** New For 2021 ** g. 'Las Vegas Pink' – 24" x 20", pink flowers g. 'Las Vegas Purple' - 18" x 18-24", green foliage, whorled globes of plum purple or soft pink g. 'Pinball Purple' - 12-24", bright solid purple g. 'Strawberry Fields' - 24" x 8-10", open upright habit, narrow gray-green leaves, 1" clover-like strawberry red blooms 4.5" (10 or more) GYPSOPHILA ** SU 'Gypsy Deep Rose' - 10", deep rose-pink blooms 'Gypsy White' - 10", pure white blooms 4.5" (each) HEDERA ** SU - SH PLEASE SEE VINE SECTION FOR STAKED IVY canariensis (Algerian) - large leathery leaves, sage-green center and broad irregular creamy white margins helix - please see Perennial Section for listed varieties 4.5" (each)138631-586-6242

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HELIANTHUS * - ** SU debilis 'Pan' - 5' upright branching habit, lots of medium sized 4-6" golden yellow sunflowers with dark chocolate eyes from mid-summer until fall 'Sunfinity' - 3-4' x 2-3', 4" blooms with golden yellow petals and brown eyes, sterile plants produce no seed or pollen but will bloom continuously throughout summer producing over 100 blooms by season's end ** New For 2021 ** 'Vanilla Ice' – 5', creamy yellow blooms with chocolate centers, excellent cut flower 1.5 Gal. HELICHRYSUM ** - * SU petiolare - 12" x 36", cascading habit, gray felted leaves p. 'Lemon Licorice' - velvety chartreuse leaves 4.5" (10 or more) HELIOTROPE D1 ** SU arborescens 'Fragrant Delight' – 30" x 18", massed clusters of royal blue flowers with white overtones on tips of stems, very fragrant a. 'Scentropia Dark Blue' - 12-16", tiny delightfully scented clusters of vibrant violet blue blooms, much improved over 'Marine' with more compact habit and larger inflorescences 4.5" (10 or more) a. 'Sweet Heaven' - 6" x 18", sweet scented lilac blue blooms age to white 6" ** New For 2021 ** HEMIZYGA ** SE 'Candy Kisses' - 15-18" x 15", compact mounded habit, small rounded deep green leaves edged in creamy white contrast with dark stems, cool weather brings delicate upright spires of light pink bloom 4.5" (each) HERBS * - ** SU Basil 'Lemon' Oregano, Italian Basil 'Lesbos' Parsley, Curly Basil 'Pesto Perpetuo' Parsley 'Italian Flat Leaf' Basil 'Sweet Green' Rosemary 'Blue Spires' Basil 'Thai' Rosemary 'Gorzia' Chamomile Rosemary 'Hill Hardy' Chervil Rosemary, Trailing Chives Ruta 'Blue Beauty' Cilantro Sage 'Bergarten' Dill Sage, Pineapple Lavandula 'Hidcote' Sage, Purple Lavandula 'Provence' Sage 'Tricolor' Lemon Balm Tarragon Lemon Grass Thyme 'English' Marjoram Thyme 'Golden Edge'139631-586-6242

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Mint, Apple Thyme 'Golden Lemon' Mint, Peppermint Thyme 'Yellow' Mint, Spearmint Thyme cit. 'Aureus' 3.5" (10 or more) HIBISCUS ** SU acetosella 'Jungle Red' - 72", upright multi-stem, burgundy maple shaped leaves, deep burgundy flowers 1 Gal. Hibiscus rosa sinesis hybrids – the brilliantly colored quintessential tropical bloom with rich dark green glossy foliage r.s.'Brilliant' – 8-10', bright red flowers, very showy r.s.'Full Moon' - bright yellow double blooms (Patio Tree) 5 Gal. r. s. 'Tradewinds' Series - compact, free flowering, rich, bright fruit colors such as pineapple, mango, guava, pomegranate, all with a vividly contrasting central eye 4.5", 6" & 10" HYPOESTES ** SU 'Splash Select Pink' - 24", dense mounded habit, oval olive green leaves spattered with rose pink 'Splash Select Red' - deep rose leaves marbled with olive 'Splash Select White' - olive green leaves spotted with white 4.5" (10 or more) IMPATIENS ** SE - SH auricoma 'Jungle Gold' - 15-18", upright habit, butter yellow helmet-shaped flowers with red-streaked throats, bright glossy green foliage repens - 4 x 24", prostrate trailing habit, yellow spurred blooms and dark burgundy foliage 4.5" (each) walleriana 'Imara XDR' Series – 10-12", rounded mound, large colorful blooms throughout summer, red, white, purple, pink, salmon, orange, high resistance to downey mildew, part shade to shade 4.5" each Flat/ 18 (3" cells) HB 10" Sun tolerant varieties ** SU - SE New Guinea Impatiens - large vividly colored single blooms, neat glossy foliage 'Paradise' Series - 12-18", big flowers all summer, red, pink, orange, purple, and white over green or bronze-green foliage 4.5" (10 or more) 'Sunpatiens' - 24" x 24", compact varieties with a range of leaf and flower colors, large flowers on vigorous plants, good for containers, hanging baskets, and in the landscape 6" IPOMOEA ** SU batatus 'Blackie' - rich purple nearly black foliage, compact and less rampant than 'Marguerite'140631-586-6242

Page 141

b. 'Brght Ideas Rusty Red' – coppery red tri-lobed leaves, best color in bright sun b. 'FloraMia Cameo' – 12" x 36", rich, deep purple, heart shaped leaves b. 'FloraMia Limon' – 8-12 x 18", bright, chartreuse deeply lobed finger-like leaves b. 'Marguerite' – bright, golden heart shaped leaves, very vigorous 4.5" (10 or more) IRESINE ** SU-SE ** New For 2021 ** herbstii 'Blazin' Lime' – 15", lime green leaves with creamy yellow veins and bright rose petioles h. 'Gizzard Red' - 15-18", bushy and upright, red stems sport leaves of deep purple-red with scarlet veins and margins h. 'Gizzard yellow' - bright green leaves and yellow veins h. 'Purple Lady' - 6" x 48", vigorous scrambling foliage, glossy crinkled leaves are deep burgundy with cranberry and near-black highlights, holds color well all summer 4.5" (10 or more) JASMINUM *** - ** SU - SE sambac 'Summer Soul' – vigorous, rounded habit, large intensely scented double blooms of pure white appear through summer 2 Gal. JUSTICIA *** - ** SE - SH carnea 'Holanda' - 3-4', upright and well-branched, large glossy deep forest green leaves are topped by hefty cone-shaped clusters of upward-facing tubular bright pink blooms 4.5" (each) LANTANA D1 ** SU ** New For 2021 ** Bandolero series – bred to have large flowers and a vigorous branching habit. It is an excellent series for large containers, premium summer combos and the landscape. It has an easy, mounded habit reaching 18 to 22 inches in height and width in the garden. Bandolero has six festive colors: Pink, Cherry Sunrise, Guava, Red, White and Pineapple. Bandolero has the same mounding habit with about 20 to 30% more vigor than Bandana, making it ideal for Northern regions that need more vigor and Southern regions that want a big, bold finish in a large container. b. 'Cherry Sunrise' – large clusters of yellow, tangerine, red, and hot pink, replaces bandana™ 'Cherry' b. 'Guava' – orange, red, and yellow b. 'Pineapple' – yellow b. 'Pink' – pink b. 'Red' – red b. 'White' – creamy white 'Lavender Trailing' – 8-12" x 3-5", lavender-purple flowers cover this spreading groundcover, great container 'Spiller' 4.5" (10 or more) (Selected varieties) HB 10" (Patio Tree) 3 Gal.141631-586-6242

