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Aruba Nights 2023

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ACTIVITIES | DINING | SHOPPING | NIGHTLIFETop beachesDining delightsAruba for lovers15 fabulous must-do’sFOR EXTRA ONLINE INFO & COUPONSMap The island’s premier lifestyle & travel magazine 2023

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2 Before we go any further, I’m delighted to announce a beauful new addion to the Aruban community. Liam Schelling arrived as the year of the Tiger roamed to its end. According to lunar horoscopes, Liam will be an adventurous, courageous leader, loyal to his family. Just the qualies his mother and her team have sought for this publicaon. ‘Loyal’ to readers of the island’s premier lifestyle and travel magazine, My Aruba Guide ‘leads’ you to the best ‘adventures’ in our Caribbean paradise – its natural wonders, dining, aracons, accommodaon and entertainment. (Even a map is included.) You’ll nd scannable QR codes linked to interesng arcles, videos, and even direct ways to book your tours eortlessly! We’ve also upgraded our website and added a booking plaorm, so you can plan the holiday of a lifeme from anywhere in the world. We all believe you need a break aer years of isolaon, restricons and stress. Aruba oers a ‘healing’ holiday with friendly locals, great food, top-level accommodaon, a prisne natural environment and a vibrant nightlife – complete with shopping therapy as well!Could there be a beer cure for the ills of the so-called New Reality than sipping a cocktail on your beach chair, strolling on white sands by blue waters, or just dining out with that special person in the tropical moonlight?Aruban writer, Max Cruz, agrees. “For more than 30 years, I’ve watched people thrive during a visit to our One Happy Island. Sun, sea, and smiles make great therapy.”I wish you warm island greengs. Stephanie Schelling Publisher, Aruba Nights www.myarubaguide.comMy aruba -courage, adventure, and family Bon bini aWELCOME

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8 MastheadPUBLISHER Island Guide B.V. ART DIRECTOR Tommy de JongHEAD OF ARUBADouglass MarkusMANAGING DIRECTOR Stephanie Schellingstephanie@nightspublicaons.comLOCAL SALES & ACCOUNT MANAGERLise Lizausabalise@nightspublica 594-1496LOCAL SALES & ACCOUNT MANAGERTalitha Schoutentalitha@nightspublica +297 737-5499SENIOR WRITERSusan CampbellWRITERSRichard Andrews, Jessica Gallant, Sonia Osorio and Carol Wood PHOTOGRAPHYMicheal van Drunen, Kenny Theysen, Vince Camargo, Shuerstock Images LLC, Gey images, Adobe Stock.CONTRIBUTORJorda HagerElise van ZijpCOVER PHOTOPhotographer: Micheal van DrunenModel: Emily van SpaandonkLocaon: Renaissance Island LOCAL OFFICE & DISTRIBUTIONWilhelminastraat 19, Suite LOranjestad, Aruba+297 732-5499 INTERNATIONAL SALES & ART DEPARTMENT +316 2306 5104info@nightspublicaons.comwww.nightspublicaons.comPRESS WORK www.magazine-masters.nlPrinted in Belgium Copyright© 2023 Aruba Nights. All rights reserved.Reproducon in whole or in part is forbidden without wrienpermission from Aruba Nights. Aruba Nights is a part of IslandGuide B.V.Nights Publicaons cannot be held responsible for any opinionsexpressed by collaborators and adversers through words orgraphic material contained herein.For more up-to-date information, blogs, videos and to book your tours go to our website: Part of...

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12 FEATURESN I G H T S A R U B A 2 0 2 3INfo2 Welcome 30 7 Facts about ArubaNewS18 Island Report News, events, and happenings around Aruba.24 Eco-Friendly Explorations How you can help the environment of Aruba.jewelRy32 Luxurious Indulgences Aruba’s nest jewelry.AcTIvITIeS 46 Awesome Oranjestad The coolest capital in the Caribbean.52 Spa-aaah! Relax, renew, refresh. 60 Compare & Book Tours The best island tours and excursions.66 15 Fabulous Must-do's Hidden gems and o-radar experiences of Aruba.74 Where to play The best tours, aracons and acvies.76 An Enchanting Eco-Attraction The Aruba Buery Farm.SHoppING78 Shopping info Shopping hours, bouques, souvenirs and pharmacies.81 Coupons Find the best discounts for your holiday! INfo88 Maps BeAcHeS98 Top beaches on Aruba A list of 9 favorite beaches. GoURmeT 64 20 years Dutch Pancakehouse A Dutch specialty in Aruba.106 Aruba Dining: Expect the Unexpected Aruba’s diverse and excing culinary landscape.246698

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14 110 Tasty Tales The story of the Caribbean spiny lobster.114 What’sforLunch? The best lunch spots on the island.118 Freshly Caught Fishes Aruba's most famous catch of the day.120 Dining Delights Local speciales of Aruba.124 Eat and Party like Locals! Aruba's fesval culture and eang habits.128 Seeking Unique Sweets Discover some authenc Aruban desserts.132 Papillon Restaurant Tradional French cuisine with daring Caribbean air.134 Aruba for Lovers Some romanc pasmes ideally designed for two.140 Meet the Masters Some of Aruba’s most sparkling hospitality stars.146 Aruba Eats Cozy restaurants and rst-class cafés.NIGHTBeAT152 Cocktail Culture Revolution The best cocktails on the island.156 Casanovas, Kings and Casinos A brief history of Casinos.160 Where’stheParty? Aruba’s excing party scene is scaered all over the island.INfo164 Island InfolISTINGS166 Where to Party Party lisng including details.167 Where to Gamble Casino lisng including details.168 Where to Stay Accommodaon lisng including details.170 Where to Play Actvity lisng including details. 172 Where to Eat Restaurant lisng including details.134160152

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18 NEWSCelebrate with a pancake The Dutch Pancakehouse its celebrang their 20th anniversary this year. During the year they will organize dierent events and promoons to celebrate this special occasion with you. They serve over 75 dierent kinds of pancakes and poertjes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you are in the mood for sweet or savory, they have a pancake for your taste. They are open daily from 8am ll 9pm and serve pancakes and poertjes all day. The Clover The Clover is a healthy mini market, where you can nd a variety of organic, healthy, and naturally processed and grown Colombian products. These are consciously made products, under zero waste and opmal environmental condions, which allows us to provide our customers with unforgeable experiences aer purchasing these products. Hence, making customers fall in love with them, but most importantly having them enjoy them. Lastly, we work with specialized baristas and tea masters to oer our customers high-quality coee and tea beverages. You can visit us at La Quinta Beach Resort or our new locaon at the Radisson Blu hotel, we will always be ready to welcome you! Expansion Pandora Stores In April 2022 The Boolchand Group hosted a Grand Opening of their most recent expansion. The new Pandora Store at, The Shops at Ling & Sons. It was a well-aended event, where the Prime Minister, supporng clients, and friends were present to witness the cung of the ribbon along with the Director of The Boolchand Group. Pandora is especially known for their charm collecon, aordable pricing and high-quality materials. Bring a lile of Aruba home with you and visit their new store today. Island ReportNews, events, and happenings around Aruba...

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19NEWSFuel up at Santos Coffee With Soul Looking for a place to sit back and relax while geng your x of coee for the day? This popular modern industrial coee shop on Aruba has recently opened a second locaon in Oranjestad. Open daily from 7:00 am unl 9:00 pm, it is the go-to place to sip on a milkshake, and have a perfectly brewed coee along with enjoyable pastries. Vegan and gluten-free opons are also available on the menu as well as a chocolate fondue. Yummy! Limited edition Turtle Jewelry, exclusive at Kay’sFineJewelryTurtles represent Peace, Wisdom and Tranquility. In celebraon of that Posive Energy on Our Happy Island, the Family at Kay’s Fine Jewelry has craed a unique limited edion collecon of Turtle Pendants and Jewelry. Each piece is craed in silver with unique opal and larimar colors. Take the Aruba Eect with you to your home!  Caribbean Mercantile Bank CMB is celebrang its 60th anniversary! To express its gratefulness, the bank surprised the employees of its dierent branches with musical performances and threw a street food fesval lled with acvies, local food stalls, live music, and DJs which gathered over 600 people. Beyond celebrang its achievement, CMB also donated a generous contribuon to the Fundacion Contra Violencia Relacional with the help of the local community.

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24 NEWSEco-friendly Explorations by Susan CampbellGet a clearer view of paradise with Bon Vida Experiences

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25NEWSLeaving lighter footprints and nding planet-friendly pasmes is a breeze on this island if you know what the opons are. Allow us to provide you with a few suggesons …This lovely lile rock is always eager to welcome visitors from all over the world, but environmental awareness must always be a consideraon. The eco-system is very fragile. Aruba has taken great strides in protecng its environment, but there’s always more to do, and as a valued visitor, there is much you can do to help as well.On landThe less vehicular trac on this ny 70-mile square grid, the beer. Though we recommend you rent a car for at least one day to explore the diverse regions, we also recommend that you take a group tour at the beginning of your holiday. That way you can become acquainted with the highlights and preview where you might like to return.There are excellent guided nature walks, bird- watching tours, and horseback riding treks to be had, and you’ll also nd mountain bike tours and lots of guided hiking opportunies. If you’d like to add history and culture to your exploraons, Aruba Walking Tours oers an enlightening guided tour of downtown Oranjestad. Or hop aboard the free eco-friendly trolleys to discover the colorful downtown grid. You can also take the public bus to dierent beaches and aracons. Arubus is the island’s public transportaon company, and they regularly run all throughout the tourism areas.Biking is another ideal transportaon opon. Aruba is very at, and there are two paved linear park paths running seaside- one from the airport to downtown- and the other beginning at Hadicurari Beach and leading to Arashi Beach. There are electric bike rentals available, and bike-share staons doed around the island. Aruba’s at terrain is also ideal for the newer trendy modes of geng around like electric sit-down or stand-up scooters.Whatever mode of transportaon you decide to use, please don't drive on the dunes or beaches as they can be home to Aruba’s wildlife like the nave endangered Shoco burrowing owl. And please don't remove shells from the beaches as souvenirs as they are oen home to hermit crabs. Also, stacking rocks to make wish gardens and sculptures disturbs the natural balance and promotes erosion which is also detrimental to the environment. At seaMost party/snorkel boats are sail powered with lile engine back-up making them an eco-friendly way to explore the seas. But when immersed in the underwater world, please don’t chase marine life down for photos or take anything out of the water. Removing starsh, even for a few minutes, can be fatal for them. Excellent wind-powered pasmes include windsurng, kiteboarding, and small sail cra rentals. There are also plenty of SUP operators, and sea kayaking is another popular eco-pasme. At your accommodationsMany of Aruba’s resorts have taken great strides to oer increasingly eco-friendlyoperaons. You can help by following their in-room eco-pracces to conserve water and energy. You can also pitch in by using rellable water boles.Some hotels go out of their way to protect nesng sea turtles like Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort. They also host regular beach-clean-ups where everyone is always welcome to parcipate.To nd more ways you can help, visit Aruba Tourism Authority’s “Aruba Promise” campaign: •Kp it Clean!

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28 ADVERTTOUCH OF GOLD

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30 1. When the weather is clear, the coastline of Venezuela can be seen from Aruba. In fact, the distance is only 30 kilometers 2. The population of Aruba’s capital, Oranjestad, is about 35,000, approximately one-third of the island’s total. The architecture reects the inuence of Dutch colonization while the buildings' bright colors are distinctly Caribbean.3. The ocial slogan of the island is "One Happy Island." When you get there, you noce that the people denitely live by it too.4. The lowest temperature ever measured on Aruba is 19 degrees Celsius (66.2 Fahrenheit). 5. Aruba has the most sunny days compared to the other Caribbean islands. 6. The rst known inhabitants of the island of Aruba were the Caiqueo Indians of the Arawak tribe from Venezuela. This tribe lived in small family groups in the coastal areas we know today as Malmok and Palm Beach.7. On Aruba you just drink water from the tap. The water tastes great. It is gentle on your skin and hair when you shower.7 facts aboutARUBAWELCOMEScan for video

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32 The luxury brands in demand We don’t mean to name-drop, well actually we do because when it comes to top-quality you can’t beat names like Breitling, David Yurman, Carer, Chopard, BVLGARI, Fope, Gucci, Louis Vuion, Raymond Weil, and so many more. The luxury brands most in demand can all be found in well-established, high-end shops that have been in business for decades and are oen family-run for generaons. And all the upscale bouques throughout Oranjestad and the palm beach area are staed with mullingual and well-informed professionals. Fashion and fragrances, jewelry, electronics... they are all within easy walking distance of each other in Oranjestad. But chart out a plan beforehand so as not to run out of energy or funds before you get to all the best spots! The downtown landscape is awash with fabulous nds, so take your me to sleuth out the kind of treasures that will make you the envy of your friends back home, especially when they nd out about Aruba’s low-duty and tax-free benets on many luxury goods. Aruba has a wealth of reputable, well-established, and oen family-run retail outlets that oer rst-rate customer care and service. So, shop around to nd your unique treasures.Baubles, trinkets, and high-end bling Fashionable lines of nely craed and meless body adornments abound downtown, but all that gliers are not gold, it can also be shining silver, dazzling diamonds, and precious semi-precious gemstones as well. The high-end jewelry selecon here is eclecc and excing, and if you need help discerning the dierences in quality, there are local experts in every store who are delighted to enlighten you. Chains, earrings, brooches, bracelets, pendants, and even toe rings, and ankle bling come in an eye-catching array of styles that will seduce you at every turn. Diamonds of every color and cut including loose stones can give glier and glamour to countless sengs and turn trinkets into wearable objects of art. ”JEWELRYLuxurious Indulgencesby Susan CampbellThe ner things in life abound on Aruba, so why not spoil yourself silly while on holiday here? Great deals are to be had on high-end luxuries, so you’ll be able to adorn yourself like royalty without paying a king’s ransom.Scan to explore

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33JEWELRYDavid Yurman Stax RingGandelmanWith a family business heritage that began91 years ago, Gandelman is one of the oldestlocal jewelers in the Caribbean and is renowned among locals and visitors alike. As the Ocial Rolex Retailer on the island and the exclusive agent for brands such as David Yurman, Carer and Bvlgari, Gandelman is proud to represent many of the top names in luxury in the world.+297-529 Located at the Renaissance Mall in downtown OranjestadDavid Yurman Renaissance NecklaceDavid Yurman Cable Edge BraceletBvlgari B.zero1 earringsBvlgari B.zero1 Rock RingRolex Datejust 3633

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34 JEWELRYEvery Kay's Fine Jewelry Design has a Story: A Story about who, when, and why? We look forward to being part of your Jewelry Legacy!COLOR OF THE YEAR: BLUEThese perfectly colored Ocean Blue Diamonds are set in an intricate paern to enhance & maximize light reecon with natural colorless diamonds.TURTLE PENDANTSHAND-CRAFTED IN STERLING SILVEREach Piece unique and detailed. Turtles represent courage, strength, and determinaon!Kay’s Fine JewelryLocated at Weststraat 8, Downtown OranjestadAruba, +297-588-9979TRENDS FOR 2023!GEMSTONE OF THE YEARNATURAL ALEXANDRITEExplore one of the rarest natural gemstones ever to be found on the world. From the Family Safe of Kay’s Fine Jewelry! Extremely Rare & Exquisite, these natural alexandrite gemstones, show reddish purple in uorescent light and natural change to reect bluish green in uorescent light.

