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Art Basel at The Betsy 2019

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Facing Ourselves Past and Present WO R K BY Sevan Bi ak i Ricardo Cavolo Carlos Andres Cruz For Freedoms Michael Halsband Andrew Kaufman Andy Sweet Pete Turner Ik Ud Robert Zuckerman Miami Art Week 2019

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I I M A G I N E D A PA I N T E R PA I N T I N G S U C H A W O R L D by Hyam Plutzik Like successive layers of leaf that dwindle the sunlight Are the overlapping cumulative shadows Projected by things which huddle in them darkly Within the greater shadow suffering Breaching the shores of matter a swell of shadows Destroys all sanctions of formal separateness And objects transposed of vesture take doubtful values Like hulks vaguely discerned under the tides What inner or outer flames may shine are random In the one shadowed sea where all things melt While through all the superior dark the subjective night Encloses and bathes the universe I M A G I N U N P I N T O R P I N TA N D O TA L M U N D O Traducido por Jose A Villar Portela Como capas sucesivas de hojarasca que menguan la luz del sol Se ven las traslapadas sombras acumulativas Proyectadas por las cosas que en ellas se agazapan tenebrosas Dentro de la sombra mayor el sufrimiento Rebosando las orillas materiales una ola de sombras Destruye toda sanci n de separaci n formal Y los objetos transpuestos de vestidura toman dudosos carices Como moles entrevistos en la marea Toda llama interna o externa que brille es aleatoria En el nico ensombrecido mar donde todo se liquida Mientras la lobreguez superior la noche subjetiva Encierra y ba a el universo Estate of Hyam Plutzik all rights reserved

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Facing Ourselves Past and Present C U R AT E D B Y Lesley Goldwasser Co Owner VISITING SCHOLAR Dr Deborah Willis University Professor and Chair of the Department of Photography Imaging at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University A R T S C U LT U R E T H E B E T S Y Deborah Plutzik Briggs EdD Vice President Sandra Rovira Program Coordinator

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4 Curator s Note When I see a piece of art that speaks to me it s like hearing a great song It pulls at my heartstrings I don t know why or where it comes from it just moves me it s almost a physical feeling I hope the work in this year s show is going to move you Here s a bit about how we pulled it together FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S The show started with the Muhammad Ali in Miami collection by Andrew Kaufman which was first exhibited in the area by Miami New Drama at the Colony Theater on Lincoln Road in connection with a show called One Night In Miami I attended and was taken by the work and wanted to bring it to The Betsy The Ali boxing pictures inspired colleague Sabrina Hahn Director at Pace Galleries to introduce us to the great portrait photographer Michael Halsband who is responsible for the iconic boxing images of Basquiat and Warhol that are also included in this year s show Earlier this year Ellen Sweet and Ed Christen approached us about doing an exhibit of Ellen s late brother Andy Sweet Many of the pictures were taken right outside our front door on Ocean Drive and in Lummus Park Not only was Andy Sweet a great documentarian of Miami Beach during a different era he was also a pioneer in color photography He explored its potential in the 70 s before color photography was really widely regarded as an art form

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5 What a gift Andy s work is to our community That leads us to Pete Turner one of the other true early pioneers of color whose work was introduced to us by Yale Shakespeare Scholar David Kastan who used a Turner image on the cover of his recent book On Color Turner did color photography in the 60 s and became one of the most respected and prolific jazz cover album photographers of all time working with artists like Antonio Carlos Jobim Steely Dan John Coltrane Ray Charles Dizzy Gillespie Paul Desmond Quincy Jones Dave Matthews and others Continuing the thread of color photography we are excited to present the works of Ik Ud who uses photography as his paint brush almost in the same way that old masters used to paint still lifes of their choosing Ik s choices will astound you In this show we ll feature images from two thematic collections Sartorial Anarchy and Nollywood and important new work The Robert Zuckerman Ricardo Cavolo and Carlos Andres Cruz images are part of our permanent collection and the artists have become part of the extended Betsy arts family The 300 works in Bob Bonis Collection of Lost Beatles Rolling Stones will remain up on walls throughout the property this is a timeless collection that continues to be a favorite for guests of all ages We call the show FACING OURSELVES There are so many faces in the images we ve selected and as you walk the galleries I invite you to think about how whenever we look at images of others we often gain deeper insight into ourselves Lesley Goldwasser Plutzik Co owner The Betsy Hotel Curator of Visual Art Ambient Music FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S We also offer an exhibit of Sevan Bi ak i who makes wearable sculpture Sevan carves the insides of semi precious stones creating 3 dimensional masterpieces which are then set into rings necklaces and bracelets connecting legacy craft with contemporary skills His work for the show includes a cuff carved in the inverse that is also a self portrait Ik Ud was taken by the power of Sevan s work and the artist himself and the resulting Sevan portrait will be included in Ik s exhibit