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LAURENTIA ** - *** SE 'Avant Garde Blue' - 12-15", long blooming, scented large blue star shaped blossoms with slender petals 'Avant Garde White' – vigorous, snow-white blossoms 4.5" (10 or more) LAURUS * - ** SU - SE nobilis - 10-30' x 5-20', pyramidal with leathery oval, dark green, highly aromatic leaves, "Bay-Leaf" is commonly used as culinary herb, small yellow-green flowers bloom in spring 1 Gal. 5 Gal. LAVANDULA D2 * - ** SE canariensis - 30-36", soft green ferny foliage, violet blue flower spikes bloom summer to fall 4.5" (each) ** New For 2021 ** stoechas 'Anouka' - 12", compact mound, spikes of deep purple flowers topped by mauve-lilac flags, gray-green foliage (Patio Tree) 2 Gal. LEDIBOURIA ** SU - SE socialis (violacea) - teardrop-shaped green to purple bulb sports strap-like leaves of silver with deep olive-green spots and maroon to violet red reverse 1 Qt. LOBELIA ** SU - SE 'Regatta Midnight Blue' - 6" x 12", trailing mounds of deep green leaves and rich, deep electric blue blooms 4.5" (10 or more) LOBULARIA ** SU - SE 'Lavender Stream' - 6" x 18", sprawling habit, clusters of fragrant light purple blooms over tiny green leaves 'Purple Stream' - deep purple blooms 'Silver Stream' - pure white blooms 'Raspberry Stream' - 6" x 18", lilac pink blooms whose color intensifies in cooler weather Flat/ 18 (3" cells) 4.5" (10 or more) LOPHOSPERMUM ** SU 'Compact Rose' - 8" x 24", twining cascading habit, bright green toothed leaves, 2" red tubular blooms are self-cleaning, blooming all season 'Compact White' - 6" x 12-24", white blooms 4.5" (10 or more)142631-586-6242

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LOTUS ** SU berthelotti - 24", trailing feathers of narrow, silver-grey leaves, scarlet-orange claw shaped flowers maculatus 'Gold Flash' – trailing, narrow grey-green feathery foliage, yellow and orange hooked beak-like blooms 4.5" (each) LYSIMACHIA ** SU congestiflora 'Golden Sunset' - 3-6" x 6-12", cascading matting habit, sport of 'Outback Sunset', has salmon, new foliage maturing to lemon yellow with lime undertones on the interior foliage c. 'Outback Sunset' - 3" x 20", trailing habit, deep green foliage is flushed with red with a wide gold border, bright golden yellow blooms in late spring c. 'Persian Chocolate' - 3" x 18", cascading falls of large, dark chocolate leaves topped with buttercup-yellow blooms nummularia 'Aurea' - 3" mat of small, round, bright yellow-green leaves - perennial 4.5" (each) ( num. ‘Aurea') Flat/ 18 (3" cells) MARIGOLD * - ** SU 'Bonanza' Series - 10-12", double crested flower heads, available in yellow, orange, brick and colorful bi-color tones 'Taishan' Series - 12-18", fully double pompons on compact, upright strong stems, available in yellow and orange Flat/ 32 MECARDONIA ** SU 'Gold Dust' - 5" x 18", broad mounded habit, tiny green leaves covered in self-cleaning bright yellow flowers 4.5"(10 or more) MELAMPODIUM ** SU 'Jackpot Gold' - 24", mound, golden yellow daisies, heat tolerant 4.5" (10 or more) MELIANTHUS ** SU major - 3-4', upright arching habit, deeply serrated pinnate blue-green leaves, 8-12" spike-like racemes of scented chocolaty crimson flowers 1 Gal. MUEHLENBECKIA * - ** SU complexa - (Wire Vine) - 24", dense, wire-like stems with tiny rounded leaves form tangled sprawling mats, very tough foliage accent, responds well to hard pruning, perennial 4.5" (10 or more)143631-586-6242

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MUSA ** - *** SU All bananas are very heavy feeders and need lots of water. acuminata 'Truly Tiny' (Mini Dwarf Cavendish Banana) - 18-24", large horizontal oval green leaves radiate around a short stem, leaves have a bright green midrib and red-splashed green blades, looks a bit like a mini 'Zebrina' 1 Gal. a.'Siam Ruby' - 6-8', paddles of garnet red leaves with occasional speckles and splashes of chartreuse, full sun intensifies the color a. 'Zebrina' - 5', upright habit, slender trunk, wide canopy of broad deep green leaves splashed with burgundy 2 Gal. basjoo - 12', will colonize by forming pups at base, huge elongated leaves up to 9' long, hardy in our area 3 Gal. NASTURTIUM * - ** SU 'Empress of India' - deep red blooms, deep green foliage 4.5" (each) 'Tip Top Alaska' - 8" mound of marbled green and cream foliage, single to double blooms in shades of red, orange, salmon, yellow and cream 'Tip Top Apricot' - bright green leaves and single blooms of apricot with maroon spot on upper throat 1 Qt. NICOTIANA ** SU - SE alata 'Fragrant Cloud' - 30", large fragrant white blooms on tall stems, foliage forms neat rosettes a. 'Lime Green' - lime sherbet trumpets 'Chocolate Smoke' - 24" dark chocolaty red flowers langsdorffii - 3', rosettes of silvery sage green leaves with tall multi-branched stems of pendulous apple green trumpets 'Perfume Deep Purple' - 20", vigorous, well branched, free flowering with large sweetly scented deep purple blooms 1 Qt. NIEREMBERGIA ** SU - SE 'Purple Robe' – 8", spreading mound habit, violet blue blooms 'White Robe' – snowy white blooms 4.5" (10 or more) OXALIS ** SU - SE triangularis - 6", loose mounds, pale pink blooms, trifoliate leaves with large triangular rosy purple leaflets t. 'Silverado' - 6", foliage has silvery triangular central splotches, white blooms vulcanicola 'Sunset Velvet' - 8" red stems sport bright green trifoliate leave with hints of coppery bronze, small yellow blooms v. 'Zinfandel' - 6", deep purple-red foliage, yellow flowers 4.5" (each)144631-586-6242

