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This is Argentina on a map


This is one of Argentina's most famous places(Iguazu Falls)

This is Argentina's flag

This is Argentina's current President Mauricio Macri

Argentina's capital city is Buenos Aires

This is Argentina's Flag

Basic Information

1. The overall population of Argentina is 44,271,041 

2. The size in area of Argentina is 1.074 million miles

3. The longitude and latitude of Argentina is 38 south and 63 west

4. Style of government,how their elections work, and who makes to laws is Democracy, they have candidates and use presidential system to elect a president by the votes.  The legislature passes the laws and the president signs them.


This is Fitz Roy Mountain

It is at the border between Chile and Argentina.

Famous Landforms

This is The Iguazu Falls

It is the most majestic of water falls.

This is Perito Moreno Glacier

It is one of the only three glaciers in world that grow rather than melt.

 Hot, humid summers and cool, dry winters. Some examples of different weather in certain parts of Argentina are Tropical,Template, Dessert, Subtropical, and Humid Cold. In January and February, the summer in the southern hemisphere it up to 90-100 degrees C.  


This is Argentina's

 climate map

This is Torre Cavia Tower 

This building has 44 floors.

This is the Train to the Clouds

It is the fourth highest train in the world.

Human Features 

It has almost 4,700 mausoleums.

 This is the Recoleta Cemetery

There is a mine named The Bajo de la Alumbrera in Argentina that produced approximately 25 million tons of copper ore in 2010.


Natural Resources

Fertile Plains of the Pampas

Fertile plains of the pampas in Argentina have a humid and warm climate.

There is another mine in Argentina named The Cerro Vanguardia which in 2010 6,500 kg of gold was extracted.


577,233 cars were produced in Argentina in 2011

Motor Vehicles


The total Argentinian textile market is worth about 12 billion dollars.


There is gigantic steel flower completely made out of steel located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  


Each Sunflower can have up to 1,000 seeds

Sunflowers Seeds 

Agriculture Products

There are about 60 species of grapes which divide into over 8,000 varieties.


The biggest lemon on record weighed in at almost 12 pounds and measured 29 inches around and 13.7 inches long.


Argentina’s national food is asados it is a combination of dried ancho and cascabel chiles, a few spices and a bit of vinegar stew with the pork.



Argentina won it’s independence from Spain on July 9 1816.

Independence Day

Spanish is the main language in Argentina.