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 A Tea Party in Boston Harbor

by Tak Dambrov and Lillian Yousef


 Table of Contents


   Introduction                    Page 2

   Causes                                Page 3


      Effects                                Page 4


      Letters                                Pages 5,6                  


      Glossary                             Page 7


    The Boston Tea Party was not a real tea party,it was a group of Patriots dumping chests of tea into Boston Harbor to protest British taxes on the American colonists. The Patriots dressed up as Mohawk Indians and went aboard the ships in the Boston Harbor. The three names of the ships were Dartmouth, Eleanor and the Beaver. Three hundred forty two chests of tea were dumped into the Harbor that night. 


King George III decided to tax the colonies. Great Britain needed money to pay for the French and Indian War. Some of the  things they taxed where sugar, tea and paper products. These taxes made the colonists upset. Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty decided to organized the Boston Tea Party.



   After the Boston Tea Party King George was furious . He wanted the colonists be punished for their “violent and outrageous’’ behavior. King George put the Massachusetts colonies under military rule.  Local officials were appointed by the military governor and not elected.  He also passed the Quartering Act. British troops were living in private homes. The colonist called the new laws the Intolerable Acts. The colonists had to decide what to do next. So, on September 5, 1774 , delegates from all the colonies except Georgia met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to form the First Continental Congress. They met to respond to the Intolerable Acts.



Dear Jack,


    Last night all that precious tea got dumped by people dressed as Indians. I think they were mad about the King’s taxes. This was the most disappointing night ever. All that nice tea destroyed and dumped into the harbor. What a waste! I know that the patriots are mad about the taxes but dumping tea is an outrage. Now I won’t be able to sell tea. How am I supposed to get more tea?  I think those Patriots need to learn a lesson.



Tak Dambrov


Dear James,

As a patriot I am upset . The reason why I am upset is because there are too many taxes. There’s a Tea Tax, Sugar Tax and Stamp Tax.  I do not like the tea tax!

Did you hear that on December 16, 1773 a group of Patriots dumped 342 crates of tea into the water? I was so happy. Finally, we taught the King a lesson. Maybe now the king will stop taxing us.



                                Lillian Yousef



Congress - A formal meeting of people who make  laws in a republic.                                                                                                                                       

Delegates  -A person or group of people chosen to speak and act for another or others.


Elected -To choose by vote                                                               


Outrageous -Exceeding what is right or proper, shocking                                                                                              

Private -Not public                                                                              


Punished -To get in trouble                                     


Respond  -To say something back






Boston Tea Party, 1,2,3


King George III, 2, 3,


Quartering Act, 3


Sons of Liberty, 2


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