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PANSY AND VIOLA ** SU - SH Prolific blooms in assorted colors, with or without faces, available in early spring and fall (Available early spring) 4.5" (10 or more) (Available early spring & fall) Flat/ 24 PENTAS ** SU 'Lucky Star' Series - 15", compact upright, dark green leaves, domes of small star-shaped blossoms in 'Lavender', 'Pink', 'Raspberry', 'Red', and 'White' 4.5" (10 or more) PERILLA ** SU magilla 'Purple' - 30", coleus look-alike, deep plum flushed with green, magenta wedge along the midrib 4.5" (10 or more) PETUNIA ** SU Selected for rich deep colors, heavy and continuous bloom, and strong weather tolerance 'Easy Wave' Series - 6-12" x 36", more mounded than wave petunias, self-cleaning 'E.W. Blue' - violet blue flowers 'E.W. Burgundy Star' - pale stars with wine splashed margins 'E.W. Neon Rose' - deep neon magenta blooms 'E.W. Plum Vein' - lilac blooms with plum veining 'E.W. Salmon' - salmon pink 'E.W. White' - pure white with citrine throat 4.5" (10 or more) PHLOX ** SU - SE 'Intensia' Series - 10-12", low mounding, tolerates heat, humidity, and light frost, small narrow leaves, tubular blooms flare into symmetrical five-lobed flattened tips 'I. Blueberry' - purplish-blue flowers with violet purple eyes 'I. White' - clear bright white flowers 4.5" (10 or more) PHORMIUM ** SU - SE Dense upright clumps of colorful sword-shaped leaves 'Black Rage' - 4', bluish black foliage with arching tips 'Pink Stripe'- 3-5' x 2-4', dark olive-green deepening to burgundy with creamy pink margins 'Rainbow Queen' - 42", red-bronze leaves striped and edged with bright pink and cream tenax 'Atropurpureum' - 3-5', large olive-green leaves with a narrow red edge and midrib 'Yellow Wave' - 3', arching yellow leaves with green margins 2 Gal. PHYGELIUS ** SU aequalis 'Devil's Tears' - 18-24", drooping racemes of long lasting bright red blooms with yellow throat, hardy in zone 7 a.'Moonraker' - 18", pale yellow tubular blooms145631-586-6242

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a. 'Passionate' – 18" x 18", long slender bright orange blooms with a yellow throat contrast dramatically with dark purple foliage a. 'Purple Prince' - 18-24", 2" nodding violet trumpets a. 'Trewedden Pink' - 24", long, soft pink, trumpet shaped blooms have a deep rose throat and yellow lip 1 Qt. PITTOSPORUM ** SU - SE tobira 'Cream de Mint' - 2-2.5' x 2-2.5', very compact and round, glossy mint green leaves with creamy white edges 1 Gal. PLECTRANTHUS ** SE - SU argentatus 'Silver Shield' - 2-3', mounded, silver-green fuzzy oval foliage, blue buds open to pale lilac flowers ciliatus 'Lemon Twist' – 15" x 24", mounded cascading habit, round green leaves with a yellow scalloped edge coleoides 'White Surf' - 24", scalloped leaves are green with a broad irregular white edge forsteri 'Marginatus' - 30", large thick dark green velvety leaves, prominent white scalloped edge 'Mona Lavender' - 24", shrubby habit, green foliage is purple underneath, spikes of lavender flowers with purple markings 'Trailing Monster' - 1' x 3', semi-upright trailing habit, large rounded leaves are scalloped and fuzzy, foliage is light green with cream margins, sprays of lavender blooms in summer 'Velvet Elvis' - a marked improvement over 'Mona Lavender' with dramatically larger flowers and better habit 6" PLUMBAGO ** SU - SE auriculata 'Royal Cape' - loose shrubby vine-like habit, large clusters of clear, deep blue flowers appear in summer a. 'Alba' – pure white blooms 1 Qt. (Staked) 2 Gal. (Patio Tree) 5 Gal. (Staked) 5 Gal. PORTULACA * SU 'Portulaca Pazzaz' Series - 8-10" x 24-36", uniform spreading habit, green leaves, bright cup shaped flowers, available in 'Pink Glow', 'Red Flare', 'Tangerine', and 'Vivid Yellow' ** 4 New Portulacas For 2021 ** 'Colorblast Lemon Twist' – sunny yellow with white bands 'Colorblast Mango Mojito' – glowing red-orange blooms yellow and white highlights 'Cupcake Strawberry Banana' – creamy blooms with a bright band of strawberry red 'Porto Grande Raspberry Lemonade' – large bright yellow petals with a central strawberry band 4.5" (10 or more) Flat/ 18 (3" cells)146631-586-6242

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PTILOTUS * - ** SU 'Joey' - 12-15," upright multi-stem habit, conical spikes of feathery bottlebrush flowers in silver-pink with neon pink tips, thick rounded silver green foliage 4.5" (each) PUNICA * - ** SU granatum 'Angel Red' - 8-10' x 8-10', upright habit, fountain- like branches of small, oval dark green leaves, orange-red summer flowers, heavy crop of large, red fruit ripens early fall, less pulp and higher juice content than any other selection, seeds are soft enough to eat 5 Gal. (Patio tree) 5 Gal. RICINUS ** SU communis - 6 - 10', rapidly upright growing, starts with a single stalk, branching later in the season, huge glossy deeply lobed star-shaped leaves (nearly 2' wide) on long petioles radiate around upright stems, dense terminal bloom clusters are followed by ornamental seeds, full sun, ALL PARTS OF THIS PLANT ARE POISONOUS IF INGESTED 5" ROSEMARY ** SU Assorted - height and spread depends on variety, aromatic, needle-like, gray-green leaves and tiny, two-lipped, pale blue to white flowers, grow in light, slightly acidic, dry to medium, well-drained soil, tolerates light shade, but best in full sun 1 Gal. 5 Gal. RUDBECKIA ** SU N.C. hirta 'Prairie Sun' - 30-36", golden orange petals washed to yellow at the tips around green "eyes" N.C. h. 'Tiger Eye Gold' - 20" x 18", upright well-branched habit, tons of bright yellow daises with deeper gold center and raised brown button eye, strong and uniform growth 1.5 Gal. SALVIA D1 * - ** SU Compact or small-leaf varieties argentea - (Silver Sage) 12-18" x 18-26", mounded habit, rosettes of unusual intensely silver fuzzy scalloped leaves N.C. farinacea 'Evolution Deep Violet' - 24", more compact and earlier blooming than 'Victoria Blue' with violet blue blooms ** New For 2021 ** 'Mysty' – 12-18" x 12-18", dark green foliage, true blue flowers, more compact than 'Mystic Spires Blue' N.C. greggii – 18-24", compact mounds of small aromatic bright green leaves, abundant racemes of tiny brightly colored blooms all summer, attracts pollinators, deer and heat resistant N.C. g. 'Desert Blaze' – scarlet blooms over olive leaves edged in white N.C. g. 'Mirage Salmon' - light salmon pink147631-586-6242