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35JEWELRYTouch of GoldWith more than 20 years of business on the island, we pride ourselves in our great quality, great service, great choices and making and maintaining great friendships. Our many repeat customers, as well as new ones, are treated as if they are family. As with our own family we bestow on everyone paence and respect.The many collecons we carry include but are not limited to our ever-popular and exclusive authenc Shipwreck Coins + Fope. We also have Mark Henry, Marahlago, Kabana, Simon-G, Natalie K, Bering & more! We have something for everyone, whether it is the price or the choice you are concerned with.We can also customize it if needed. We are conveniently located downtown with free parking nearby. Stop in and visit , Vinny, Ryan, Danny, Poonam (Pam) and Selene.Try us if you haven’t already. You will like us and be part of our Aruba family. +297-588 Located In Front of the bus terminal, Oroubo Plaza, L.G. Smith Blvd Weststraat 13, Oranjestad, ArubaVictorinox Special Aruba Edion with Aruba Divi Tree ImprintPiece of Eight Benchmark Tantalum Men's Ring Special Oer His & Hers $349 Aruba Marahlago Larimar Turtle Necklace

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36 JEWELRYKevinWith two locaons on Aruba, Kevin Jewelers has been a family-owned business for four generaons and oers the kind of personalized service one would expect from experts with over 70 years of experience in the industry. Choose from a wide range of quality pieces with maximum value guarantees and cered appraisals backed up with US customer service centers.Located at Divi Phoenix Resort (Lobby)Palm Beach, +297-582-7373Holiday Inn Resort (Main Lobby)Palm Beach, +297-280-3737DiamondsOrchidTanzanite ColleconDiamonds Forever

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37JEWELRY+297 586-0599Located at Paseo Herencia MallOwners Ravi and Anita Lalwani were the rst jewelers to capitalize on the new niche of night-me shopping in the malls in the high-rise hotel area. They thank all their loyal customers and friends who have made them their jewelers and given them their love and trust. Ravi’s overwhelming passion for diamonds makes shopping at Krise’s a unique experience. He says: “It’s amazing how diamonds have always been so closely associated with relaonships and romance. And just as technology keeps improving, revoluonary methods of cung have paved the way of harnessing far greater brilliance from a diamond than ever imagined possible.” Krise’s Jewels invites you to come to see this marvel of brilliance that is the Fire and Ice diamond. Everyone at Krise’s is passionate about what they do, and it’s truly their pleasure to make your jewelry wishes come true. Krise’s goes the extra mile for you by providing hotel drop-o, mail-order service, and guaranteed aer-sales service. Their integrity, loyalty, and easy smiles will bring you back again and again.Bering watchFlip FlopDiamond stud earrings

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38 JEWELRYInspired by what you love. Celebrate the mes you’ll never forget with our engraved Aruba charm. Style charms as special moments on bracelets and charm holders. Each design is made to tell your unique story, so create your very own wearable version of paradise in a Pandora way, every day. And don’t overlook our bestselling Pandora Timeless collecon is modern yet classic. Versale and easy to style, it can be worn in sets or mixed and matched for a unique look.We oer a wide selecon of hand-nished charms, rings, earrings, necklaces & bracelets craed from precious metals.PandoraPandora Leguan CharmPandora Timeless RingsPandora Summer Stories RingsPandora Summer Stories BraceletPandora Blue CharmLocated at PASEO HERENCIAJ.E. IRAUSQUIN BLVD. 382ªAruba, +297-586-5625ORANJESTADTHE SHOPS AT LING & SONSSCHOTLANDSTRAAT 41Aruba, +297-280-2087BOOLCHAND’SHAVENSTRAAT 25Aruba, +297-583-0147

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39JEWELRYRoyal Jewels & DiamondsA family-owned bouque by Raj since the year 2000. The selecon in bridal diamond jewelry is magnanimous along with a large selecon of Gia- cered loose diamonds. Raj’s forte when buying jewelry is making sure that his customers will get the best quality at the right price.Brands like Zeghani, Epoque, Stella Milano, Miracle Diamonds, Oceania Island Jewelry, Cizen and G-shock add on to their extensive selecon of classy and contemporary Jewelry. Each customer is treated with a smile, intergrity, and respect to make sure that their purchase is a Royalty experience thus becoming an unforgeable vacaon memory. 14K Yellow Gold Flex Diamond Ring ‘’Design by Krish''14KT White & Gold Royal Divi Tree with Diamonds18kt Gold Stella Stretchable Italian Bracelets with Diamonds18KT White Gold Diamond Inside Out Hoop Earrings14K Flex Diamond Bangles ‘’Design for Royal''+297-280 4990  Located shops at Brickell Bayhigh-rise hotel areaacross from the Barceleó and Hya Hotel Noord

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40 JEWELRYDiamonds Then make Diamonds Internaonal your only stop while on holiday in Aruba. Celebrated as the Caribbean’s most recommended jeweler, Diamonds Internaonal has dominated the region for over a quarter century by oering exquisite Swiss mepieces, luxury-grade tanzanite jewelry and much more. Their wide inventory of loose diamonds and couture brands keep shoppers coming back oen.Exclusive brands like the Crown of Light 90- facet premium diamond enjoyed by sophiscated collectors are available only at Diamonds Internaonal. Introducing the exquisite Sa Kilima tanzanite jewelry collecon and ne mepieces. Watch brands include Hublot, Breitling, Zenith, Bremont, Hamilton, Movado, Bulova and Philip Stein. In jewelry you will also nd Forevermark diamonds and John Hardy. With over 130 retail locaons, Diamonds Internaonal has enormous buying power that translates into tremendous values on every item they oer. Ask their experts for a VIP preview of their extraordinary diamondsand experience luxury shopping at its best.Jewelry by Sa Killima, John Hardy and Crown of Light.Watches by Hublot and Breitling.Located at L.G. Smith Blvd # 17, OranjestadTel +297 Divi Aruba All InclusiveJ.E. Irausquin Blvd 45, Aruba Tel +297

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42 JEWELRYThis is a story about Nick Varde. The fact that he owns Eternity Fine Jewels is secondary to what he really does in this world and on Aruba. Nick has a true gi. A gi that allows him to make an upliing contact with almost everybody he meets. By using his store as his business card Nick manages to have rewarding communicaon and connecvity with almost everyone who enters through his doorway. Who has ever heard of such a combinaon? It’s a lile bit hard to explain and maybe I should draw on my own experience here, but every me I either visit with Nick or see him having conversaons with people entering his store he just seems to put the business aside, lights up the room with his energy, exhuberance and his genuine desire to share himself and his listening ear with all. It’s almost as if he were a magnet that aracts. And Nick is genuine in what and how he speaks, which is probably what is felt on mine and everyone’s personal radar. I think it’s only fair to say the only thing Nick has to sell is Nick himself and he is a veritable encyclopedia of informaon relang to Aruba as well as the blinging, jewelry industry.Eternity’s policy is never to oversell itself but to listen well, that’s the culture that Nick has invested in his sta. If ever a purchase needs to be repaired, Eternity has a USA sales repair number 516-515-9967 that will take care of the problem immediately.In not trying to sound clichéd… If while on vacaon you not only want to look good but feel good as well, then go check out Nick and see for yourself, just another great experience here in Aruba. •By Max Cruz

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44 

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46 There’s always something enchanted happening around Oranjestad. Visit day or night to discover why this lile city is well on track to becoming the coolest capital in the Caribbean. The completely rejuvenated downtown core is a thing of beauty. It’s a gorgeous marriage of old and new replete with palm-lined pedestrian walkways, addional shops, and plazas, refreshed colonial buildings, and a renewed sense of local pride. Hop aboard the free eco-trolleys to get acquainted with all the charming aracons behind the marina area, they loop through the backstreets and begin at the cruise terminal, but you can hop on and o as you please. Shopping is a given downtown; the retail oering is an eclecc mix of locally owned lile mainstays mixed in with large modern new designer emporiums and retail giants. And there are few beer places to purchase quality jewelry at great prices than at the bevy of brand-name shops and reputable family-run businesses of Oranjestad.For a comprehensive exploraon of downtown on foot, take a guided excursion with Aruba Walking Tours that includes a stop at the Naonal Archeological Museum, and they also oer a Fusions of the World foodie tour at night. Explore the back streets further to nd legendary establishments like  which have been serving fresh sh to both locals and visitors alike for over 35 years. (They also run Driwood Deep Sea shing charters and will cook your catch for you at their restaurant, too.) And seek out new spots like Taste My Aruba in an area further down that’s fast becoming the new restaurant row in a gorgeously restored 100-year-old-house on Wilhelminastraat.Awesome by Susan CampbellACTIVITIESScan for video

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47All around the magical marinaThe wharf-side market is oen the rst stop for new visitors seeking souvenirs, but few items there are locally made. But now there is the brand-new ArubaMade right across from the cruise terminal. Look for the epic mural of Aruba’s nave birds out front, and as the name suggests, all products there are made in Aruba. You’ll nd modern, colorful kiosks with homemade ice cream (including vegan avors), homemade chocolates, organically made health and beauty products, locally ground coee, poertjes, stroopwafels, and a Johnnycake hut, too. And their on-site alfresco restaurant/bar specializes in authenc local eats like “stobas” (stews). Local arsts and craers also have stalls there for island-made items that make great souvenirs. It’s a very welcome addion to downtown.Walking across the marina bridge, keep your eyes peeled for the brand-new luxury yacht the Diosa as that is where Caribbean Sunset Ventures will be launching their super deluxe sunset dinner tours from this year. On the other side, it's hard not to miss the bright red roof and comical cow mof of the legendary Eetcafe the Paddock. This fun and friendly Dutch-style waterfront bar and restaurant is a great spot to sit on the harbour and watch the cruise ships come and go.Aer dark, the marina becomes even more magical. Sparkling lights shine and twinkle on the water and the live music beckons you to come and join the party in Renaissance Marketplace. This alfresco mall is a lovely lunch spot with many choices of fare, but aer dark it’s the ideal place to dance, dine, and drink under the tropical stars. Listen for the sultry live Lan music waing from Cuba’s Cookin’ to join the salsa party and chow down on authenc feasts in Old Havana style.

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48 Or head to The Dutch Pancake House sit outside and watch the live bands in the open public amphitheater. Dancing encouraged! And did you know that along with their comprehensive collecon of sweet pancakes and delicious lile dollar-sized pancakes (‘poertjes’) they serve savory pancakes and schnitzels for dinner, too? Best of all worlds. And Friday nights a local arts and cras market takes over a large swath of the public space there, too.Later, take a ki cocktail break the new Po-Ké Ono, and enjoy creave takes on poke bowls, sushi, and baos as a late-night snack. You can also pop into one of downtown’s glitzy air-condioned Wind Creek Casinos (Seaport or Crystal) to seduce Lady Luck, they are open unl the wee hours.Or sleuth out the acon behind the Renaissance Mall across the street aer dark to discover that the enre Plaza Daniel Leo area has become an alfresco neon electric nightlife aracon. Follow your ears to the pulsang beats coming from   for trendy food and drinks housed in a beaufully restored century-old mansion, they also boast the island’s largest outdoor dance venue.Cultural attractions galoreOranjestad has also become a hotbed of special events and impromptu street life such as sidewalk sales, colorful parades, and food, drink, and art fesvals. For local music, tradional dancing, and local snacks, head for the    (Bon Bini means welcome) held every Tuesday night in the historic courtyard of old Fort Zoutman. Drop into the new  locaon across the courtyard there for your pre-or-post-party barista caeine x and delicious nutrious fare. •Downtown always delights…day and night.ACTIVITIESWind Creek Casino

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50 

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52 Spa-aaah! by Sonia OsorioACTIVITIES

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53The physical and spiritual appeal of water, the raonale behind most spas, has aracted people seeking health and well-being for centuries. The word “spa” comes from the name of a Belgian town that drew visitors to its healing waters during the 16th century. Aruba’s people, too, have been inspired by their surrounding waters and have developed their own ways to help those in need of rejuvenaon. Caribbean coee scrub, anyone?The spa experience can vary from a simple soak in warm, bubbly water to an elaborate massage, exfoliaon, and body-wrap treatment. On Aruba, the spas reect the island’s inherent peace and tranquility, as well as represenng the Arubans’ diverse genealogical roots. Here, you can nd tradional/classic methods from Europe or Asia, Hindu-inuenced Balinese methods, and techniques nave to the island.Basic spa treatments include facials, manicures, pedicures, and full-body massages. This last kind is available in a range of dierent types: sports, deep ssue, Swedish, and Thai, the laer incorporang deep stretching and acupressure. Most popular are massages that include essenal oils for an aromatherapeuc approach to relaxaon. Aromatherapy involves the synergisc combinaon of oils to produce a blend that returns balance to body and mind. The oils, absorbed by the skin and/or inhaled, are derived from herbs or plant components such as roots and owers. They have a variety of properes, some of which reduce stress and rejuvenate ssues by increasing circulaon and eliminang congeson. On Aruba, the spas reect the island’s inherent peace and tranquility, as well as represent the Arubans’diverse genealogical roots.”

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54 Some massages include full-body wraps before treatment. A paste from various ingredients is applied to the skin, and then a blanket is commonly used to provide warmth, thereby smulang absorpon, promong detoxicaon, and relaxing tense muscles. There are a variety of wraps to choose from: algae, aloe, cucumber, honey, fruit, or spice, each with specic properes. Aer this, you may choose an exfoliang scrub incorporang ingredients such as freshly grated coconut, which provides relief to sensive or sunburned skin, or apricot and strawberry, which leave skin silky smooth and glowing. Fresh carrot, used as a condioner, or aloe, which is very popular on the island for its healing properes, can then be applied. You can also nd more exoc exfoliants, such as the Balinese Boreh scrub. This contains indigenous herbs and spices such as nutmeg, pepper, cloves, and ginger, which are excellent for relieving muscle aches and improving blood circulaon. Relaxing music, delicious aromas, soothing waterfalls, and healing stones are oen combined to help melt tension into oblivion and contribute to overall wellness.In keeping with the tradional spa approach, the Caribbean’s warm seas have also inspired several hydrotherapy treatments where water plays a key role. These include thalassic (algae) baths to detoxify the skin and body, and mineral-rich, sea-salt pools to relax in. Incorporang aromatherapy oils and sea minerals, there is also a treatment known as a tropical rain shower, which involves the use of water pressure on central energy points in your body. Or you can simply relax in a oral body bath amid oang blooms… and discover inner peace. •Relax, Renew, Refresh ACTIVITIES

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56 CLINICAL MASSAGE ARUBA & SPA There’s no beer place to take a break for body and mind than Clinical Massage Aruba & Spa. Improve your image, relieve pain, and make stress disappear with the Number 1 massage therapists on the island. Find us at:Casa del Mar Resort  Playa Linda Beach Resort +297 280 8880 VIVANT SPA The most comfortable place for Barefoot and Thai Massage Technique, Stone Massage, Chocolate Wraps, Himalayan Salt Scrubs, Neuromuscular Vivant Technique, Couples packages and the magnicent Pro Collagen Facial inspired by the beauty of Aruba's natural environs, VIVANT SPA presents a natural relaxaon and treatment assortment for health develop in a Beach Cabana or indoor rooms.Holiday Inn Resort Aruba +297 586 3600 Ext 285Vivantspaconcierge@gmail.comBrickell Bay Beach Club & Spa+297 586 0900EFOREA SPARelax and rejuvenate at Hilton Aruba’s oceanfront eforea Spa, featuring nave aloe experiences, outdoor cabanas and signature treatments. Unwind in the Japanese-inspired bamboo relaxaon area and enjoy the essence of tranquility as our experienced team soothes your mind, body and soul. +297 526 to relaxAruba’s spas are your foray into blissful rest, luxurious pampering, and relaxaon.

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60 Compare & book toursScan for details, availability, and book directly! your camera on your mobile phone or tablet. Scan the QR code, and receive more info & book directly. Or visit for more informaon. Easy and safe payment opons Secure booking with dedicated support 36 years experience; ensuring the best tours & acvies

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61Scan for details, availability, and book directly! Adventures: Sailing & Snorkeling CruisePelican Adventures: Luxury Lagoon CruisePelican Adventures: Beach & Cave Bus TourDelphi Watersports: Catamaran Dolphin Snorkeling Adventure Cruise 2.5 hours Scan for availability,  Set sail on our spacious, custom-built Sailing Catamarans to discover the crystal clear waters & the variety of underwater life Aruba’s west coast has to oer. Enjoy delicious hors d'oeuvres and an unlimited open bar while exploring 2 amazing snorkel locaons, Boca Catalina and the Anlla Shipwreck. 5 hours Scan for availability,  Cruise the tranquil waters of Aruba’s Spanish Lagoon on our Luxury 115-foot teak Schooner, Monforte III. Allow us to guide you through the crystalline water teeming with reefs, rainbow-hued sh, turtles, and rays. Jump on a kayak and discover the calm turquoise waters. Enjoy fresh fruit, cheese skewers and freshly grilled lunch with local inuences and sip on unlimited premium beverages. 7.5 hours Scan for availability,  Tour mysterious caves, spectacular beaches and landmarks in an open-air bus with a friendly Aruban guide. The guide will share all their inmate knowledge of Aruban life and folklore as well as complete informaon and facts about the history of this unique island! 3 hours Scan for availability,  Join us for an excing snorkeling cruise on the Catamaran “DOLPHIN” and we will make sure it will be the highlight of your vacaon! Our professional sta will give you the ulmate service. Enjoy spacious decks, trampolines for sunbathing and free cocktails! Includes open bar, light lunch, tropical fruit, snorkel equipment, rope swing, spectacular water slide and a free I Love Aruba shirt!www.myarubaguide.comACTIVITIES

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62 www.myarubaguide.comPelican Adventures: Exclusive Dinner CruisePelican Adventures: Cave Pool & Baby Beach Off-road SafariPelican Adventures: Havana's Sunset CruisePelican Adventures: Pelicanto - Small Group Experiences 3 hours Scan for availability,   Our luxury vessel oers an elegant culinary journey through a 4-course dinner while resng on the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. The unlimited premium beverages range from delectable wines, and local beers, to cocktails with a local touch. Experience the transion from sundown to the evening stars in a unique seng accompanied by live music, while your service-oriented and charismac host guides you through this beauful evening. 4,5 hours Scan for availability,   Explore the enre Caribbean Island from coast to coast, vising must-see highlights best accessed by 4x4 in the company of a professional guide. Get behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler or let your guide steer the way as you experience highlights such as the Cave Pool and swimming & snorkeling at Baby Beach. 2 hours Scan for availability,   Indulge in Salsa music, a variety of Cuban snacks & an open bar with Mojitos while you learn how to dance Salsa and enjoy the entertainment on board. Get the best view of Aruba's amazing sunset on the Havana Sunset Cruise! Per hour Scan for availability,   Charter a sleek, spacious, and comfortable 24-foot hurricane deck speedboat just for you and your friends, family, and/or couple. Choose your desnaon and your romanc, adventurous or relaxed mood. Upgrade your F&B to include beer, champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Your professional Captain/Guide will take care of the rest. Snorkel equipment included! ACTIVITIES

