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Arguments of Christmas Eve

By: Nataly Borukhov and 

Ryan Sanchez

It’s Christmas Eve, and the Grinch and Santa were eating cookies and 

drinking coffee. The Grinch and Santa were as fat as plums, now everyone knew 

why they ate so much. They were getting ready for a long night of delivering 

toys. The two were under a lot of pressure and stress.

Santa wanted to do things a little bit different that year. Santa said, “I’m too 

old and tired to deliver presents to all the kids this year.” The Grinch 

responded by saying, “WHAT?!” 

"We can’t stop now, Santa! How will all the kids feel?" yelled the Grinch.

“You are mad! I can’t deliver presents my whole eternity!” yelled Santa. “I 

can’t do it  this year. I quit!!” Santa walked out and slammed the door behind 

him, leaving the Grinch startled by his reaction.

Bam! The Grinch pounded the table. “Hey, I can’t do this all by myself!”, he yelled.

The Grinch got onto the sleigh. “I never flew this thing before, since Santa 

was always the pilot. I don’t know how I will do this all by myself!”

It was about time to leave now, and there was no hope in the Grinch, when all 

of the sudden, “Ho Ho Ho!” Santa had come back! 

 Santa got onto the sleigh. The Grinch followed him. “Why’d you come back?”

“I thought about what you said. You were right. I can’t disappoint all the 

children this year.”, Santa mumbled.

The sleigh flew off, even though being weighed down by all the toys, it flew 

with wings of speed. Santa had saved the day.

The next day, all the kids of the world began their days, to  see presents 

under the tree. Christmas was saved.