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N.C. g. 'Mirage White' - pure white ** 3 New For 2021 ** N.C. g. 'Mirage Blue' – bluish purple N.C. g. 'Cherry Red' – deep cherry red N.C. g. 'Deep Purple' – dark royal purple 1 Qt. Large growing varieties elegans 'Golden Delicious' - 3', gold pineapple-scented foliage contrasts beautifully with red flowers guaranitica 'Black and Blue' - 36", long spikes of tiny extremely dark midnight-blue flowers held in a black calyx g. 'Purple and Bloom' – 3-4' x 3', upright well branched habit, very floriferous with tall conical spires of royal violet-purple blooms in purple-black bracts on nearly black stems rise over fragrant heart shaped rich green foliage leucantha 'Purple' & 'Purple and White' - 36", big shrubby mounds, long spikes of deep purple or purple & white l. 'Santa Barbara' - 3' x 4-5', diagonal sprays of rich violet red l. 'White Mischief' - 4' x 6' diagonal sprays of silver and white 'Love and Wishes' - 3-4' x 3', similar to 'Wendy's Wish' except taller with deeper, violet red blooms and dusky purple calyxes micro. x sagittata - 3' x 2', arrow-shaped, slightly fuzzy light green leaves, upright spikes of diagonally branched stems sport many brilliant, true deep, cobalt-blue flowers at once f. 'Mystic Spires' – 18-24" x 12-15", compact upright and well branched, free flowering with long spires of deep indigo blooms splendens 'Grandstand Red' – 12-18", a compact variety with abundant bright fire-engine red blooms late spring to early summer s. 'Saucy Red' – 24-26", tall spires of very long lasting scarlet red blooms are sterile and need no deadheading 'Wendy's Wish' - 2' x 2', upright slightly open habit, wands of bronzy rose calyces sport lipped tubular flowers of brilliant fuchsia rising above glossy leaves of forest green 6" 1.5 Gal. sclarea var. 'Turkestanica' – (biennial), aromatic, hairy, wrinkled green leaves form a basal rosette, late spring brings 3' tall showy multi branched spikes of pink blooms surrounded by showy lavender-pink bracts from late spring to summer 1 Gal. SANCHEZIA ** SU - SE speciosa - 36", upright habit, large oval leaves are vividly zebra striped in gold and dark green 1 Gal. SANVITALIA ** SU N.C. 'Tsavo Yellow Ice' - 6" x 12", mounded trailing habit, covered in small, single, cheerful, yellow daisy-like flowers on jungle green leaves all summer long 4.5" (10 or more)148631-586-6242

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SCABIOSA ** - * SU atropurpurea 'Black Knight' - 24-36”, mounded habit, rounded clusters of deep burgundy, nearly black, ruffled florets with contrasting white stamens and sweet honey fragrance on wiry stems held above rosettes of green foliage 6" SCAEVOLA ** SU aemula 'Bombay' - 6-8" x 18-24", dark green foliage with blue floral fans at branch end a. 'Diamond' - bicolor blooms of mauve and white a. 'Fashion Pink' - clear bright pink ** New For 2021 ** a. 'Glitzy' – 8-12" x 12-18", purple and yellow glitzy a. 'Top Pot White' - 9-12" x 2-3', sprawling mound of green tipped with 1" white fans with hints of lavender 4.5" (10 or more) (Bombay) HB 10" SENECIO * - ** SU candicans 'Angel Wings' - 10-12" x 10", bold, bright accent plant with an upright mounded habit, large, heart shaped, silky silver-white leaves are slightly curled with undulating edges 6" SILYBUM ** SU marianum – long, spiny leaves marbled with green gray and white, forms large prickly rosettes 6" SOLANUM ** SU jasminoides 'Album Variegatum' - vigorous twining or trailing vine with bright gold and white variegated foliage 4.5" (each) STREPTOCARPELLA ** SH 'Concord Blue' - 8", compact mounds, delicate blue-violet flowers on wiry stems, with tiny velvety leaves 4.5" (10 or more) STREPTOCARPUS * - ** SE - SH 6-10", trumpet-shaped flowers on wiry to fleshy stems, broad green leaves, let dry between waterings 'Grape Ice' - boldly veined and netted with rich purple leaving a thin white edge 'White Ice' - pure white blooms, lower petals appear fringed with lilac blue 'Yellow Pink Cap - frilly blooms have rosy pink upper petals, lower petals are creamy yellow with rose veins 4.5" (each)149631-586-6242

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STROBILANTHES ** SU - SE dyerianus - mounded habit, large quilted oval leaves, iridescent silvery lilac, maroon on the reverse 4.5" (10 or more) 8" TALINUM ** - * SE - SU paniculatum 'Limon' - 15", spreading mats of fleshy chartreuse foliage, tiny pink flowers on wiry stems, mini spherical fruits of coppery red p. 'Variegatum' - 18-24", fleshy leaves of jade green and cream below tall sprays of tiny pink blooms and diminutive round yellow spheres 4.5" (each) TIBOUCHINA ** - *** SU grandiflora - 48", huge rounded velvety leaves, 18" panicles of large deep purple flowers late summer to fall 8" urvilleana - 3-6' x 3-6', deep green ribbed fuzzy foliage, non-stop show of large single violet purple blooms all season long (Patio Tree) 5 Gal. TINANTIA * - ** SE - SH pringlei (Mexican Wandering Jew) - 6-8" x 24" loose rounded tailing habit, pointed, oval, deep green leaves have large purple speckles, lavender trifoliate blooms all season 4.5" (10 or more) TORENIA ** SU - SE 'Moon' Series - 8" x 15", compact, well branched habit, heat tolerant and vigorous available in 'Blue', 'Rose', and 'Purple' 4.5" (10 or more) Flat/ 18 (3" cells) HB 10" TRADESCANTIA ** SE fluminensis 'Gold Wing' - bright greenish gold leaves f. 'Lilac' - 10" x 24", variegated, green, white, pink f. 'Variegata' - 12" x 24", green leaves, irregular white stripes, pallida 'Purple Heart' - (Spider Lily) 6", prostrate habit, narrow tapered purple foliage, light pink flowers 'Red Wing' - trailing with reddish winged foliage zebrina - 6-12" x 12-20", deep olive, mint green stripes and purple reverse 4.5" (10 or more) spathacea 'Golden Oyster' - 12" rosettes of coppery gold leaves with lime mid-vein stripes and burgundy undersides s. 'Tricolor' - 8-12" x 12", whorls of strap-like variegated sage green cream and blush pink leaves with sangria reverse 4.5" (each)150631-586-6242

