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A Snowy Adventure 

A Jeff Tale


“Hi my name is Jeff Johnson and I like Jeff thangs like Jack in a Box.”

Today my friend Ryan and I are playing in the cold, white, snow in Antarctica.


Out of the blue, Ryan decides to chuck a big snowball at me. It hit me right in the face, bam,  leaving my face feeling like an iceberg.

The snowball bounced off of my face and it landed in my hand. PLOP. I caught the remaining snowball. Wondering why Ryan the dumb dumb threw it, he watched as it melted in his hand and in its place was a piece of paper.

“What the heck Ryan Sanderchez? You could have broken all of my bones!”, I say. Ryan just snickers. I showed him the paper. Ryan came over and we looked over the paper.

All of the sudden the paper began talking, it said:  “You are the chosen one. Please follow these steps: “You will be going through a series of tasks that will lead to a treasure, the first hint you shall receive is: Go to the place where all children play, as they swing and slide their hearts away.”

Using our Einstein sized brains they recalled all of their memories trying to figure out the riddle. Then Ryan shouted “I got it!” and began to explain that it was the local playground.

 “What do you think will be in that treasure?” I asked. 

“Probably a whole lot of gold and jewelry, just like pirates and  their treasure chests.” Ryan answered.

“Yeah maybe. Or it could just be a prank and we’re just wasting our time.” I suggested.

“Nah. I doubt that.” Ryan assured.

 Once we arrived we began searching. “All there is, is a stupid snowman!” shouted Ryan as he kicked it.

As the snowman crumbled I saw a piece of paper sticking out of the once snowman’s head. “I found it!” I shouted excitedly.

The paper began talking just like the last one, it said: “Nice job! Your next clue is: Go to the place where all kids go, to learn, sing and grow grow grow.”

Nice job! Your next clue is: go to the place where all kids go, to learn, sing, and grow grow grow!

¨Where kids go to learn? That´s got to be a school.¨ I said. Ryan agreed. We walked over to the nearest school, which was an elementary school, it’s really close by.

Out in the front we saw another snowman. “Ryan, you know what to do.” and Ryan smashed it to bits triumphantly holding the next piece of paper in the air.

We opened the paper and it started telling us the next clue. “Well done! You're next clue is: Go to where all children reside, to sleep and to eat and to live their lives.

“That has to be our house!” I exclaimed. So we made our long trip home.

At my house we searched and searched but to no avail, we checked my bedroom the kitchen and even the attic. “Of course!” said Ryan “We haven’t checked the backyard.”

We walked outside and to our amazement there was another snowman, but he was different from the rest. He was smaller and as pointing with his stick hands, up a tree and at a hole.

I grabbed my dad’s ladder and climbed up to peek inside. In the hole was a small box. I grabbed it and brought it down.

As we both curiously stared at it, I slowly opened it. Inside were freshly baked cookies and they were still warm!

All of the sudden my parents stepped outside. “Nice job!” my mom said “You followed the clues and found the treasure, I am so proud of you.”

 “Oh by the way, Santa isn’t real.”