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63www.myarubaguide.comDelphi Watersports: Flyboard, Jetovator, Freedom, Flyer & JetpackDelphi Watersports: Catamaran Dolphin Sunset Adventure CruiseDelphi Watersports: Tube RidePelican Adventures: Wet & Wild Jeep Safari 30 Minutes Scan for availability,   Bring your family or friends, so they can watch you and take pictures while you y above the Caribbean Sea like Iron Man or dive like a dolphin. Our skilled instructors will take good care of you and make sure it will become an experience of a lifeme! 2 hours Scan for availability,   Join us for a breathtaking sunset sail, while listening to Caribbean tunes and sipping on a cocktail from the open bar or dancing to the beat while the sun is seng. Enjoy sailing along the coast and jumping in the beauful Caribbean Sea while we make a short stop for swimming and using the water slide and rope swing. Great for taking pictures while the sun is seng.   Scan for availability,   One of the most popular and excing water sports acvies with a duraon of 20 minutes. Bounce on the waves behind a speedboat and get thrilled by the acon! You can choose out of a large selecon of dierent models, such as single, twin, triple, kneeling, laying, sing, or our four-person bandwagons! 8 hours Scan for availability,   Drive your own Jeep Wrangler or be a passenger while you discover the rugged outback of Aruba before heading over to Pelican Nest Restaurant to enjoy a sea-side lunch. Aer lunch embarks on a catamaran for a laid-back aernoon of sailing & snorkeling. Explore Boca Catalina and the Anlla Shipwreck with snacks and an unlimited open bar.ACTIVITIES

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64 This year, The Dutch Pancakehouse celebrates their 20th anniversary. During the year they will organize dierent acvies to celebrate their anniversary. The Dutch Pancakehouse opened its doors in May 2003 in the Renaissance Marketplace in Oranjestad, where they are sll located. The last years they became a famous breakfast restaurant on Aruba. When the Dutch Pancakehouse opened its doors, they didn’t even serve breakfast. In The Netherlands pancakes are served for lunch and dinner and are not popular for breakfast. They discovered soon that pancakes are very popular for breakfast in other cultures. Soon they started to serve breakfast but never thought that it would become so popular. Having a Dutch pancake, poertjes or a schnitzel at the Dutch Pancakehouse is an experience you should have at least once during your stay. Don’t forget to come early or aer lunch to avoid waing lines. •20 years Dutch Pancakehouse in Arubaby Susan CampbellGOURMET

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66 ACTIVITIESMany of this island’s unique aracons and acvies are well-known by regular visitors, but for rst-mers, there are many hidden gems and o-radar experiences to be discovered even beyond the most popular landmarks. Allow us to recommend some of our favorites. 1. Delight in downtown Even regular visitors will be astounded at all the excing new and recent changes to Oranjestad, and a great way to discover them is via the free trolleys that begin at the cruise terminal. Then, explore it all more in-depth on foot with Aruba Walking Tours oering a delighul journey through historic sites, cultural hubs, and excing new installaons. Downtown is a wonderful place to shop for upscale items like jewelry and designer clothing at low prices as well.2. Snorkel a shipwreck or dive a dozen wrecksThe  , a German freighter purposefully sculed to avoid capture when Germany declared war on the Netherlands, is one of the few wrecks in the world easily viewable from above for snorkelers. Most snorkel/party boats stop there. But if you’re cered to dive, this island oers a dozen surreal wreck sites that include ships, freighters, tugboats, and even small planes!15 Fabulous Must-Do Aruba Activities by Susan Campbell OranjestadM.S. AnllaCourtesy of Pelican AdventuresBook yourtour now! Scan for video

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67ACTIVITIES3. Climb the California LighthouseOne of Aruba’s most iconic structures is the majesc white lighthouse that was erected in 1910 to alert ships about the dangers of the reef. It was restored to its former glory in 2016 and is open for public exploraon. Climb the spiral staircase to the top for incredible panoramic views. And now, you can also enjoy private catered dinners through Experitours Aruba. It’s one of only two lighthouse dinner experiences in the world. 4. Seek an elevated point of viewAlto Vista meaning ‘high view’ is the site of Aruba’s very rst church established by the Spanish in 1750. Rebuilt in 1952, the lovely yellow chapel is open to the public and sll oers regular religious services. It is a serene soul-soothing spot enhanced by a peace circle mediaon maze directly behind it. And the panoramic views from the summit are outstanding. 5. Go wild in Arikok National ParkAruba’s vast preserve of protected land is an arid outback full of wild windswept rocky coasts, cac forests, and semi-desert landscape, a world away from the lush, palm-lined resorts. Discover “conchi” – an epic natural pool you can swim and snorkel in within the park with ouits like ABC Tours or Around Aruba Tours which are well-equipped to navigate the rugged terrain. You can also take guided tours on foot with the park rangers.Hidden gems and o-radar experiencesCalifornia Lighthouse”Locaon ABC Tours

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68 ACTIVITIES 6. Experience unique animal attractionsFor unique animal encounters, visit The   for hundreds of uering beaues in a lush tropical garden, or head to Philip’s Animal Garden, a sanctuary for exoc abandoned animals. Another sanctuary worth vising is Donkey Sanctuary Aruba dedicated to saving wild donkeys. (Bring carrots and apples!) Or if birds are your thing, visit The Ostrich Farm to learn all about these funny, ightless birds. 7. Hunt for history goldRetrace the island’s Amerindian heritage at the Archaeological Museum in a beaufully restored historic home in downtown Oranjestad. Exhibits are interacve and admission is free. Or go digging for history gold at the Bushiribana Gold Mill ruins. In 1824, the island enjoyed a mini gold rush and the ruins of the old smelter by the sea are photo gold. Other picturesque ruins to explore are the remnants of the old Balashi Gold Mill near Spanish Lagoon. 8. Go local in ruralneighborhoodsRent a car to visit the interior regions and don’t be surprised to see wild goats playing on the roundabouts, or wild donkeys taking shade in bus shelters. It’s all part of the rural vibe. Rub shoulders with the locals at best- loved lile eateries like Huchada Bakery in Santa Cruz, or Bright Bakery in Santa Rosa. Or visit Savaneta, a historic lile shing village for Zeerovers (meaning pirates) to enjoy fresh sh right o the boat. Bushiribana Gold MillBuery Farm

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70 ACTIVITIES9. See surprises in San NicolasThe lile renery town that was once the bustling hub of the economy is roaring back to life thanks to the annual Aruba Art Fair. Today, the town is awash with colorful outdoor art and murals at every turn. The enre downtown grid is like a living gallery with all kinds of cultural surprises and interacve exhibits. 10. Seek out off-radar secretsThe famous Natural bridge that collapsed in 2005 is sll a big draw, but there is a smaller “baby” bridge right beside it, and two other smaller land bridges worth seeking out on remote coasts. And the natural pool called “conchi” is best known, but there is also a smaller natural pool cave near the Bushiribana gold mine ruins with wooden stairs leading down to it. Also secreted away is a lovely lile replicaon of Lourdes Groo near San Nicolas.11. Find unique take-hometreasures or make your ownFor the ulmate souvenir, why not opt for something uniquely Aruban? Find locally made take-home treasures at the arts and cras markets Wednesday nights at Paseo Herencia, Friday nights at Renaissance Marketplace, and now every Tuesday night in front of Santos  with Soul in downtown Oranjestad. Or make your unique souvenir at Studio Murano Art, a combinaon alfresco eatery and glass-blowing studio. An expert arsan from Italy gives demonstraons and oers classes where you can make your gorgeous glass creaons.Mural ToursNatural bridge

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71 12. Go spelunking with ancientspirits & climb prehistoricrocksMysc legends of the original Arawak Indians live on in Aruba’s ancient caves. You can see the drawings they le behind in Fontein Cave, and legend has it that the surreal natural skylight in Guadirikiri Cave was made by banished lovers whose spirits broker thought the rock to be together forever. The odd rock formaon at Casibari also has its own legend. Since the tonalite they are made from appears nowhere else on the island, some say they were dropped there by aliens! Explore them inside and out via manmade staircases. 13. Hike a haystackAruba’s second highest peak Mt. Hooiberg, which means “Haystack” in Dutch because it resembles one, is a favored hiking spot for locals and visitors alike. There are 587 stairs carved into the mountain to ease 541 . climb. Make it to the top to be rewarded with stunning panoramic views.Guadirikiri CaveAruba MadeMt. HooibergACTIVITIES

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72 14. Paddle mangrove forests Sea kayak is the ideal choice of transportaon for exploring the lush emerald mangrove forest mazes of Mangel Halto. You can also take clear boom kayak tours that reveal how good the snorkeling there is as well, you’ll spot plenty of colorful coral and sh below. This is also popular for SUP and it’s the best shore diving site on the island. 15. Experience unique shingadventuresFor over 25 years,   has been the island’s most legendary deep-sea shing charter. And they not only help you catch your dinner, but they can also cook your catch and serve it to you at their equally legendary   the same day. The Hooker Fishing and Snorkeling Charters also oer a unique shing adventure that oers a side of snorkeling pleasure with equipment included. And they’re the only ouit on the island to oer sunset shing trips.• ACTIVITIESDriwood ChartersMangrove ForestBook yourtour now!

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74 THE HOOKER FISHING AND SNORKELING CHARTERS Aruba’s only sunset shing trip Enjoy a unique shing trip in a relaxed environment and an amazing view. Our captain will pick the perfect spots and the crew will make sure you have and memorable experience. Don't forget to bring a camera to capture all the great memories. Booking by email or phone +297-6603-623ARUBA NIGHTS / MY ARUBA GUIDECompare, Book & Enjoy: our new booking plaorm! Book the best and most memorable tours and acvies directly through our booking plaorm. Compare, check availability, and book directly, thanks to our easy-to-use booking plaorm with secure online payment opons and dedicated support. All informaon is conveniently in one place and as easy and secure as you are used to at home. Make it easy on yourself, and benet from our more than 35 years of experience with the most special tours and acvies Aruba has to oer. Visit our website for more informaon, or scan the QR code ARUBA The most welcoming place on Aruba We love visitors and jump for joy when they arrive. Especially if they come with a pat or a hug. (Some call it therapy!) You’ll hear us barking in ancipaon when you visit scenic San Nicolas. Join us at the Luna Foundaon – a refuge for abused dogs, strays, and homeless puppies. Our devoted volunteers will be happy to see you too. Luna helps us become healthy, happy, and ready for responsible adopon. As a dog lover, you’ll be ‘over the moon’ with your greeng at Luna. www.luna-aruba.comWhere to playThe best tours, aracons, and acvies...ACTIVITIESBook your tour now

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75Contact ABC Tours for the experience of a lifeme. Join a safari through Aruba’s unique countryside, complete with wildlife and ancient gold mines. Visit mysterious caves with the ghosts of legendary lovers. Explore deserted beaches, lighthouses, and old pirate haunts. Go o-roading to rugged landscapes bordered by the restless waves of the azure ocean. Try cli jumping at Conchi Natural Pool. Snorkel warm seas with colorful reefs or swim in the shallow crystal waters at Baby Beach with the family. Friendly, expert guides ensure your safety and comfort in groups or private, customized tours. They even pick you up from your hotel, making it a smooth ride.+297 594 3543info@abc-tours.comDRIFTWOOD FISHING CHARTERS Be ready to spend a thrilling day at sea with Driwood Charters! When going on this adventurous deep-sea shing trip, you will get to experience a customized adventure with a passionate crew. They will guide you to the best spots for you to make the most out of your shing oung. You could even end this fun day by eang what you caught at the famous Driwood Restaurant! Are you ready to hit the sea?ACTIVITIESLocaon ABC ToursABC TOURS Unleash your inner Indiana Jones!

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76 Secreted away in a lush tropical garden oasis full of brilliant blooms and serene koi ponds is The Aruba Buery Farm, one of this island’s most enchanng eco-aracons. You’ll nd it right across from the Divi Phoenix hotel where you’ll be delighted by the sight of hundreds of bueries freely ying about feeding on nectar and fresh fruit. And did you know a group of bueries is called a “kaleidoscope”? That’s a ng descripon here as the farm provides an ever-changing scene of vibrant colors and light.There are dozens of species, including the exoc neon Blue Morpho, and if you’re lucky, you might happen upon the magic of metamorphosis unfolding right before your eyes. To make the most of your visit, join a guided tour-they run every hour, and are included in the admission price. Learn all about the habits of these fascinang creatures from fun and friendly guides and wear bright colors so the bueries will alight on you. Aerward, seek out the buery wing mural for a perfect IG-worthy pose, or beer yet, become a buery yourself! You’ll nd a human-sized set of colorful wings hanging from a tree which you are welcome to try on for stunning souvenir pics. Next, head to the on-site Nectar Café for refreshing freshly squeezed juices, home-baked goods, coconut ice cream, and fruit popsicles.Go early in your vacaon as your inial entrance is good for as many repeat visits as you like. (And you'll want to return oen!) • www.thebuerby Susan CampbellACTIVITIESScan for video

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77by Susan Campbell

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78 SHOPPINGShopping info & CouponsTake advantage of the island’s fabulous shopping selecons including coupons for the best deals on the island! SHOPPING HOURS Stores are open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Saturday, although some Mainstreet stores close forsiesta from noon to 2 p.m. Certain stores are open Sunday mornings and on holidays when cruise ships are in port. Most malls open at 10 a.m. and stay open unl at least 10 p.m.Scan for Shopping locaonsBenu PharmacyServing the community and visitors to the island for over 50 years with excellent health care services, BENU Pharmacies’ pursuit of innovaon in services and prices has made them the largest pharmacy group in the Caribbean, oering their customers top products and beer RX pricing than in the US. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted as well as Aruban orins or US dollars.  Tel: + 297 525-2599 Facebook: BENU Pharmacy ArubaAruba Happy CoinBring home a beauful memory of your vacaon on Aruba, with The Aruba Happy Coin. It is living proof and a cercaon of a great vacaon experience by our visitors. This unique high-quality gold coin is sure to catch the aenon of friends and family and give you the sasfacon of showing o the ulmate souvenir of your best travel experience ever. You can nd a list of points of sales on our website. www.arubahappycoin.comTreasure Cove ArubaOperang through 9 retail stores on the island, Treasure Cove Aruba can’t wait to greet you with its welcoming island feel. These bouques oer quality items inspired by nature mostly manufactured by the company itself with its very own designs. It is the perfect place to nd not only t-shirts, but also clothing imported from Italy, and any other beach essenals as well as something special to bring back home to reminisce about your vacaon.