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VEGETABLES and other EDIBLES ** SU Our fruit and vegetable selections, some heirloom, were chosen for ornamental appearance as well as taste. Most are available in 5" and 1 Gal. containers VERBASCUM ** - * SU All are biennial with tall slender spires of blooms rising out of low basal rosettes, very long blooming, many will rebloom if cut back bombyciferum 'Arctic Summer' – broad felted silvery white leaves, tall 5' branched spires covered with silvery "fur" bear bright yellow blooms with yellow stamens chaixii 'Album' – 36' spires of white blooms with purple base, orange stamens, grey-green foliage c. 'Sixteen Candles' – 36" well branched stems with bright yellow blooms with violet centers, grey-green foliage 'Southern Charm' – 24-36" stems in pale shades of pink, lavender, ivory, apricot with contrasting dark center, silvery green slightly wooly foliage 1 Gal. VERBENA * SU Trailing Varieties 'Homestead Purple' - deep purple 'Kleopatra Pink' - bright pink, deeply cut leaves 'Lanai' Series - 6-8" x 18", early blooming with a compact mounded trailing habit and excellent mildew resistance 'L. Blue Denim' - deep blue shaded purple 'L. Blush White' - pure white with pale greenish throat 'L. Bright Pink' - bright bubblegum pink 'L. Bright Rose' - cherry red fades to soft magenta pink 'L. Deep Pink' - bright cerise 'L. Peach' - soft salmon 'L. Red' - flaming red 'L. White' – pure white 4.5" (10 or more) (Selected varieties) HB 10" Upright Varieties bonariensis 'Finesse' - 48" x 24", upright branching habit, violet red panicles carry an abundance of lilac purple flowers b. 'Lollipop' – 24", half the height of 'Finesse' with the same clusters of lilac purple blooms N. rigida - 12", compact, upright with purple flowers, very heat and drought tolerant 4.5" (10 or more) (Finesse) 6” VINCA * - ** SE - SH maculata - long trailing stems, green leaves, irregular cream borders major 'Variegata' - long trailing stems, round olive green leaves edged with cream rosea - please see Catharanthus roseus 4.5" (10 or more)151631-586-6242

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ZANTEDESCHIA D2 ** SU - SE albomaculata – 15-24", pure white with creamy yellow base, heavily spotted dark leaves 'Flame' - glossy arrow-shaped speckled leaves, furled pitchers of bright gold washed with red age through orange to red 'Florex Gold' – lightly speckled foliage, bright golden blooms 'Red Alert' – 18-24", bright red shades through orange, peach to yellow, white spotted foliage 6" ZINNIA ** SU marylandica 'Zahara' Series - 15" x 15", compact and bushy, drought-tolerant, with excellent mildew/leaf spot resistance, attracts butterflies and bees m. 'Z. Double Fire' - molten orange with yellow centers m. 'Z. Double Strawberry' - pompoms of deep magenta pink m. 'Z. Starlite Rose' - white brushed with bright cherry pink in the center of each petal and gold center 'Profusion' Series -15" x 20", upright bushy habit, excellent mildew resistance semi-double flowers 'P. Cherry' - cerise 'P. Orange' - bright orange 'P. Yellow' - bright lemon yellow 4.5" (10 or more) Cut Flower Collection Large vibrant blooms elegans 'Uproar Rose' – 30", large fully double deep rose ** 3 New Zinnias For 2021 ** e. 'Zesty Pink' – 18-24", large, long lasting double blooms in rosy pink e. 'Zesty Scarlet' – 18-24", bright scarlet red e. 'Zesty Yellow' – 18-24", sunny yellow 6" TENDER FERNS ADIANTUM *** SE - SH caudatum - (Walking Maidenhair) 18-24", cascading feathery soft green foliage, each leaflet looks like a little wing, new foliage tinted pink, trailing whips give rise to new plants hispidum - (Rosy Maidenhair) compact mounds, deep green leaves on wiry stems emerge with a rosy tint 4.5" (each) ASPLENIUM *** SE - SH antiquum 'Victoria' – 18". vase-shaped habit, long tapered apple green leaves are rippled like ribbon candy 6" dimorphum 'Austral Gem' - 12-20" x 12-20" arching clumping habit, rosettes of feathery, yellowish green, glossy leaves 4.5" (each)152631-586-6242

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BLECHNUM *** SE - SH brasiliense crispum (Red Leaf Tree Fern) - stiff arching rosettes of leathery fronds, new growth is coral pink 1 Gal. CYATHEA *** SE - SH cooperi (Australian Tree Fern) - 5-10', long broad lacy fronds form large arching clumps topping slender scaly trunks 2 Gal. 5 Gal. MICROSORUM *** SE - SH musifolium (Crocodile Fern) - 30", unusual with broad wavy edged leaves which are plated and puckered like crocodile skin 6" NEPHROLEPIS *** SE - SH biserrata 'Macho' - 3-4' x 4-6', large arching cascading specimen has long broad fronds with large vivid green leaflets 6" cordifolia 'Lemon Button' - (Button Sword Fern) 10" x 15", small clumps of slender, arching fronds having a single row of round, lemon scented, chartreuse leaflets along either side 4.5" (each) exaltata (Boston Fern) - 18" x 24", bright green arching fronds HB 10" ** New For 2021 ** e. 'Cotton Candy' – 5", soft fluffy chartreuse colored fronds, indoors or outdoors, likes humidity e. 'Emerald Vase' (Boston Fern) - 12-15" x 12", upright rosette of heavily ruffled crinkled sword-like fronds is lime green and held almost vertical e. 'Rita's Gold' - 18", arching clumps of bright gold fronds obliterata (Australian Sword) - 18", upright arching clumps, stiff upright narrow bright green fronds 4.5" (each) (obliterata) 3 Gal. PHLEBODIUM *** SE - SH aureum 'Blue Star' - 1-3', graceful arching habit, large fronds have long broad silvery mint to blue-green leaflets, looks almost palm-like, part to full shade 4.5" (each) PLATYCERIUM *** SE - SH veitchii 'Lemoine' (French Staghorn) - 12-18" x 12-36", arching cascading habit, papery thin central disk sprouts narrow "elk horns" of felted silvery blue-green foliage 6"153631-586-6242