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6 Artist Discussion Panels Hosted by Visiting Scholar Dr Deborah Willis FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S University Professor and Chair of the Department of Photography Imaging at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University Dr Deborah Willis Ph D University Professor and Chair of the Department of Photography Imaging at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University teaches courses on Photography Imaging iconicity and cultural histories visualizing the black body women and gender Her research examines photography s multifaceted histories visual culture contemporary women photographers and beauty Willis is the author of Posing Beauty African American Images from the 1890s to the Present and Michelle Obama The First Lady in Photographs Professor Willis s curated exhibitions include In Pursuit of Beauty at Express Newark Let Your Motto Be Resistance African American Portraits at the International Center of Photography and Reframing Beauty Intimate Moments at Indiana University Since 2006 she has coorganized conferences exploring imaging the black body in the West such as the conference titled Black Portraiture s which was held in Johannesburg in 2016 Willis is also the recipient of fellowships from the John D and Catherine T MacArthur and John Simon Guggenheim Foundations

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7 About Archival Art Archiving Art The Purpose of Portrait Perspectives in Practice Meaning Message Legacy T H U R S D AY D E C E M B E R 5 2 0 1 9 F R I D AY D E C E M B E R 6 2 0 1 9 2 00P M G A L L E RY 2 00P M G A L L E RY Featuring Betsy participating artists Ed Cristin and Andrew Kaufman Featuring Betsy exhibiting artists Ik Ud and Michael Halsband With special guest participant Rosie Gordon Wallace Curator Richard Brilliant asserts that Portraits exist at the interface between art and social life and the pressure to conform to social norms enters into their composition because both the artist and the subject are enmeshed in the value system of their society What is an archive What makes it official Who is preserving the artist s archival and how the archive transforming notions of collective memory How has the archival record documented the art and photography of the 20th century Where are the visual textual and oral records that recall the past and how are families curators photographers and professional archivists offering selections from the archive for publication documentary films and exhibitions These questions will form the locus of the discussion on this panel This panel explores how portraits are created viewed and consumed by interweaving stories about the photographer the sitter the viewer and the setting We will consider questions on fashion and selffashioning identity representation historical memory the camera and self portraiture R O S I E G O R D O N WA L L A C E S P E C I A L G U E S T PA R T I C I PA N T FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S Founder and curator of Diaspora Vibe Gallery and Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator DVCAI Wallace is an advocate for Caribbean and Latin American art with a focus on supporting emerging artists DVCAI was created to promote and cultivate the vision and diverse talents of emerging artists from the Caribbean and the Latin American Diaspora She recently curated the exhibition InterSectionality Diaspora Art from the Creole City which is on display at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC

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8 Sevan Bi ak i LO C AT I O N M A I N LO B BY G A L L E RY O N D I S P L AY BIOGRAPHY Sevan Bi akci is a craftsman a maestro sculptor painter and dreamer B akc crafts an alternate universe in each piece of wearable art with details so small and beauty so vast it leaves collectors and coveteurs in wonderment Born in Istanbul s Samatya district in 1972 his homeland is undoubtedly Sevan Bi ak i s greatest muse His exquisite pieces reflect a sensibility steeped in Istanbul s myriad Oriental charms exotic spice bazaars majestic domed architecture whirling dervishes fairy tale like minarets and imposing images of past Sultans FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S On display will be Sevan Bi ak i s own inversely carved self portrait done by the artist and his team in Istanbul His likeness full of whimsical humor and painstaking skill is inversely carved within rock crystal hand painted and then set in 24K gold sterling silver and surrounded by multi colored diamonds This one of a kind oversized cuff has eight tenticles reflecting Bi ak i s playful and jovial side envisioning himself as an octopus many hands doing the work of many masters From his design studio near Istanbul s 500 year old Grand Bazaar Bi ak i and his team of artisan s craft oneof a kind jewels with high karat gold sterling silver rose or antique cut diamonds and a host of uniquely cut gemstones The techniques he and his team have mastered include reverse intaglio carving miniaturist painting engraving calligraphy and gemstone micro mosaic setting They demonstrate a reverence to jewelry designed from the soul rather than technology aided design

