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Astatine was the name of man that lived in the sewers in Times Square, New York but he was no ordinary man, Astatine is a scientific experiment gone wrong. Everything around Astatine decays quickly because of radioactivity but the metal in his arms and legs can make Astatine control his powers, he always knows he can never anything good to help people. He stays in the sewers hearing cars pass by everyday honking, people yelling, and throwing trash on the floor and in the sewers. Every day, 24/7 he gets annoyed and annoyed to the people above him and then a newspaper came down, he knew he cannot touch it and then he sees the picture of the US President with the two words arriving tomorrow. Astatine grins at the paper and picks it up and he watches the newspaper decompose in front of him. He walks away towards the deep sewer getting ready for his big day and his big attack. That night Astatine finally gets out of the sewer and sees the set of stairs on the side of the apartment building he runs quickly hoping no one sees him. He reaches the top of the building and moves to his advantage point where he can see his target. 

The next morning Astatine is awaken by the clapping, cheering, and people yelling out the name of the president. “James King! James King!” Astatine gets ready and stands up looks over the edge of the building. He inhales then exhales for a good minute. Then the moment happens, he laughs in joy jumps off the building with his arms stretched in front of him, his blades in his wrist puncture right in the back of two security guards. He jumps up from the two security guards and spins to attack the other guards six running trying to stop Astatine then he quickly emerges in front of the president. The president was trembling in fear, while Astatine looked at him and said “Look into my eyes”. Astatine pokes the president with one of his blades then Astatine runs away climbing on to obstacles getting away from the crowd yelling and running for fear. Astatine laughs and he disappears into the ally full of mist from the sewers with the guards trying to keep up with him. The guards turn and run to the president to help him but it was too late the president died from the radioactivity Astatine have gave him. “It was an assassination” one of the guards said, “But why?”

4 hours later he is in the sewers looking out in Times Square where he sees cops, swat teams, and the secret service men around the corpse of the president. Astatine looks down in his hand and has the president’s pin, he puts on his left arm as a trophy from his accomplishment.