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PTERIS *** SE - SH cretica 'Albolineata' - 15", elongated crested fronds are bright green with white centers ensiformis 'Evergemiensis'- 12-18" x 12-18", lacy light green leaves are heavily veined with silver 4.5" (each) ** New For 2021 ** WOODWARDIA *** SE - SH orientalis - 2-4', a graceful specimen with long, low, arching fronds of slender toothed pinnae, glossy, leathery foliage emerges reddish bronze before turning rich green, mature fronds form tiny plantlets along the leaf blades giving it a ruffled lacy appearance 4.5".(each) TENDER GRASSES & GRASS-LIKE CHONDROPETALUM * - ** SU - SE tectorum (Cape Rush) - 18", a prehistoric looking foliage accent, cylindrical, glaucous, green segmented stems form upright clumps, small coppery grass-like plumes 1 Gal. CYPERUS *** SU - SE papyrus 'King Tut' - 4-6', erect, arching clumps, thick stalks topped with huge tufts of pendulous, emerald green strings which turn tan as they mature 2 Gal. p. 'Prince Tut' - 18-30", compact clumping habit, sturdy stalks bear wispy, weeping, emerald green pompoms which age to tan 1 Gal. NASSELLA (Stipa) * - ** SU - SE tenuissima (Mexican Feather Grass) - 24", soft weeping habit, fine textured foliage, golden plumes fade to buff 1 Gal. PENNISETUM ** SU 'First Knight' - 3-5' x 2-3', narrow upright swords of deepest, darkest, purple arch at the tips purpureum 'Vertigo' - 4-6' x 2-3', massive, arching mound of long, narrow, mahogany blades overlaid with deep purple setaceum 'Fireworks' - 36", variegated slender, arching, wine pink and green blades, burgundy blooms s. 'Rubrum' - 36", dense, broad, arching clumps, cascading burgundy foliage, deep purple plumes 1 Gal. SCIRPUS ** SU cernuus (Fiber Optic) - 10", small arching clumps of very cool wiry bright green leaves tipped with tiny rounded blooms 4.5" (each)154631-586-6242

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SUCCULENTS AEONIUM * - ** SU Weird little succulent specimens having broad flattened caps of brightly colored fleshy leaves atop sturdy upright trunks arboreum 'Luteovariegatum' - 16", large disks of paddle-shaped green leaves irregularly bordered in creamy white decorum 'Tricolor' - 10'' x' 10'', forms rosettes of leaves with green and yellow variegated leaves edged with bright pink red, small pink flowers appear in summer, sun 'Schwarzkopf' – deep, rich, purple-black, 5-8" wide top, tall stems tabuliforme – 2" x 12", overlapping, flattened, succulent green leaves forms a swirling pattern in a ground hugging rosette, sometimes crested in the center 1 Qt. ** New For 2021 ** 'Sunburst' – large 6" variegated rosettes on branched stems, long, spatulate, grey-green leaves with broad margins which emerge bright yellow maturing cream, leaves edge with a fine red line 2 Gal. AGAVE * SU Agave are very slow growing, heights given are for mature size. Plants must be brought in for the winter N.C. americana 'Marginata' - 3-4' x 4-6' rosette of long, broad, succulent swords in silvery bluish green with yellow serrated and lightly spined margins 3 Gal. gypsophila 'Ivory Curls' - 2-3' x2-3', small, solitary, open rosette-forming succulent, wide gray undulating leaves with small soft spines along the broad cream-colored margins 1 Gal. potatorum - 2' x 3', attractive small to medium agave with broad gray leaves that form in an open symmetrical rosette, the many long leaves are slightly reflexed back with chestnut brown spines 1 Qt. ALBUCA *-** SU SE 'Frizzle Sizzle' - 4-8" x 6-8", tight springs and corkscrews of allium-like leaves, spikes of lime yellow-green starry bells 1 Qt. ALOE * SU Rosettes of fleshy flattened elongated leaves, usually toothed along margin with pointed tips. Spikes of tubular blooms. 'Christmas Carol' – 8-10", long flattened triangular leaves are deep rosy olive with rosy salmon edges and warts 'Delta Lights' - 18" x 24", tapered leaves start out wide at base and taper to points, leaves are dark green but heavily variegated in silvery green and white155631-586-6242

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'Guido' - 6-8''x 6-8'', clumps of stunning pale green rosettes with creamy white stippling and fringed edges, red-orange flower spikes appear in summer Pink Blush' - 10-12" x 8-12", small clumping rosette, narrow tapered, dark and light green leaves with raised pink ridges and orange flowers 'Sparkler' - broadly tapered triangular leaves, grey-green with sparkly little white marks and bristly white edges polyphylla - 1' x 2', absolutely fascinating compact succulent whose foliage is arranged in a beautiful spiral pattern with leaves that are white to pale-green spines along their edges and a dark purplish brown terminal spine at their tips rubroviolacea 'Violet' – (Arabian Aloe), 18", thick tapored glaucus blue green leaves turn violet red in full sun or cool weather, spiny leaf margins are bright red 1 Qt. ('Guido' & polyphlla) 1Gal. APTENIA * SU cordifolia 'Variegata' - 4" x 18-24", creeping habit, heart-shaped succulent leaves are variegated sage green and butter yellow, 1" magenta powder-puffs appear all summer 4.5" (each) CEROPEGIA * SE - SU linearis woodii - 3-4" trailing to 3-4' (can reach 12' if kept as houseplant), succulent tiny rose-tinted grey-green and silver variegated hearts strung along a wire necklace, blooms are tubular with black fuzzy tips 4.5".(each) CRASSULA * SU ovata 'Hobbit' - 12-18", upright, flat cupped, jade green spooned leaves, occasionally look like rosy-tipped suction cups, sporadic clusters of white starry flowers 4.5" (each) 5" CUSSONIA * SU paniculata spicata (Cabbage Tree) - 3-6', upright habit, corky trunk, large radial leaflets of silvery gray-green 2 Gal. ECHEVERIA * SU Colorful fleshy rosettes for dry sunny beds or containers agavoides 'Lipstick' - sharply pointed, apple-green leaves with vivid red-pink edges and terminal spine, red flowers have yellow tip and bloom spring through early summer 'Black Knight' - 6'' x 6'', pointy, rigid dark purple to black narrow leaves form a stiff rosette, one of the darkest Echeverias, produces dark red flowers on tall stems in summer 'Black Prince' - 3" rosettes of smoky gray succulent leaves 'Chroma' - 6'' x 6'', sturdy rosette with psychedelic hues of blue-green, purple, and peach all swirled together, tall bloom stalk of yellow bell-shaped flowers in summer 'Dusty Violet' - 4-8", flattened fleshy leaves are dusty violet with hints of pale blue and gray156631-586-6242

