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A Story of Friendship

Nikhita P




A Story of Friendship

Nikhita P

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 This book is dedicated to Lily, Sajal, Bella, and all the foxes in the world. They are as awesome as Nikhita.

We tight.

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     Have you ever seen a dog and a fox playing together? Frosty trees, a white blanket of snow, the moon was a sparkling stone, and three creatures. A human, a dog, and a fox. To most, foxes are quiet, sly creatures. But to Tinni, a lovable dog, one fox in particular is his best playmate. This is the story of Tinni and Sniffer, the adorable animals!

     Tinni, a 4 year old German shepherd, lived in Ski, Norway. He loved meeting people. The adorable animal belonged to an amazing photographer, Torgeir Berge. He loved bounding through the frigid forests. Overall, he was the most faithful dog in town, and everyone loved him. Tinni was a caring dog, no matter what happened.

The Tale of Tinni



Tinni plays in the snow and has winter fun!

     There’s more to this story though. It takes us to the Norwegian forests of Ski. A little baby fox, all alone. He had been abandoned, and his mother had died. Sniffer was vulnerable. Although he fought his way through, he carried his grief with him. There was nothing to save him. That’s what Sniffer thought…

 Sniffer’s Sorrow

Sniffer poses for the camera in a playful, but awsome mood!

But then...

Something changed...

     If you search up “dog and fox” on Google, the first picture you find is Tinni and Sniffer playing together. The story of Tinni and Sniffer’s encounter is heartwarming. It starts when 4-year old Tinni took a walk with his owner, Torgeir Berge. They had ventured into the forest looking for something very hazardous. Berge was looking to extract an illegal poison from the woods. The reason being that it was killing the striking wildlife in Ski. As they went deeper into the forest, Tinni spotted a little fox, sleeping on an anthill. The fox was weak, and he had been deserted by his family.

Their Marvelous Meet 

Tinni chases Sniffer through the woods as a playful game.

     “Tinni! Where are you!” Berge called out. "Woof!" Tinni barked, and Berge followed the sound. He found Tinni playing with a baby fox. “There you are!” Berge said. "And it looks like you found a fox!

Tinni and Sniffer have a conversation in the woods!

The next day, Berge went to the same spot, and the fox was waiting for them. When the fox saw Tinni, the fox bounded all over him! “Woof! Woof!”screeched in happiness. Berge decided to call the baby fox Sniffer. Ever since, Sniffer bounded out of the bushes, to play with Tinni. Berge was a photographer, so he thought this was a great opportunity to acquire some pictures of the two.  **“ow-wow-wow!” The fox screeched in happiness. Berge decided to call the baby fox Sniffer. Ever since, Sniffer bounded out of the bushes, to play with Tinni. Berge was a photographer, so he thought this was a great opportunity to acquire some pictures of the two.


**The actual sound of a fox





“ The reunion was as always, bursting with joy and happiness when the dog and the fox met with sprightly jumps and dances in the frozen grass.”Berge even said Sniffer was like the dog of the forest. It was almost like an affectionate greeting.




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                Where are They Now?

     Berge, Tinni, and Sniffer all live in Ski, the biggest town in the Follo district of Norway. Ski is a town with numerous sports, where agriculture is essential. It has a status of being a trading hub, and has settlements dating back to 11,000 years ago.

Ski, Norway, is a town in the Follo District of Norway.

                     A Bond So Strong

     When you think of a friendship, you probably think of humans. Nobody would imagine a dog and a fox being best friends. We may not know what goes on inside their head, but we know that the two animals have a special bond. That bond can never be broken. The story of Tinni and Sniffer goes to show that friendship can bind any creature together.

Their Life Continues

     Tinni and Sniffer love to frolic with each other in the woods, and they love to pose for pictures. One extensive project Berge is working on with the animals is about buying fur, or fur clothes. Animals like foxes are stuck in claustrophobic cages, and later killed for their fur. The fur is later turned into clothing, like coats.

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This is not fair! It takes 11-18 foxes to make a coat like this one!

     Berge and the two animals believe that this should stop. They feel that killing animals for their fur is wrong. The three live in Ski, Akershus fylke, Norway. Tinni is the best dog he will be, and Sniffer is as huggable as a pillow. They lead happy lives together, and will always be best friends.

Tinni and Sniffer will always be best buddies!

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“Side ved side Tinni og Sniffer travet sakte gjennom skogen og gjorde trange spor i den hvite gress, som viser hvor nær de to vennene egentlig var.”

-- Torgeir Berge

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“Side by side Tinni and Sniffer trotted slowly through the forest and made tight tracks in the white grass, showing how close the two friends really were.”

  • German Shepherds are extremely intelligent. They make great rescue dogs because of this.

  • A German Shepherd’s bite has about 238 pounds of force, while a human’s bite has 86!

  • German Shepherds love to swim with their human buddies!

  • German Shepherds were the first service dogs!

  • Many German Shepherds are police dogs due to agility and intelligence.

German shepards

Fun Facts!

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  • To help foxes navigate, they have whiskers on their legs and face.

  • Their pupils are vertical, making it easier for them to see at night.

  • Red foxes have such great hearing, they can hear a clock ticking from 40 yards away!

  • Red foxes learn to hunt when they are born.

  • Red foxes don’t chew. They break down their food into manageable pieces.

Red Foxes

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More About Page


     Nikhita is a remarkable writer. She is 11 years old, loves foxes, and is a Percy Jackson fan. She has never read Harry Potter even though her friends constantly tell her to. In her spare time, she loves reading fictional books. Her other hobbies are dancing, playing viola and piano, ice skating, acting, and being a special snowflake. Nikhita goes to Ardsley Middle School. She is very smart, as she is in math honors. Nikhita loves skiing, and would love to teach her friends about it. Nikhita’s best friends are Lily, Bella, Abby, Lizbeth, Sajal, and Olivia.

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