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80 THE JUGGLING FISHA must-stop for visitors and locals alike for stylish bathing suits, tees & great quality resort wear. All swimwear is mix & match to create the t for the perfect beach vibe. An eclecc treasure trove of gis, handcraed souvenirs, gorgeous beach jewelry, Christmas ornaments & unique home décor items since 1994. You are invited to take memories from the beachside to home! On the beach at Playa Linda Beach Resort, Tel: + 297 592-7802/7803. Visit, nd them on Facebook, Instagram, email thejuggling THE LAZY LIZARDThis popular shop for top-quality tees, beachwear, and resort wear ensures the enre family is decked out in high style and comfort in the latest fashions! A vast selecon of whimsical gis and souvenir treasures galore can be found at their locaon at Alhambra Mall, Tel: + 297 592-7805. Visit, nd them on Facebook, Instagram, email thelazylizard@tsgretailgroup.comSHOPPING

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82 

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84 

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86 

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88 

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90 

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92 

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94 

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96 

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98 Boca Grandi Extreme sports enthusiasts rave about the steady winds, strong currents, and powerful waves that challenge advanced windsurfers and kitesurfers. Boca Grandi is not suited for a leisurely swim, but beachcombers have a great me wandering through the sand dunes to scour the shore for driwood, coral, and the occasional treasure washed up by the ocean. Locaon: East CoastIdeal for: Windsurng, kitesurng, strong swimmers, thrill seekers, beachcombersFacilies: None, except parkingAccess: Car, taxiHadicurari(Fisherman’sHuts) Once home to Aruba’s shermen, this rocky strip is now known as the island’s mecca for windsurng. Every year, Hadicurari hosts the Aruba Hi-Winds World Challenge, while every day, you can watch brilliantly colored sails and suroards dance along the waves. Pebbles and shells eck the water’s edge of a white sandy beach known throughout the Caribbean for its acon and excitement. Locaon: West CoastIdeal for: Swimming, windsurng, kitesurngFacilies: Parking, picnic tables, beach sheltersAccess: Car, taxi, public busBEACHEStop beacheson arubaWhatever your heart desires, Aruba has a beach for everyone. Laze in the sun, dive tropical reefs, windsurf with the champions, or watch the kids splash happily in calm shallows. You can also dine barefoot on so white sands, swim in a hidden rock pool way o the beaten track, walk on the island’s “wild side,” or share a breathtaking sunset with that special person.Scan for videoHadicurari beachBoca Grandi

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99Eagle Beach Miles of white sands, clear waters, natural wonders, and calm surf have earned Eagle Beach the award for the fourth-best beach in TripAdvisor’s 2019 Travellers’ Choice Top 25 Beaches of the World. The beach is also home to hatching sea turtles and Aruba’s unique fofo trees. Watersports huts oer everything from snorkel gear to oang mat rentals for added enjoyment. Locaon: West CoastIdeal for: Swimming, sunbathing, walking,families, nature lovers, sunset loversFacilies: Refreshments, restrooms, parking,shaded picnic areas, beach sheltersAccess: Car, taxi, public busArashi BeachWhite sand, calm, shallow waters, and abundant underwater life make Arashi a local favorite for sun, sand, and sea acvies. The quiet, narrow stretch of beach near the California Lighthouse is a great place to get away from it all. Dive the elkhorn coral reef a short swim from shore, or just lie peacefully under a palapa and watch the pelican’s sh.Locaon: West CoastIdeal for: Swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling,nature watchersFacilies: Parking, beach shelters, refreshments, restroomsAccess: Car, taxi, public bus, toursArashi beachEagle beachEagle Beach

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100 Renaissance Island Renaissance Island is a stunning retreat reserved for guests of the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. However, based on availability, non-guests may pay a fee to visit this 40-acre tropical wonderland, complete with pink amingoes and iguanas. The island is divided into two protected beaches: one for families and one for adults-only, and both sides have luxury cabana rentals. Locaon: O Aruba’s West CoastIdeal for: Swimmers, familiesFacilies: Watersport’s rentals, refreshments,restroomsAccess: Water taxiRenaissance IslandRenaissance IslandBEACHES

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101MalmokAnother popular swimming and snorkeling spot, Malmok is a narrow sandy stretch set in limestone and rocky terrace along the surrounding coast. Calm, shallow, clear waters create ideal condions for snorkeling, and there are lots of tropical sh. All major snorkel tour boat operators anchor out front just oshore where the famous Anlla shipwreck is located, which is also a favored spot for divers.Locaon: West CoastIdeal for: Swimming, adventure loversFacilies: Parking, beach sheltersAccess: Car, taxi, public bus PalmBeach(SecodiCoco)Both Condé Nast Traveler and the Travel Channel have voted Palm Beach one of the world’s best beaches, especially for families. Doed with watersports kiosks, piers, beach bars, restaurants, and shops, the white sands and calm waters make this two-mile stretch the perfect spot for all vacaoners. Sunbathe, sail, swim, snorkel, shop, or stop for a tropical drink in the magnicent garden of a beachfront resort. Locaon: West CoastIdeal for: Swimming, sunbathing, families,water sports enthusiasts, people-watchers,shoppersFacilies: Refreshments, restrooms,beach shelters, hotel amenies, bars, restaurants, nightlifeAccess: Car, taxi, public busBEACHESMalmok

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102 Baby Beach A gorgeous half-moon bay with white sands, set in an idyllic lagoon protected by rocky breakwaters, has made Baby Beach a family favorite. Swimmers can wade out for a long- distance and sll touch the sea boom. Start a perfect day by watching a stunning sunrise, then snorkel the warm, aqua waters to see ourishing coral and tropical sh. On weekends, Arubans like to party here with music and barbecues. Locaon: East CoastIdeal for: Snorkeling, swimming, walking,families, picnicsFacilies: Beach shelters, beach equipmentrentals, refreshments, restroomsAccess: Car, taxiMangel Halto Beach This secluded beach with spectacular views, powdery sand, and shady huts is a favorite spot for lovers of marine wonders. Mangel Halto’s calm, shallow waters are rich in sea life and supported by a fascinang network of mangroves. You can walk out to the edge of the coral reef to spot parroish, yellowtail snapper, sponges, anemones, and many other tropical species. Locaon: East CoastIdeal for: Swimming, snorkeling, shore diving,mangrove kayaking, picnics,nature loversFacilies: Parking, beach sheltersAccess: Car, taxi, public bus, toursBaby BeachBaby BeachMangel Halto Beach

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104 

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106 GOURMETFor such a ny island, Aruba’s culinary landscape is hugely diverse, excing, and surprisingly future-forward in many regards. You’ll nd much more than palate-pleasing surprises and creave presentaons await and you’ll also nd unique hospitality experiences you might not nd anywhere else in the world.Location, location, location…As they say in real estate, locaon is everything. And the same can ring true for dining establishments. Did you know you can dine in Aruba’s famous California Lighthouse now? Catered breakfasts or dinners for two on the top of the tower promise incredible vistas and it is one of only two lighthouse dining experiences in the world! A new surprise awaitsDining in hidden tropical gardens in nature is now also an island thing. Beyond serving up incredible French/Caribbean fusion fare in their prime Village Mall locaon, Papillon Restaurant now oers an inmate chef’s table experience in a secret garden locaon o- property weekly. “Monumental” dining is also big here. Restored buildings over a century-old are considered “monuments” and they oen house dining spots. New and uber-trendy  , is one of them. Built as a family home around 1860, you’ll nd a mini-museum within, and an inmate space for private pares in the ac as well as entertainment and great eats. And historic Papiamento serves up their family recipes from their century-old Aruban country house, too. They also have the surprise of a mini museum of European anques within, and a new snazzy PAPPA’s Cigar Lounge on site as well.Aruba Dining Expect the Unexpectedby Susan Campbell”Papillon

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107Also in a monumental locaon is Quinta del Carmen. They serve up amazing meals from a gorgeously restored 100-year-old mansion with arguably the most massive, landscaped grounds on the island. They also have a surprising array of anques within their interior bar. Farm-to-fork and sea-to-plate pleasuresHistorically, it’s been dicult for this island to grow to produce due to the arid climate. But now there's an explosion of collecves like Farmers United Aruba devoted to nding innovave ways to coax more out of the land. Their eorts have been very successful in meeng the growing demand from restaurants to source locally. Establishments like Taste My Aruba now make it their mission to plan their menus around what’s seasonally available, and they also have their own eet of local shermen to ensure their seafood specials come straight from the pier that morning. Legendary   has always been, and connues to be, a sea-to-table spot. As owners of , they can take you to catch your own dinner and cook it up at their restaurant ve dierent ways that night, too!Fusions of culinary arts and culturesWith over 90 naonalies making this ny rock their home, it will come as no surprise that the fusions of culinary styles and the regions of origin are legion here.PAPPA’s Cigar Lounge

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108 GOURMETBut what might be unexpected is that you’ll nd such a diverse range all under one roof. For example, The Lazy Turtle billed as “Caribbean” also serves up exoc dishes from Africa, Greece, Asia, and other locales as well. While    (surprisingly not on a beach,) combines a cornucopia of possibilies with an open kitchen concept sushi bar, and shareable, and tapas from the world over in an uber-modern seng with DJ-driven music. Also, under the same roof, they go all- out Italian rusc too with   for homemade pasta and arsan brick oven pizzas. Also unexpected is a selecon of East Coast oysters and stellar seafood plaers at a New York-style steakhouse. The Ritz Carlton’s BLT Steak installaon raises the bar on that front.Also reaching around the world for inspiraon and ingredients is Chef Urvin Croes of . He’s always been a maverick in the experimentaon of new modern culinary techniques and his current chef’s table experience is always a surprise for foodies seeking cung-edge culinary adventures. He also invites celebrated guest chefs from other Caribbean islands to showcase their talents there, too. Popular trends like oering vegan equivalents to me-honoured dishes without compromising quality are also an Aruba oers. In fact, this island might just be the most plant-based friendly outpost in the Caribbean. Take Cuba’s Cookin’ vegan version of Ropa Vieja as just one example of how chefs are catering to those seeking gourmet vegan alternaves.Aruba is also on top of blazing new trails with oerings like fusing art with food. Studio Murano Art is a prime example. This a one-of-a-kind concept-- glass blowing exhibions at an alfresco eatery in a rural neighborhood where visitors can also learn to make their own gorgeous glass art souvenirs? Incredible. So, plan to expand your culinary horizons while on holiday here, there, there’s so much to discover! •BruoInni

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110 The Caribbean spiny lobster is one of those foods that make me wonder, “who ever thought of eang that?” Who was the daring soul to take that leap when confronted with the spikes, antennae and spots of this creature of the deep? It must have been a brave culinary adventurer, indeed, of the same sort as those who discovered that blue cheese could taste so exquisite, or that trues, escargot and meringue were worth ingesng… But thank heavens for them, because these are one of the most wonderful dining treats on the islands. Claw freeAlso known as the rock lobster, the Caribbean spiny lobster doesn’t have the same large claws as the Atlanc lobster that many visitors will be familiar with. These warm-water crustaceans are far more spectacular to look at and are in fact more closely related to craysh. They can be vibrantly colored, with spots and stripes varying from light yellow to dark rust. Their shell and long, jointed antennae are covered with sharp spines and they have ve pairs of walking legs. If you are interested in seeing them on a dive, you’ll have to arrange a night excursion – Caribbean spiny lobsters are strictly nocturnal. Once the sun sets though, they emerge from their dens and will forage around the ocean oor for snails, urchins, crabs, and clams, or just about anything else they can nd. These lobsters are also very social, oen sharing their cave space with other lobsters and warning them of any incoming danger. But as the weather starts to turn cold, these creatures line themselves up and march single le to take shelter in less disturbed waters. They’ll rest in large crevices during the day and then recommence their long march just before sunset. This migraon can take up to 20 miles from their starng point and down to depths of 30 to 100 feet. Imagine hundreds of Caribbean spiny lobsters ling quietly along to deeper water, geng ready to mate and start a whole new generaon of lile spiny lobsters on their way.This predictable mass migraon makes them easy prey, however, and there is a danger of overshing from both commercial and sports shers alike. The whole life process of the Caribbean spiny lobster is fragile, from larvae on up, and only about 1% of the eggs that are produced at a given me actually make it to adulthood. As an adult, the shell must be three inches long for the lobster to be legally caught, and that usually takes at least two years from start to nish. So make sure you are eang them during the legal catch season, from mid-February to mid-July. Tasty Talesby Carol WoodGOURMETScan for more blogs

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111From the sea to the tableBut is a lobster really a lobster if it has no claws? Actually the Caribbean spiny lobster is oen called langouste, so perhaps in the culinary world it’s not exactly a lobster. Don’t be disappointed, though, since these creatures make up for their lack of claws with especially tasty and disnctly sweet tail meat.In this part of the world, the possibilies are nearly endless for such a delicacy. So imagine my delight when bad weather stranded me on a remote Caribbean island several years ago. Aer a few days our hostess approached our table at dinner and said, very apologecally, that there was no more chicken and no more beef. Unfortunately, all we would be able to eat unl the weather cleared was lobster, which had been caught just oshore. I was in heaven! Lobster in buer for lunch, lobster with pasta at dinner, lobster in tomato sauce the next day… Of course I couldn’t believe my good fortune at being served such a luxurious dish over and over. Those rainy days were without a doubt one of the highlights of my culinary experience. Here are some tricks to preparing a lobster that have been passed down the generaons in the Caribbean. Most oen, the whole lobster is plunged into boiling water and presented barely split open for the diners to pluck tender morsels out and dip them in lemon buer or a spicy sauce. The boiled tail meat can also be removed and cut into chunks for a simple salad, much like a light potato salad with minimal seasoning and homemade mayonnaise, or simmered in a sauce and placed carefully back into the tail shell for presentaon. Oen the tail is separated raw from the rest of the body and served on its own, either split lengthwise and then seasoned with a citrus marinade of lime juice, oil and shallots, and then cooked over an open ame, or alternately baked with a light breadcrumb coang. Whichever way you prepare it, you are assured a meal that is high in Omega-3 fay acids and vitamin B12, and best of all, very tasty. •GOURMETIngredients1 lb freshly cooked lobster meat3 eggsjuice from ½ lemonsalt and peppervegetable oilServes 2 as an appezerCut the lobster meat into one-inch chunks and set aside. In a shallow bowl, beat the eggs together with the lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. Pour several tablespoons of oil into a 12-inch thick-boomed skillet – it should cover the boom of the pan. Heat over medium-high heat unl just smoking. Quickly dip each piece of lobster in the egg mixture and place in the pan, taking care that the pieces don’t touch. Using tongs, turn each piece once the boom is a golden brown, about one minute. Place the nished lobster pieces on a paper towel, and repeat unl it’s all done. Serve immediately on a leuce leaf with lemon wedges.Bon Aetit!Mister Greg’s

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114 GOURMETWhat’s for Lunch?Of course, you’ll nd lots of typical North American style lunch fare here, but why not try something dierent for your midday meal? This island oers a delighul array of choices from all over the world. by Susan CampbellKeep it casual…When you hate to break up your Palm Beach Day by changing clothes to go eat lunch, choose spots that welcome you barefoot like Marrio’s Malmok Pool Bar & Grill where you can grab some fabulous sh tacos or try their “Aruban” burger topped with ham, Swiss cheese, grilled pineapple, and tropical mayo. And their sister spot    is known for its tuna poke bowls. Or grab a great casual lunch just o Eagle Beach at     for specials like creamy potato soup in a bread bowl and a Brie, honey, and walnut sandwich for something deliciously dierent. They have lots of excellent caeinated beverage choices and a downtown locaon, too. Lunch like a localO Eagle Beach, Red Fish Aruba is as local as lunch gets on the seafood front- no-nonsense, down-to-earth prepared local style- fried or grilled- and charged in Florins. They are owned by , so you know the catch-of-the-day is as fresh as can be. As the name suggests Rich's Arubian Dish & Caribbean Delight also serves up local speciales. Order their “Aruban Flag” dish- fried sh of the day served with funchi and topped with creole sauce. They also serve many kinds of local “stobas” (stews), too. Downtown, Taste My Aruba, again as the name suggests, focuses on locally sourced local eats at lunch with a rotang menu of “Super Specials” and somemes hard to nd authenc local dishes like sanger yena (Aruban blood sausage.)Dutch-style midday munchiesBingo Cafe & Restaurant in Noord serves up a favorite Dutch specialty called uitsmijters- open-faced sandwiches for lunch, a hearty feast of three eggs sunny-side up, fried ham, and Dutch cheese on three slices of bread. They also have a special Indo-Dutch-inuenced sandwich of sliced pan-fried pork with leuce and peanut sauce and other internaonal speciales.Downtown, Eeetcafe The Paddock on the Oranjestad harbor has lots of Dutch snacks like frikandel and bierballen and also oen nods to Indonesia's colonial culinary inuence with satay skewers with peanut sauce. And cold Dutch beer is always on tap. Nearby, The Dutch Pancake House, best known for its dozens of kinds of sweet breakfast pancakes, easily makes the transion to lunch with dozens of types of savory pancakes. Try them stued or topped with all kinds of meats, cheeses, onions, peppers and more…Studio murano artScan for more lunch restaurants

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115GOURMETVariety can be the spice of life for lunchThe Kitchen Aruba downtown borrows its buet ‘por kilo’ concept from Brazil, a highly popular way for locals to lunch quickly and economically. You only pay by weight for what you take on your plate. Problem here is that there are too many choices, it’s the island’s most massive buet, so you’ll have to return a few mes to really indulge in all their excellent freshly made dishes from Lan America and the Caribbean.In the Renaissance Marketplace, Cuba’s Cookin’ has the only authenc Cuban sandwich on the island and Havana style comfort food like Torta del Campo casserole for lunch. A few doors down, Po-Ké Ono has an insanely creave selecon of Asian inspired steamed baos, poke bowls, and sushi to sasfy exoc cravings. (They also have an outlet at the Azure Residences.)And Sunset Bistro at Radisson Blu has a constantly refreshed menu of tapas for lunch. Enjoy items like salmon radito, grilled octopus, brisket tacos, and more by their rooop innity pool. Also, really big on variety for lunch is Beachside Restaurant at Casa Del Mar. Choose from grouper sandwiches, wraps, quesadillas and more, and their Caribbean seafood soup is a must try. And, for something really dierent, head to Studio Murano Art in Santa Cruz for a cool glass art blowing demonstraon while you lunch at their excellent outdoor eatery. Demos are given daily at 11 a.m. • Hay sampling! RedshThe KitchenThe Paddock