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9 FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S Sevan Bi ak i Self Portrait

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10 Ricardo Cavolo FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S LO C AT I O N B BA R MI MUSICA BIOGRAPHY This exhibition is compiled of digitally reproduced select images from Cavolo s book 101 Artists to Listen Before You Die Lunberg Spain Nobrow UK Cavolo describes the book as a personal diary speaking about myself through music I love Every page is about a singer musician or band Cavolo listens regularly each with a particular purpose in his life Twenty six images are exhibited in The Betsy s Light Box Gallery Four hundred thousand eyes follow him on Instagram Ricardo Cavolo is a Spanish artist based in Barcelona His eclectic international style is based on relationships with folk art traditional and modern tattoo culture European religious imagery and the tribal arts Cavolo s art is all about stories characters and their experiences across time Exhibiting Partner CCE Centro Cultural Espa ol Utilizing art as a complex narrative Cavolo often focuses on portraiture These depictions propel protagonists to champion their unique tales Referencing religious and historical fiction illustrations his use of symmetry and symbolism connected to a modern and playful audience Cavolo s portfolio features public murals and art exhibitions across the globe from Paris to Moscow and Mexico City to Hong Kong Notably Cavolo s body of work includes illustrations publications fashion collaborations and a wide variety of commissioned works

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11 FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S Ricardo Cavolo Amy Winehouse

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12 For Freedoms LO C AT I O N T H E B ETSY O R B P R OJ ECT I O N S I T I S A M I R A C L E T H AT W E A R E ABOUT FOR FREEDOMS S TA N D I N G H E R E A compilation of work by emerging artists who celebrate the resilience of their communities subvert and complicate narrow notions of contemporary identity and investigate the altered narratives and power systems that pervade their lives Both a celebration and an elegy the show title inspired by the series from selected artist John William Murphy alludes to the forces of empowerment love and disenfranchisement that have brought us to where we are today Exhibited artists selected from an open submission call include FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S Jos A Alvarado Jr Emile Askey Nilargha Chatterjee Jorly Flores Jazmine Dior Johnson Amanda D King x Shooting Without Bullets John William Murphy Terrance Purdy Jr Buku Sarkar Guanyu Xu Exhibiting Partner For Freedoms For Freedoms is a national collective of artists and institutions created by Hank Willis Thomas and Eric Gottesman that has brought together institutions organizations and people across the country who are experimenting with new and innovative pathways to civic participation

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13 John William Murphy Portrait In My Father s Uniform 2018 FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S Jorly Flores No se oliveden de nosotros 2018

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14 Michael Halsband FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S LO C AT I O N C A R LTO N R O O M ARTISTS BIOGRAPHY Michael Halsband s iconic 1985 portrait of Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol no 143 in boxing gloves became such a staple of popular culture that its appropriation by contemporary visual artists and street artists continues thirty years on This was an auspicious early moment in a career that saw Halsband photographing a canon of 20th century artists including Eric Fischl April Gornik Keith Haring Louise Nevelson Nam June Paik Larry Rivers and many more This exhibition features a selection of Halsband s photographs of close artist friends A major highlight is several never before seen pictures of Jean Michel Basquiat captured in playful environments like climbing a tree having a meal and exploring city streets in France Italy and Portugal Basquiat s humor and spirit are expressed in these fleeting moments captured by his friend and fellow artist Michael Halsband and are assembled here together for the first time Andrea Grover Curator Born and raised in New York City Michael Halsband discovered photography in the school darkroom at age 10 He received a B F A from the School of Visual Arts in 1980 and began making portraits of artists and musicians including his most known and iconic portrait of Andy Warhol Jean Michel Basquiat with boxing gloves His early projects included six months as the tour photographer for The Rolling Stones on their 1981 Tattoo You tour as well as a six year project documenting the School of American Ballet In 2005 Michael published Surf Book a collection of his portraits of legendary surfers and the culmination of a five year project He has exhibited nationally and internationally including his most recent solo exhibitions Halsband Portraits in April 2015 at the National Arts Club Grand Gallery in New York City and a larger retrospective also titled Halsband Portraits at the Southampton Arts Center NY in November 2017 Michael published his second book Halsband Portraits as an accompaniment to the National Arts Club exhibition He is currently continuing to make portraits in the studio he has lived and worked in since 1979 Exhibiting Partner Michael Halsband Studio

