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Ariel Media KC is a full service creative agency with local roots, and global reach. We are your brand's link to the world. 


These are some of the projects we have completed.

Sink or Swim Tattoo

A downtown Kansas City tattoo parlor was in need of an update. They maintained their sea-fairing aesthetic with a more modern bent to complement the incredibly talented people working inside the shop.

Kansas City, MO


A deeply personal project for the client, Bab Mellah is a tour company in Morocco that tries to bring culture and exploration together. We cultivated the meaning of place, time and color to create their identity.


From their website: “‘Bab Mellah: the Jewish Quarter’ – previously known as ‘Memories of Fes’ – is a cultural project dedicated to revive the history and heritage of Moroccan Judaism. The gate, walls, streets, humble shops, public ovens, jewellery shops, synagogues and houses of the Mellah still stand witness to what was once a vibrant Jewish quarter. This cultural project is an attempt to take us back and give a glimpse of the stories of the Jewish people of Fes.”




Bab Mellah

  Fes, Morocco

Our collaboration with the The 8th Floor gallery via Baruch College has included the translations of materials

related to their contemporary Cuban exhibits, including the entirety of the book Detrás del Muro.


Other projects have not been published yet, so more information on them will be forthcoming.


The 8th Floor Art Gallery

New York, New York

TSCORE: Teachers & Students for Community Research Education

T-SCORE (Teachers and Students for Community Oriented Research and Education) is  a program spearheaded by the Juntos program at KU Medical Center that will build upon the Career and Technical Education (CTE) national initiative which emphasizes “learning by doing” through application of technical and academic content in the real-world context. It will rely on empowered teachers who will use inquiry-based educational strategies, to help students develop the tools necessary to investigate health disparity issues in their communities. Students will see how science and research can serve as powerful tools to ameliorate disease and illness impacting their communities.


We built a complete brand identity and a responsive multifunctional web site for this client.

Kansas City, KS 

Industrial Accesories Company

Translation and localization from English to Mandarin Chinese of their manual


How to Maintain & Service Fabric Filter Dust Collectors


Mission, KS

SMCKC is an organization that strives to bring a world-community together through social media and other online outlets. They’re a vast community that we had a lot of pride in helping them put together the identity for very first AMP Awards. Designing the concept, and execution for the look and print materials for the awards. The ceremony took place with local and national companies such as Blue Bell Ice Cream, IBM and Barkley for their social media work.

Social Media Club of Kansas City



2015 AMPS Awards

Kansas City, MO

The Tamale Kitchen is a non-profit organization that provides employment, training and a future to immigrant women in the Northeast area of Kansas City, MO through the confection of tamales, and through partnerships with several community partners in the metro area.


We are proud to be one of those partners.


We provided them with full brand identity plus a responsive fully functional ecommerce web site.

The Tamale Kitchen

Kansas City, MO

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