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118 GOURMETKnown for its water, rich with sh all year round, Aruba has access to an abundance of both deep-sea sh and shallow-feeding sh. When vising the island, make it your mission to order the catch of the day at dierent restaurants to taste the delicious local avors coming from the sea. Don’t forget to ask for a side of fried plantains, rice, and beans, pan ba, or funchi to complete this local foody experience.BarracudaThis is one of the local’s favorite sh! The Barracuda is popular for its full avor and its rm meaty texture with large akes. Composed of low-fat content, Barracuda has an o-white esh when cooked and it's mostly served as steaks or lets.This non-nave sh of Aruba should be eaten without any hesitaon as it is absolutely delighul and its presence in the Caribbean reduces local nave reef sh and aects the health of the reef ecosystems. This buery aky sh makes the perfect baered bites when served with French fries and garlic sauce.TunaWith its deep red esh and rm texture, there are so many ways to enjoy this sh. From a slightly seared tuna steak to an irresisble tartar or fresh sashimi, you will denitely be sased with all the tasty meals available on Aruba based on this medium-mild avor delight catch. WahooLocally known as mulato, this mild-avored and aky sh has a disncve meaty texture when cooked. Once you grill it, you could even compare its taste to veal or chicken. One thing is for sure, you shouldn’t overcook a wahoo loin to get a perfect juicy piece of sh on the inside.DoradeTypically fried when served in Aruba, this small and tender white sh is also very tasty when grilled or braised. Similar to red snapper and pompano, its rich and meaty avor is mouth-watering and worth a try. Make sure to ask your waiter for a creole sauce to accentuate the Caribbean air of your dish.SnapperThis lean and mild sh is a must-taste seafood while in the Caribbean. The techniques to cook this sh are versale as its rm texture can be broiled, grilled, pan-fried, steamed, baked, stewed, or deep-fried. While some people prefer ordering it let, locals like to eat it fried and whole. You should denitely give it a try yourself as it is an experience on its own!The happy island for freshly caught fishesby Jessica Gallant

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120 GOURMETLocated at the ‘crossroads of the Caribbean, Aruba’s local cuisine (cominda local) embraces the inuence of more than 90 naonalies and cultures: explorers, traders, colonists, expats, and perhaps even the pirates who were just passing through. Savor the best tradional foods from a culinary mix of all that has found a home on the island. You can choose from a cornucopia of high-end restaurants, bistros, cafes and even mobile food vans.For an appezer, try funchi, a popular snack made from white or yellow cornmeal. Commonly eaten as a substute for potatoes or rice, funchi is prepared by boiling water and salt in a pan and then adding the cornmeal while srring. Funchi fries are topped with sea salt, black pepper, and melted cheese.Arubans are big on hearty soups such as Sopi di Mondongo, a tradional Anllean dish. Consisng of beef tripe, carrot, bell pepper and spices, the soup is oen eaten with a slice of lime, a crusty roll or a piece of funchi. Pastechis are a warm and aky breakfast food popular with locals before work. The moon-shaped, fried pastries are tradionally stued with llings such as spiced meat, seafood, chicken, and cheese. Somemes you’ll nd a chop suey lling, thanks to the Asian inuence on Aruba. Another local favorite is stoba – an Anllean stew and a comfort food enjoyed by Arubans, despite the tropical climate. Tradional stobas are made with a variety of stewed meats, including chicken (Galiña Stoba), beef (Carni Stoba), or goat (Cabrito Stoba). Calco stoba (conch stew) is also popular.As an island, Aruba is naturally surrounded by the freshest of seafood, which makes a great Pisca Hasa – a hot and tasty fried sh seasoned with Creole spices. Aruba's local cuisine (cuminda local) Dining Delightsin Arubaby Richard Andrews”Rich’s Arubian Dish Restaurant Cuba’s Cookin’

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121Devilishly hot fds have always bn an important part of Aruba's dining delights. “No self-respecng local diner would have a bole of pica out of arm’s reach,” says Michel Frank, chef and owner of Aruba Heat Products. “Aruba’s ery sauce is doused on everything, except dessert!” “I make my sauce from the island’s killer-hot Madame Janee peppers from Suriname, along with green papayas and spices. It has a sweetness that makes it especially delicious.”Michel has created a range of sauces with dierent avours and heat levels, suitable for all tastes “from mild to wild.” For example, BBQ Heat blends fresh peppers, smoke, and spices to turn up the heat, just a touch, to grilled steaks, chops, ribs, chicken or burgers. His Tropical Heat recipe uses mango, pineapple and dierent spices to add a delicious fruity avor to chicken and seafood dishes, for those with medium-temperature taste buds.“For the more-seasoned lovers of hot peppers, a bit of Habanero adds a punch to your plate with its habanero peppers, roasted red peppers and fresh garlic, says Michel. By popular demand, he oers the ‘saucily- named’ Assplosive to what he calls “real pepperheads.” “This sauce is not for the faint of heart. Loaded with habanero peppers and a touch of sweet chili, use it at your own risk! “GOURMET

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122 Thanks to the Dutch, top quality cheese is available everywhere on Aruba in various styles. Keshi Yena (stued cheese) is an authenc Aruban dish tradionally served as a hollowed-out Gouda cheese-rind, stued with savory meat, vegetables, spices and sauces. Pan ba (smashed bread) is a thin corn-our pancake designed to soak up sauces or dip in soups. It’s also served deep fried with a covering of melted Dutch cheese. (You shouldn’t count calories on vacaon!) For those who prefer their cheese straight, slices of Gouda, Edam, Maasdam and other Dutch variees are popular snacks. Let’s also hear it for tradional Dutch pancakes! These thin and at crepes are served both sweet and savory, stued with goodies, or topped with fruit. Leave room for dessert, if Pan Bollo is on the menu. Served with ice cream, this tradional bread pudding with a rum-based Ponche Crema is irresisble. Pan Dushi is another tradional temptaon. Dushi means sweet and this dish lives up to its name, with raisins, vanilla and almond avoring, folded into small buns, baked golden brown and brushed with a brown sugar caramel. For even more sweetness try Aruba’s bolos or high-layer cakes, oen baked with pistachios or cashew nuts.Many of these delights appear on the menu of Rich’s Arubian Dish Restaurant, on the Palm Beach hotel strip. •Bon Aétit!GOURMETRich’s Arubian Dish Restaurant “We use tradional recipes, but give them our own unique taste,” says Julisa Kruydenhof. “Our funchis are very popular, along with the Carni Stoba (Beef Stew Arubian Style) and the Jamaican Jerk Chicken. However, my personal favourite is our shimp specialty: Camarones a la Diabla.”

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124 GOURMETEat and party like the locals!by Jessica GallantJanuary 25th Known as The Liberator of Aruba, the late Gilberto “Beco” François Croes helped the island to become autonomous within the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1986. On that signicant day, Arubans get together to honor him by parcipang in sporng events, folkloric shows, games, and musical performances. Food and drink stalls are also present so you can treat yourself to typical local snacks such as pastechi’s, croquees, empanada’s, and cheese balls among other things.MarchDecorated oats, dazzling costumes, parades, and concerts take over Oranjestad and San Nicolaas during these months. The Grand Parade is denitely the most ancipated event with its parcipants covered in feathers and gliers while dancing Calypso across many kilometers. The end of Carnival is marked by the “Burning of King Momo” followed by Ash Wednesday, which is the rst day of Lent. Many locals then decide to fast during the 40 days of ‘Cuaresma’ by eang once a day or choose to mainly indulge in sh and seafood.“Dia di Himno y Bandera” March 18thThis is a very excing day as Arubans celebrate the naonal anthem, and the ag, as well as their separaon from the Netherlands Anlles. This day is all about patriosm and embracing the island’s culture with folkloric events, music, and reworks. As many stands will be selling t-shirts and accessories showcasing the Aruban ag, tradional food will also be sold such as Cabrito Stoba (Goat stew) with a side of funchi, pan ba, and more.Easter - April Easter is a very acve celebraon in Aruba as kids have a week of vacaon from school and parents take the opportunity to organize beach days and camping trips with their loved ones. Some will even spend the week on their boats to make the most out of it. On Easter day itself, families join in on many acvies such as easter egg hunng, breakfast and brunch, and BBQ get-togethers.The Caribbean islands are known for their fesve cultures but wait unl you visit Aruba! This one happy island has many reasons to have a good me all year round and invites anybody who wants to share this joyful vibe to be part of the fesvies by dancing, joining in dierent acvies, and indulging in tasty local food. Are you ready to embrace the local celebraons, eat, and party like Arubans?

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125King’s Day - April 27th On this day, the streets of Oranjestad are packed with people dressed in orange waving the Netherlands’ ag. While honoring King Willem-Alexander’s birthday, many family-oriented acvies are organized such as a parade, kite ying, ea markets, and musical concerts. It is also the perfect day to treat yourself to tradional Dutch food such as orange tompouce, French fries served with “friet saus”, frikandel, bierballen and delicious poertjes!“Dia di San Juan/Dera Gai”Day of San Juan, June 24thThe purpose of this fesvity is to be thankful to God for the good harvest and ask for his blessing for the coming year. While women are wearing long tradional dresses, the red and yellow colors are proudly worn by everyone. Music and dances are at the center of the celebraons characterized by drums while re is also important as it is meant to scare bad luck resulng in a good harvest the next year.“Sinterklaas” Saint Nicholas, December 5thYou can recognize Sinterklaas by his long white beard and red bishop's dress carrying a big book with all the children's names. Along with his “Piet’s” Sinterklaas is welcomed every year by the Aruban children and songs are played everywhere in both Dutch and Papiamento. While kids put a leer they wrote, carrots, hay, or sugar cubes in their shoes as a gi to this legendary gure, he delivers gis to the ones that are well behaved. Candy, chocolate leers, and coins as well as ‘pepernoten’ are indulged on this celebraon.ChristmasDecember 25th and 26th Many tradions are followed during this holiday such as aending the church mass on Christmas Eve, hosng a tradional dinner, opening gis on Christmas morning, driving around to observe the decorated houses, and shopping on boxing day. Christmas also comes with feasng on a lot of food and listening to ‘gaita’ music. Ham, ayaca, arros con pollo, and stued turkey will surely be served for dinner while deviled eggs, cheese balls, croquees, pastechi’s, and meatballs are also popular snacks. With a glass of Ponche Crema in one hand, pistachio cake and “bolo preto” cake is a must.New Year’s Eve and Day December 31st and January 1st As locals, restaurants, and hotels throw their own rework show, beauful illuminaons take over the sky all night long with Dande music playing in the background. Long strings of Chinese recrackers locally known as pagara are also lit up in the parking lot of businesses to fend o evil spirits for the coming year. During these fesvies, locals sell delicious ‘oliebollen’, a well-known Dutch treat smothered with sugar powder. Finally, to wrap up the celebraon, on the 1st of January, people of all ages gather together at Moomba Beach to take their rst plunge of the year into the ocean.•

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128 Seeking Unique Sweetsby Susan CampbellGOURMET

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129The Dutch Pancake HouseAuthenc Aruban desserts and variaons on them are well worth discovering. Allow us to help you seek out the best unique delights to sweeten your holiday.Custard creationsWhen it comes to desserts, Arubans are parcularly paral to custards and puddings, oen made with coconut, pineapple, or papaya. Many dessert recipes are closely guarded secrets handed down from generaon to generaon like kesio, a rich crème caramel-type custard tradionally taught to young girls by their mothers. You’ll nd it all over the island. Have your cake and eat it, tooBolos (cakes) are very popular for dessert; especially cashew nut cake (kashupete). Taste My Aruba downtown always has homemade kashupete. Bolo di glas is another interesng local cake with colored gelan that makes it look like stained glass. You also sample many dierent local bolos by the slice like that one at Piece of Cake Dessert Truck. Adding spirits in desserts is also big. Bolo borracho is laced with a staggering amount of alcohol, and bolo preto (black cake) is another liquor-laden creaon featuring dried fruits soaked in spirits for months. For a dierent way to get the double pleasure punch of sweetness and spirits together, nd Drunk’s Denial in the courtyard of Paseo Herencia for alcohol-infused gourmet baked goods. You choose your spirit, and they will inject mini-Bundt cakes with exoc liqueur syrups like tequila-chili-honey right on the spot. Pistachio cake is another local favourite. Here they add their own twist by infusing it with rum and amareo, and their chocolate red wine cake is also a hit. Or try their decadent ‘drunken fruits’ to top crepes, wae bowls, ice cream, and frozen yogurt there. Full-size ‘drunken cakes’ for special occasions are also available. Candy is dandy & cool treatsKos dushi is locally made candy, you’ll nd them in the tokos (corner stores). Try dushi di tamarind, a sweet and sour candy ball, or chupa bebes – homemade lollipops as a fun way to get your sugar x. Or crunch into cocada – brightly colored coconut candy and look for brightly colored meringue kisses called sunchis. For cool creamy treats, the Buery Farm’s Nectar Café now has homemade coconut ice cream and fun avors of homemade popsicles like kiwi-watermelon. And they have homemade baked goods, too.Dutch delights Many tradional treats from the Netherlands are baked into Aruba’s culinary culture like Dutch-style pancakes. You’ll nd over 20 variees at The Dutch Pancake House. They also have puy lile baby pancakes called poertjes topped with syrups and icing sugar. GOURMET

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130  Poertjes are also being made at the dessert truck    across the street from the Hilton and at their downtown locaon ArubaMade complex across from the cruise terminal. They also have homemade stroopwafels, thin wae cookies glued together by caramel syrup, another Dutch treat. And Quinta del Carmen has a decadent stroopwafel parfait on their menu. If you’re here during the winter holidays, seek out the seasonal oliebollen, Dutch style doughnut holes stued with raisins and currents. Addicve! • Have a swt stay!GOURMETPofferdorieTickle your tastebuds with our arsanal prepared sweet treats! Made right in front of you on a special solid copper cooking plate, Poertjes are tradional Dutch mini pancakes served with melted buer and powdered sugar. They can also be enjoyed with a multude of delicious toppings. It’s an easy and convenient snack to grab and go and sasfy your sweet tooth. Find us in front of the Hilton Resort and at Aruba Made in Oranjestad!erdorie+297 735-2044PoerdorieDrunk’s Denial

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132 Papillon Restaurant located at The Village in Palm Beach, across the Hilton Resort & Casino, and within walking distance of all other major hotels, invites you to join them on a culinary journey and experience tradional French cuisine with a daring Caribbean air. Papillon’s menu consists of classic French dishes with a local twist and is perfected with seasonal highlights throughout the year such as White Asparagus, Fresh Dutch Mussels and Oysters, and Game during the season. Papillon can be summed up as a romanc, cozy, casual-elegant restaurant with excellent service, amazing food, and a wonderful atmosphere. It’s a favorite choice for return visitors to Aruba. Quality and Papillon Restaurant have been synonymous for more than 10 years!For anyone unfamiliar with Papillon and its concept, the restaurant is named aer one of the most famous prisoners in the world Henri Charrière (portrayed by Steve McQueen in the famous 1973 movie by the same name), who was nicknamed “Papillon” because of the buery taoo on his chest. The theme of the restaurant is in the details, and the aambiance is perfectly executed in the interior design. And people-watching has never been more delighul than from the spacious outside terrace. While guests enjoy the surroundings, European and Caribbean inuenced chefs to take the lead in the kitchen cooking skillfully to create palees reminiscent of colorful restaurants on the French Riviera. The new menu, full of mouth-watering plates, has a sharp focus on fresh ingredients, local produce, and locally caught sh resulng in natural avors that are outstandingly good. In addion to the extensive menu of both classic and modern-infused dinner opons, Papillon Restaurant is now also accommodang vegans. Together with Meredith Marin from Vegan Aruba, Papillon oers classic dishes with a vegan approach to cater to everyone’s tastes and wishes.No meal is complete without a wide variety of wine pairing opons. Guests can choose from the extensive list of wines from all over the world such as the famous French Margaux and Pomerol or delicious Italian and celebrated North- and South-American wines. •Papillon Restaurant’s team invites you to celebrate life, great food, and great mes at their French-Caribbean home! Papillon RestaurantGOURMET

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133ADD PAPILLON

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134 Aruba for Loversby Susan Campbell This island is truly a couple’s paradise that oers far more than those romanc walks along beauful beaches for those seeking to spark up or enhance a relaonship. There are a host of ways to turn up the heat here, so, let’s look at some pasmes ideally designed for two.Passions on the BeachGOURMETFor sea and sunset lovers Of course, aer an idyllic beach day, sharing a spectacular sunset over the sea is a perfect romanc pasme. How about from a rooop innity pool perch to add to the enchantment? Sunset Bistro atop Radisson Blu is the spot for that. And Hilton’s aptly named Sunset Grille also aords an excellent elevated Palm Beach sundown view.Casa Nonna at the Ritz-Carlton is another superb sunset watching spot if you book a table outside, enjoy repits later and so live music while dining on amorous Italian fare. Or take in the sunset framed by the famous Fofo trees on Eagle Beach and then snag a table for two by ki torchlight for toes-in-the-sand dining at Passions on the Beach right beside them. Another spot for playing footsie under the table in the sand is Barefoot, where the backdrop of sparkling lights of cruise ships on the water add to the romanc sunset aura. Another locaon conducive to romance is atop the California Lighthouse in a private cubicle for two where you can book a catered dinner with a spectacular view. The lovely poolside garden grounds at Papiamento Restaurant also invite couples to reect in each other’s glory while dining in style. Steam up the night further by ordering their famous plates of hot stone specials served sll sizzling at your table. You’ll also nd a sizzling delight at Zucchini Restaurant Aruba where they showcase a love for ne Mediterranean food and serve a fabulous aming cheese wheel pasta designed for two. And if French is the language of love, you and your signicant other will adore the steamy French/Caribbean fusion fare and vibe at Papillon Restaurant.Sunset Grille