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15 Michael Halsband Andy Warhol Jean Michel Basquiat 133 Studio NYC 1985 FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S Michael Halsband Jean Michel Basquiat Florence Italy August 1985

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16 A Rare Glimpse into the Life of the Champ LO C AT I O N LT ST E A K S E A FO O D C U R AT E D A N D H A N D P R I N T E D BY A N D R E W K AU F M A N Enjoy an exclusive collection of Muhammad Ali photographs featuring extraordinarily intimate intense and simply stunning moments in history Many of these images were lost for 47 years until they were re discovered and developed in the dark room by Andrew Kaufman FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S I got the negatives from the newspaper It was like receiving a time capsule in the mail First of all the film was in plain brown envelopes As ordinary as can be One of them was type written Cassius Clay Miami Beach Feb 1971 The other written in pencil Drama in The Bahamas for Ali s last fight ever against Trevor Berbick also February but 1981 Inside these envelopes was silver and gold silver for the film and gold for the quality of the images It was amazing to think that film was with Ali when he was training for the title fight right here in Miami Beach These photographs are 47 years old now Sure there are some processing stains on the film I guess they emerged after all the years of storage I m waxing nostalgic now Andrew Kaufman Exhibiting Partner AK Foto Featuring photography by Neil Leifer Carl Fischer Al Satterwhite Charles Trainor Jebb Harris Charley Pence Thomas Hardin Larry Spitzer

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17 Larry Spitzer Ali Miami Louisville Courier Journal FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S Larry Spitzer Muhammad Ali 1971 Louisville Courier Journal

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18 Andy Sweet FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S LO C AT I O N M A I N LO B BY T H E M I A M I B E AC H P R OJ E CT BIOGRAPHY Andy Sweet s archive champions and celebrates Miami Beach in the 1970 s when he came into his own as a young artist From his early years taking photos at Beach High to his studies at the University of Colorado it seemed always clear that his trajectory would bring him back home He was witness to a unique time in the history of Miami Beach populated at the time by retired Jewish immigrants many of them survivors of the Holocaust and most just barely getting by but all in love with their lives Andy captured their joy their struggles and above all their humanity As an early adopter of color photography Sweet s heavily saturated prints reflect both a unique style and the influence of photography elders Diane Arbus Bill Owens and William Eggleston Andy Sweet 1953 1982 picked up a camera at age 10 and dedicated himself to photography for the rest of his short life When he died in 1982 he left behind The Miami Beach Project which was shot from 1977 to 1982 with photographer friend Gary Monroe with grant funding from the City of Miami Beach and the National Endowment for the Arts Though Sweet s work was lost to the world for almost 25 years it has recently been rediscovered to major acclaim and is now part of the permanent collections in Bass Museum of ArtMiami Beach FL Corcoran Gallery of Art Washington D C University of Colorado Boulder Thesis Collection Exhibiting Partners Ed Christin and The Andy Sweet Photo Legacy

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19 FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S Andy Sweet Swimmer s Bird Eye View 1978

