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Once upon a time there was a superhero whose superpower element was sodium.  He is very reactive to water and metal. His name was Salty which he was the friendlies person ever you could meet. He was the protector of the world and will do anything to save the world, even if it takes his own life. All he wants is peace for the whole world but in order to do that he needs to defeat all evil that remains in this earth.


Salty was the happies superhero in earth, and he enjoy helping out to those in need. He had save a cat stuck in a tree before, and even help out an old lady to cross the busy street. The people love him for his kindness.


One day salty feel something wasn’t right, so he decided to wonder about. In a sadden he spotted this evil creature breaking into a bank stealing all of the money. He then rush to him and ask him to stop but the evil creature didn’t obey and keep endangering the people. Salty had to do something about it, so he decided to face him. Little did salty know he was much powerful than him. He try fighting him but he didn’t seceded, but he keep trying.

Little did salty know that he was much powerful then him. Salty confronted him to catch his attention, as the creature turns salty had already thrown a bomb. Catching the creature in the face, salty comes in with a heavy blow, but the creature moves with relaxes like a mongoose and counters him with 4 to 6 different combos of punches, kicks, and knees. Hurt and tired, salty stays down and accepts his loss as the creature runs off in the sewer.

So he finally did defeated the evil creature in his final battle. Salty was willing to risk his life to keep the world peaceful and safer.

In return salty didn’t ask much, all he wanted is the people to be safe and to never be greedy with each other. To never steal and if needed something you should just ask and to respect each other with kindness. All he wanted was love and peace 

A Sodium Hero's Journey