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135GOURMETFornefoodloversThere is no dearth of spots for great gourmet fare here, but some locaons are more conducive to couple canoodling than others like Quinta del Carmen’s tapas and cocktail garden that exudes romance. The beaufully landscaped main lawn of the century-old estate-style mansion restaurant has been devoted to unique bites and creave cra libaons surrounded by brilliant blooms, and twinkling fairy lights. Choose a private table in a quiet corner and choose from an eclecc selecon of arully presented dishes. Pair succulent shareables with exoc drinks like a Watermelon Caipiroska or their signature Quinta’s Orange Cosmo, and you can also order ne wines by the glass. You’re bound to feel a closer connecon as you feed each other delighul nibbles there. Finish up with a Chocolate or Espresso Marni, or perhaps their signature Keoke Coee before you head out into an electric tropical night. Your garden visit will also give you a chance to preview their main dining menu and see what kind of special evening you can enjoy in the courtyard dining area another me which can be very romanc in its own right, too. Quinta del carmen

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136 GOURMETBut wherever you dine, if you don’t see Aruba Heat hot sauces on the table, ask for them! They really spice up your experience and are made from locally grown Madame Jeanee peppers- named aer a very “hot” woman from Surinam.Or if you’d like to carve out your own secluded corner to enjoy gourmet fare in total solitude, head to Ling & Sons Food Market and pack up some prime choices for picnic fare, grab a blanket, and head to the wild, rugged north coast beaches like Dos Playa for scenes right out of a bodice-ripper novel. For nightlife loversIf cuddling in the dark to watch a rst-run movie is your idea of date night, check out the new Gloria IMAX complex on Eagle Beach for VIP seang and stellar light and sound experiences. But every night can be date night on this island, re up the mood for a night out on the town with fancy cocktails at the Divi Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton Aruba, or Hilton’s Miro Solo Lobby Bar. Then, trip the light fantasc along the Palm Beach Strip and stop wherever the mood and music move you. Go clubbing late-night at The Oce or go alfresco dancing downtown at spots like Cuba’s Cookin’ (sultry live Lanmusic) or sleuth out a secret escape called Amante (which means lover) for Spanish tapas paired with cra cocktails serenaded by live romanc music. Late-night date nights can also include seducing Lady Luck with your partner in the glitzy casinos all over the island; the power of two just might increase your good fortune! For activity loversIf you and your mate love to get physical, the opons here are legion for geng the heart pumping ensemble. But if too much acvity takes a toll on your body, you can receive the best relief in a romanc way here, too. How about a beachfront couple’s massage at Hilton’s- Eforea Spa and Vivant Spas also have couples’ packages including stress release facials, and aer-sun aloe wrap treatments. And if you’ve really overdone it on the muscle strain front, the Clinical Massage Spa in Casa del Mar has in-depth treatments you can also enjoy together.And there's a good reason why Aruba is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean for proposals, desnaon weddings, vow renewals, and anniversary celebraons, too! It truly is a lovers’ paradise. •Enjoy!Renaissance

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140 GOURMETMeet the MastersBy Susan CampbellGet to know some of Aruba’s most sparkling hospitality stars that bring you the absolute best in ne fare, creave libaons, and stellar service.Aruba’s food and beverage professionals are an eclecc collecon of dedicated professionals striving to be the best at their cra and always seeking new ways to improve the overall experience. The hospitality industry here is a close-knit collecve of creave individuals who are eager to share best pracces with their colleagues and learn from each other’s successes. They bring a wealth of culinary knowledge, operaonal eciency, conceptual savvy, and top-notch service styles gleaned from top spots the world over. Whether they are working for a well-known brand resort, a trendy upscale stand-alone establishment, an inving family-style retreat, or they have realized their own unique vision of what they think visitors and locals alike will truly appreciate in the food and drink arena, the one thing these true masters all have in common is a passion for excellence. And they all adore what they do. So, let’s meet a few of this island’s hospitality rock stars who are always at your service…Scan for video

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141GOURMETSpecialty Sommelier and Manager Papillon Restaurant & Chefs GardenOriginally from the Netherlands where he aended the University of Hospitality, Michael has garnered mulple diplomas in the food and beverage industry over the years. He also has in-depth sommelier knowledge and barista skills, and he had regularly served the Dutch Royal Family. He moved to Aruba and began working at Papillon Restaurant six years ago where his special talents are highly appreciated. He is also in charge of their new special pop-up restaurant called Chef’s Garden –an inmate small group experience held in a secret locaon every Wednesday. Making his guests feel special, royalty or not, is his constant goal, and he succeeds very well. He also loves to share his knowledge of wines with guests and Papillon has an incredible wine cellar.www.papillonaruba.comAdrian MoruaGeneral Manager The Originally from Costa Rica, Adrian packed up his master’s degree in hospitality management with a Le Cordon Bleu Diploma aer working top spots there to gain more invaluable experience in many dierent countries including Spain and Panama before landing in Aruba two years ago. Today, he is General Manager of operaons at Beach House,  , and The  - sister establishments all under the same roof. Having hands-on experience in everything from dishwashing, serving, bartending, cooking, and hosng, has made him an invaluable addion to the enterprise, especially on the training front. His boundless energy and enthusiasm are hard to miss as he personally oversees all operaons. And though each day can bring dierent challenges, he always relishes the opportunity to nd creave soluons.

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142 Sander van Kints & Pablo AquirreChefs The Kitchen ArubaAer studying culinary arts in the Netherlands, Sander moved to Aruba in 1988 and worked in legendary top restaurants. But he wanted his own space to realize his own culinary concept. So, he designed The Kitchen with his own two hands with a vision to open a massive unique buet that oers a large variety of fresh, healthy food made from scratch, all sold by weight, so you only pay for what’s on your plate. He also enlisted Chef Pablo from Cali, Colombia to see his dream come to fruion, and together they launched this now hugely popular local lunch spot incorporang European techniques and avors from South America and the Caribbean. Also open for dinner with a personal table-top buet concept, too. Jordie KlompChef Quinta del CarmenWhen Jordie Klomp was young, he felt that being color-blind might limit his opons career-wise. But his Indonesian mother was a fabulous cook, so he began experimenng in the kitchen with her and soon found he had a talent for cooking. He then dove into nishing his 4-year culinary school in only two years! He trained at many dierent restaurants around the world but then answered the call from his sister to move to Aruba where she was working at Barefoot. When the Barefoot owners opened their new restaurant Quinta del Carmen, Jordie put his talents to work in the new kitchen. Now a celebrated chef there, he connues to bring his colorful avor fusions and playful style to their menu and specials. www.quintadelcarmen.comGOURMET

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143Urvin CroesChef & EntertainmentAruban born Master Chef Urvin Croes is creang a foodie empire on this island. Aer honing his skills at Aruba’s top spots, he went to Europe to intern in Michelin-star establishments. He returned with a new passion for experimentaon and modern cuisines and began opening his own signature establishments. His most recent endeavors under Déjà Vu Gourmet & Entertainment umbrella are  – a sophiscated foodie adventure via an inmate chef’s table experience, and two Po-Ké Ono outlets which oer a playful take on bowls, baos, and sushi. He’s oen called upon to be a traveling culinary ambassador for Aruba, and he’s very excited to invite many top Caribbean chefs from other islands to come and guest host in their own style at Inni this year, too. • Bartender Originally from Grenada, Wilma started her career 1999 with Marrio in Aruba, where she quickly made a name for herself due to her sunny personality and excellent bar skills. Beyond shaking up the classics, she likes to shake it creavely by craing her own recipes such as her delicious signature cocktail “The Slippery Monkey”. Wilma says the favorite part of her profession is not only mixing up great drinks but also mixing it up with her patrons, many of them are long-me repeat visitors, and many have embraced her like family. In fact, Wilma received over 600 guest menons in the ocial Marrio Vacaon Club program “Way To Go”, giving her the opportunity to y to New York to personally receive her Diamond Level award.GOURMET

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144 ADVERTCUBAS COOK'N

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145ADVERTCUBAS COOK'N

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146 RED FISH Reservations: +297 280-6666 At Red Fish, you can taste what it’s like to ‘eat local’. They serve the highest quality seafood at an aordable price. Enjoy the warmth of Aruba’s local tradional dishes and relaxed atmosphere. With an authenc Aruban feel to the restaurant, Red Fish is a true representaon of local and Caribbean avors. Serving only the freshest catch, their easy going, casual seng allows tourists the opportunity to experience authenc local cuisine.DRUNK’SDENIAL Reservations: +297 594-3222Drunk’s Denial is Aruba’s only café specializing in alcohol-infused gourmet like French crêpes, drunken fruits, coees, ice creams and their popular signature drunken cakes created by local celebrity baker.Find them at the giant black and white cupcake at the Paseo Herencia Mall and enjoy a picture-perfect moment. DRIFTWOOD  Driwood Restaurant rst opened its doors in 1986 and have been serving the freshest seafood from the Caribbean Sea ever since. They are one of the most renowned local seafood restaurants in Aruba, oering you the best dining experiences. Specializing in Aruban-style seafood dishes, their menu is chosen to match the great taste of their customers. Located in the heart of Oranjestad, Driwood welcomes you to explore their unparalleled delicacies and richest avors.SUNSET GRILLE RESTAURANT   Enjoy an unforgeable dining experience nestled atop waterfalls and gardens with stunning sunset views at Sunset Grille. This modern steakhouse oers breathtaking views and avors to match, with a variety of prime-aged steaks, chops, and a selecon of locally caught sh and seafood. Open 5:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m. daily. Aruba EatsCozy restaurants and rst-class cafés...

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147GOURMETPASSIONS ON THE BEACH This Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort romanc dining experience on Eagle Beach is a fan favorite across the island. Passions on the Beach is the perfect locaon to enjoy dining while barefoot, listening to the calming sounds of the ocean and live instrumentals, basking in the so light from ki torches and sipping a glass of wine as the sun sets and the moon rises. This toes-in-the-sand oasis will make you never want to leave the One happy island. For reservaons, please visit Opentable via or call us at +297 527 1118. NOORI AT THE LOBBY LOUNGE caribbean/aruba/dining Reservations: +297 527-2222 The perfect place to sit back, relax and indulge in a selecon of signature handcraed cocktails while admiring the spectacular backdrop of the Caribbean Sea. Discover the art of sushi while indulging in the newest culinary creaons - Noori. Savor a selecon of the nest-grade sushi and sashimi featuring locally sourced ingredients with an original Caribbean twist.CAFÉ & RESTAURANT BINGO  Proud to serve great food at a reasonable price, for over 18 years. Friendly service and family-oriented. Bingo has an extensive menu and daily specials for all palates, budgets, ages and diets, and you can choose the poron size to match your appete. Discover for yourself why the Bingo moo holds true: come as a guest, leave as a friend! Delivery service available.BLT STEAK caribbean/aruba/dining/blt-steak Reservations: +297 527-2222 BLT Steak is a modern interpretaon of the American Steakhouse. A combinaon of bistro ambiance along with steakhouse fare featuring selected steak cuts, a lavish selecon of fresh seafood and fullling side dishes. Fill your evenings at the vibrant bar and lounge area highlighng curated cocktails, cra beer, and a sapid wine list. Savor into the weekly blackboards specials highlighng seasonal avors with local ingredients for the ulmate dining experience.

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148 SIZZLE Reservations: +297 523-6853Home of the best signature burgers on the island, Sizzle invites you to come and experience what the locals are raving about! Enjoy delicious food and great service from their amazing sta. The cozy atmosphere they strive for at Sizzle will surely make you feel at home. Sizzle serves daily lunch and dinner, and welcomes you to try their mouth-watering breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays. Experience Aruban hospitality at its nest!CUBA’SCOOKIN’ Reservations: +297 588-0627Get a real feel for Cuba, circa 1959 -no passport required! Feast on gunuine Cuban favorites - ropa vieja, palomilla steak, & shrimp enchilada. Savor Aruba’s best mojitos ‘’In the Universe’’ made with genuine seven-year-old Cuban rum as well as 100% café Cubano. Kid-friendly but also a great spot to dance to live Cuban music nightly starng 6:30 p.m. Menu includes gluten-free and vegan opons. Open for lunch 11:30 - 4 p.m; dinner 5 p.m. - 11 p.m. Happy Hour 4 - 7 p.m. Located downtown at Renaissance Marketplace.OLIVE GARDEN Reservations: +297 523-6888Bringing the well-known casual dining restaurant chain and Italian generosity to Aruba. Olive Garden is best known for our family style dining and fresh Italian food. At Olive Garden, we understand that everyone is happiest when they’re surrounded by family, so we invite you to come experience what it’s like to be a part of our family. With freshly baked bread scks, homemade soups and our famous garden salad, Olive Garden has something for everyone!P.F.CHANG’S Reservations: +297 523-6832Enjoy the best Asian Cuisine on Aruba at Pf Chang’s. They are conveniently located near Eagle Beach, and oer not only in-house dining, but delivery, curbside pickup and takeout as well. Their concept is founded on making food from scratch every day! Enjoy your next meal in a modern dining area or enjoy your favorite avors from the comfort of your own space. Visit our website to order or make a reservaon now!Aruba EatsCozy restaurants and rst-class cafés...

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149ANTILLA BEACH BAR     Reservations: +297 586-9000Serving specialty smoothies and cocktail favorites, Anlla Beach Bar’s ocean-front seng is sure to enhance that “I’m on vacaon” feeling. Kick back and relax while sipping on your favorite morning refresher or take advantage of our daily happy hour. Delight in our specialty tapas and/or a delicious charcuterie board. Plan your visit around the late aernoon and enjoy one of Aruba’s gorgeous sunsets. Anlla Beach Bar is open daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.DA VINCI RISTORANTE dining/da-vinci-ristorante Reservations: +297 526-3432 Indulge an upscale dining opon at Da Vinci Ristorante oering an incredible rusc chic atmosphere that is perfect for a romanc dinner, inmate celebraon, and any other special occasion you’re planning to enjoy in an unforgeable night in Happy Aruba. Da Vinci Ristorante oers a delicious menu of anpasto plaers, pastas, meat cuts, sh dishes, and more delectable opons. Aer dinner, let us dazzle you with one of our carefully craed desserts!MALMOK BAR & GRILL   Reservations: +297 520-6843Take in stunning beachfront views at Malmok Bar & Grill while enjoying a relaxing outdoor atmosphere. Treat yourself to authenc Aruban avors and try our delicious breakfast items, or indulge in grilled seafood dishes for lunch and dinner. Finish o your meal with a spectacular dessert and soak in the mesmerizing views of beauful Palm Beach. Located at the Marrio Aruba Ocean Club, Malmok is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.SEA BREEZE RESTAURANT & BAR dining/sea-breeze-restaurant-and-bar Reservations: +297 526-3432 Sea Breeze Restaurant & Bar invites you to enjoy exquisitely prepared items including delicious steak cuts, fresh seafood, tasty salads, vegan burgers, charred octopus and more. Match up your selecon with made to order cocktails with your favorite ingredients. All these served with the Caribbean air in an outdoor seng either on deck or right in the sand with a perfect beach front view and sunset scene, perfect for families, groups, or couples.