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20 Pete Turner FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S LO C AT I O N B OA R D R O O M T H E C O LO R O F J A Z Z BIOGRAPHY The Color of Jazz is a comprehensive look at the design collaboration between Turner and jazz producer Cree Taylor whose album covers revolutionized album cover art and created and led to an entirely new level of Jazz record collecting Rare and out of print album covers are positioned adjacent to the original artwork used for those covers Award winning photographer Pete Turner 1934 2017 is deeply respected his innovations that created magic with color and his photographs graced some of the best and most important album covers of the last half century Critic A D Coleman described Turner s work as having A dramatist s sense of event intense and saturated coloration and a distinct if indescribable otherness is omnipresent in Turner s images Turner s photographs are in the permanent collections of many major museums including the Paris Foreign Missions Society the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and International Center of Photography in New York The George Eastman House in Rochester is the depository of Turner s life s work Exhibiting Partner The Pete Turner Estate

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21 FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S Pete Turner Jobim Stone Flower

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22 Ik Ud LO C AT I O N G A L L E RY S E L F A N D O T H E R S E LV E S SA RTO R I A L A N A R C H Y S E R I E S N O L LY W O O D P O R T R A I T S A N D N EW WORKS Ik Ud s Sartorial Anarchy portraits feature the artist himself dressed in varied costumes across geography and time exploring a world of dualities photographer performance artist artist spectator Conversant with the world of fashion and celebrity Ud gives conceptual aspects of performance and representation a new vitality melding his own many theatrical selves and multiple personae with his art In the Nollywood work Ud seeks to complement the discourse on the representation of Africans in cinema from colonial domination and inferior stereotypes to one of intellect and creative agency in telling our own stories The new work includes a portrait of Turkish jeweler sculptor Sevan Bi ak i FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S Clothes and accessories are after all the index of culture it locates one at a geography time Even within a specific geography time fashion further informs one s class religion profession habits etc In light of this Exhibiting Partner Leila Heller Gallery NYC a cross pollination say of masculine sartorial ciphers across time and cultures bear quite a remarkable result as you can see Alas This time it is fashion it seems not politics that makes strange bedfellows Ik Ud BIOGRAPHY Ik Ud currently lives and works in New York City Ud was the founder and publisher of aRUDE magazine a quarterly devoted to art culture style and fashion and the author of Style File The World s Most Elegantly Dressed a comprehensive monograph released by Harper Collins A style icon he was selected as one of Vanity Fair s 2009 2012 and 2015 International Best Dressed Originals Ud s work is in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian National Museum Washington D C The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum New York the Museum of Art and Design MAD New York the New Britain Museum of American Art New Britain CT the Sheldon Museum of Art Lincoln NE and the Rhode Island School of Design RISD Museum Providence RI

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23 FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S Ik Ud SARTORIAL ANARCHY 12 Used with permission Leila Heller Gallery

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24 Explore More Art Installations at The Betsy BOB BONIS Hallways property wide FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S The Lost Beatles and Rolling Stones Bob Bonis was a talent agent for MCA who between 1964 66 was the tour manager for iconic emerging superstar rock and roll performers The Beatles and The Rolling Stones He was an avocational photographer and took all of his images on an Leica M3 Camera the pictures were not developed during his lifetime When he died his children sold his rock and roll memorabilia collection The undeveloped images were found and later developed by Mr Larry Marion ROBERT ZUCKERMAN Hall Gallery 3rd Floor Art Deco Wing The Alley Restaurant Career Retrospective Hospital Collection A storied film industry photographer Zuckerman s awardwinning images graced movie franchises and celebrity publicity campaigns for more than two decades His Hollywood career ended when he was diagnosed with Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease compromising his mobility Robert is a graduate of UC Berkeley and the American Film Institute with more than 100 works on display throughout The Betsy including The Hospital Collection which celebrates Robert s tireless commitment to his craft though he has been hospitalized for the past two years These are images of his caretakers and friends photographed with the same love and craft with which he once photographed Arnold Schwarzenegger Al Pacino and Will Smith

