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RISING SUN STUDIO AND GALLERY ROBERTA VEATCH ARTWORKS Aloha I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork and touring my studio With gratitude I create pieces of art that come from my love of color texture and abstraction It brings me great joy to share my paintings and the views from the Gallery Living on Maui gave me the opportunity to create in an atmosphere surrounded by nature s beautiful bounty Mahalo The studio and gallery are conveniently located less than 30 minutes from Maui Airport in the beautiful West Maui mountains Nearby attractions include horseback riding at Mendes Ranch the popular Waihee Ridge hiking trail and Nakalele Blowhole Call for an appointment and directions RISING SUN STUDIO AND GALLERY 858 205 4790 W W W R O B E R TAV E ATC H C O M C A L L F O R P R I VAT E I N V I TAT I O N Nestled in the mountainside of beautiful Maluhia Country Ranches lies the hidden studio and gallery of Artist Roberta Veatch A private invitation is required

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R O B E R TA V E AT C H A B S T R A C T A R T There are currently four di erent series in my artwork My Atmosphere Healing Art Seascapes and the Emergence series Each series when complete has at least 10 paintings of di erent sizes textures and colors They represent a thought feeling or energy I am trying to convey MY AT MOSP HE RE S ER IES MY PROCESS My Atmosphere was born of a conscious connection I have with a world that I dance in from time to time A world ruled by intuition and emotions A world that reveals and revels in new dimensions either dreamed or imagined they become my atmosphere The basic tenets for these dimensions are an atmosphere without time or space Soft textures and layers of color draw the viewer in with me Experience experiment and express My creative process utilizes the circle as one of the universal symbols I most relate to H EA LIN G A RT S E RIES When starting a new series my goal is to do The Healing Art series incorporates concepts and structures found in sacred geometry An understanding of the circle as a universal symbol for wholeness timelessness the Self just to name a few informs this series Circle translates to mandala in Sanskrit I see the mandala as an energetic metaphor and vehicle for cosmic insight The healing effects serve as tools on one s spiritual journey at least 10 pieces before moving on to another series This helps me to get the teaching and expression of that series Additionally I like to use as many di erent mediums and textures in my work Color in S EA SCAPE S ERI ES the work is very important to me as it has an Seascapes is a series inspired by my move to Maui Hawaii and a magical day trip on the Road to Hana I began dreaming about the beautiful Maui coastline The sea drew me in and the spectrum of blues seduced me into creating a body of uid and abstract works My intent is to showcase the duplexity of the sea it s serenity and concurring ferocity energy that aids in conveying the response to the work whether it be calming or energetic Also noted is the many types of texture and substrates adding depth and interest I paint on board canvas paper and metal Using E MER GEN CE S ERI ES Venetian plaster wax paint glitter and resin Emergence is coming out of a period of revelation A transformation occurred at some point on some level of being that was buried deep within and is now brought to light Some of the paintings represent a dark night of the Soul that takes place long before the visual declaration This process of creating new pieces and closing an old chapter in consciousness creates an opportunity to emerge into new discovery Painting with oil water acrylic pencil pens oil stick chalk and pure pigment with oil Lastly I love gilded golds and gold leaf fl ff ff ff Never boring

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