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This is a sample lesson for an art history class

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Students will be able to identify the artists of the paintings, without looking at the names, they should be able to remember what style the artists are, and what their most famous painting is. 

The students will create a profile on their favorite artist, and give a presentation to the class about the history of the artist and their famous paintings. This project will count as their final instead of an exam. 

Students cannot use PowerPoint or Prezi, I want them to be as creative as they can be and use a different type of technology so that all the projects are unique and different. 

Required information for the profile presentation:

1. Title Page

2. Early life of artist-- Where were they born? When were they born? Where did they grow up? etc.

3. Artists style-- Did they go through style periods? How many? Key characteristics of the style?

4. Most famous pieces-- include info on the piece, date, where it was done, is it part of a series, etc

5. End of artists life-- When did they die? Did their art become famous before or after death? How old were they?

6. Reference Page