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25 C A R LO S A N D R E S C R U Z Underground Gallery Adjacent to Main Lobby VA L K I L M E R The Alley Restaurant Dog Photos Carlos Andres Cruz specializes in creating images that reflect the dynamism joy and character of dogs His approach is open source and enjoys partnership from the people who mean the most to him family members special friends and of course dogs of all shapes and sizes wherever he can find them Carlos dedicates this show and all of his work to the global universe of dogs from the ones we love in our own homes to those looking for a forever home to those that have ventured over the rainbow bridge to places unknown Neon Gandhi and David Bowie Actor artist Val Kilmer investigates the nature of icons exploring issues of celebrity identity reproduction and archetypes The goal is to explore and redefine the icon A prolific actor best known for his role in Top Gun Kilmer now tours the U S with the film production of his one man show Citizen Twain aptly rechristened Cinema Twain FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S

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26 FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S Explore More Art Installations at The Betsy MA X STEVEN GROSSMAN Elevator 3 A N DY S W E E T Elevator 2 Max Steven Grossman s dual interests in engineering and photography have helped shape his photographic series called Bookscapes which are assembled libraries that only exist in his photographs The Betsy s elevator library was collaboratively curated with Mr Grossman to include books by artist alumnae of The Betsy Writers Room that has welcomed 1000 writers in residence since 2012 for creative residencies and public facing events to celebrate their work Andy Sweet s works celebrate Miami Beach sea sun and sand while also chronicling a period in history when the area was predominantly elderly and Jewish with seniors finding joy in their post Holocaust lives We invite guests to contemplate their own grandma and grandpas Bubbies and Zaydes as they ride up and down on Elevator 2

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27 THE BETSY ORB The Alley 14th Place Between Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue T H E PO ET RY R A I L The Alley 14th Place Between Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue The Betsy Orb connects two architecturally significant buildings the former Betsy Ross and Carlton Hotels which now comprise The Betsy South Beach The Orb is used as a canvas for projections of poetry and images during Art Basel and throughout the year The Betsy Poetry Rail contains the words of 12 poets that shaped Miami with alpha and omega text by Hyam Plutzik 1911 1962 an American poet and father of owner Jonathan Plutzik as follows Out of my life I fashioned a fistful of words When I opened my hands they flew away Poems on the rail carved into steel with water jets are by Muhammad Ali Richard Blanco Adrian Castro Chenjerai Hove Langston Hughes Donald Justice Campbell McGrath Geoffrey Philp Carlos Pintado Hyam Plutzik Gerald Stern and Julie Marie Wade The Betsy Orb was designed by the architecture firm of Shulman Associates FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S

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28 About The Betsy South Beach FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S The Betsy South Beach is a luxury boutique hotel located on Ocean Drive with global photography exhibitions and many other arts and culture programs Over the past ten years the hotel has become a catalyst for energized discourse innovative thinking and community conscience and is now the home of both the O Miami Poetry Festival and the Miami Classical Music Festival The Betsy is also the home of The Betsy Writers Room thebetsywritersroom com that has hosted 1 000 creatives in artist residencies and public facing events since 2012 With live jazz 8 times a week full seasons of classical music poetry readings meet the artist events on Thursdays at 5 PM libraries in guest rooms and more than 20 000 sq ft of curatorial space The Betsy has been lauded by the Academy of American Poets and Americans for the Arts for exemplary support to the arts artists and organizations Located in the heart of the historic Art Deco District on Ocean Drive The Betsy South Beach combines two historic hotels the former Betsy Ross and Carlton Hotels into one property Design flourishes include two major works of public art The Betsy Poetry Rail features the words of 12 writers that shaped Miami culture and The Betsy Orb is a projection canvas that has become one of the most popular selfie stations in all of South Beach thebetsyorb Family owned and operated by the Pluzik Goldwasser Family The Betsy is the only Forbes 4 Star 4 Diamond AAA rated Boutique Hotel in Florida is consistently rated one of the top literary hotels in the world CNN USA TODAY Wall Street Journal and a World s Best hotel by Cond Nast and Travel Leisure The Betsy is also consistently top rated on TripAdvisor thebetsyhotel com 305 760 6900

