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As of Apr7: SL Ornamental and Fl

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CONTACT US Office SoiLife Group Pty Ltd Building 7 Unit 1 87 95 Quarry Road Murwillumbah NSW 2484 P O Box 93 Murwillumbah NSW 2484 Phone 02 6672 5309 Website www soilife com au Email support soilife com au IF YOU WANT VIBRANT HEALTHY PLANTS SOILIFE PLANT BOOSTER CAN HELP Plant Booster contains a specific combination of microorganisms trace minerals and organic compounds This combination will boost your flowering plants giving you more flowers brighter foliage and healthier resilient plants Ornamental and Floral Gardens www soilife com au

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BENEFITS OF USING SOILIFE Improved flower and foliage colour Increases the life span of the ornamental plants Increased bud setting Increases moisture retention reducing watering Heightens plant immunity to pests disease Builds sustained soil fertility for improved growth budding rate and bloom life OUR PRIORITY OUR PRIORITY Helping you create your Dream Garden Are probiotic Achieving strong and healthy plants by Promote the absorption of nutrients building balanced soils products are developed specifically to provide gardeners with the best nature has to offer We know you will see results in Protects plants from temperature extremes Balances soil biology Regulates soil pH salinity mineral toxicity compaction and erosion Regenerate existing soils and Safely Naturally Organically OURPRODUCTS PRODUCTS OUR your garden for years to come How do we know because we are gardeners too and have seen the benefits for ourselves and from our customers beautiful gardens Healthy Soil Beautiful Plants antioxidants vitamins minerals and bioactive compounds from the soil to plants Have been subject to extensive research Are non pathogenic non genetically modified and not chemically synthesised

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