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Art of Islam



By: Jordan Williams 


Period 7

Mrs. Fettig


May 14, 2016




The arabesque islamic stlye of art is an elaborate piece of art.  It uses geometry patterens and some calligraphy. The geometry patterens form what looks like different plants and animals. You would mostly see these types of art work are mostly found on windows, homes, souqs, inns, and the entrance of mosques

The art of calligraphy was thought as being a beautiful and loving work of art.  When calligraphy was developed it reach a very high degree at  a early start as well. TAhe work of calligraphy are often done in conjuction with decorative motifs.

 fffffffffThe islamic agriuculture was strengthen by spiritual foundations.  Mosques and palaces became more elaborate over time with new decorations and design. The

beauty  throughout the city were the schools and market place. Mosques and palaces although are way more decorative then the schools, marketplace, and the homes.

  Stained glass is also in the islamic art. The stain glass was highly reached in the 1150 and 1500 and it works great with cathedrals. The stained glass is was mostly meant for ffffffffffffffffffffffff buildings that have large and high windows.  Stained glass glasffffffffffffffffffffare decroative with many geometry patterns.

The geometry patterns are used in many islamic art all over the world. It is used in calligraphy, arabesques, agrucilture, and etc. What makes the pattern special is that the patterns form types of animals and plants. The formations make the art seem the art seem more wonderful and created then it actually is .