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'Fire and Ice' - tapered silver-white leaves outlined in red nodulosa - tall, metallic green leaves striped with burgundy 'Perle von Nurnberg' ('Morning Mist') - rounded rosettes of lavender tinted pale blue leaves pulidonis - pale bluish-green leaves are flat to slightly concave above and rounded below, red edges and distinct red tips 'Giant blue' - large ruffled spatulate leaves in icy greenish blue edged in wine red, succulent spikes topped with clusters of starry pale pink blooms in summer 'Moondust' - 6", spatulate leaves are light silvery blue with a pale waxy covering, form perfectly symmetrical concentric rings 'Zorro' – 12-16" rosettes of flattened yet undulating fleshy leaves emerge silvery blue but age rapidly to deep burgundy with pink to red edging, cooler temperatures strengthen colors (Selected varieties) ** 3 New Echeverias For 2021 ** 'Mauna Loa' – 12-18", pink tinted grey-green foliage is highly ruffled and turns warty and wine-flushed in cooler temperatures 'Purple Pearl' – 6'' x 6'', eye-catching large rosette of fleshy slightly pointed olive green to lavender leaves with pink edges, flowering spikes of coral pink in summer 'Topsy Turvy' - 8-12", thick, silvery blue-gray leaves twist and curve upward towards the center, bright orange and yellow flowers on tall arching stems, blooms late summer to fall 4.5" (each 1 Gal EUPHORBIA * SU millii 'Fireworks' - 1-2' x 1-2', spiny gray stems, variegated leaves are pale green with cream margins, flushed with rose on new growth and spines, pairs of red bracts at branch tips 1 Qt. FURCRAEA ** SE foetida 'Mediopicta' - 2.5 x 2.5, forms bold fountain-like rosettes of broad wavy spineless sword-shaped leaves which are pale creamy yellow with bright green margins 1 Gal. GRAPTOPETALUM * SU ** New For 2021 ** pentandrum - 6" x 12", semi-cascading rosettes of pointed flattened succulent leaves are greyish lime green with violet wash, branched blooms are tubular and pale yellow with red tips 4.5".(each) GRAPTOVERIA * SU 'Debbie' - 4-6" x 6-8", basal rosette, fleshy, rounded leaves are lavender-gray color, bluish blooms appear in spring, should be protected from intense sunlight, best in morning and late afternoon sun 4.5".(each)157631-586-6242

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HAWORTHIA * SE Assorted Varieties – compact, slow growing rosettes in a broad array of leaf shapes and colors, textured from smooth to pebbled 5" KALANCHOE ** SU beharensis (Felt Plant) - 2-3' x 2-3', shrubby habit, large felted silver-olive arrowhead foliage leave behind puckered scars 6" bracteata 'Silver Teaspoons' - 12-36", branching stems covered in short-stemmed silvery blue "spoons", silver branched stalks with urn-shaped salmon to carmine red blooms fedtschenkoi 'Variegata' - 12-24", fleshy stems, whorled, scalloped, grey-green leaves edged in cream with hints of lavender, sprays of dangling burnt orange urn-shaped flowers orygalis (Copper Spoons) - 2', branches of spoon shaped oval leaves fold up from middle, brown above and silver beneath 4.5''.(each) thyrsiflora 'Desert Rose' (Paddle Plant) - 12-18", fleshy stems with flattened paddles of rose-washed mint green 1 Gal. 2 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** LAMPRANTHUS * SU deltoides - 8'' x 24'', fleshy leaves light blue-green, 3 sided with tooth edges on dark stems, has deep pink, fragrant, daisy-like flowers with yellow centers in summer, drought tolerant 4.5".(each) MANGAVE **-* SU A very durable cross between Manfreda and Agave which display the colorful patterns and faster growth of Manfreda along with the greater hardiness and neat habit of Agave 'Silver Fox' – 8 x 16", light green foliage that appears nearly white, faster growth rate than Agave, great marginal teeth 'Tooth Fairy' - 12'' x 15'', forms a rigidly upright rosette with blue-green leaves densely patterned with muted small purple spots and edged with a thin line of bright red on eyelash-like jagged teeth, with a brilliant red terminal spine ** 2 New Mangaves For 2021 ** 'Mission to Mars' – 10" x 20", low arching mounds with downward facing leaf tips, thick green leaves are so heavily speckled with burgundy red the whole plant appears rich reddish purple, leaf margins curve upward edged with cinnamon spines 'Pineapple Express' – 10" x 15", upward arching spiky rosettes, long slender dark green leaves are speckled red and have glaucus coating 1 Gal.158631-586-6242

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OPUNTIA * SU ellisana - (Thornless Prickly Pear) - 12", large, thick, oval blue green pads look completely thornless but are definitely there waiting to ambush 1 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** PEDILANTHUS * SU 'Splish Splash' - 18'', clump forming, gray green splashed with cream with a pink edge leaves on thin fleshy to woody zigzagged stems, bears fleshy red bract-cups flowers in summer, sun to part shade 1 Qt. ** New For 2021 ** PORTULACA * SU molokiniensis - 12-18" x 12-24", upright low-branching habit, architectural, jade-like branches bear four rows of rounded succulent emerald green leaves up to 1.5" in in diameter, fleshy whips rise above foliage and bear small clusters of large showy yellow single rose-like flowers each of which lasts one day 4.5" (each) PERESKIA *-** SU godseffiana (Lemon Vine) - 3-4', spiny vining bushy habit, 3" leaves are salmon-yellow above and raspberry beneath 4.5" (each) SEDUM * - ** SU makinoi 'Variegatum' - 2" x 12", cascading habit, tiny flattened green leaves edged in bright white 4.5" (each) SENECEO * SU serpens - 12-18'' x 8-18'', fast grower, slender light blue-green succulent leaves grow upright, sun to part shade, drought tolerant 1 Gal. vitalis (Blue Chalk) - 18" x 18", branching succulent blue-green tubular leaves are upcurved and 3-5" long 4.5" (each) SUCCULENT COMBINATION PLATTERS All the work is done for you. Colorful foliage in various shapes and habits in beautiful combinations. Moss Hanging Baskets - 14" Succulent Pizza - low round clay dish containing an appetizing array of succulents, available in 8", 12", 16", 20"159631-586-6242

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SEASONAL COLOR VINES CISSUS ** SU discolor (Rex Begonia Vine) - twining vine, long tapered burgundy leaves marked with silver and black, having red midrib and reverse (Tripod) 2 Gal. DOLICHOS ** SU lablab (Hyacinth Bean Vine) - twining vine, long trailing racemes of purple pea-like blooms, huge twisted purple pods (Tripod) 2 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** FATSHEDERA ** SE - SH lizei 'Angyo Star' - attractive foliage accent having large leathery sweetgum-like leaves which are bright green with a broad irregular creamy border, slow growing with lax semi upright stems that require support (Trellis) 2 Gal. FICUS ** SU - SH pumila - vigorous and dense clinging vine attaches to rough surfaces, small ovate deep green leathery leaves mature into larger coarse leaves, cut back periodically to promote growth of attractive juvenile foliage (Staked) 2 Gal. HEDERA ** SU - SH ** New For 2021 ** algeriensis - climbing multi-stemmed vine, 6'' glossy dark green leaves with 3-7 lobes, part-shade to shade, salt and drought tolerant (Staked) 2 Gal. helix - 12", slow to establish, prostrate habit until it finds something to climb, then watch out HB 8" (Staked) 2 Gal. (Staked) 3 Gal. (Tripod) 5 Gal. IPOMOEA ** SU All Ipomoea are vigorous twining vines requiring strong support, blooms fold when the sun disappears (except Moonflower begins its spectacle at that time) acuminata 'Blue Dawn' - big early blooming rich true-blue alba (Moonflower) - huge sweetly fragrant pure white blooms open at dusk 'Chaiki' - abundant light blue blooms with pink throat and white edge ** New For 2021 ** 'Cypress Vine' – 10-12', bright red tubular blooms widen at the tip to form stars, bright green thread-like leaves appear soft and feathery 'Heavenly Blue' - large sky-blue blooms with a white throat160631-586-6242