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150 

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152 People well-mastered behind the pine in the Caribbean are always seeking the latest in cocktail and drink chemistry opons and incarnaons. It’s a highly compeve industry out to promote whatever is new under the sun beyond mainstay tropical drinks like Pina Coladas. (Though that creamy classic will never go out of style for those seeking the ulmate refreshment to enjoy on a tropical beach.) But today’s cocktail consumers have never been more knowledgeable about drink creaon, and creave presentaon has never been in more demand. Fortunately, Aruba’s barkeeps have been proving up to the task the past few years, and you’re bound to be blown away by many of their original recipes and surprisingly stellar mixology skills.Raising the bar on presentation…Flaming drinks and sparkler-topped shots have been around for a while, but today’s biggest trend is now smoking cocktails. Bartenders are equipped with more tools of the trade than ever before like glass bell smokers, lile torches, hickory wood chips, dry ice, surgical-style tweezers, and pharmaceucal-type muddlers to cra-up increasingly complex sensaons. And smoking a cocktail can really add depth to a drink. (It also looks cool!) Traveling cocktail carts are also trending in top dining spots. The bartender brings the whole process tableside or oers to make a cra cocktail right where you sit with your ingredients of choice or choice of avor proles.Cocktail Culture Revolutionby Susan CampbellNIGHTBEATAruba might be famous for its “Aruba Ariba” cocktail, using ingredients indigenous to the island, but rest assured, the barkeeps here are also crushing the curve on new libaon trends and mixology magic.Driwood

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153And somemes it’s not as much as what goes into a drink as what it comes in that has it stand out from the rest. Playful presentaons of drinks abound in many of Aruba’s establishments. Don’t be surprised to encounter cocktails like an Aperol Spritz that arrives in a compostable plasc baggie with a bamboo straw and a rubber ducky oang within it. That’s fun. Or how about props like a glass skull container with a smoking head or a lile plasc bathtub as your cocktail vessel? All are to be found here.Original recipes & organic ingredientsThe focus on using few pre-mixes and sourcing locally for garnishes and avorings has also become important in the industry. You’ll nd many spots growing their own herbs and produce to use in their drinks, and bartenders striving to come up with their own homemade syrups using ingredients nave to the island. Cocktails made with aloe and cactus and local avors like tamarind, soursop, and passionfruit are popular here, as is using the island’s famous hot sauce and hot peppers to spice up a drink. And eco-awareness is also a consideraon in creaon and presentaon. Plasc swizzles have been replaced with items like rosemary sprigs and pineapple spears for srring, and paper straws are the only kind allowed on this island now, too. You’ll also nd more food in your glass these days like Bloody Marys that are more like a meal, garnished with everything from bacon strips to local shrimp, and build-your-own Bloody Caesar bars are oen overowing with an incredible choice of fare. And ki drinks overladen with fruit are also making a comeback. Bruo

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154 Sharing and pairing is bigTypically, pairing wine by the glass with gourmet bites has been the pracce in most restaurants and chef’s tables, but now cocktail pairing is becoming all the rage. And arsan beers by the glass are also on tap for tapas pairing. And sharing is trending big me at many top spots. You’ll nd oversized cocktails designed to share with anywhere from two-to-six people, as well as big buckets of “Beer-a-ritas”- boles of cold beer, served upside-down in a frozen Margarita- topping many beach bar table tops. Everything old is new again …with a twist!Reimagining classic cocktails like marnis, mojitos, daiquiris, sours, and the like, have Aruba’s bartenders on full throle for tapping their creavity for inspiraon, too. Expect exoc addions or twists like true oil, lavender biers, or edible glier to be popping up in your drink here now. And inspiraon is also gleaned from bartending compeons held on this island, the professionals love to learn from each other, and then take it to the next level. And the biggest winners of these compeons are always the patrons who get to sample the best. Cheers! • The Aruba Ariba SecretThis island's most famous cocktail uses a secret ingredient that can only be found here. It’s called Coecoei, a thick, licorice- tasng red local liqueur made from the sap of the agave plant and mixed with rum and cane sugar. But thankfully, you can purchase it pre-boled here to try and make Aruba’s delicious signature drink at home. Capture QR code here for full recipe.NIGHTBEATHorizons Amsterdam Manor Quinta Del Carmen

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156 “They gambled in the Garden of Eden, and they will again if there’s another one,” said Richard Albert Caneld a century ago. It turns out the resort-casino developer and so-called Prince of Gamblers wasn’t exaggerang that much. Games of chance have been played for at least 4,000 years, since the days of the ancient Chinese, Greek, Roman, and other civilizaons. The Great Pyramid of Cheops even includes a tablet telling how Thoth, the god of night, gambled with the moon to win an extra ve days for the Egypan calendar of 360 days. The six-sided dice was known in Mesopotamia, while a Chinese emperor’s harem is held responsible for the invenon of playing cards, during the Middle Ages. NIGHTBEATCasanovas, Kings, and Casinosby Richard Andrews

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157However, permanent gambling venues date back only to 17th century Venice, with the opening of Il Ridoo, recognized as the world’s rst state-sanconed casino. (The word casino, meaning small villa or country house, is also Italian.) Il Ridoo was frequented by Giacomo Casanova, the infamous Venean lover, as a venue for his irng, gambling, and occasional duels, when he thought he’d been cheated. “I loved to spend,” he wrote. “And my heart bled when I could not do it with money won at cards.”Counting cardsThen, as now, gamblers searched for a “system” to beat the house and recruited the help of leading mathemacians such as Galileo Galilei, Blaise Pascal, and Pierre de Fermat, the inventor of calculus. Demand grew at all levels of society for opportunies to test the odds and gambling became widely fashionable. Henry VIII enjoyed three-card brag, a forerunner of poker, while in France, Emperor Napoleon popularized vingt-et-un, or what we know as blackjack. By the late 18th century Monte Carlo had established its reputaon as the main center of Europe’s casino gambling.Casinos spread globallyCasino games gained notoriety when they migrated from Europe to the saloons and gambling halls of America. The Wild West lived up to its name with professional gamblers who risked lynching if they were caught cheang, while shootouts over card games were not uncommon. Various an-gaming laws were introduced during the 19th century unl 1931 when gambling was legalized in Nevada. As a result, Las Vegas ourished as a colorful gambling playground and opened the way for casinos in other American states. Today, casinos are legal in many countries, from Spain and the Philippines to Australia and even China. Although gambling was outlawed aer the 1948 communist revoluon, Beijing made an excepon in 1997, when it took over the former Portuguese colony of Macau. Designated the gambling capital of the world, its casino revenues have overtaken the Las Vegas Strip since 2007.Join the funOen called the Las Vegas of the Caribbean, Aruba has its own special place in the world of gambling. The island is the home of Caribbean stud poker and hosts a range of internaonal poker tournaments. World-standard casinos add tropical spice to the island’s nightlife and oer visitors a friendly, laid-back atmosphere aer a day of sea and sun. Whether it’s the glitz of the slots, the roll of the dice, or the spin of the roulee wheel, both veteran gamblers and casual players are assured of an excing me.•

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158 

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160 NIGHTBEATAruba’s bar and club culture is dynamic and diverse, and you need not wait for the sun to set to embrace the party spirit. Follow our lead to nd all the acon - day and nightPalm Beach: something for every party styleMost Palm Beach resorts have their own happy-hour acon, but if you want to snag the ideal spot to catch the sunset with celebratory cocktails before changing out of your bathing suit, head to either Malmok Bar & Grill or , both Marrio spots provide an excellent sundown view.Seeking a more sophiscated style to slip into the evening? There are cool and classy lounges to enjoy cocktails made with top shelf spirits like Absolut vodka and its new rainbow of exoc avors. You’ll nd this elevated vibe at Ritz-Carlton Aruba’s Divi Lounge, also an ideal place to catch the sunset from their seafront terrace. Another elevated alfresco spot is Mira Solo Bar at the Hilton Aruba, a superb oasis to mingle over a bole of ice-cold La Marca Prosecco before hing the casinos. Now it’s me to hit “The Strip” across from the high-rise resorts for electric nights! Begin at The Cove Mall- a complex of trendy spots, then head to the only rooop innity pool bar on the island right behind it. Sunset Bistro atop Radisson Blu is the new hot spot for cocktails and bole service, DJ entertainment, and incredible views around a spectacular pool and cabana seng.Across the street is Paseo Herencia for magical light and water shows, and the latest hotspot to open there for party me in Flamingo’s Bar. It’s impossible to miss in all its pink glory full of happy dancing people enjoying fun and fancy drinks. But you might miss Drunk’s Denial there if you don’t look for the big black and white cupcake shaped stand. It would be a shame not to try their unique Bundt cakes infused with the fusion liqueur of your choice!Where’s the Party?by Susan CampbellLees blog in NederlandsThe Oce The Oce

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161Further down the strip you’ll nd all kinds of nightlife side by side, take a detour into Papillon Restaurant’s lovely lounge for one of their signature French marnis and live music to refuel for your barhopping journey. Also look for an inving palapa entrance walkway to nd Bohemian Bar & Restaurant for unique musical experiences, cocktails, and bites. (Visit Liv Casino while there to try your luck.)But you’ll have to veer o the strip to nd this trio of hidden gems launched by CMFood Company. The complex includes House for exoc cocktails, gourmet bites, and DJ-driven mood music,   for hot brick oven pizza and cold beer, and The  which is becoming the island’s newest hot late-night dance emporium. All in one spot! Also o the strip is Bingo Cafe Restaurant where the local dutch expats gather around the bar for authenc Dutch snacks, sports watching camaraderie, and lots of creave cocktails beyond ice cold beer. They also serve dinner. And it’s well worth the trip to nd Quinta del Carmen’s massive and magnicent outdoor tapas and cocktail garden out in Noord for a very special evening out. Eagle Beach: an eclectic selection of hot spotsThough the Eagle Beach area is more laid-back than the strip, the courtyard around the famous red windmill behind Eagle Beach has also begun oering some nightlife, seekout the new Rich's Arubian Dish & Caribbean Delight for sports on the big screens, authenc island fare, lively happy hours, and somemes karaoke! Happy hours are also lively at the newly renovated Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort’s Horizons Pool Bar, and if you pull up a stool at their Passions Beach Bar you’ll be treated to a sunset view over the sea framed by the famous fofo trees. And Divi’s Beach Bar Aruba on Druif Beach is also fun for happy-hour sunsets and pelican watching. Later, you’ll nd live music at Alhambra Mall’s collecon of establishments like Fusions Wine & Piano Bar. But downtown Oranjestad has recently become THE place to be for a bevy of aer dark delights.Oranjestad dazzles after darkFollow your ears behind the Royal Plaza Mall for  in a monumental mansion and the biggest outdoor dance venue on the island. Great shareable and cra cocktails abound, and though you never know what theme night you might happen upon there, you can always be sure you’ll end up dancing. PapillonPo-Ké Ono

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162 NIGHTBEATMIRA SOLO LOBBY BAR Sip a cocktail and relax in this vibrant open-air bar and lounge with nightly live entertainment and happy hour specials to unplug or disconnect. Overlook the cascading waterfalls with spectacular sunset views of Palm Beach. Located at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino. HOURS• Daily: 12 noon – 12 midnight• Live Music: 7:00pm – 10:00pm• Dinner: 5:30pm – 10:30pm• Happy Hour: 5:00pm – 6:00pmThen there’s Hoya Lush, a lovely oasis for arsan mojitos in Plaza Daniel Leo. Then sleuth out Apotek Speakeasy for award-winning handcraed cocktails in a superb clandesne seng nearby. New to the scene in the backstreets is the Taste My Aruba complex that’s much more than a restaurant. Inside you’ll nd a replica of an authenc Irish pub (Kildare’s) and a separate Spanish style tapas bar with music called Amante. Live music is also oen on tap there. Also big on live music is , a down to earth rocking pub owned by ex-pat Canadians. (Look for the big Canadian ag out front!)Around the marina, you’ll nd Eetcafé The Paddock, a legendary rowdy watering hole frequented by Dutch expats. But it’s Renaissance Marketplace’s huge outdoor mall there where you’ll nd lots more nightlife. Start early at Casa Tua for a unique daily “Aperivo” happy hour with drink and food specials. Later, enjoy live Lan music, dancing, and the best mojitos in town at Cuba’s Cookin’. And for awesome creave ki cocktails and Asian tapas don’t miss Po-Ké Ono there. And Renaissance’s glitzy Wind Creek Crystal Casino and Wind Creek Seaport Casino downtown can help you keep the party going well into the wee hours! Downtown rocks! Take the party on the road!Hop aboard one of Kookoo Kunuku’s epic red party buses for a range of fun tours. Beyond their legendary Pub Krawl they also oer a Dinner & Nightlife tour, a Happy Hour tour, and a Wine & Tapas experience that includes a professional sommelier on board. •Chrs!Cuba's Cookin'

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164 Emergency NumbersAmbulance ..................................................................911Denst ...............................................................582-9900Dr. Horacio Oduber Hospital .............................527-4000Fire Department .........................................................911Police ...............................................................911 or 100Urgent Care ArubaImmediate Medical Assistance for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries,Noord 63,Phone: .....................................................(+297) 5860448WhatsApp: ..............................................(+297) 5975549Email: Facebook, Instagram: @arubadoctor, LinkedinAirport & Airlines Aeropuerto Internacional Reina .....................................524-2424American Airlines/American Eagle ....................582-2700Aruba Airlines ....................................................583-8300Avianca................................................................582-5484Delta ..................................................................582-8111Divi Divi Air .......................................................524-2264Jet Blue ..............................................................588-5388KLM ....................................................................582-3546Surinam .............................................................582-7896TUI Airlines ........................................................582-0804United Airlines ...................................................582-9592Banking HoursWeekdays from 8 or 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. All banks remain open during lunch hours.AIB Bank N.V.Wilhelminastraat 36 ..........................................582-7327Aruba Bank N.V.Camacuri 12 ......................................................527-7777Caribbean Mercanle Bank N.V.Caya G.F. Beco Croes 53 ..................................522-3000RBC Royal BankItaliestraat 36 .....................................................523-3100BusesBuses operate daily between Oranjestad and hotels on Palm and Eagle Beaches. Inquire at your hotel for schedules.ClimateAnnual averages: temperature 82°F, rainfall 17”, watertemperature 80°F.CurrencyUS dollars or Aruban orins. One US dollar equalsbetween 1.78 and 1.8 orins.Drinking-WaterAruba’s dislled/puried seawater is very safe to drink.DrivingEuropean rules of the road and signs are used. US andinternaonal driver's licenses are valid. Urban speed limit is 30 km/h, rural speed limit is 60 km/h unless otherwise indicated. No right turns on red light. In case of accident. DON’T MOVE YOUR CAR! Nofy the police immediately by calling .ElectricityThe same as North America, 110 volts AC (60 cycles).GeographySize: 70 square miles, 19.6 miles long, six miles acrossat its widest point. Aruba’s highest elevaon is MountJamanota at 617 feet. Locaon: 2,090 miles fromNew York, 15 miles north of Venezuela.LanguagesOcial languages are Dutch and the nave languagePapiamento, but English and Spanish are widely spoken.TimeAtlanc Standard me, one hour ahead of New York except during Daylight Savings when the me is the same.ISLAND INFO Your Aruba promise … We are honored you chose to visit us (again), and we know you are awaing not only our beaches but also meeng us, the people that make our island what it is. Most importantly, we want you to feel you are coming home, and feel safe, heard and happy throughout your visit. It is so much you do or can sll do that contributes to our island. Our 'my promise' campaign is providing you with the opportunity to be part of our community and, beer yet, support, protect, preserve and advocate for the environment,wild- & marine life, as well as our cultural heritage in order to have our future generaons enjoy what we experience today. As we welcome you home we would like to remind you that, while you explore and enjoy our island, to remember the importance of our values and accordingly pracce empathy, understanding and respect for our basic do's and don'ts. A small act of kindness has so much impact here on our island. Want to learn more about how you can be part of our 'my promise' campaign? Visit: and answer that one parcular queson: what will be your promise to Aruba? When you share your promise with us, you may choose a background that best suits your personality and downloads it as a remembrance/souvenir & take part in our movement #arubapromise

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165Museums (check up-to-date opening hours)Aruba Aloe Museum & FactoryPitastraat 115, Hato ...........................................588-3222Fort Zoutman/Historical MuseumZoutmanstraat z/n .............................................588-5199Museum of IndustryBernhardstraat 164, San Nicolas .......................584-7090Naonal Archaeological Museum Aruba Schelpstraat 42 .................................................582 8979PharmaciesBenu Pharmacy (seven locaons) ...................525-2599Oduber – DowntownTrupiaal – PontonSuper Food PlazaKibrahacha – BubaliCentral – Santa CruzCentro Medico – San NicolasSan Lucas – San NicolasBoca di ServicioAt “The Cove,” across from the Holiday Inn .....586-1717Boca EaglePunta Brabo 17 ..................................................640-8443Boca Santa AnnaNoord 41-B ........................................................586-8181Post-ArubaTwo locaons: Oranjestad, San Nicolas.Religious Places of WorshipAruba oers a variety of houses of worship. For informaon on locaons and hours of services, please inquire at your hotel’s front desk.Beth Israel Synagogue , Oranjestad ..................582-3272Chabad Jewish Center , Noord...........................592-7613Cristo Rey (Catholic) , San Nicolas .....................584-7106Evangelical Church, San Nicolas ........................584-6759Holy Cross Anglican Church , San Nicolas .........584-5142Iglesia Emmanuel (Evangelical) , Oranjestad ....582-7903 Protestant Church , Oranjestad .........................582-1435TaxisThere are no meters; fares are xed and set by the government. Taxis are available for sightseeing.Digicel ....................................................525-1000TippingThe US pping custom is applicable on Aruba. Althoughmany restaurants add a service charge of 15% to the bill, this is oen shared among the service and kitchen sta as part of their salary. In this event, an addional gratuity in recognion of good service is appreciated, though not obligatory.Aruba Tourism AuthorityL.G. Smith Blvd 8, Eagle BeachTel: 582-3777www.aruba.comTrolleyA hop-on, hop-o open-air trolley operates in a loop along Caya G.F. Beco Croes (Mainstreet) in downtown Oranjestad. The terminus is near the cruise-ship terminal.ToursABC Tours ...........................................................582-5600Around Aruba Tours............................................593-5363Buery Farm & Nectar Café ............................586-3656Road signsBefore geng behind the wheel, familiarize yourself with these important road signs:Stop. Right of way ahead.Right of way road.End of right of way road.No passing.Do not enter. One way.No stopping, no parking.One way. Enter from this side only.INFOBook your tour now!

