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The graves are their homes, and the grounds are their gardens.
Arkhaios, the undead skeletons, awoke to collect your souls. Over the years, the
undead army has been expended by redeeming vengeful souls of corpses, letting them
the opportunity to avenge the wrong that has been done to them, in order to finally rest
in peace.
The Arkhaios made an agreement with Gahnak, the god of earth, by which they must not
avenge the internal races of Alon to satisfy their conscience, but only the external races
of the other continents.
Because of this agreement, the vengeful souls which have been redeemed and became
Arkhaios as well will never rest in peace if they will avenge the races inside of Alon
continent, but will rest in peace indeed if they will avenge the races outside of Alon
Only one way is exist in order to banish a soul of the Arkhaios from the world for once.
The enemy must implant a heart of a creature, which rests in peace, into the body of the
Arkhaios. That way the Arkhaios will turn alive, and then the enemy must destroy the
new heart as long as it’s inside the body.
The Arkhaios race is using long blades and wearing light armor. They are based on high
attack damage.