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'Kniola's Black' - velvety deep purple blooms patensis - 8-12', unusual lobed and pointed thick gray-green leaves, bright pink blooms (Tripod) 2 Gal. LOPHOSPERMUM ** - *** SU 'Great Cascade White' - 6' x 18', twining habit, triangular toothed bright green leaves pure white tubular blooms 'Great Cascade Wine Red' - deep wine red (Tripod) 1 Gal. MANDEVILLA ** SU 'Sun Parasol' Series - large velvety blooms all summer, vigorous twining vine, glossy olive green pointed leaves 'Giant Crimson' - 3-5" crimson blooms 'Giant Pink' - shell pink petals, white base around rosy throat 'Giant White' - pure white blooms with a yellow throat (Trellis) 10" (Staked) 2 Gal. (Staked) 5 Gal. 'Sun Parasol Original' Series - 10-15' x 3-5', upright twining habit, the original more compact version with shiny dark green smooth leaves and lush flared trumpets 'Original Cream Pink' – flaring, pale pink petals around deep pink center 'Original Crimson' - dark red, non-fading blooms 'Original Pink' – bright, rose pink blooms 'Original White' - snowy white HB 12" 'Pretty Crimson' - heavily branched with short internodes, forms a compact vine, 3" neon red blooms 'Pretty Pink' - 3" clear pink blooms (Trellis) 1 Gal. (Staked) 2 Gal. 'Pink Parfait' - 15-20' x 4-5', vining habit, leathery, glossy dark green leaves, unusual, double, trumpet-like, vibrant pink flowers, each flower lasts several days, blooms mid spring to early fall 'Tango Twirl' - 12-18", twining habit, deep green glossy oval leaves, clusters of clear pink ruffled fully double blooms (Staked) 1 Gal. (Staked) 2 Gal. ** New For 2021 ** MASCAGNIA ** SE - SU macroptera – (Butterfly Vine) 10-12' tall, vine, dark green linear leaves that produce clusters of showy, yellow, 5-petaled 1''wide orchid shaped flowers that starts to bloom in early summer, followed by papery winged chartreuse seed pods (Staked) 2 Gal.161631-586-6242

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PASSIFLORA *** SU Large vigorous vines attach by curling tendrils alata 'Ruby Glow' - 8-12' x 2-4', vining habit, large shiny yellow-green leaves, 4-5" bloom has brick red petals with violet red undersides, corolla cream striped with mahogany at the base and purple at the tips 'Blue Eyed Susan' - 4', rich, purple, densely ruffled corona caerulea - abundant blue and white fragrant blooms citrina – small, bright, yellow, star-like blooms throughout the summer, unusual tulip shaped leaves loefgrenii 8-16', glossy, 3-lobed deep green foliage, 4" blooms with reflexed magenta petals violet blue corolla and prominent stamen and stigma face skyward from "U"-shaped stems 'Lady Margaret' - an ever-blooming selection adorned by dazzling raspberry red blooms with white centers and very long, wavy, white tipped, deep red filaments sanguinolenta - 9', 2-lobed deep green wing-like leaves, upward-facing, rosy pink blooms have narrow petals in alternate lengths, plus deeper rose abbreviated corolla and prominent yellow stamen and stigma 'White Queen' - 8-12' x 3-5', green lobed leaves with lime specks, pure white blooms with white corollas all summer (citrina and sanguinolenta) (Tripod) 1 Gal. (Tripod) 2 Gal. SENECIO ** SU confusus - twining vine, clusters of large orange fuzzy-centered daisies, bright green foliage (Tripod) 2 Gal. STEPHANOTIS ** SE – SU floribunda - 12' x 3-6', thick oval glossy deep green leaves, intensely fragrant, narrow-tubular, waxy white flowers, sun to part shade, requires some trellis-type support (Staked) 2 Gal. THUNBERGIA ** SU alata 'Raspberry Smoothie' - 6-10', twining vine, trumpet-shaped pale pink flowers with magenta throat a. 'Sunny' Series - 6 - 10', vigorous twining vine, abundant single daisy shaped blooms, all with black eyes a. 'S. Lemon Star' - glowing yellow a. 'S. Orange Wonder' - bright orange a. 'S. White' - pure white (Tripod) 1 Gal. TRACHELOSPERMUM ** SU - SE jasminoides (Star Jasmine) - 8-12', twining vine, shiny green leaves highlight clusters of incredibly fragrant creamy-white starry tubes reminiscent of orange blossoms which bloom throughout the summer (Staked) 2 Gal. (Staked) 5 Gal. (Trellis) 5 Gal.!162631-586-6242

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LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES CONTAINERS Our extensive pottery & container inventory incorporates styles to fit most any project. Styles/materials include: clay, terra cotta, glazed, cast-stone, concrete, poly resin, responsibly sourced teak, and fiberglass. Looking for a color or style not in stock? We will be happy to assist with any special orders. FERTILIZERS Organic options comprise most of our fertilizer inventory. This includes products offered by; Espoma, Neptune and PHC. This year we have added Magic Dirt Soil Conditioner & Magic Dirt Soil amendment as well as worm castings. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions to assist you with selecting the optimal product for your installation or maintenance needs. PESTICIDES (organic and naturally derived) We offer a extensive line of organic pest controls and pest and animal repellents: Safer, Neptune, Monterey & Bonide products. SOILS & MULCHES Metro Mix is our preferred soil-less mix and is available in 510 (for plantings) & 360 (for containers) in 2.8 cu. ft. bags. Fafard products (potting & planting mixes, topsoil & compost), Sweet Peet & Hamptons Estate Organic Mulch are also available. TOOLS We carry the same reputable brands that we use in our own nursery: Felco, Victorinox, ARS, Truper and Corona. Replacement springs & blades are also available. MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS One stop to pick up all the supplies needed to complete a project: arbors, plant supports, obelisks, trellises, stakes, ties, hoses, wands, watering cans, landscape fabric, burlap, tarps, saucers, pot risers and more.163631-586-6242

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