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166 Name  Tel. +297Aruba Salsa Dance Company Nieuwstraat 13, Oranjestad 593-7506Anlla Beach Bar Marrio's Aruba Ocean Club 520-6695Azia Restaurant & Lounge J.E. Irausquin Blvd 348, Palm Beach 586-0088Barefoot Restaurant L.G. Smith Boulevard 1 588-9824Bingo Cafe & Restaurant Palm Beach 6-D, Noord 586-2818Bruo Beach House J.E. Irausquin Blvd 374, Noord 280-2463Bugaloe Beach Bar J.E. Irausquin Blvd 79 586-2233Café 080 Noord 90 586-2937Café Chaos L.G. Smith Blvd 60 588-7547Charlie's Bar and Restaurant Mainstreet 56, San Nicolas 584-5086Cra J.E. Irausquin Blvd 348A 584-5086Cuba's Cookin' Renaissance Marketplace 588-0627Eetcafe The Paddock Lloyd G. Smith Blvd 13 583-2334Fireson Brewing Company J.E. Irausquin Blvd 230, Noord 561-6100Fusion Restaurant Wine & Piano Bar Alhambra Mall, J.E. Irausquin Blvd 280-9994Gloria IMAX Caya J.E.M. Arends 8, Eagle beach 523-6830Gusto Night Club Aruba The Village across from the Hilton Resort 592-5579Horizons Lounge Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort 527-1118Hoya Lush Plaza Daniel Leo, havenstraat, Oranjestad 562-3515Kukoo Kunuku Party bus w/ hotel pickup 586-2010Lucca Traoria Aruba Irausquin Boulevard 374, Local 1, Palm Beach 565-3388Mira Solo Bar Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino 526-6612Moomba Beach Bar & Restaurant J.E. Irausquin Blvd 230 586-5365Papillon Restaurant The Village, Across Hilton Resort, Palm Beach T. 586-5400Pao 15 Weststraat 15, Oranjestad 588-1515Piet's Pier Bar Hya Regency Aruba Resort Spa and Casino 586-1234Quinta del Carmen Bubali 119 587-7200Santos Coee With Soul J.E. Irausquin Blvd 51 280-0303Sizzle Dr. J.E.M. Arends 8 523-6853Sopranos Piano Bar L.G. Smith Blvd 370 586-8622South Beach Aruba Bar & Nightclub Palm Beach 55, D, Noord 737-0001The Bulldog Paseo Herencia Mall 382A 561-4770The Lazy Turtle J.E. Irausquin Blvd 382, Paseo Herencia Mall 587-1992The Lobby Restaurant & Bar Aruba Aruba Marrio Resort & stellaris Casino 520-6580The Lounge, Midnight grill Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino 523-6195The Wine Room L.G. Smith Boulevard 126 737-0019The Oce Nightclub Boulevard J.E Irausquin 374 Noord 568-1787YOLO Restaurant J.E. Irausquin Blvd 384A, The Cove Mall 280-0029Recommended Scan for more where to party

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167Casino  Tel. +297Alhambra Casino and Shops J.E. Irausquin Blvd 47 583-5000Hya Regency Casino Hya Regency Aruba Resort, Spa & Casino 586-1234Liv Casino Barceló Aruba 280-4000Orchid Casino RIU Palace Anllas Hotel 525-7777Stellaris Casino Aruba Marrio Resort & Stellaris Casino 586-9000The Casino at The Ritz-Carlton The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba 527-2222The Casino at Hilton Aruba Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino 526-6930Wind Creek Crystal Casino Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino 583-6000 ext. 6318Wind Creek Seaport Casino Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino 583-6000 ext. 6318Xanadu Casino Holiday Inn Resort Aruba 280-4400Wind Creek Casino Aruba When you're looking for acon, excitement, and never-ending fun, only one casino experience in Aruba will do! Check out Wind Creek, the only downtown casino on the island with two locaons. Conveniently located at the Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort on L.G. Smith Boulevard, you can choose from Seaport Casino, the only waterfront casino, or Crystal Casino, featuring the island’s only 24-hour table gaming. Both oer hundreds of the most popular slots, plus Blackjack, Roulee, Baccarat, Three Card Poker and, of course, Caribbean Stud Poker. So whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, give Wind Creek a try and discover the only casino in Aruba with this many ‘only!’

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168 Tel. +297RoomsRestaurant Beach Pool Tennis SpaAmsterdam Manor Beach Resort* 527-1100 72• • •Aruba Beach Club Resort* 524-3000 131• • • • •Aruba Marrio Resort & Stellaris Casino 586-9000 414• • • • •Aruba Ocean Villas** 594-1815 7• • •Barceló Aruba 586-4500 373• • • •Brickell Bay Beach Club & Spa 586-0900 98• • • •Bucu & Tara Beach Resort 583-1100 104• • • •Caribbean Palm Village Resort* 526-2700 170• • • •Casa del Mar Beach Resort* 582-7000 147• • • • •Costa Esmeralda Village** 567-5611 15•Costa Linda Beach Resort* 583-8000 157• • • • •Courtyard by Marrio Aruba Resort 526-7700 148• • • •Divi Aruba All Inclusive 525-5200 265• • • • •Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort* 586-6066 240• • • • •Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort* 523-5000 123• • • • •Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort* 523-5000 348• • • • •Dorado Eagle Beach Hotel 587-2614 10• •Eagle Aruba Resort & Casino* 587-9000 362• • • •Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino 586-6555 357• • • •Holiday Inn Resort Aruba 586-3600 590• • • • •Hya Regency Aruba Resort, Spa & Casino 586-1234 357• • • • •La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino* 520-1100 449• • • •La Quinta Beach Resort* 527-5000 54• •Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa 582-3444 72• • • •Marrio's Aruba Ocean Club* 586-9000 311• • • • •Marrio's Aruba Surf Club* 586-9000 900• • • • •MVC Eagle Beach Aruba 587-0110 19• • • •Paradise Beach Villas* 525-4000 80• •Playa Linda Beach Resort* 586-1000 214• • • • •Radisson Blu Aruba 526-5000 132• • •Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort 583-6000 556• • • •Riu Palace Anllas Hotel 526-4100 480• • • •Riu Palace Aruba All Inclusive 525-5200 236• • • •Talk of the Town Hotel & Beach Club 524-3300 63• •Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive 525-5200 236• • • • •The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba 527-2222 320• • • •Tierra del Sol Resort & Golf** 586-7800 120• • • •Victoria City Hotel 582-3850 30• •Recommended Scan for more where to stay

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170 Recommended ABC Tours• • • •www.arubanaonalpark.org585-1234• •Archaeological Museumwww.namaruba.org582-8979•Around Aruba Tourswww.aroundarubatours.com593-5363• • •Aruba Adventures Tours www.arubaadventuretours.com699-9996• • • •Aruba Aloe Tourwww.arubaaloe.aw588-3222• •Aruba Downtown Walking Tourswww.arubawalkingtours.com699-0995• +Aruba MadeFacebook: Aruba Made699-1001•Clinical Massage Aruba & Spa www.clinicalmassagearuba.com280-5115•Delphi Watersports www.delphiwatersports.com733-5689• • • • •www.driwoodshingcharters.com592-4040• •Eforea•www.fofo.com280-3636• • •The Movies IMAX @•Jolly Pirates Sailing Cruises & Snorkelingwww.jolly-pirates.com586-8107• • •Kukoo Kunukuwww.kukookunuku.com586-2010•Monforte lll Luxury Cruisewww.monfortecruise.com583-0400• •Pelican Adventureswww.pelican-aruba.com587-2307• • • • •Philip's Animal Gardenwww.philipsanimalgarden.com593-5363•Rocka Beach Tours www.rockabeachtours.com594-2366• •Studio Murano 584-8148•www.thebueryfarm.com586-3656•The Hooker Fishing Charters• • • •The Links at Divi Aruba Golf Coursewww.divilinks.com581-4653•Tierra del Sol Golfwww.•Vivant•Aquajet/Seabob AraconsBoat tours/cruisesCycling/Segway DivingFishingGolfLand toursO road toursSnorkelingSpaTel. + 297

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171Kick back and discover Aruba via your in-room TV channel Discover what to do and where to go in a quick and entertaining way Scan to watch online * Channel varies per TV/hotel room Channel changes by the hotel may occur during the yearsHotel ChannelAmsterdam Manor 3.1 Aruba Beach Club 3.2Brickel Bay Beach Club 80Caribbean Palm Villages 2Casa Del Mar 60Courtyard/The Mill 3.1Divi Aruba 6Divi Phoenix Beach Resort 4Eagle hotel 3Hyatt 36-1La Cabana 3La Quinta Resort 2.5Manchebo 2Marriott – Aruba Surf Club 12.1Playa Linda Beach Resort 2Renaissance Ocean Suites 27Radisson Blu 002Holiday Inn 7-8

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172  Amante Tapas Tapas Wilheminastraat 57 T. + 297 588-1600 www.amantearuba.comAnlla Beach Bar Internaonal Marrio's Aruba Ocean Club T. + 297 586-9000 www.marrio.com/en-us/hotels/auaao-marrios-aruba-ocean-club/dining/Aruba Made Food & Cra Market L.G. Smith Blvd 100, Oranjestad T. + 297 699-1001Facebook: Aruba MadeAquarius Seafood • Internaonal L.G. Smith Blvd 82 T. + 297 583-6000 ext. 6156 Internaonal Aruba Marrio Resort & Stellaris Casino T. + 297 520-6537shBarefoot Internaonal • Caribbean L.G. Smith Blvd 1 T. + 297 588-9824 www.barefootaruba.comBingo Cafe & Restaurant Internaonal Palm Beach 6-D, Noord T. + 297 586-2818 www.bingoaruba.comBLT Steak Steak • Internaonal The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba T. + 297 527-2222o Beach House Internaonal • sushi • urban-chic Boulevard J.E. Irausquin, 374 T. + 297 568-1787 www.bruorestaurant.comCaptain’s Galley American • Internaonal Marrio’s Aruba Surf Club T. + 297 520-6123 Nonna Italian The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba T. + 297 527-2222 www.casanonna.comConnental by Will MoraSushi • Asian CuisineAruba Racquet ClubT. +297 567-6506www.arc.awCuba’s Cookin’ Cuban Renaissance Marketplace T. + 297 588-0627 www.cubascookin.comDa Vinci RistoranteItalianHoliday Inn Resort Aruba T. +297 526-3432hps:// Scan for more where to eat

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173 Driwood Restaurant Seafood • Internaonal Klipstraat 12 T. + 297 583-2515 www.driwoodaruba.comDrunk's Denial Alcohol infused gourmet cakes Paseo Herencia Mall T. + 297 594-3222 www.drunksdenial.comEetcafe The Paddock Internaonal • Dutch L.G. Smith Blvd 13 T. + 297 583-2334 Restaurant World Cuisine • Organic • Vegetarian Bucu & Tara Beach Resort T. + 297 583-1100 ext. 112 www.elementsaruba.comFishermans Hut Seafood • Caribbean J.E Irausquin Blvd. 87 T. + 297 280 8787 www.theshermanshutaruba.comGilligan’s Seafood Shack Seafood • Internaonal Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino T. + 297 526-6612 Grill-eatery Elmas Mediterranean Palm Beach 6D, unit 11-12 T. + 297 640-0000Inni Internaonal J.E. Irausquin Blvd 266 T. + 297 699-3982niaruba.comLa Vista Seafood • Internaonal Aruba Marrio Resort & Stellaris Casino T. + 297 520-6312 www.marrio.comLG Smith’s Steak & Chop House Steak • Seafood • Internaonal Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino T. + 297 523-6195 www.lgsmiths.comLucca Traoria Aruba Modern Italian Cuisine J.E. Irausquin Blvd 374 T. + 297 565-3388 www.luccatraoria.comMalmok Bar & Grill Seafood • Internaonal Marrio's Aruba Ocean Club T. + 297 520 6843 www.marrio.com/en-us/hotels/auaao-marrios-aruba-ocean-club/diningMahew’s Beachside Restaurant Internaonal Casa del Mar Beach Resort T. + 297 588-7300hews-aruba.comMira Solo Bar Caribbean • Internaonal Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino T. + 297 526-6612 Café Coee House • Internaonal The Buery Farm, J.E. Irausquin Boulevard T. + 297 586-3656 www.thebueryfarm.comNoori at The Lobby LoungeSushiThe Ritz CarltonT. +297 527

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174  Olive Garden Italian • American Gloria, Caya Dr. J.E.M. Arends 8 T. +297 523-6888 www.olivegarden.awPancake Factory BreakfastJ.E. Irausquin Blvd 384A, The Cove Mall, NoordT. + 297 280-0029www.yoloaruba.comPapiamento Restaurant Internaonal • Caribbean Washington 61, Noord T. + 297 586-4544 www.papiamentoaruba.comPapillon Restaurant French • Caribbean The Village, Across Hilton Resort, Palm Beach T. + 297 586 5400 www.papillonaruba.comPassions On The Beach Internaonal Front of Amsterdam Manor T. + 297 527 1100o 15 Local • Internaonal West Straat 15, Oranjestad T. + 297 588-1515o15aruba.comPelican Nest Seafood • Grill Pelican Pier T. + 297 586-2259 www.pelican-aruba.comP.F. Chang's Asian Cuisine Gloria, Caya Dr. J.E.M. Arends 8 T. + 297 523-6832 www.pfchangsaruba.awPo-Ké Ono Asian Cuisine J.E. Irausquin Blvd 260 T. + 297 525-3610 www.pokeonoaruba.comPoedorie Dutch sweets J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 348A, Palm beach T. + 297 735-2044 hps://erdorieQuinta Del Carmen Seafood • Internaonal Bubali 119 T. + 297 587-7200 Fish Seafood Orange Plaza Mall T. + 297 280-6666sharuba.comRich's Arubian Dish & Caribbean Delight Local • caribbean L.G. Smith Boulevard 330, Local no. 13 T. + 297 280-0811 www.richsarubiandish.comRuth’s Chris Steak House Steak • Internaonal Aruba Marrio Resort & Stellaris Casino T. + 297 520-6600 www.ruthschris.comScan for more where to eat

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175 175 Recommended Santos Coee House • Internaonal J.E. Irausquin Blvd 51 • Zoutmanstraat 7 T. + 297 280-0303 www.santos-aruba.comSea Breeze Restaurant & BarSeafood • Internaonal Holiday Inn Resort ArubaT. +297 526-3432hps:// Sizzle Caribbean • Grill Gloria, Caya Dr. J.E.M. Arends 8 T. + 297 523-6853 Grille Steak • Internaonal Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino T. + 297 526-6612 Murano Art Italian • Local Ayo 22 T. + 297 584-8148 www.studiomuranoart.comTaste My ArubaLocal Food Wilheminastraat 57 T. + 297 588-1600 www.tastemyaruba.comThe Clover Cafe • Mini Market La Quinta & Radisson BluFacebook: Clover coee and MiniMarket Dutch Pancakehouse Dutch Renaissance Marketplace T. + 297 583-7180 www.thedutchpancakehouse.comThe Lazy Turtle Internaonal Paeso Herencia Mall. J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 382A T. + 297 587-1992 www.thelazyturtlearuba.comThe Kitchen Restaurant Lan • Caribbean Italiestraat 13, Oranjestad T. + 297 582-3004 hps:// West Deck Internaonal • Caribbean Linear Park at Governor’s Bay T. + 297 587-2667 www.thewestdeck.comYolo Rainforest Café InternaonalThe Cove MallT. + 297 699-5090www.yolorainforestcafe.comYolo RestaurantInternaonalThe Cove Mall T. + 297 280-0029www.yoloaruba.comZucchini Restaurant & Lounge Italian • Mediterranean J.E Irausquin Blvd. 228 F T. + 297 587-2725

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176    seemed to be blessed with good fortunes as they were able to secure a new locaon in the Hotel Zone, right on the main hotel strip across from the Barcelo Hotel. The presence of Royal Jewels & Diamonds right in the thick of the acon has changed their business model considerably. Now, the connued pedestrian trac, as well as the closeness to the high-rise hotels, has brought a more convenient place of business where  says, “We now see a greater volume of store trac almost daily. People love the proximity and I love welcoming all our loyal, returning clients and meeng so many new people as well.” But it isn’t only the address change that’s new.    have just welcomed in Krish, their 24-year-old Barcelona & Holland educated son, thrilled at the idea of making his mark in the store and the world. As we watch our children grow into maturity and adulthood it’s every parent’s dream to see how they will turn out and, in some cases, it just seems to t their DNA to move into thefamily business. Krish seems totally up to thechallenge. Not only is this new generaon of new ideas and fresh energy inspiring everyone, but Krish’s talent is steeped in design whereby he transforms clients’ old jewelry into modern, contemporary designs so that they can be produced within days of their vacaon. From sketch to fruion, a truly unique skill that has both Mom & Dad beaming with pride. With connued humility both Sammy and  stand back and see how desny has taken them forward and never for a moment take for granted the wonderful opportunies that have been bestowed upon them, their family, and their Royal Jewelry Store clientele. +297-280 4990 www.royaljewelers.netRoyal Jewels & Diamonds Generaonal Pride

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