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29 Ongoing Arts Culture Programs P O E T R Y L I T E R AT U R E MUSIC Hyam Plutzik Legacy Poet Hyam Plutzik 1911 1962 was a threetime finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry and is the inspiration behind The Betsy s deep commitment to poetry He was the father of co owner Jonathan Plutzik and Deborah Plutzik Briggs who runs the arts program at The Betsy and the grandfather of Zachary Hyam Plutzik Managing Director The Betsy s tagline are his words Except no more This is happiness Playlists With over 15 000 tunes in our archive each was selected by our co owner Lesley Goldwasser for a particular space at a particular time Spend a few days in the Hotel and you ll enjoy the diversity of music drawn from all genres and all eras Poetry The Betsy is the home of the O Miami Poetry Festival SWWIM Supporting Women Writers in Miami and provides an annual residency each to award winning poets from Cave Canem Foundation and the Academy of American Poets Artist Residencies The Betsy Writers Room has hosted 1 000 visiting creatives in the past 10 years Though we have a sweet spot for poets we welcome all artists and host a meet the artist event Thursday 5 00PM Artists apply through our website Classical We re the home of the Miami Classical Music Festival miamimusicfestival com featuring emerging operatic and orchestral musicians from all over the world In the summer months the Festival presents 100 performances on the beach with 20 events at The Betsy We also host a concert series annually by the Amernet Quartet Florida International University PHILANTHROPY The Betsy Supports wide ranging cultural programs to champion Miami Beach s diverse constituency FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S Libraries Our Hotel has 135 book collections a library in every room books in the Colonial Lobby and Carlton Room and a large property Library 3rd floor in the Art Deco Wing A virtual library can be found in Elevator 1 created by Max Steven Grossman in The Art Deco Wing Jazz We host live jazz nightly from 7 00 to 11 00 PM and Sunday brunch from 11 00 to 3 00 PM Mike Gerber the iconic Miami based multi genre pianist who overcame the challenges of blindness and partial deafness to be one of the region s greatest performs twice each week Legacy performer Carole Ann Taylor is also a regular Visit our online schedule listings for details

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30 Property Map 17 E3 ROOFTOP 16 ROOFTOP 4 E1 6 7 E2 3 E4 B 3 15 18 2 2 14 4 EA E1 8 E2 E4 9 3 THE ALLEY FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S C O LO N I A L W I N G 13 Atrium 5 B Bar RICARDO CAVOLO 9 Boardroom 10 Carlton Room 8 Fitness Center 14 Gallery 15 Library 1 Lobby 3 Lobby Bar 12 A RT D EC O W I N G 2 LT Steak Seafood 6 Ocean Front Deck PETER TURNER 18 Orb MICHAEL HALSBAND 12 Poetry Rail 4 Pool Courtyard 17 Pool Rooftop 11 The Alley Pizzeria 16 Skyline Deck 7 Spa IK UD SEVAN BI AK I ANDY SWEET SEVAN BI AK I GROUND 1 E 11 5 10 S AV OC 1 13 LIN ND R LOBBY 1 E3 COL 2 ALI EXHIBIT FOR FREEDOMS VAL KILMER ROBERT ZUCKERMAN 3 R D F LO O R B R I D G E C O N N ECTS C O LO N I A L A RT D EC O W I N G S

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31 Exhibition Partners Sales Information THE BETSY SOUTH BEACH To purchase art in this exhibition or to schedule a private tour please visit the concierge desk 7 00AM 11 00PM located in the Main Lobby Colonial Wing T H E P G FA M I LY F O U N D AT I O N THE BETSY COMMUN ITY FUN D AK Foto The Andy Sweet Photo Legacy BooksandBooks Carlos Andres Cruz Centro Cultural Espa ol Coster Creative Ed Cristin Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator Pete Turner Estate For Freedoms Ik Ud lafotoperreria com Larry Marion Leila Heller Gallery Max Steven Grossman Miami Classical Music Festival Michael Halsband Studio Ricardo Cavolo Richard Blanco Robert Zuckerman Sevan Bi ak i Shulman Associates The Art of Black GMCVB Val Kilmer Studio Or contact Sandra Rovira Visual Arts Specialist s rovira thebetsyhotel com Giving Back With special thanks to our artists and gallery partners who with us donate five percent of proceeds from sales of artwork at The Betsy Hotel to Zara s Center for AIDS Impacted Youth zarascenter org and The Betsy Community Fund The Miami Foundation FA C I N G O U R S E LV E S

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